Everyone knows a white boy with shiny brown hair and a saccharine smile that conceals his great ambitions. He could be in Grand Strategy or the Yale Political Union. Maybe he’s the editor-in-chief of the News. He takes his classes. He networks. And, when it comes time for graduation, he wins all the awards.

One day, I’ll turn on the television — or, who knows, maybe televisions will be obsolete by this point — and I’ll see him sitting down for his Senate confirmation hearing. Yes, he’ll be a bit older, with tiny wrinkles sprouting at the corners of his eyes and a couple of gray hairs jutting out of the top of his widow’s peak. But that smile, that characteristic saccharine smile, will remain the same.

When I’m watching the white boy — who is now a white man by this point — on CNN, I’ll remember a racist remark that he said, an unintentional utterance that he made when he had one drink too many at a frat party during sophomore year. I’ll recall a message that he accidentally left open on a computer when he forgot to log out of iMessage, where he likened a woman’s body to a particularly large animal. I’ll kick myself for forgetting to screenshot the evidence.

And, when I’m watching him smile that smile, I’ll think that I could have stopped it.

No, not everyone at Yale is evil. Not everyone is out to get you, and not every request to get a meal has an ulterior motive. But I’ve felt particularly introspective as graduation approaches. The Kavanaugh trial was months ago, but still has an indelible effect on me. Upon seeing the recent movie, Vice, the thought of my classmates’ future actions came to my mind again. I won’t get into the specifics of the movie here, but it discusses how certain foreign policy decisions made by the Bush administration endangered the lives of Iraqi citizens and made insurgency movements worse. Dick Cheney attended Yale for a time too, even if he didn’t actually graduate. It put the power of this institution into perspective, and led me to reckon with the fact that many of us will become extremely influential. Some of our peers will sit in war rooms with red buttons, capable of making life-or-death decisions in a split second. All of these things made me ask myself: What will the classmates who made those unintentional utterances, those subtle racist remarks, those assaults toward women, be doing on the eve of our 15th reunion?

Will they be high officials? CEOs of large companies? Presidents, even?

Probably. What is to be done about this situation? I’m not sure that the administration cares much about changing it. Surely, Yale needs rich — and notable — alumni to donate in order to keep the school afloat, but what do I know? I’m not in charge of the endowment. I don’t write the glossy pamphlets touting the seemingly countless resources that Yale has to offer.

This problem begins far before our classmates graduate, and we need to call them out on their transgressions — boldly and publicly. Anna Blech’s ’19 column on Daniel Tenreiro-Braschi ’19 was a good example of this. We should make instances of sexual assault and harassment public knowledge. Whisper networks, which are known as private chains of information which pass along knowledge of sexual assault, are useful, but insufficient in spreading information about indiscretions.

I think that we need to continue to call our classmates out, but it’s still not enough. After all, it wasn’t enough to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

To be honest, I’m not sure what the solution is. This expands beyond vocalizing problems about sexual assault: The core of this problem has to do with our values. The problem isn’t just the Yale administration; it’s Yale students. We allow things to skate by. We forget. We say, “No, he couldn’t have done that,” or, “But he’s so nice.” No questions are asked when our friends accept job offers from companies that manufacture weapons or contribute to gentrification in cities. We merely smile at them and wave as we walk across our residential college courtyards and do nothing. Thirty years later, we kick ourselves when it’s too late.

But I can’t do that anymore — I can’t let things slip by. I’m watching you, white boy. And this time, I’m taking the screenshot.

Isis Davis-Marks is a senior in Jonathan Edwards College. Her column runs on alternate Thursdays. Contact her at isis.davis-marks@yale.edu  .

  • peconic1960

    One can only imagine the hue and cry if this article started out with, “Everyone knows a black boy with curly hair…” This piece is vile and racist. Worse, it’s intellectually lazy, but that’s what we’ve come to expect from Yale these days.


      Imagine this “philosopher” still clinging to the debunked attempt at character assassination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh as if it actually revealed anything apart from Leftwing hypocrisy and malice,

      sad really to know that we share this planet with such monsters as Isis,

  • MMB Tycalibre

    Ironic title.

  • peconic1960

    One wonders the reaction if this article ended with, “We’re watching you, black boy.”

  • DasHatter

    Someone named ISIS wants to destroy peoples lives and enforce her standard of what is right and wrong on society at large because she doesn’t like certain views, ideas or beliefs.

    Beyond parody.

  • Tim Smith

    Good way to catch a headshot.

  • Nicholas Pisca

    I sincerely hope the author is seeking therapy for her paranoia and other mental conditions. There are several good treatments out there. God bless.

  • שחר רחמני

    Wow you’re sick. You might want to get some help(or a life)

  • Eric Oyen

    to begin with, I am not, nor have been, a student at Yale. However, I have been out here in the real world for considerably some time. Now, you may discount what I have to say simply because I am a white male (and that is your prerogative). However, there is a point here to be made: you are judging all of us based on color of skin. That is the textbook definition of racism. Also, you are condoning the commission of a criminal act (spying on your classmates through their computers). So, perhaps you need to take a long, hard look at your own actions, mentality and exactly who you have been listening to.

    Now, sure, there are some bad apples amongst all of us (and race really doesn’t matter, as they are still bad apples), but your article here focuses exclusively on an extremely small subset of 1 population group and ignores all that the rest may have contributed in a positive way. So, while you are busy spying on us, there are others keeping a close eye on you, and thanks to your little missive here, they have justifiable reason to do so.

    so, my suggestion is this: take a look outside at the real world and see just how brutal life can be (and believe me, it is excessively brutal). It’s no bed of roses out here. Bad people do bad things to good people everyday and the only reason they don’t get away with it is the system of equal justice under the law. so, be mindful of that when you are taking the screen shot and committing that criminal act of stalking by computer as it may be you that becomes subject to that system of justice.

  • Atticus Rex

    Amazing this hate-rotted filth can’t see the hypocrisy it vomits. Maybe this vile pig doesn’t realize that it justifies all prejudice against it. Maybe Yale should accept students based on their accomplishments rather than their identity.

  • Dfjord

    From Noah Webster to “I’m watching you, white boy.” I hope Yale is enjoying its transition to a modern-day Red Guard and the racist, snitch culture being promoted here.

  • HaakonKL

    The Geheime Staatspolizei would be proud to have someone like you in their ranks.

  • wafle7350 .

    From my perspective you went Yale, you are already top 1 % around the world on privilege scale, and i envy you for it. I don’t envy your obsession with skin color, that is a very gringo and first world thing.

    With learning English came the realization of just how obsessed the culture is with how much light skin reflects… before i learnt English, i use to think only whites were racist, i know better now.

    I hope you can get rid of your prejudice, must be a terrible way to live.

  • DasHatter

    Well written.
    How on Earth has no one made this a reality before?
    All white men need to be held accountable for their thoughts.
    There is no other way.


    Lots of things to unpack here
    Offering my own take, I think we need to consider the larger implications this
    Article makes for white women as well.
    Do they deserve the same sort of scrutiny?

    For every PoC’s sake, this can’t be limited in its scope.

    Social justice isn’t just a buzzword; it means something.
    How we act on that meaning matters.
    I dont know…
    There’s definitely a deeper message here, if you have the wisdom and eyes to see.

    • Conrad Spoke

      This is racism. That’s as deep as it gets.

  • Ectogenesis_Chronicler

    Just watch out. Remember that a blackface picture was just a joke 30 years ago. Your remarks of “I’m watching you white boy” can be seen as persecution 30 years down the line

  • Patriot Pat

    What’s banal is the author’s obsession with white men.

    All this rage and hatred aimed at white men is disgusting and will backfire.

    • Tripper

      especially since white men still do most of the work to actually run our country. eventually they will not be so happy with the leeches who bite the hands that feed them.

  • Lisanna

    Sick, evil racism is the first thing that comes to mind reading this. Our sons are not safe from vampires like you. I hope white males everywhere are watching their backs and recording everything. Mothers, teach your sons to protect themselves from such women.

  • Sam

    You sound charming.

  • AirborneSailor

    Do you want me to tell you how I know you’re a miserable person?

    Be more mindful, honey. Life is hard. Get used to it. Less screeching please.

  • mogden

    The bigotry in this article is disgusting and disgraceful.

  • John Kenna



    Learn to code,


    “I’m watching you, white boy”

    Wow, racist much,

  • Athanasius Gabardinus

    I guess a lot of people will be taking screenshots of this piece; it’ll be useful to document the long-standing racialist animus of the author some decades down the road.

    This is a sword that cuts both ways, see Virginia.

  • PleaseKillMe

    If there is one absolute conclusion anyone with common sense can walk away with after reading this article it is that Isis Davis-Marks is a racist. If she’s serious about wanting these things to follow people around thirty years from now, I hope no one allows her to escape the fate she chose when typing this bigoted cry for help.

  • bigblock67camaro .

    Who’s watching you?


      One would hope that FBI is, because what we have here is a seriously unwell person, a ticking time-bomb,

  • KiteFlyer89

    Would just like to point out this is an insane Stalinist tract calling for increased surveillance and authoritarian approaches to minor, daily infractions against upper class cultural norms.

  • Gina

    You are sick in the head and I say this as a woman.

  • Tehy

    broke: document “subtle racist remarks”
    woke: document insane articles like this one to expose the insane ideology lying underneath

  • RV

    This is seriously unhinged. Seek help.

  • formally known as Nick

    Sounds like a future stalker, someone needs to deal with their issues.

    • papayapulp


  • Conrad Spoke

    “I’m watching you, black boy…”
    Yeah, that’s perfectly fine in the 21st century.

  • Dassem Ultor
  • megafone

    Or, you can work even harder and network even harder so YOU get those positions based on merit and connections like every other normal successful person, and don’t make false sexual assault claims. “i don’t remember where or when or how i got there or how i got home, none of my witnesses remember even being there, and i scrubbed all my social media before coming forward, but i has PhD in convenient memory loss so i’m totally credible” lol

  • DourPresbyterian

    The headline is apt. This piece is both banal and evil.

  • Earl Kralik


  • Will.Kane

    Is this satire?

  • Gordon Hardy

    Snitch early, snitch often.

  • Law of Parsimony

    You are evil.

  • Saph

    Right. So the YDN is ok with calling an entire class of people “evil”? Disgraceful.

  • Law of Parsimony

    I am not White. I am Arabic. Why won’t you allow my comments?

  • RafaMarquez

    Perhaps you should worry more about making sure that that white boy at the hypothetical senate hearings is a few feet behind you as your assistant, at your senate confirmation hearings.

  • Law of Parsimony

    Wow, you are racists. Won’t let an Arab comment.
    Never thought I would say that to someone at Yale.

  • turn

    Free advice to Isis Davis-Marks: Get the racism chip off of your shoulder and get on with life.

  • Alex Müller

    “I’m watching you, white boy.” This quote is a good sum up of Yale in 2019.

    • timsteele

      sad but true.

  • Aarron Dixon

    That is some pathetically petty racism. How do you stand yourself?

  • PH

    So should we be expecting an entire series of “I’m watching you ___ (insert race) ____ (insert gender)” from this publication? Or, perhaps, would they be considered incredibly racist?

  • Commander_Chico

    I bet she gets invited to lots of parties.

    • papayapulp

      Could be dangerous not to invite her.


      Well I’m sure that the Communist Party will definitely invite her, if she already isn’t a card-carrying member,

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/RubinReport Ape_with_PC

    Fill in the blank. If ISIS is evil and your name is ISIS…

    you are ____

    • Jacob

      Her parents must have been prescient…

  • wowsoclever

    To paraphrase Ann Coulter: “Our new country is going to be GREAT!”

  • Ted Bouchard

    Good troll especially after the Liam Neeson story. It is nice to have proof that racism and sexism isn’t just a white male disease. Thanks. 😉

  • Frank Figla

    Racist pig

  • peconic1960

    Not a single comment. Really, YDN? As an alum, this piece is a complete embarrassment. Shame on your editorial standards.

  • Clint E

    So a white boy can’t even smile anymore… You know that no one chooses to be born right? You know that you hide ambitions behind your smile too right? It seems there is nothing white men can do short of killing themselves that would satisfy your ambition for gaining power over society. Your self righteousness and fear mongering are sickening to witness, and writing this garbage to influence young minds at a top school is totally thoughtless and irresponsible. Should follow your advice and save this article so that when you are seeking power and all people are finally free from being judged by their race, people can see what prejudice you hold in your heart. I wish I could erase the past injustices done by humans of all races, but the fact is that, flawed as its past may be, America is the best experiment going on in the world when it comes to giving all people the agency to live their life as they choose, and the logic of this article is 100% regressive towards that goal. It only serves to build resentment, distrust, and division between races and genders. Mission accomplished?

  • Ipmilat

    Isn’t it wonderful that IT has opened up the possibility of torpedoing a fifty year-old man’s career with stuff he said when he was 19!

  • Benjamin Wood

    This is double-plus good, Yale!

    • https://www.youtube.com/user/RubinReport Ape_with_PC

      She’s well on track to start her career in duckspeak journalism.

