To the editor:

I was surprised and disturbed to see, in the midst of an otherwise fine article about the response by Yale and the Yale community to a recent incident of antisemitic graffiti, a seven-paragraph non sequitur about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

A building was defaced at Yale, Jews defamed and, in the process of reporting about how students responded, the paper saw fit to devote a significant chunk of the article to one student’s entirely unrelated grudge against the Slifka Center, the central hub of Jewish life on campus which was deemed too supportive of Israel for this student’s taste (never mind that the Slifka Center’s position is pluralistic and accords with that of the overwhelming majority of American Jews).

Personally, I don’t think there’s a right time for the News to attack Yale’s Jewish community. I’d hope we can all agree that the middle of an article about antisemitism is certainly the wrong one.

Seffi Kogen SOM ’23

SEFFI KOGEN is an MBA candidate at the Yale School of Management. Contact him at