Last week, an advertising agency contacted the News and asked to place an ad on behalf of an “educational non-profit client” on our website. The text of the ad promoted a “just, sane, and peaceful world,” which did not set off any red flags in the ad review process we have set up to prevent inappropriate content from being posted. However, the agency did not tell us that the client was actually the Institute for Historical Review, a group that is best known for its longtime efforts to question the existence and scope of the Holocaust. We took the ad down from our website within hours of being notified of the issue and will no longer accept any advertisements from this agency.

The News deeply apologizes to our readers for this oversight and for the pain this advertisement may have caused. We pledge to strengthen our ad review processes moving forward to ensure ads like this do not make it onto our site again. Finally, we invite readers to reach out to us at if they view ads they believe are inappropriate.