  • Nlpm2

    This is Stalinist bullshit

  • JPRP

    “I am watching you, white boy…” isn’t racist? You want to encourage people to listen, yes, those white boys, and to have an intelligent, educational conversation, this is not the best approach. Is is righteous anger you have going there or envy? Hard to tell. And at the end of the day, what people do for a living is really not your call. Worry about yourself — it’s the better path to peace.

    • harpo marx


    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD_oHKfsbVhgW3qSQj4-Tbg Zaklog the Great

      Is is righteous anger you have going there or envy? Hard to tell.

      No, the downright toxic levels of envy are quite easy to recognize.

  • http://correspondencecommittee.com/ JCM

    Simple experiment replace white with black.
    And see how it reads.

    • HaakonKL

      Well, sometimes it gets a bit wonky because of different stereotypes, so sometimes you can replace white with Jew, or that word for a circle that is a not-exactly-endearing term for Jews. If you sound like your uncle from Austria, you may want to rethink things. 🙂

  • PrinceofWhitebread

    First, your repeated use of the term “White boy” outs you as a racist lunatic. In a just college, your racist /sexist obsessions would end with you being invited to finish your deeply useful degree somewhere else. Second, the Thought Police have an opening they would you to apply for. I mean, gathering evidence on the Enemies of the State before they have committed offensives against Big Sister shows the kind long-range lunacy favored by those great leaders, Uncle Joe Stalin and Party Boy Pol Pot. Finally, the Internet is forever. I know you’ll blame your future unemployment on the evil white patriarchy and never realize that HR took one look at these ravings and realized what a huge liability you would be to their organization. Seriously…great job letting people know what sad and twisted soul you possess.

  • goodguy
  • Cresset

    “Not everyone in Yale is evil, not everyone is out to get you. […] I’m watching you, white boy.”


  • luke.daxon

    What a load of tosh

  • http://itsaboutliberty.com/index.php ToddF

    Get help. Seriously, you have some issues.

  • Dick_Gosinya

    Seems to me someone needs to get laid.


      Laid off more like,

      oh wait, there is no way in Hell this person could ever get a proper job in the first place,


    Isis by name, ISIS by nature,

  • Stevie Mac

    I wonder how she’d feel about someone writing ‘I’m watching you, black boy’.

    Probably take a screen shot.

    • Ver E Tas

      If the Left had no double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

  • Shawn Saint

    “Damn it, White people! We are sick and tired of your racism and your judging an entire group of people based on the color of their skin! Be warned, Whitey, we are watching you, we are gonna monitor every white person get proof and make them pay for being racist!” … Hypocrisy at it’s Finest

  • http://www.asplint.com/ Jeffrey Deutsch

    The equivalent of pulling the fire alarm every time something feels especially warm.

    Hey, there’s a reason why false or frivolous fire alarm pulling is illegal.

    Think about it before you cry wolf.

  • Killer Marmot

    I think what Davis-Marks is saying is this:

    1. Successful white males are evil.
    2. We can halt their success by gathering evidence while they are young, using it against them at a later date.

    This will, of course, mean monitoring them at all time, ensuring we save and catalog every indiscretion such as obnoxious remarks and tweets. Perhaps there can be a web site to handle this portfolio.

    Come to think, it might be a good idea to collect such a portfolio on everyone. You never know when a woman grows up to be the next Ann Coulter, or a black man the next Thomas Sowell. China has implemented a program to monitor and grade every citizen. Perhaps we can model this data collection on that.

  • dbr1

    This is evil, naked racism. Learned at and sanctioned by a once great University that is now rotting at its core.

    • Ver E Tas

      Quite right. Yale should be embarrassed to its core.

    • harriet

      this is her last year, so she is letting it all hang out

    • John Bigbootay

      Well, Western Culture, and thus the universities have been cruising on the momentum created by The Enlightenment for a while.

      However, that momentum is dying out now. Put on your seat belts, it’s going to get turbulent….

  • mig_eu

    One of the sickest things I had read recently, btw I’ve already read a lot of bad things…

    “our society will look back on this time as a moment of madness”
    Elizabeth Bartolet

  • Killer Marmot

    Decades from now, I hope people look back and ask “How is it that people in the 2010s who professed to care about social justice could be so blatantly racist and sexist towards white males? Did they not see the hypocrisy?”

    • Tripper

      because “social justice” is about power for their tribes, perhaps?

    • Ver E Tas

      No. No, they did not.

    • Hoth

      Because social justice isn’t about justice at all. It’s about revenge.

  • Laney C.

    I see Chad never asked you to the dance.


    “To be honest, I’m not sure what the solution is”

    To be honest, you should check whether your Obamacare covers brain transplants,

    • harriet


  • Rodblagoyavich

    Congrats, Isis Davis-Marks. You are now a racist pig.

    • blisterpeanuts

      always was.

      • harriet

        she is pissed the white boy, with the shiny hair, ignored her

  • harpo marx

    Wow you need psychological evaluation.

  • I’ll just be blunt here

    No wonder journalists should learn to code.

  • Jamie Wilson

    If the US is a systemically racist country, as ISIS no doubt believes, why would it matter if she presented evidence of a “white boy’s” racist utterance or micro-aggression from 15, 20, or 30 years prior? If the system is racist, why would that disclosure hurt the “white boy”? It should help him and boost his prospects.

    Of course, we all know that ISIS’s worldview is toxic and fraudulent, and, by telling us about her plan to gather “evidence,” she is admitting that she knows it too.

    • Randy Brooks

      If white privilege exists, why would Elizabeth Warren pretend to be Native American?

  • Jabotinsky

    Trump is too much of a weakling to defund chucks of Yale. For this racist trash Yale needs to lose a lot of federal NSF taxpayer grants.

    • blisterpeanuts

      He can’t just order Yale de-funded. That’s under the purview of NSF, Dept of Ed and several other agencies, and the money comes from Congress. I mean, he could sign an executive order, or simply tell the agency chiefs to reduce grants to universities. But the Democrats would scream about censorship and academic freedom. That said, I agree that the universities should be de-funded from public money as long as they are taking a partisan political stance.

      • Jabotinsky

        The time to do it was during shutdowns. This takes preparation, something Trump didn’t do. Dems smelled his lack of preparation and knew thry could hold out longer.

  • Jacob

    This is satire, right?

    • https://www.youtube.com/user/RubinReport Ape_with_PC

      Don’t we all wish…

    • ekaneti


    • ScarletPimpernel


    • Mr.Bubbles

      Being white is now the equivalent of having a “scarlet letter” on you..
      They have nothing else, so now whitey is the problem and she’s looking for the cure. It amazes the hell out of me that some are so oblivious or tone deaf, that they can’t see THEY are the problem, not whitey..

      • harriet


      • Ralphiec88

        Don’t forget about all those knuckleheads marching around with shields and tiki torches. Blaming some “other” for the perceived ills of the world isn’t exactly uncommon. They just don’t agree on who the “other” is.

    • Ver E Tas

      Aliens (the extra-terrestrial kind) would be forgiven for thinking so.

      Anyone who works in academe knows only too well the truth: we have created a monster, and she is us.

  • Dr O

    The irony is that the author is the one displaying the banality of evil. Preventing imaginary racism and sexism with actual racism, sexism and the most extreme form of tyranny. God help you. And then God help us.

    • Tripper

      meanwhile she (it?) is leeching off white mens’ achievements her entire life…people like this need to be removed from Yale and then removed from our country. She (it) can go where there are no white males around to oppress her.

  • Elodi

    I’m a mixed race muslim woman. I think the author is an bigoted, racist idiot. Save this column, take a screenshot and make sure she never gets a proper job even learning to code.

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/RubinReport Ape_with_PC

    Isis, I hope you don’t just see red when you look at this comment section. I hope the negative feedback leads you to thoughtful introspection and new insights.

  • Kharnivore2099

    Points out that action needs to be taken regarding racism, whilst also being incredibly racist. I’m glad you started with outting yourself first, it’s been quite enlightening.

  • kolovratov1

    hey Isis, is Head of Jonathan Edwards College Mark Saltzman falls under ‘white boy’ category? Hebrewsurnames.com: ”SALTZMAN Genealogy
    The vast majority of Argentine Jews are descended from immigrants who arrived from Europe. These ashkenazic Jews migrated from small towns or shtetels of Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Romania or Ukraine, leaving behind most of their Jewish relatives. After two or three generations, those Jewish families lost track of their relatives, having been saved from the war, emigrated to other countries like USA, England or Australia.”

  • Carl Dunmore

    can we cut to the chase and start openly proposing concentration camps for white males?
    Oh that’s right. The Left already went there with the Covington kids

  • Sarah Reed

    What the hell did I just read? I thought you had to be very smart to get into Yale?

    • Thulsa Doom

      Whites and Asians have to be smart. Isis, not so much.

  • satbeach32

    30 years from now, I look forward to people bringing this editorial up as evidence of racism and why you shouldn’t get a job.

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD_oHKfsbVhgW3qSQj4-Tbg Zaklog the Great

    Davis-Marks is a hateful psychopath who needs to be driven out of polite society. That she openly and proudly displays such venom and envy is proof of how absolutely she is corrupted. This is disgusting, Yale. This is nauseating that you would publish this.

  • disqus_OJ3VYYrP5G

    Anna Blech’s piece, which you reference, is a well thought-out and well-articulated piece about someone deserving of being called out for the sexual misconduct he committed. This transgression, and other transgressions that merit to be publicly discussed, are not on racial grounds — it is a discussion of one’s character.

    You, on the other hand, wrote an egregiously racist piece using an unfounded blanket statement against a whole race of people. Your writing is totally baseless and ignorant, not worthy of the comparison. Take a look in the mirror if you want to see what a racist looks like. Also, have someone proof-read the racism you spew prior to publishing. Evil is indeed banal.

  • Samuel Adams

    Let me venture a guess….the author’s response would be “Arendt who?”

  • Ernesto

    This shallow girl saw a leaf fall and thinks she knows which way the wind blows.

  • Mrs Batman

    Isis, be careful what you wish for because you can have no monopoly on a game like this.

  • Mrs Batman

    No one can have no monopoly on a game like this.

  • ourfoundingfathers

    Seriously, there needs to be some kind of test one should have to take before they are able to author anything representing a legitimate media source. Wait, this is “Yale Daily News”…..nevermind….

  • KadyM

    “But I can’t do that anymore — I can’t let things slip by. I’m watching you, white boy. And this time, I’m taking the screenshot.”

    I suspect that having put your name to this article, you’re personally at more risk of having your employment affected than the “white boys” around you.

    You’re probably safe if you go into government or some sort of not for profit. If you look to corporations, they’ll do an extensive social media background check on you before making an offer…..this article would come up, and the hiring manager would without a doubt say “OK, this chick is not just a legal liability to have around, but she doesn’t look like she’d be an unbiased team player.”

    Major in social work. That’s safe.

  • Damsinho

    To bad you only got your job through affirmative action. Waaaa, someone said something racist! Its the waaaambulance!

  • Juan Carbonell

    Dr O. There is no irony. This is how they always act. Like socialist and communist in my country who speak about the evil of rich people and yet they have millions of dollars in their bank accounts.

  • JerseyCowboy

    You are deranged. I don’t like the word evil, but since you use it so much, you are the evil bigot here.

  • Del_Varner

    Perhaps, she (is that the correct pronoun?) should find and watch the outstanding film: “The Lives of Others”. Also, she should read “The Gulag Archipelago”.

  • GLS

    Your suggestions are stupid, but we’ll be implementing them on YOU immediately. Thanks for outing yourself as a Nazi.

  • ThirteenthLetter

    Imagine being the Yale Daily News editor who read this column and said yeah, let’s publish it.

  • John Aguilera

    I’d laugh if this was buzzfeed. but this is not buzzfeed, and I am not laughing.

    this is beyond contempt.

  • ScarletPimpernel

    Ah, the new Stasi.

  • ScarletPimpernel

    Just wait until this Stasi handmaiden finds out that Yale was founded by the Puritans (who were much smarter than her).

  • jpar

    She should be fired.

  • Bigcheese
  • jpar

    Trust no one.

  • blisterpeanuts

    According to FBI statistics (bjs.gov) 60% of all gun homicides are black-on-black. Most violent crime in the U.S. occurs in the black ghetto areas, secondarily in Hispanic areas. About two thirds of the homicides in the U.S. are attributed to about 1% or 2% of the population. Were it not for this one very violent group, no one would be debating gun control because the gun crime rate would be close to that of Canada and Western Europe.

    Little Miss ISIS can scream all she wants about racism-this, racism-that. But the real, bloody, violent problems in our society are not about racism; they’re about dysfunctional black communities with fatherless households, youth not taught a work ethic or the value of learning, no respect for authority or knowledge or the democratic process or the judicial system.

    The one man who is making a difference today is not Jesse Jackson, not Louis Farrakhan, not the legions of liberal entertainers with their feel-good charities and pious declarations.

    The one man helping the black communities today is Donald Trump, through his single-minded emphasis on promoting strong law enforcement (which most black people admit they want), strong economic growth which has resulted in record employment for blacks and other minorities, and a return of good manufacturing jobs to the U.S. from China and elsewhere.

