Andrew Cramer
Staff Reporter
Andrew Cramer is a sports editor at the YDN. He has previously been a beat reporter for the Yale women's basketball and men's baseball teams. He currently writes a weekly column for the WKND section. He is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards College and remains undecided about his major.
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Daily Thanksgivings

At every Cramer Thanksgiving dinner, we go around the table and say what we’re thankful for. The answers have ranged from health and family to […]

Welcome to The Game 2022 Special Issue

It’s that time of year again! Whether you’ve followed Yale football all season or — perhaps more likely — don’t know what a first down […]

Imperceptible change, captured in time capsules

Recently, I found myself worrying that my personal growth was nearing its apex. Thinking that my identity was starting to solidify scared me. I worried […]

THE GAME: Ode to the Crimson

The News' sports editor roasts the heck out of that school up north.

R.I.P. Plant 2.0, a good crispy wave fern

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Dear Computer Science

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I hate Halloween

I beg you to ask yourself why we work ourselves into Halloween madness every year.  As a society, we love the holiday. But I, an […]

VOLLEYBALL: Bulldogs sweep Penn and undefeated Princeton, push winning streak to 13

Yale faced off against two Ivies to wrap up the first half of their conference schedule, toppling both opponents to stretch their winning streak to 13 games and remain undefeated in the Ivy League.

The Divine (Library) Comedy

Paradiso Halfway through the evening and night, I found I was behind on work. So with the face of fear in sight, I faced responsibilities […]

On the radical self-expression of orange tie-dye

I grew up wearing hand-me-downs and I loved it. When one of my two older brothers had an article of clothing I really liked, I […]

Reimagining Breakfast

Big Breakfast has lied to us for too long.  Those faceless breakfast branding consultants tried to convince us that we needed to fuel up in […]