    By adamantly opposing Trump and his supporters, for reasons of “he’s a jerk” or “he’s a liar” or “we just plain despise him”, the Democrat liberals have boxed themselves into a very tight corner. The solution to our problems is right before our eyes, and is being desperately fought by those very persons and entities that claim to have the welfare of the black community at heart.

    People like this ISIS creature are just programmed drones, adhering to the Party line like the good little citizen of Orwell’s Oceania that she is. Indeed were she to deviate from that stance, and perhaps reach out to white “boys” and others who are regularly and eagerly demonized by today’s Leftists, she would be attacked viciously by her own kind, Yale would be highly displeased — “We let you in, and you have betrayed Us!!!”

    • harriet

      and they get to spew their resentment and ignorance at too many universities, which encourage their delusions

    • speakyourtruth

      Gee, it’s almost like Black people just walked into the U.S. one day and decided to destroy their own families – not through decades of over-policing, centuries of involuntary servitude and plundering of what minuscule wealth was accumulated… this take is so ahistorical I’m not even sure we’re on the same timeline!

      • Thulsa Doom

        You’re free to leave. I’m sure there are numerous countries in Africa that would welcome you with open arms.

      • BattleofWills

        So you believe that black people are incapable of reason and the desire to better themselves, and resort to violence in order to ease their frustrations?

      • http://www.lakeshorelaw.org Jeffrey Wilens

        Every living black person was NOT a slave and is solely responsible for any misfortune they suffer due to poor lifestyle choices, just like every white, asian or latino. Black families were much better off in the 1920s before the welfare state “enslaved them.”

  • Bill Pearlman

    She would have made a dynamite stasi officer

  • Tom Begley

    Come and follow me.

  • Sir Richard of Wales

    the ivy league is no longer an institution for elites; for the best and brightest; but rather a system that empowers unqualified sub-humans with a false sense of authority and reality. weaponized brown people brainwashed into destroying the very system and civilization that gave them opportunity for a better life. if whites are so bad; why do brown people flock to our countries; force themselves upon us, then claim victim to get handouts and a leg up. the fact you are at yale is most likely not based on any merit but “diversity” (i.e. we want less white people) initiatives. why no calls for separation if whites are so bad?

  • ContraStercorum

    I’m guessing Davis-Marks’s major is Grievance Studies.

    • harriet

      Black and women studies

      or whatever it is called

  • doc2513

    I’ll risk being kicked off the Yale Daily News forever by making this comment: Isis Davis-Marks, I’ve saved this racist article, and if you are ever put up for an important job I’ll use it to show how much of an anti-white racist you are.

    • Ryan

      Don’t forget anti-male sexist

    • Dave Ross

      Hoist on her own petard

    • speakyourtruth

      How is saying we should look out for rapists/abusers/racists, who just so happen to tend to be white men (look at the racism with the southern Dem. governor), possibly being construed as racist? Someone please explain it because it’s mind-boggling.

      • Brandon Carman

        Lol isis is that you. You have commented on every post on here. You are literally the only one defending this racist.

        • speakyourtruth

          I’m not Isis, just another concerned student using a pseudonym like everybody else in this cursed comment section… but entertain your delusions I guess

        • http://www.lakeshorelaw.org Jeffrey Wilens

          Yes, speakyourtruth is almost certainly Isis or her female lover as she is clearly a man-hater as well.

        • Jason Rite

          See my post. She’s trying to do some major damage control. Too late sweetheart. Consequences. Consequences.

      • doc2513

        Suppose I advise my daughters to stay away from black men who are, statistically, much more likely to be rapists than white men. Am I a racist?

        If I’m going to warn against men being bad, white men (or black men) don’t have a monopoly on evil behavior.

        • speakyourtruth

          Did anybody here read the article???

          She is not talking about “white people” as the ill-defined cultural group – she’s talking about the white boys who go to Yale, who have done terrible things, and gotten away with it! Who have intimidated their victims into silence and have the backing of powerful lawyers that dilute someone’s traumatic experience into he-said-she-said squabbles, then sweep it under the rug or settle out of court. She’s not talking about every white person on campus, read it again. She did not say that white people are statistically more likely to be rapists/abusers, she said that if there are people that you and I know who’ve wronged others in the past, we should CALL THEM OUT instead of letting it go unaddressed.

          This comment section is dense! If you tell your daughters to stay away from black men because of a statistic, you’re stereotyping and discriminating – that’s what makes it racist. If you tell your daughters to be cautious around MEN in general, and always to be with people she trusts in social situations, then go right ahead. But don’t tell her to avoid just Black men… there are rapists of all shapes and colors.

          • doc2513

            The author (and you) are doing EXACTLY what you criticize: stereotyping and discriminating against white men. In the article the author suggests that she will memorialize everything bad that white boys do while at Yale so she can use it 30 years later against them. (30 YEARS!)

            Why only whites? Why only boys? Why not record the evil deeds and racist comments made by blacks, women, Asians, Hispanics, and anyone else? Why does she portray white men as a particularly evil group? Do you not see that this is what she (and you) are doing?

      • BattleofWills

        Its obvious that you’ve never looked up the FBI crime stats.

  • ThreeOhSix

    This is sick and pathetic.

  • Ken

    You’re objectively a bad person.

  • Dave Love

    Remember the name of the evil black girl. Don’t hire her.

  • strongisland

    Orwell would be proud.

  • Tripper

    Clearly, Yale needs some better admissions criteria. Step one – stop admitting people named “ISIS”!

    • harriet


    • speakyourtruth

      Lazy racism is just asinine…. at least contribute something useful, Tripper!

      • BattleofWills

        Its racist to claim that, suggestions of not hiring someone with the same name as a terrorist organisation, is racist.

  • http://VeniVidiVici.org cosMICjester

    Isis please keep those tears flowing your anguish is quite amusing.

    • harriet

      take a screen shot

  • jbwilson24

    Shiny brown hair? You mean curly black hair. Most of the ‘whites’ are Yale are Jewish. Ironic that the list of men accused in the #metoo movement is 80% Jewish you decide to fixate on non-Jewish whites at an overwhelmingly Jewish university.

    Coincidence, I’m sure.

    • speakyourtruth

      If the men accused in the #MeToo movement are 80% Jewish then perhaps we should reflect on what kinds of positions they’re in. It might just be that Jews are in a lot of powerful positions… which give them unfettered access to young talent and also potentially corruptible access to power and influence.

      • ejochs

        I’m sure Isis could give us a long lecture on the evils of Jews. Bet she is a Farrakhan fan

        • speakyourtruth

          Jews have been exploited by white people for generations but I’m sure Black people were behind it all along *rolls eyes*

      • BattleofWills

        Female actresses slept with Harvey Winestein in order to advance their careers. They knew exactly what they were doing. That’s how the industry works.

  • Sirius The Great

    Let us hope that race, despite the Left’s efforts at balkanizing this country along those fault lines, will eventually mean nothing…as it does not to most conservatives, white boys included. It would be a delicious irony to see this column surface in 40 years as evidence of the unsuitability of Ms. David-Marks to serve in any position of responsibility.

    • harriet

      good idea…I have a screen shot

    • speakyourtruth

      Race means nothing to people who can care to live without caring about it, much like handicap ramps mean nothing to people who can take the stairs.

      Your experiences are not everyone else’s. Expand your damn worldview!

      • BattleofWills

        Race will always mean something. Enforced multiculturalism is destroying the fabric of the West, just as planned.

  • Ian Skinner

    Therapy should be ongoing and mandatory for ‘people’ like you. I look forward to the inevitable and well deserved backlash to your deranged mental process’s on display here. Cognitive dissonance is a bitch.

    • speakyourtruth

      Do you actually know what cognitive dissonance is or did you just see some smart person saying that somewhere on the internet? Asking for a friend.

  • Boxhawk ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    What a pathetic life to go through, so consumed with hatred for yourself and everyone around you.

    • harriet


  • Brian

    Others here have mentioned the author’s obvious racism — it’s truly scary. She is a closet Stalinist, and if she were to ever apply for a job with me, I would refuse to hire her on that basis alone. However, she will never be applying to me for a job, because she’s part of the elite, and I’m not.

    Isis Davis-Marks is one of the most privileged humans on Earth. She went to an expensive prep school and is about to be an Ivy League graduate, ensuring her a life of ease in the corridors of power and wealth. Yet she wants us to believe that, by virtue of being white, the son of a West Virginia coal miner who went to public school is somehow more “privileged” than she herself. Talk about hypocrisy.

    • Ryan

      Their belief structure basically equates every white male as Jared Kushner, and treats with disdain and hostility accordingly.

    • speakyourtruth

      The son of a West Virginia coal miner who went to public school might not be as privileged as Isis, but they’re definitely more privileged that the Black/ESL/disabled son/daughter of a West Virginia coal miner who went to public school.

      Research has shown that when job applicants with identical credentials are evaluated by employers, there seems to be an uncanny racial divide, even when the playing field is otherwise equal. Let’s talk about that, if you want to talk about hypocrisy.

      • thatindividual

        Maybe because the race hustlers have taught them it’s ok to be angry unpleasant people who feel sorry for themselves.

        Nobody wants to work with someone like that every day.

        Try being pleasant and grateful.

        • speakyourtruth

          That’s the thing – there was not interview for the employers to determine who was more “unpleasant” than the other. Their application data, grades, and accomplishments were identical – the only difference was the name. There was no interview.

          Explain that?

          • thatindividual

            Maybe experiences like this?

          • thatindividual

            Another possibility is people don’t want to hire people they think hate and resent them. Worth considering.

      • BattleofWills

        Pray tell, what are these privileges?

      • DoNotDumbHere


        The Chicago Tribune looked into it in 2016 and concluded applicants were treated the same regardless of race.

      • Jason Rite

        Isis, is that you?? I can’t help but get the impression that you’re making an ill-advised foray into the comments to try and put some lipstick on this pig. Sorry, can’t put this genie back in the bottle. You’re toast.

  • Michael Jones

    “I’m going to stalk every white male and store pictures of them away for decades, possibly in a body cavity, if neccesary in case one of them ever shows up on my TV.” Gotcha, you’re a lunatic.

    • Just Another Guy

      I wonder…can we get a restraining order against her for an entire segment of the population?

    • speakyourtruth

      Did you read the article?

      She’s talking about people who have been known to be rapists/abusers. Even though she uses a white boy as an example, she’s talking about rapists and abusers of ALL colors who get away with their heinous crimes against other students because nobody holds them accountable.

      If you had a sister who claimed she was raped, wouldn’t you be more concerned with making her relive the trauma in court, or more concerned with making sure that people know to be careful around the person who raped her? Jesus.

  • Brian

    Hey Isis – You’re not thought-provoking. You’re boring and unoriginal. Same old garbage. Next, please.

    • harriet

      she has big problem being black

      so sad, too bad

  • NorseCrow

    Holy shit, can you imagine replacing “white boy/man” in this trash with black/brown etc and spreading it around?
    You’d have the ACLU so far up your ass you’d taste their lunch.

    • speakyourtruth

      This argument is as tired and boring as it is disingenuous and oblivious. Is this really the best of the YDN comment section?

      • thatindividual

        Oblivious of what? She’s fooling no one. This piece is just recycled, good old-fashioned vanity, self pity, and poor character. Being black doesn’t save her from those vices.

        You can dress it up, but all being one human race, we all know what it means. We all fight the same self pity. It’s a great character flaw to indulge yourself in it.

        • speakyourtruth

          She’s literally discussing people who nobody calls out for the terrible things they’ve done to others. This happens in universities, boardrooms, and living arrangements. She’s telling people to speak up, and let their voices be heard when they witness injustice – REGARDLESS of the race. She used the “white boy” as a stand-in and suddenly everyone has their knickers in a twist.

          • thatindividual

            No, this is just bad behavior. Just as bad as what you claim she is calling out. She’s not calling it out either, she’s advocating vigilantism for things that aren’t even illegal, and revenge on people of poor character.

            “Discussing,” is choosing an awfully soft word for what she is doing.

            You are not going to compel people to change this way. It is childish to think that you are.

            I think self control and transcendence are better choices. That’s what I was taught, and it has served me well.

      • BattleofWills

        Well, what do you think the reaction would be if white was changed to black? If it is disingenuous, would anyone be bothered by it?

      • Jason Rite

        Your weak, ill-reasoned responses are the only thing that’s tired.

  • tensacross

    chillingly racist.
    “i’m watching you, black boy.”
    “i’m watching you, jew boy.”
    “i’m watching you, white boy.”

    • speakyourtruth

      If you’re a white boy and you feel like you’re being watched, why should it bother you? if you have nothing to hide then you should just go about your business.

      Unless there’s something else going on.

      • temmy9 .

        Because i dont trust people like you to be the watcher.

      • Brandon Carman

        Re-read this statement and try to figure out how you were dumb enough to think it.

      • David B

        Then I guess it’s ditto if YOU are a black boy.

      • BattleofWills

        If you think privacy is an unimportant freedom, then what else would you be willing to give in order for comfort and safety?
        Nobody needs to justify why they need a right. That falls to the one seeking to infringe on that right. Other peoples rights can’t be dismantled just because they’re not convenient for others.
        The right to privacy is the right to self ownership.

        • John Bigbootay

          Really, the old “why are you worried if you’re not doing anything wrong?” Oh don’t worry, they’ll make up something….

          Like this line from the movie Broadcast News from back in the day, “It’s hard not to cross that line, they keep moving that little sucker don’t they!” That’s by design from some people I think, the authoritarians and amateur power lusters on both sides….


        Spoken like a true Stalinist,

      • http://www.breitbart.com WhiskeyAndCigs

        I am going to follow you a respectful distance of ten feet and record everything you do – which bathroom you use, which websites you go to, whom you’re emailing, what kind of sandwich you bought… everything. You’re not doing anything wrong, though. Does that bother you?

      • Jason Rite

        Ditto for black women, Jews and the handicapped. You are quite possibly the most naive, scary and woefully ignorant person I have encountered in quite some time. We can only assume you’re a racist, sexist POS like your beloved Isis. You must work in education….

      • The Aquarius Conspiracy

        Anything you do today can be banned tomorrow and enforced retroactively.

    • speakyourtruth

      Also consider that the “white boy” she’s referring to are the rapists/abusers who commit terrible crimes and receive no punishment. She’s saying that more of us need to speak up and CALL THEM OUT when we see it happen.


        More of us also also need to speak up and CALL THEM OUT when we see SJWs virtue signaling,

      • Jason Rite

        Like women need to call out other women who level false rape allegations? How about calling out female teachers who molest 15-year-old boys but receive sentences, on average, that are 10 X less lengthy or sever than those of men? Yeah, us men will be waiting with bated breath for that to happen.

        • speakyourtruth

          You act like we don’t do both of those things. If there’s a disparity between sentences doled out to sex offenders based on sex, then I don’t see anyone saying we shouldn’t protest that either.

          How about you submit an op-ed about it? Oh wait, you haven’t – you just care more about ranting in a YDN comment section with your whataboutism. Grow up!

      • Nicholas Stix

        Racist liar.

      • Joe Piscopo

        What a load of malarkey.

        IF you were really interested “in referring to are the rapists/abusers who commit terrible crimes and receive no punishment” then why refer to a “white boy”?

        “She’s saying that more of us need to speak up and CALL THEM OUT when we see it happen.” Hardly. If that was true then she would not use ‘white boy”.

  • Randy Brooks

    Well, Ms. Davis-Marx, you had better be perfect; always on your best behavior. Never utter a word that could be construed as sexist toward men or racist toward white people. Too late, as I see we have an example of that in this very column, above.

    Except that, no, in fact you do not need to worry about any of that, because of your privilege, and because demonizing whites and using phrases like “white boy” is deemed acceptable.

    In short, you’re less than half my age, and already clearly better off than me, based on your background (elite high school) and current position (Yale). But, despite being in a class above mine, our skin and genitals will allow you to forever pretend that I am in fact your oppressor.

    And thus, you’ve sworn to forever weaponize every single move I make, just in case I get uppity.

    • speakyourtruth

      It’s very difficult to be sexist towards men, because despite the “power” you think she wields I highly doubt she’d feel as confident in a room full of men (with good reason, given the high levels of assault, battery and rape perpetrated by men in all societies around the globe).

      People who think that poor Black or brown kids being suspicious of upper-class white folk is reverse racism need to wake the hell up and look at some history books. You seem to have enough of a head on your shoulders to write a garbage response, but hopefully you can try to improve and do better next time.

      And nobody needs you to be an active oppressor in order to contribute to the crap society we live in today. You’re more than twice her age – and yet, what have you done for the people around you? Have you dedicated your life to serving others? Let’s hear about how you spend every waking hour thinking of ways to destroy systems of oppression with tangible effects on all of us.

      I’ll wait.

      • BattleofWills

        Systems of oppression that should be destroyed:
        1. Family & divorce courts.
        2. Biased legal system that issues harsher sentences to men.
        3. Affirmative action that overtly discriminates against white men.
        4. Biased education system that overtly discriminates against white men.
        5. Title IX.
        6. The howling baying communist activists that masquerade as the MSM, calling out for white teenage boys to be killed.
        7. Biased APA that declares masculinity a pathological mental illness.

      • http://www.lakeshorelaw.org Jeffrey Wilens

        There are no systems of oppression operating in America and blaming others for one’s own failings is seldom productive conduct. If anything, this lady got into Yale based on her gender and race.

      • Mads November

        You wouldn’t know what oppression is if it kicked in your door at night, put a bag over your head, dragged you in front of a kangaroo court, and then had you shot for being an enemy of the state.

        Coincidentally, that’s the world people like you yearn for.

        Couple things, you live in the most prosperous and free society the world has ever known. You literally have it better here than anywhere else on earth (to include every majority black nation).

        Also, before you accuse others of not doing enough for society, perhaps you should take a look in the mirror. Seems to me that all people like you do is advocate for the destruction of liberty, and push racist beliefs in the name of “equity” (equality was achieved years ago, so now obviously you have to find something new to be enraged about).

        Lastly, there is no such thing as “your truth”, just the truth. And the truth is that people like you are beyond obnoxious.

      • Randy Brooks

        Black men commit 54% of homicides and are at least twice as likely to commit hate crimes as whites–so should I be concerned if I’m in a room with them? By your logic, I should.

        I never use the term “reverse racism”. There’s no such thing; there is just racism. But being suspicious of or developing a special response to someone based solely on their race fits the very definition of racism! And it’s ludicrous to claim otherwise. Please–none of the usual “Racism = Prejudice + Power” nonsense, because “Power” is situational, and even without it, you’re left defending “Prejudice”.

        I fight against racism every single day of my life. So yes, I serve others. I just refuse to buy into the ridiculous notion that I’m somehow “guilty by skin” and that my kind cannot possibly be sinned against.

        Thanks for the garbage reply.

  • RMarvel

    Pretty much just blew up her future career. Students are going to self-segregate now in order to protect themselves from the Davis-Mark’s of the world. She finds herself at a privileged university millions are turned away from, and all she can see is evil all around her. Record levels of pathetic have been breached here.

    • https://www.youtube.com/user/RubinReport Ape_with_PC

      White males at a workplace have very legitimate reason to not want this person to join their workforce. This person is obviously out to get them.

      • speakyourtruth

        White males and other people of different races who are rapists, abusers etc. do have a very legitimate reason to not want Isis to join indeed- they’ll have their treacherous activities exposed for all to see. The only people who don’t like whistleblowers are the people who have skeletons they don’t want to talk about!

        For everyone else, it’s just another Tuesday morning.

        • https://www.youtube.com/user/RubinReport Ape_with_PC

          Read the article, it’s overtly racist towards white males, “white boys with shiny brown hair and saccharine smiles” in her words. She’s not ominously threatening any other group.

        • Jason Rite

          You mean like Virginia’s fine Lt. Governor??

    • speakyourtruth

      Consider that the only people self-segregating away from the Davis-Mark’s of the world will be other racists, abusers, and sex offenders. I don’t think any white person who isn’t an ass will feel particularly bothered by anything in this article.

      If, on the other hand, you do, then you’re due for some self-reflection.

      • BattleofWills

        So you haven’t considered that people may not want to hang out with her because she will be subjectively determining whether they are sex offenders?

      • Sewer Rat (J.O.G.)

        You should really stop talking. You are making Forrest Gump look like a M.E.N.S.A. member.

      • timsteele

        um sweetie, I think a glimpse at the comments section here and the firestorm your op-ed has created tells a much different story. When was the last time a YDN editorial received more than 1,000 comments? I promise you it’s been a while.

    • thatindividual

      She will think no one invites her to dinner or offers her an especially wonderful job because she’s black; but no one will invite her to dinner or offer her a wonderful job because she’s horribly unpleasant company. Perhaps she could find work and company among assassins.

    • http://www.lakeshorelaw.org Jeffrey Wilens

      check her major. No future career except with some marxist organization anyway.

    • Fred Allen

      Nah. She’ll get some entry level teaching assistant post at a college somewhere. This is exactly what they’re looking for — future Stasi employees who will make sure others follow to the letter their decrees of “inclusion” they mandate. Diversity policing is a huge business at universities these days.

  • Bill Pearlman

    This woman would have made a fantastic stasi or KGB officer. Have to keep those files current

    • speakyourtruth

      If looking out for and calling out potential sex offenders, abusers, and racists makes you a KGB officer then I guess she’s an excellent example of one!

      • thatindividual

        Due process. Really important concept. What are you, a McCarthyist?

        • speakyourtruth

          Due process in a corrupted criminal justice system doesn’t inspire hope in most young people and just about anybody who’s worked in the legal system. Speak with a lawyer – they’ll tell you how flawed the system is. Speak with a victim of sexual assault – they’ll tell you how “due process” helped them cope.

          • thatindividual

            I am a Christian. I have a different world view. Injustice is everywhere. It doesn’t just happen to black people, or women, or animals. It happens to all of creation. It’s time to grow up and realize your part in it.

            It’s a fallen world with fallen people and imperfect systems.

            It’s OK to stand up for the innocent, but revenge and coercion are not OK. It’s your own soul you have to save. It’s YOU who is charged with becoming a human being. Not Joe, not Mark, not Jane.

            Focus on the good in the world, and the good in others. Stop wanting and willing, and you will find peace. Put your trust in God. Love others as you want to be loved.

            I speak the truth.

            You are just filling a bucket already filled with rocks with more rocks when you go down this road. It’s a lie. I am not going to congratulate you for an immature response to evil.

          • timsteele

            speakyourtruth, so your solution is to do anything and everything possible to tarnish their names and reputations on social media regardless of whether they’re in fact guilty of said accusation? And that gives you satisfaction in some perverted way? Whether you choose to believe it or not there are people (yes, some are white males) who have been unfairly accused of sexual misconduct. You don’t have to believe that the process is fair to the accuser, but it’s also sometimes unfair to the accused.

      • BattleofWills

        Who gets to decide the criteria on what makes someone a potential sex offender?

      • Bill Pearlman

        I know millenials think history started with them but you might want to read a book about east Germany or the Soviet Union. It wasn’t pretty

  • Embiggen

    “To be honest, I’m not sure what the solution is.”

    Sounds like you are looking for a *final* solution.

  • OriginalRS

    A Yale undergrad, the height of privilege, flaunts her anti-white racism and is admired for it on today’s bigoted left. The left has long since gone insane. The level of brainwashing seen in today’s college-aged is extraordinary.

  • OriginalRS

    “I’m watching you, white boy”. What a obnoxious, creepy littleracistyouare, Isis, you privileged Bronx science and Yale undergrad hypocrite. I hope they’re watching you too,blackgirl,and I hope it bothers you.

    • speakyourtruth

      This OP-ed is directed at all of the racists/abusers who have committed crimes but haven’t been held accountable. We should ALL be watching them, and not staying silent when we know the harms they’ve committed. Or do you think we should just let them go scot-free?

      • OriginalRS

        BS, it’s a racist dirge directed at white people and you know it.

  • Brent Edward

    Racist, sexist idiot.

  • Joe Corea

    Bucket list item number 43 from a white male – Make sure I get a cup of coffee from the person that wrote this post. Drink it in a Mark Dice “Liberal Tears” cup right in front of them. Tip them 25 percent so they can buy extra food for all of their cats.

    • speakyourtruth

      If this is your bucket list then you must not have much to live for..

  • mrsisaREDcat

    I’m saving this article because I may have a reason to use it against her in the future.

    • speakyourtruth

      I can guarantee that you won’t be in any position to use anything against her. But carry on..

  • A Guy In Texas

    You are one sad piece of work. I hope you get treated the same exact way.

  • Dave Ross

    People are probably going to kill and die to fight this evil ideology just as previous generations have paid a great price to defend freedom.

  • Johnathan Swift Jr.

    Evil is banal? For proof of that, all Ms. Davis-Marks needs to do is to look in the mirror. Who would possibly wish to be friends with someone from another culture or another race, let alone to hire them if one suspects they are totaling up “micro-aggressions” and saving and stewing over grievances whether real or perceived in order to destroy someone’s life and livelihood in the future? But, that’s the whole idea of the multicultural project in the end isn’t it, not to find common ground but to divide and Balkanize us.

    The old time liberal and Kennedy court historian, Arthur Schlesinger, wrote a book about twenty-five years ago called “The Disuniting of America,” how he feared the approaching age of identity politics – treating everyone first and foremost not as an individual but throwing out the Enlightenment and seeing them first, foremost and always as white, or black, or Hispanic, Asian or man or woman or transexual, as victims and victimizers – would end America. This is rapidly happening and because the whites that this woman hates so much are still the majority and will remain so for some time, I fear this will not end well.

    The thousands and thousands of calls for the Covington Boys to be harmed or murdered should have been a wake-up call, that the toxic combination of identity politics and the hair trigger edge of social media will soon lead to acts that cannot be undone.

    • speakyourtruth

      Have you considered that history seems to have been very one-sided in that the majority (white people) have wielded their power in a way that benefits themselves, rather than their fellow citizens of color (who were not even considered full citizens at the BIRTH of this nation). Arthur Schlesinger feared identity politics because it would be a mechanism for the oppressed class to unite and rise up against the injustices perpetrated by the white majority. But carry on with your “the sky is falling” rhetoric.

      • Nicholas Stix

        More racist lies.

  • Johnathan Swift Jr.

    Evil is banal? For proof of that, all Ms. Davis-Marks needs to do is to look in the mirror. Who would possibly wish to be friends with someone from another culture or another race, let alone to hire them if one suspects they are totaling up “micro-aggressions” and saving and stewing over grievances whether real or perceived in order to destroy someone’s life and livelihood in the future? But, that’s the whole idea of the multicultural project in the end isn’t it, not to find common ground but to divide and Balkanize us.

  • cezanne

    Obama founded Isis.

  • ftwitty

    This is pathetic. You, young lady, are one big problem waiting to happen. Kavanaugh was innocent. The Dems ran a smear campaign against him. And his accusers LIED their butts off! The Covington kids were innocent as well. Didn’t stop liberals from trying to continue smearing them as well. All you attempting to take down white boys/men are crying wolf so much that NO ONE now believes anything you say. Right out of the gate, you are deemed LIARS. So if that was the goal, good job on that. In the meantime, REAL VICTIMS suffer due to the insufferable lies of the Left. FACECRIMES are so very ‘1984’ and were meant as a warning for how far some were willing to go! I hope they made you read that book at Yale. But it doesn’t seem you did. Because if you did, you don’t seem to have learned any lesson from it! — in which case it was a waste of your time. Grow up and stop blaming others for your inadequacy as a person. You want that white boys job, WORK FOR IT! Like the rest of us do.

    • thatindividual

      And don’t forget the Jussie hoax. They are so desperate to piant a picture of racism, they are faking hate crimes

    • speakyourtruth

      Telling people to “WORK FOR IT” when the vast majority of those same white boys had those jobs arranged or handed to them is a quite disgusting and ahistorically grounded. It seems that you might need a history lesson…

      • RB

        They didn’t pass their classes and graduate from Yale to get their jobs?

  • des111168

    “Do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it’s funny.” -Sam Hyde

  • Enuf Alrdy

    Another racist black girl. They seem to be everywhere these days.

  • harriet

    Why did the author chose to attend a university based on white European culture, values and history?

    She is the prime example of : you can take a moron to water, but you cannot teach her to drink.

    She is a sorry little racist…wait until she has to find some white guy to give her a job- not if he reads this piece of nasty, resentful garbage.

    • speakyourtruth

      Well, if the white guy happens to be a racist/abuser/rapist, then i guess it’s good that she’s self-selected herself out of that employee pool. There are plenty of good people who understand her politics and actually read the article.

      She’s talking about rapists and abusers who get away with it. Not all white people. It’s called nuance, look it up (dictionary.com is a free resource).

      • RB

        Then why doesn’t she say I’m watch you rapists? No, she says she’s watching white males exclusively.

      • Nicholas Stix


      • timsteele

        unfortunately she’s such a poor writer that no one understood her bizarre brand of “nuance,” as you call it.

  • Theodorico

    Vengeful and wrong headed spew. Davis-Marks seems to be seeking acceptance and popularity amongst peers who race to outdo one another in their expression of racism, hatred, and division.

  • tarabar

    Diversity is our strength???? Jesus Christ what have we done?

    Take a look at the FBI rape stats. As a White woman, “I’m watching you black/brown boy.”

  • People

    Yale University, B.A. in Philosophy and Visual Art, 2019
    Compass Philosophy Workshop at Princeton University, 2017
    Bronx High School of Science, 2015

    Plot twist: her art is legit terrible. Thin. Scholarships like candy.

    • thatindividual

      All uni art is terrible. The grad level is the worst of all.

      • People

        Her stuff is in Google images. Nipples protruding.

        Very, very disrespectful.

    • http://www.lakeshorelaw.org Jeffrey Wilens

      I would have guessed a worthless major and probably a future parasite on society.

  • Darren Whaley

    Some race-baiting bs. “Banality of Evil” is a book by a holocaust survivor. Ironic on several levels.

    • thatindividual

      I guess she thinks her privileged education at Yale somehow resembles the Holocaust. Her professors should set her straight, but they are probably afraid to tell her the truth because of her unbridled anger, and, let’s face it, they are probably Holocaust deniers anyway. These are leftist cults, these Ivy League unis, after all.


    Our nation’s top historians reveal that the Democratic Party gave us the Ku Klux Klan, Black Codes, Jim Crow Laws and other repressive legislation which resulted in the multitude of murders, lynchings, mutilations, and intimidations (of thousands of black and white Republicans). On the issue of slavery: historians say the Democrats gave their lives to expand it, the Republicans gave their lives to ban it.

    Democrats opposed:

    The Emancipation Proclamation
    The 13th Amendment
    The 14th Amendment
    The 15th Amendment
    The Reconstruction Act of 1867
    The Civil Rights of 1866
    The Enforcement Act of 1870
    The Forced Act of 1871
    The Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871
    The Civil Rights Act of 1875
    The Freeman Bureau
    The Civil Rights Act of 1957
    The Civil Rights Act of 1960
    The United State Civil Rights Commission

    Republicans gave strong bi-partisan support and sponsorship for the following legislation:

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964
    The Voting Rights Act of 1965
    The 1968 Civil Rights Acts
    The Equal Opportunity Act of 1972
    Goals and Timetables for Affirmative Action Programs
    Comprehensive Employment Training Act of 1973
    Voting Rights Act of Amendment of 1982
    Civil Rights Act of 1983
    Federal Contract Compliance and Workforce Development Act of 1988


    Democrats are still segregating blacks today.
    All black classrooms
    all black dorms
    all black teachers for all black students!!!!


    You dems disgust me with your racism and have nothing zero in common with MLK!



    Why do Democrats segregate people into 100’s of little groups? While the minority poor people they represent live in poverty and remain undereducated in war zones for cities?

    Why wont Democrats do what the great REPUBLICAN Martin Luther King said and judge people by the quality of their character and not the color of their skin or 100’s of other ways they segregate people?

    Why have Democrats never pass or write bill and laws that apply to all Americans equally?

    Democrats segregating and enslaving people since 1832-present day.
    to make a slave of; reduce to slavery: His drug addiction has completely enslaved (controlled) him.
    enchain, shackle; control, dominate.
    Just like the inner city people, all controlled and told exactly how and when to think and do. They are punished for wrong thinking. You really have to HATE people pretty bad to keep them in poverty, violence and bad schools that brainwash the kids.
    The Democrats are the WORLDS biggest segregationist ever. Just love that hate crimes segregation legislation today putting more value on the crimes and deaths of people making some have 1/2 or less the rights of others.

  • Indy Q

    We should all thank Isis Davis Marks. She saved thousands of young white men from wasting their money at a university that is hell bent on setting them up for targeted racism, sexism, and failure. Thanks for doing them a solid, you sanctimonious MORON

  • Just Another Guy

    Wow. Yale Daily let this racist, sexist and baseless screed be published?
    Says a lot about Yale.
    Just change “white boy” in the article to “black girl” and republish the article.
    What happens then?

    OR did Yale Daily do this to expose the author’s bitter and shallow thinking?

    She needs to go to a “Diversity Camp” or something. Stat.

    One nice thing, Isis, is that we have this captured for eternity and anyone who you apply to work for will be able to see exactly the kind of beliefs you have, which means that if that potential employer has any sense, you won’t get the job.

    Who would hire such a racist sexist? They’d be setting themselves up for a lawsuit.

    And btw, they wouldn’t hire you because of your meaningless genetics…skin color and sex..but because of your flawed and dangerous beliefs.

    A great man once said that we should judge people based on their character, not on those genetics.

    Of course, he was a Republican.

    His name? Martin Luther King, Jr.

    • Sasha

      this has for some time been the most institutionally powerful, explicitly genocidal* racial hate campaign in the west.

      people don’t realize the extent of it because they are raised saturated in it, they uncritically believe the many demonizations of european peoples, don’t know enough about history to know how skewed and incomplete most people’s understanding is. they know little about human history other than the racial demonization narrative their television sets and public schools have fed them since they were babies

      and what happens in couple decades when white people are a minority in all these countries ,and are permanently politically disenfranchised? when the ruling class consists of profoundly stupid and ignorant ‘highly educated’ people like the author here, who know nothing other than the racial hatred they’ve been stewing in their entire lives?

      * If you consider that ‘Black Americans’ are a new ethnic group that came to be created during the development of America, then couldn’t you say the same about ‘White Americans?’ And can you deny that there is a very mainstream voice in the left that is explicitly genocidal in its attitude to this group, that openly calls for its diminishment and supports its demographic replacement because of the political consequences of this happening (one common hallmark of genocides through history?)

  • Mike

    Yale brats . . .

  • Toby Peters

    Ms. Davis-Marks writes: “I’m watching you, white boy.”

    Does Yale have a policy on racism and sexism, stalking, and threatening communications?
    According to Yale University:
    ” What behavior is covered under the university’s policies and procedures? Discriminatory or harassing behavior that is motivated by any of the characteristics described in the university’s non-discrimination policy is covered under these policies and procedures. For example, not hiring students based on any of the characteristics described above, would constitute discrimination prohibited under the university’s policies. Acts of violence or physical force such as restraint or assault, sexual misconduct, stalking, intimidation or coercion, threatening communications, and defacement of property, motivated by any of the characteristics described above, are examples of conduct that could be harassment prohibited under the university’s policies.”

    • speakyourtruth

      Read between the lines, fedora-avi person. She’s not talking about every white boy – she’s talking about rapists, racists and abusers who commit evil crimes, and then get off scot-free while their victims have their sense of worth shattered into pieces. She’s saying that we need to hold them accountable, REGARDLESS OF THEIR RACE!!!

      White people love to be the default stand-in for everything else (doctors, lawyers, presidents) but suddenly she uses them as a stand-in for the abusers and everyone loses their minds…

      • Jason Rite

        She said white boy, retard. Try and keep up….

  • Toby Peters

    Ms. Davis-Marks writes: “I’m watching you, white boy.”Does Yale have a policy on racism and sexism, stalking, and threatening communications?
    According to Yale University:
    “What behavior is covered under the university’s policies and procedures? Discriminatory or harassing behavior that is motivated by any of the characteristics described in the university’s non-discrimination policy is covered under these policies and procedures. For example, not hiring students based on any of the
    characteristics described above, would constitute discrimination prohibited under the university’s policies. Acts of violence or physical force such as restraint or assault, sexual misconduct, stalking,intimidation or coercion, threatening communications, and defacement of property, motivated by any of the characteristics described above, are
    examples of conduct that could be harassment prohibited under the university’s policies.”

    • thatindividual

      Clearly they are either humoring black students by indulging them in this vanity, or they are terrified of of them and thus indulging them to avoid outbursts.

      It reminds me of how divorced parents spoil and indulge their children in all kinds of delusions, allow all sorts of unacceptable behavior, because of their guilt and their fear of them.

      Perhaps the faculty feels as though they are being held hostage by angry black women.

      • top_of_the_food_chain

        New Haven has some of the highest levels of black crime in the nation. We should have picked our own cotton.

      • http://www.breitbart.com WhiskeyAndCigs

        Has anyone reported her yet?

    • Surak2

      Exactly. Publishing this could be grounds for a Title IX complaint against the university. Well done, Yale.

  • Crash

    Good grief! People actually pay money for their children to attend this lunatic asylum?

  • David Bach

    I hope your future employers are watching this. I’d never hire someone that state a desire to go around documenting everything the white employees were doing in an attempt to blackmail them in the future. What a horrific president this young person is trying to establish.

    • john carter

      NYT will hire….

      • j yung

        NYT loves hate filled SJWs.

        I betcha there is a lovely video of Miss Davis-Marks out there (there always is). It would be a shame if someone released it to future employers. The Internet is forever.

  • Havid Damburger

    Seems like this was written by ISIS

  • David B

    Davis-Marks is a hate-mongering racist who should be expelled.

  • Hans Landa

    Feral, sub-Saharan “intellect” on display again.

    • Dan Sanders

      Don’t fight racism with racism.


        Well said, the problem here isn’t the color of her skin, but the complete&utter totalitarian indoctrination of her mind,

  • Marco Ramirez

    Sounds like Ms. Davis-Marks is threatening and stalking others on the basis of race and gender. This is consistent with Yale’s standards?


      Well, it’s 2019, and Liberals have gone Full Retard, so yes, yes it is,

  • ThePublicEditor.com

    Ms. Davis-Marks. Thanks to the wonders of the cloud and the ‘interweb’, proof of your intrinsic racism and hate will be preserved for all of your future employers and associates. No screenshots required. Good luck in you future endeavors.

  • CapitalistRoader

    When I’m watching the black girl — who is now a black woman by this point —
    on CNN, I’ll remember a racist remark that she said, an unintentional
    utterance that she made when she had one drink too many at a frat party
    during sophomore year. I’ll recall a message that she accidentally left
    open on a computer when he forgot to log out of iMessage, where she
    likened a man’s body to a particularly large animal. I’ll kick myself
    for forgetting to screenshot the evidence.

  • Variant

    Disgusting. The Civil War was fought and won against racist bigots like this.

  • Deplorable Jon

    The young lady obviously doesn’t understand that the movie Vice is a fictional account of the Bush Administration as told from a far left wing point of view. I’m told it’s a good movie however it’s still ludicrous.

    On that basis she advocates the ruining of a persons life years later. Very sad.

    Let me give her a nickels worth of free advice.

    No one likes or trusts a enforcer of virtue, be that religious or ideologues like the Stasi, nor can they ever be related to in confidence. Youve set up a life choice in which everyone will fear your company as you may inform on them at some point. And if you get your wish and create a world where baseless accusations can ruin a persons life remember that the Cheka of today were purged by the KGB of tomorrow.

    It’s best not to go down that path both personally and professionally.

  • tryingtopickaname

    hey…um…Isis, is it?…Sweetheart, we’ll be watching you, screen-shotting this and every blatantly racist, bigoted, hateful, snarling social media vomitus you emit. You>>>”All of these things made me ask myself: What will the classmates who made those unintentional utterances, those subtle racist remarks, those assaults toward women, be doing on the eve of our 15th reunion?” In perfectly unaware self-parody, you make overtly racist remarks–nothing subtle about such rabid animus—while musing on the future of white boys you have sought to slander and harass. I’m certain the discussion on your 15th reunion will be about the malicious, racist harridan who couldn’t find work because of her recorded history of harassment, racism, and sexism. Yale needs to give a refund to whomever funded your wasted educational opportunity.

    • http://www.lakeshorelaw.org Jeffrey Wilens

      Probably a gender studies major with no future except in street agitation anyway.

      • timsteele

        yes and this will be a career enhancing move for her, having written this hateful column.

  • thatindividual

    Is this what you worked so hard to get into Yale for? If you did indeed work hard to get in? If you did not work hard to get in, surely you are working hard to keep good grades in your classes. Is this revenge what it is all for? Can you really say you are any better then than those you accuse, if your accusations are justified? Are you not exactly the same? Exactly the same as the evil you claim to see? How can you be so blind to your own faults? How is that possible? How is it an upper tier liberal arts education does not educate in self reflection?

    • speakyourtruth

      If her only issue is that she wrote an article in the YDN, versus the accused having actually raped and abused students on campus while receiving no repercussions for their actions, then I think she’s doing pretty well for herself.

      This article is not evil. Everybody agrees that abusers and racists are evil – so the next time you see someone doing something terrible, CALL THEM OUT and don’t be silent! That’s it. Very simple argument.

      • BruceT

        You are a pig, like her.

        • timsteele

          actually I think speakyourtruth and Isis are one in the same!

      • thatindividual

        I have to worry about my own evil. You should worry about yours, too.

        Anybody accused of rape deserves due process.

      • nikondvr

        Except, you’re an idiot. You apparently are unable to read and comprehend. She is saying no such thing as you claim in your post. This is nothing but a racist diatribe against white males. Accusing all of being evil, racist, and worthy of disgust. But I guess you’re just too stupid to understand or see the evil this view is based upon, most likely because you share the same disease with which she has been infected. I don’t expect the hall monitors at this once proud institution to post this as it’s to much to the point and truthful.

      • thatindividual

        Where in the article did she mention rape?

      • timsteele

        Isis, (it’s obvious that you are speakyourtruth because no one else dares come on this board to defend this garbage), you’re being intellectually dishonest here sweetie. You know damn well that is not what you meant. And who is the “accused” you’re referring to as having raped and abused students? Brett Kavanaugh? I’m confused here. Please explain because your poor writing makes it unclear.

  • thatindividual

    I would rename this, ‘Snobby Snooty Rude Girl Goes to Snobby Snooty Expensive School and Gets Upset There are Snobby Snooty Ungodly Rich Entitled and Judgmental People There’

    Good grief, what did you expect? You are a status seeker among status seekers.

    Give up the miserable search for status and go somewhere you feel comfortable and where you can be happy. Writing this is ridiculous though. It just makes you look bad. You are fighting a losing battle. And you just gave your weakness away!

    These are wolves being trained to eat sheep. You get it? Are you one of the wolves? Do you not also have great ambitions? If so, quit complaining. If not, get the hell out of there, fast.

  • Lisanna

    Identity politics is sick and evil. It is clear the author judges people by the color of their skin and gender, rather than his character. No one is safe around such person. I hope this column alerts parents of young men to the toxic, dysfunctional culture at Yale. Your sons will not be safe in this den of insanity.

    • Peace

      Great! Send less of your loser, sensitive, sons there!

      • evianalmighty

        We will send more. The less AA the better!

      • Lisanna

        That’s the point, loser.

  • Deplorable Brewer

    I would never send my kid to this Marxist asśhole factory. The author is nothing more than radical leftist trash. Racist scumbag.

  • Jing.Schmidt

    We’re watching you too, for you also live in a glass house

  • http://alshaw.blogspot.com alshaw

    Do Americans really want people’s suitability for high public office defined not only by their abilities but also their moral perfection when they were 21?
    It’s a genuine question.

  • jdubya_az

    We get it: You hate the Caucasian Race.

    Good luck in your career forward, you just outed yourself as a patent racist.

    And with your non-degree degree, you will be yet another future barista complaining about your student loans.

  • MrInspctrMan

    So basically you have a chip on your shoulder and it’s every white persons problem. What’s new you racist scum.

  • TheFrequentPoster

  • Moonbat_One

    You’d have to be crazy to hire this woman considering the venomous racist hatred she harbors in her heart against people who aren’t like her.

  • TheFrequentPoster

    Wow, she just hates white men!

    • evianalmighty

      she most likely hates all men.

  • Shooter

    because we all know that only white males ever think, do or say anything bad about a demographic group they are not part of. Feminism = hypocrisy.

  • Dan Sanders

    Are there any specific examples you can think of? Because the only racist I can see is you. This is probably the most blatantly racist piece I have ever read. And it’s talking about imaginary hypothetical situations! It’s racist and delusional.

  • Maximus300

    Ms. Davis-Marks must be bitter that after almost four years at Yale she will be leaving with a worthless degree in Philosophy and Visual Arts and no job prospects. Apparently, she plans on making her way perpetrating hoax blackmail against white males because of her racism and bigotry. Yale will not care as she is unlikely to be making large donations in the future. To all of you current and recently graduated white, male Yalies, I suggest retaining a copy of this ill-conceived screed in order that you may destroy her credibility in the future. I also suggest that you thank the editors for publishing this POS because it has had the effect of “outing” Ms. Davis-Mark’s intentions.

    • MOAB Maxine

      nope. even worse. she will become a politician.

  • Thulsa Doom

    Her stupidity diminishes the value of a degree from Yale, Not that I put much value on it in the first place.

  • Thulsa Doom

    Admit low intelligence students based on racial quotas and get low intelligence opinions. Way to go Yale, you’ve lowed the bar yet again.

  • JayRaskin

    Being proud of your racism is not the same as being proud of your race.

  • George Avery

    Could the author be any more racist?

  • Lisa Ann Spaulding

    Holy crap your nuts. Stalker. Your poor classmates. Maybe you need a therapist. Or to read The Theory of Enchantment .

  • Wm Layer

    MIss Marks’ article is racialist to its core, briming with hate.

  • EdmundBurke

    “reckon with the fact that many of us will become extremely influential.” Yes, possibly, however we can take solace that it won’t be you. However, with the dreck we see coming from the minds of the current Ivy League, it won’t be long where saying you went to Yale will be considered a liability rather than an asset.

  • colleenf

    This is racism. I do not care what this woman’s race is, it is wrong and evil to promote this hatred.
    Pray for her to turn from the hate she has embraced.

  • roccolore

    As usual, the racist black baboon gets a free pass and is allowed to publish. Had it been a white person, there would be calls for expulsion.

  • Bill

    The unfortunately named Isis should take her racism somewhere where it will be more valued. Maybe she can move to South Africa and torment white farmers? BLF needs true believers like this.


  • Wolfshead

    Anti-white, anti-male drivel. Just keep pushing.

  • Papa41

    The author is clearly a racist. How is this allowed?

  • Eric Cartmann


  • Keiichi Maebara

    Comrade Davis-Marx, you would fit so beautifully into the era of cold-war Soviet Union or China. You would wear your Red star proudly, attending every party meeting (while making notes which traitors are absent) and soon we would hear about you in your dream role: a prosecutor with the power to send people to death or at least to a gulag (AKA slower death).
    As you are now, I can pity you to be obviously born in wrong place and time. The time when people still have some “right to offend” left. But don’t worry, there is a certain ideology with Middle East origins that is pushed by all mainstream media day in and day out. And the followers of that ideology are set to establish such social norms that you will remember the era of “white boys and their faults” with tears in your eyes.

  • Gundog

    Change “white boy” to “Jew,” and this could have been written by Julius Streicher in Der Sturmer, in 1930’s Germany.

  • top_of_the_food_chain

    You are taunting the race that has done more for this planet than any other, including providing the platform that permits your misandric, racist crap. Have traveled the world, and have yet to find a nation that benefits from saprophytic females being allowed to vote. #Repealthe19th

  • All American

    Go kiss a moving bus.

  • WarCriminalEmeritus

    Why the focus on “white boys”? Looks to me as if in Virginia there are credible allegations of rape leveled against a black man who is a high-ranking elected official. Oops. Doesn’t fit the author’s (mindless) narrative, does it? Say, how about that lesbian couple in Oklahoma a couple of years ago — they beat their kid with a hammer. Davis-Marks appears to be a paint-by-numbers racist.

    • evianalmighty

      37 % of all rapes are by black males.

  • Apotheosis393

    Is this satire or..?

    • MOAB Maxine

      worse. reality.

  • The Lukanator

    The only one people are gonna closely watch is you. This is absolutely reprehensible and I hope you figure that out before you destroy your own life with this mind-numbing vitriol.

  • Debbie

    “I’m watching you, white boy. And this time, I’m taking the screenshot.”

    Somebody else is taking screenshots of your racism and sexism.

  • Vasile Andrei

    Wow, replace white with jew and you got yourself a real fascist writer here!

  • http://www.breitbart.com WhiskeyAndCigs

    This is a frightening perspective – truly frightening and disturbing. You’re invoking a police state atmosphere from a position of smug racial superiority. What makes you any different than a Nazi yourself?

  • CptMarvelous

    Unapologetically racist.

  • S-800 Hunter/Killer

    You seem nice.

  • http://3magine.com Krystian F.

    Racist piece of garbage.

    • WarCriminalEmeritus

      She needs someone to blame for the low GPA she probably gets in classes other than grievance studies. Obviously not exactly a Rhodes Scholar type.

  • Scarlet Pimpernel

    Anti-White indoctrination has been around for a while. As deliberate demographic dispossession of Whites nears a tipping point, anti-White haters are becoming more bold, and less inclined to hide their sick feelings. I’m glad people are waking up from their slumber and starting to notice.

  • Scarlet Pimpernel

    Surprise, surprise. Yale censors legitimate comments but prints racist rants in its newspaper.

  • Mads November

    Pendulums swing…I don’t think the author is gonna like it when it swings back.

  • Becky Adams

    What is no doubt banal is Isis Davis Marks, and she is evil. Like that former Yale dean, June Chu whose mediocrity, bitterness and resentment, infected all who came into contact with her and offended them. She was completely unfit in the university or any setting and was fired. Davis Marks like Chu is racist. She is a prime example of the democrat party’s plantation slavery state agenda. Demean, dehumanize so as to justify doing whatever the evil racists the democrat party coddles into creation, wants. Davis Marks feels entitled to oppress and persecute and no doubt commit violence against and kill white people. She is a living example of sharing the democrat party’s Jim Crow tactics against anyone she wishes to and she would. She is a living example of the hatred and ignorance of the new kkk. If Yale doesn’t remove this hateful racist, Yale needs to not only lose federal student aid/loans for its students, it needs to be prosecuted for colluding with Davis Marks vile intent. Enough is enough.

  • efpefp

    this person is a racist…………. he should be banned from life

  • Becky Adams

    So why hasn’t the Yale News mods allowing my comment, which unlike Davis Marks’ screed, contained no hateful language?

    • Charles Wright

      They censored my comment too.

  • Edward J. Letkiewicz Jr.

    Another communist/big brother in training. Hating white men will not make your life any better. Where in the heck do these creatures hatch? What twisted corrupt force on this planet nurtures such evil?


    Unintended consequences
    1. Creating a Weasley hall monitor type which after years will etch itself into your face. you are what you repeatedly do.

  • jahpdq

    What does one do when banal becomes evil? It’s been done. Get off it.

  • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/100000275804979/ Mike Metevier

    Well, ugly black girl. I assume that’s how you want to be addressed since that’s how you address other people. I look forward to this article coming up during your next interview you racist sexist black girl. Please move to Africa so you can get away from all that the white males have made in the US. Your an ungrateful black girl who thinks she is better then white males when of course her whole race has added very little to society.

  • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/100000275804979/ Mike Metevier

    isis davis marks is evil and needs to be expelled from this white made university

  • Pelosi = 💩! ✓ Deplorable

    Why is this racist allowed to put her filth on the Yale Daily News?

    • WALTER

      Because it is Yale and she is black.

    • MOAB Maxine

      skin color

  • davideisenstadt
  • OrionSky

    So sad.

  • Overthrow The Swamp

    Isis Davis-Marks

    This piece will follow you to your grave.
    Best learn to code or flip fried chicken, girlfriend.

    • WarCriminalEmeritus

      True indeed.

      It’s easy to think of all kinds of ways in which Ms. Davis-Marks’ racist screed can come back to haunt her. It’s powerful evidence of racial animus.

      Just for example, should she ever be in a position to influence hiring (granted that seems unlikely), any white person denied a job can point to her writing as indicative of a predisposition to discriminate on the basis of race.

      Or perhaps she will seek a job at a university, giving her an opportunity to persecute students with views that differ from hers. Again there’s evidence of her predisposition to punish people for being “white boys.” A lawyer might have fun shoving this article down a university’s throat.

      The Internet has a long memory.

      • evianalmighty

        It never hurt the murderer angela davis.

  • DrakhorT

    You have issues. Seek professional help.

  • Kurt Hines

    Go read a book and flunk a test.


    We are watching you black girl.

  • BrotherDave

    She seeks to provoke, but all she does is demean herself, her family, and her own enslaved intellect.

  • irene411

    Wow! What a load of racist, misandrist garbage. As a mother of four white men, a grandmother of eleven white boys and girls, and who also has taken care of others’ children, including numerous boys, white, black, all races, your tone and words are absolutely disgusting and have no place in a civilized society. You are a vile creature and why anyone, male, female, white, black whatever, would want to spend the rest of their life with you as a mate is unthinkable.

    • Jason Rite

      Irene, as of this moment, you have the distinction of being the ONLY white woman who has defended white mend in these comments, particularly her white progeny. Sadly, you are seemingly unique. Your fellow white women are noticeably silent on this despite raising white boys themselves. Congrats to you and disgrace and shame upon any woman who allows this shit to go unchecked. I’m dumbfounded.

      • irene411

        That’s fantastic.

  • BruceT

    How is it that you publish the writings of this disgusting racist and sexist pig?

  • Jeff; “Granddad”

    Said in all seriousness, everytime I read something like this the same thought goes through my mind and that is how do you reconcile your obvious hatred of white people with the fact that the overwhelming majority of what we enjoy in life and use daily was invented, created or otherwise made possible by Western Civilization which means, yes, white people and in particular (heterosexual) white men?

    Ms. Marks, again, said in all seriousness, the kind of attitude you’re displaying here is what is keeping this nation divided. It isn’t helpful.

    P.S. You’ve been added to my growing list of deluded adolescents—AOC is there—I regret having gone to war to defend.

  • BruceT

    How is it that you publish the writings of this disgusting racist and sexist ‘human’?

  • BruceT

    How is it that you publish the writings of this racist and sexist ‘human’?

  • BruceT

    Racist and sexist.

  • BruceT

    How is it that you publish the writings of this r a c i s t and s e x i s t ‘human’?

  • BruceT

    How is it that you publish the writings of this r a c i s t and s e x i s t PIG?

  • BruceT

    How is it that you publish the writings of this raysist and secksist ‘human’?

    2 words you can’t say on Yale Daily News apparently.

  • Theo Crater

    Wow, isn’t it wonderful that someone so young can already write something so profound and inspiring! How exciting it must have been for the writer to attend Yale, and gain the delightful hope of smearing some respected judge or other eminent person much later in life! Ain’t college grand?

  • BruceT

    How is it that you publish the writings of this ray sist and seck sist ‘human’?

    2 words you can’t say on Yale Daily News apparently.

  • Tina

    In the whole world are only 12% Whites. This is very bad and sad. We whits have to stay together.

    Greetings to all whits in America from Europa.
    Stay strong and safe.

    God bless America and Europa

  • Squid2019

    Isis, I did dumb and insensitive things when I was young. I’m not the same person I was then. We are all less than perfect. Look for the good in people. You’ll feel better. Regards, old white dad

  • Jocko Petunie

    Hey, you can go screw yourself.

  • Jocko Petunie

    Hey, you can go screw yourself.

  • Jocko Petunie

    Up yours, witch.

  • Jocko Petunie

    Piece of filthy trash.

  • Jocko Petunie

    Looks like they have everything moderated now LOL, so much for everyone expressing themselves.

    • Ted Bundy


  • Jocko Petunie

    Racist article.

  • StevieMan331

    I hope a white guy punches her in the face.

    After all, shouldn’t all nazis be punched? That’s what racists like this keep saying, and she certainly qualifies.

  • Jocko Petunie

    What kind of racist trash goes to Yale these days?

  • Pröksié SteelyDanzig Shürvaar

    Holy jeez, are you really that stupid and un-self-aware? You did more in this one piece than any White boy bogeyman you compose for your purposes.

  • Maduro’s Love Child!!!

    And every EMPLOYER you ever visit will hear about this article and NEVER hire you. I wouldn’t and yes, I am white. You are a complete loser. I rather pay the EEO penalty for not hiring your affirmative action ass.

  • Maduro’s Love Child!!!

    And every EMPLOYER you ever visit will hear about this article and NEVER hire you. I wouldn’t and yes, I am white. You are a complete loser. I rather pay the EEO penalty for not hiring your affirmative action-ass.

  • Horus

    Meanwhile a Black lieutenant governor stands accused of raping two black women…where is her outrage? Where are her calls to spy on and record all black men?


    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b44ede5abb76dfede48471c61450a90528580d3379123dd479a9a4d6ed79bba9.jpg l

  • Maduro’s Love Child!!!

    Future employers of all colors don’t hire this woman because she is going to collect information on you so she can sue you.

  • Issac Clark

    I think the Alumni that support this need s to be exposed for the racist they are

  • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/100000275804979/ Mike Metevier
  • Jeffrey Lynn Fulcher

    And in 20 or 30 years this extremely racist article will creep up and slap you when you least expect it. Oh the self-righteousness of youth.

  • SloppyJoe

    ISIS is a racist POS. We will remember her, save this article to our hard drives and should she ever apply for a job or run for office – we will know and destroy her future.
    Sincerely, White Boys.

    • Agatha Mantanes

      ISIS is what helps save your ass day in and day out. Trump derangement syndrome much?

  • SloppyJoe

  • Georgi Georgiev

    You will watching only for food stamps, stupid low IQ parasite

  • Georgi Georgiev


  • Edgar Allan

    And you morons still wonder why Trump won?

  • Adam Cooke

    Decades of critical race theory being spoon fed to ignorant hateful losers, and this is the result…

  • Popeye

    Such an insightful piece. May I suggest that you always keep glossies in hand for distribution to everyone you meet? Even better – tattoo to your forehead? Make certain all discover “how much you know”.

  • Charles Borner

    Yes. Very adult.
    Stalk and doxx people based on racist, sexist sentiment.

    Well, nice to know your parents have wasted their money on sending you to Yale.

    All they’ve got to show is a brain-damaged, indoctrinated acolyte in the Cult of Intersectionality.

    • evianalmighty

      Her parents are not paying! I am. Proud ODU Alum.

    • thatindividual

      Liberalism breeds hatred, because it runs off hatred.

      I will stick to my conservatism.

      The black conservatives I know, their souls are not mangled like this.

      The author should step far away from liberalism. It’s purely of evil.

    • Ted Bundy

      Wasted their $? Seriously? You think they are paying?

      • Charles Borner

        I was trying to be charitable.
        I know, I shouldn’t do that for these idiots.

  • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/100000275804979/ Mike Metevier

    Please note that they are not allowing people to leave comments when talking in the same manner as the “author” of this dripple. This black girl is self-righteous, egocentric, racist, sexist and has convinced herself that she is better then everyone. She thinks she is better then the people who established the university she goes to, white men. affirmative action at it worst. Well dear, we are watching you also black girl.

  • Spasmolytic
  • stick a fork in a socket

    Guess this is gonna come back to bite you in the ass years later when you’re trying to become President.

  • TG831

    Ugh what a racist article. Nauseating .

  • Michael Lederman

    Since Blacks are but 12.5% of America’s population and Whites are 73% yet Blacks and Whites are almost equal when it comes to violent crime statistics it is 8 times more likely (do the math like I had to) that a Black will be a criminal than a White so exactly who should be watching whom?

    • evianalmighty

      Uh! WTF? blacks are 13% AND COMMIT 52.2% OF ALL MURDERS. This of course means nothing when it comes to your incoherent comment.

      • MartinAlaskan

        “Uh! WTF? blacks are 13% AND COMMIT 52.2% OF ALL MURDERS.”

        This is nothing to be proud of.

  • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/100000275804979/ Mike Metevier
  • TG831

    Its sad that in America we created the most diverse nation ever. My ancestors fought Their own, to free others. Who does that besides us? I cant think of a black, brown or yellow country that ever killed their own to save the other. And yet our progress is spat upon. Just sad.

    • Ted Bundy

      When the population is other, they kill YT.

  • James Messmer

    another token affirmative action knee dragger that will end up waiting tables

    • MartinAlaskan

      No, Affirmative Action will help her all the way through life: a black woman with a degree from Yale won’t, though she may deserve it, be waiting tables.

    • Gaspipe Casso

      And faking a hate crime by writing a note on the tab herself.

  • David

    You are quite the hateful, racist piece of work.

  • JES2014 ✓ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ 2020

    Well…there’s a well-adjusted woman who isn’t mangy about all the men who’ve rejected her in life.

  • Mike


  • FredFlint

    How did you get into Yale? Because your capacity to write and think at a high level is sorely lacking….. Lets take a guess? Or would that be stereotyping, being sexist, or a racist? Hmmmm… Since 95% of your career opportunities just vanished Rev Al always needs a great race monger in his ranks….Yale should be ashamed to have a diploma with your name on it….

    Oh and two of SCOTUS Kavanaugh accusors were liars, and the one you believe lacked details, couldnt name people present, and zero immediate outcry witnesses…but then again im sure you are outraged at Lt Gov Fairfax…from a white boy to a black girl…get lost…

    • Agatha Mantanes

      Unfortunately, the only liars they believe are the ones coming from the Democrat/Communist party of the antisemite racist kind.

    • Olen Paplenski

      She probably got in through some sort of quota or Yale’s affirmative action plan.

    • KShypgnos

      You write terribly…….!!!!
      There’s always been affirmative action for rich, white, legacy students.

  • Agatha Mantanes

    This constitutes a hate crime.

    • caved1ver

      The concept of “Hate Crime” is a cultural Marxist invention. She doesn’t need to be silenced via the assignment of the arbitrary crime of making gratuitous, racist, sexist statements offensive to white males in the form of an editorial. No one has a US constitutional right to be FREE from being OFFENDED, contrary to the pretentions of the modern LEFT. Said editorial needs to be legitimately critiqued and criticized in a public forum like this- “sunlight” being the best disinfectant after all.

  • MOAB Maxine

    hot take. and now the world is watching you.

  • code 6


    • caved1ver

      She emotes. She doesn’t grok.

  • Anna Hale


  • EricBenndorf

    Let’s sum up: racist, sexist, misandrist. What a great formula for what it takes to succeed in life.

  • $109268316

    What a disgusting low life. She’s headed nowhere, except for a rude awakening.

  • Olen Paplenski

    This is such a blatantly racist comment published in a newspaper owned by an institution that wouldn’t exist without these white boys and men. This is outrageous and someone should sue them and this moron Isis needs to be kicked out for instigating racial hate and intolerance.

  • evianalmighty

    This is what they teach at every college in America.

    • Dillon Sparks

      M.O.D.B.B. thats…..
      Money Over Dumb Black Bitches.
      cuz they breed envy!!

  • Jeremy Meister

    Zealous bigotry against other races, sexes and those who disagree?

    I’m not surprised your name is Isis.

  • Peter Like

    Her book is called “Evil is banal” which is an obvious mash up of “The Banality of Evil”. Looks like she’s an Ardent 🙂 fan of the Cultural Marxist plan instigated by the Chosen Master Race (wannabees). File under Useful Idiot.

    • Lisette Muntslag

      You took the words out of my mouth, also use a Black person to make charges stick.

    • Molly Elizabeth

      It’s Arendt, not ardent. And I think the author of this piece sucks, too, but I’m not gonna start spouting off vague anti-Semitism to prove my point. Because unlike the author, I’m not a racist. Evil is banal: this piece is a good example. She’s trying to incite some kind of underground surveillance culture where you catch the “criminals” before they’ve committed any crime; like Minority Report. Hannah Arendt was right; evil *is* banal, and this author is proof.

      But your comment is exactly the kind of thing the regressive left wants to see, so they can call any and all dissenters “Nazis”. Where are the true liberals?

      • Peter Like

        Liz baby – how stupid are you? I made a clever play on words – if I say so myself – looks like you didn’t quite get it. Oh and be sure – Yale is run by das Juden and she is now counting her bag of shekels from her true Slave Masters – what a good black goy she is.

        • Molly Elizabeth

          No, I got the play on words, I just didn’t think it was very clever. I’d have let it slide if it weren’t for the conspiracy theories in the rest of your comment. And here’s the crazy thing: I actually agree that there is something of a cultural Marxist agenda in academia, I just don’t think it has anything to do with the Jews and saying it does makes people not take the idea itself seriously. I prefer Jordan Peterson’s term “postmodern neomarxism” to the term “cultural Marxism”, though, because it doesn’t have the baggage of anti-Semitism. I’m guessing you’re the type who would call him “Juden Peterstein”, though. Mazel tov, I’m out.

          • Peter Like

            Yes the Arendt / ardent joke has been over done.
            Cultural Marxism was started by the Jews at The Frankfurt School. It was called “The Long March” as they knew they could not do a Bolshevik style Revolution in the west, they had to undermine society slowly. When Hitler came to power – The Frankfurt School left for Columbia University and the termites went to work. The disease has a name – you are too scared to say it.

            The left can shout NAZI – and not even know what it means. Its just an Epithet to use when you have no argument – like Anti-Semite.

    • ShadrachSmith

      The D party has completed its descent into full throated fascism. Good or bad?

    • caved1ver

      Useful Idiot of the infamous “Frankfurt School”.

    • NextUp

      What are you babbling about now?

  • Zexufang

    And this is why you will get more Trump.
    2020 President Trump: Chapter 2.

  • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/YXNpZADpBWEZAlM2N4dWItZAmRBd1ZA4VXg2OHhOSUxmUTdlczRrT0thRXhXbDM4ekFCX1dTX0gyMFBFQkNYclg0RFVfWjBTd3VuMExTR1pQMXJkODdxYmJQVHFmdkdDRldTamNReVFSTFhF/ Jon Hanemann

    OK ‘Isis’ lol!!

  • JC

    This kid should be expelled.

  • Vallum Hadriani

    What a race hustling imbecile.

  • Vallum Hadriani


  • Dillon Sparks

    Maybe a more educated response is needed….
    But she brought it down to this level on her own terms.
    What a dumb bitch!! Hope nobody besides Yale is stupid enough to hire you

  • Dillon Sparks

    I demand we judge all black women based on her stupidity.
    Because that’s the standard she applies to white males!!

  • Dillon Sparks

    M.O.D.B.B. thats…
    Money Over Dumb Black Bitches
    cuz they breed envy!!

  • Dillon Sparks

    This article makes a good point… “maybe lynching wasnt such a bad idea”

  • Dillon Sparks

    tbh…. poison her kids BEFORE they grow up!

  • Dillon Sparks

    you can tell she had a job cleaning white asshole, and is just upset she got laid-off

  • Dillon Sparks

    When an article is so terrible, it makes you contemplate the benifits of eugenics

  • Dillon Sparks

    drown it in a burlap sack before it can breed

  • Dillon Sparks

    M.O.D.B.B. thats…..
    Money Over Dumb Black Bitches.
    cuz they breed envy!

  • https://www.ancienttreearchive.org Liberal Cat

    Is she really asking others to spy on white boys? This is very creepy Yale and has just a hint of bigotry.

  • emsnewswordpresscom

    My own ancestors founded Yale many moons ago (Steele) and I was born at the Yale Observatory in Wisconsin 70 years ago. I am very disgusted with Yale allowing this blatant racist manhater to publish under their umbrella. She should be fired. She is beyond obnoxious, she writes like Hitler.

  • Randy Lee Stephens

    I can’t believe they would allow this racist to publish an op-ed in the school paper and the editor to publish it. Maybe she should have written about Va.Lt Gov Fairfax.

  • Skorpa

    These good for nothing, entitled, ugly creatures are a burden on our civilisation and need to be removed from our society once and for all.

  • Gary Childress

    Because we all know it’s only white males who engage in bad behavior. What a hateful racist, misandrist article. Imagine if someone posted something similar only calling out a race/gender group other than white males. The college administration would probably be launching an investigation. Should fairness dictate that someone from the KKK should now be allowed to voice their opinion on Yale’s news media? I would hope not!

  • Dan O’Bryant

    Big Brother is watching you.

  • David Behsman

    How about if the US government pulls all federal funding, Pell grants, and student loans going to Yale?

    I’m paying taxes as much as the next person. I have rights too.

  • Peace

    Do any of you have any decent reading comprehension? Clearly, she’s talking about people who have been known to be abusers. She obviously uses a white boy as an example. White men are used to being the standard for everything until it comes to evil, huh? She’s talking to abusers of ALL colors who get away with their heinous crimes against other students because nobody holds them accountable. Isis, I congratulate you! This was a great small piece, and all the trolls in this comment section have nothing better to do with their lives. You will do great things.

    • Jason Rite

      Evil has a basis in race? Sounds racist to me. You, my sad, pathetic friend, WILL NOT do great things in life.

    • philson

      Your opinion is completely erroneous though.

      • Nicholas Stix

        He’s a liar. Simple as that.

    • usmc84

      You lecture the readers about “reading comprehension” and say “she’s talking about abusers of ALL colors”. Yet she only mentions “white boys” and Brett Kavanaugh and Dick Cheney. Did she mention Bill Cosby, Justin Fairfax or John Conyers? No of course she didn’t, because in her racist world, white men are evil and not to be trusted and black men get a free pass. Before you lecture someone on reading comprehension, you might want to have someone read the article to you and take the time to read some of her other posts, she is as blatant of a racist as there is. Let’s hope that her threat of stalking “white boys” with saving screen shots of their posts for the future applies to her as well because there isn’t an employer in my 35-year work history that would be stupid enough to hire such a blatant racist. If they did, I’d happily look for employment elsewhere because racism of this magnitude is intolerable from anyone and I wouldn’t want to be associated with anyone or any institution that supports it.

    • Battle Mage

      Why is it politically correct to use “white boy” as an example, and how long do you think this trend will last before outrage culture engulfs it?

    • MIkeX

      Peace, WHICH part of “I’m watching you, white boy” you don’t get?!!!

    • Laura

      You are deducing something that was never explicitly stated in this article. She did not write about “abusers of ALL colors” she specifically targeted a race. This kind of rhetoric is not conducive to a more tolerant environment, it is doing the exact opposite of that.

    • OtherWay

      Please replace the word white with black and pretend you are not absolutely horrified.


      “Peace 5 years ago

      THANK YOU FOR THIS! I saw a white girl who went to ‘Africa’ during the summer to “save the children” wearing ankara and she had the nerve to call it “tribal”. Jesus Himself kept me from bashing that girl’s head in that day”

      ^ Isis sure does have some pretty pretty crazy fans,

    • MGTOWMonster

      Lol, you really are illiterate or stupid.

    • Nicholas Stix

      You’re sexist, racist, and evil, just like your hero.

    • UncleMikey515

      Maybe less LSD before you internet again

  • Marty Meatball

    Good luck getting a job in the real world now.

    • ldffly

      She’ll get hired somewhere. That’s the bad news.

  • David

    Indeed it is, as this essay illustrates

  • David B

    I’m sure the racist author is this piece of trash is celebrating this story; one “white boy” murdered, millions more to go.

    • Squealgies

      RIP to this poor guy. Not the only one this weekend;
      Jack Hough

  • Carl

    What a racist pig and embarrassment to Yale and the African-American community. Clean it up, Yale.

  • Mercyneal

    What’s your opinion on Virginia Lt Governor Justin Fairfax, Ms. Isis Davis- Marks? Do you know how lucky you are to attend Yale, with your whole life ahead of you? This piece is racist to the core.

  • Carl

    What a racist and embarrassment to Yale and the African-American community. Clean it up, Yale.

  • Carl

    What a racist disgrace.

  • Carl

    Racism is alive and well at Yale.

  • Carl


  • Carl

    This woman is a moron.


      Please apologize to morons for putting them in the same sentence with Isis,

  • James1754

    This is nothing but sick racist bigotry

  • The Way Cat

    This hateful anti-white rhetoric is indefensible and has to stop. Yale should remove her from her position.

  • Nick Danger

    if you ever get anywhere, Isis, this column will be the first bit of evidence against your fitness for anything. We white boys run the world, and people with your views are not going anywhere. BWAHAHAHAAH

  • Cbill Morris

    “I’m watching you, white boy.”?

    At first it looked like the article would be in praise of how Whites have eliminated slavery…

    -10/17/13 http://articles.latimes.com
    “African countries dominate a new global index on slavery, with 38 of the 50 nations where the scourge is at its worst found on the continent.”

    -10/17/13 washingtonpost.com “Sub-Saharan Africa [whence American slaves came] is a swath of red [on a map showing the degree of slavery] the worst , with many countries having roughly 0.7 percent of the population enslaved — or one in every 140 people.”

    -1/29/15 https://afkinsider.com/8574… Mauritania [100% African Muslim], the highest percent slave population in the world.

    -9/19/17 huffingtonpost.com. 71% of today’s slaves are women or girls.

    Contrast that abomination with how Whites have dealt with slavery:

    -5/31/16 nytimes.com “The organization, the Walk Free Foundation…”
    “The countries with the lowest per capita rates of modern slavery — defined as 0.02 percent of the population or less, were: Luxembourg, New Zealand, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Australia, Canada, Spain, Britain, France, Germany and the United States.”

    -globalslaveryindex.org Europe has lowest regional prevalence of slavery in the world.

    …but I guess not.

  • Nick Danger

    I looked up her column history. Every single column is about how white people are evil. It’s a funny funny white people’s world, and her likelihood of success in it is low. Because she has a horrible attitude about everything. NOBODY like a whiner.

  • Amicus Publio

    What about Justin Fairfax and Bill Cosby? Are you keeping an eye on them too? Virtue and vice come in all colors, one of the many things we share as human beings.

  • Ted Bundy

    She is just spouting the “teaching” she has received from the (((worlds foremost problem))). Everywhere (((they))) may roam, misery follows.

  • keith brunson

    Beware of women with hyphenated last names. Typically very evil schemers.

    • Cassander

      But…Rodham Clinton isn’t hyphenated…

  • Dale C.

    This is hate speech. And calling for stalking, doxing, and outing other humans for minor transgressions, based on race. Remember ms Davis-marks, your words, and your evil will follow you. No one should hire you, no one should trust you. These words and this attitude are pure evil. May karma grace you with a lifetime of unemployment and misery. All of which you will probably blame on those white men with the nice smiles. Look in the mirror.

  • John B

    This woman appears to be an out and out anti-white bigot. Hostility such as this would never under any circumstances be tolerated at any Yale associated publication if it were directed at a stereotyped “black boy with frizzy brown hair and a saccharine smile.” But our universities appear to be quite comfortable with hatred as long as that hatred is directed towards white people.

    • caved1ver

      She will no doubt be highered upon graduation from Yale, with the prerequisite six-figure salary, as a corporate or non-profit organization “Diversity Director”. Aren’t AA/racial quota policies in perpetuity wonderful?

  • caved1ver

    Uber Racist, Female chauvinist, and Misandrist Davis-Marks is just another fine example of the practical limitations of AA/racial quota policies. She is ironically conveying the “banality” of her own racist envy of more intelligent and capable white males, and conveying said envy via the toxic, “evil” vitriol of her own unsubstantiated, gratuitous, bigoted editorial. She’s currently working on a BA in Idiot Studies, i.e., “Philosophy and Visual Arts”. What better qualified white male was denyed admission to Yale in place of this piece of ambulatory pathology?

    Hannah Arendt is obviously rolling in her grave over this mischaracterization of her famous “Banality of Evil” phrase.

    • Eigenmetric Soliton

      Absolute poetry!

    • ldffly

      Pres. Levin presided over the proliferation of academically questionable degree programs. Blame him.

  • Jb Taylor

    I have a copy of her article just in case she ever becomes a public figure, we can ruin her career since she is obviously a bigot, racist and rabid feminist.

  • Gaspipe Casso

    Or you could thank white boys for the civilization you enjoy.

  • Freethinker

    Well, this author just helped the alt right quite a bit. This piece is being hailed as proof of how psychotic and vindictive “the left” is. Great job.

    • OtherWay

      It isn’t like this is the only example.
      The left is way out of control.
      All sane people have stopped trying to excuse it and pretend it is isolated.

      • Freethinker

        People like you are the ones I am talking about. You dishonestly pretend stuff like this represents a large portion of progressives.


          It does, though,

        • OtherWay

          No. I honestly know (not think) a large number of Progressives excuse this behavior – as long as it Progressives doing it.

          • Freethinker

            You claim it and you may believe it, but you don’t have evidence of it. You have likely been fooled by propaganda.

          • Nicholas Stix

            Whose propaganda? It’s coming from you and your comrades, liar.

        • Nicholas Stix

          You’re the liar. Of course it represents communists, aka racial socialists, aka progressives.

  • rich7676

    Another leftist witch hunt. How does she thinks Juanita Broaddrick feels about Bill Clinton?

  • CircassianBeauty

    You are an evil, sexist woman who greatly diminishes the plight of real victims with this utter nonsense. Sexist because you think some college kid – and as an older woman, yes I mean you all are CHILDREN – saying something when he’s plastered is the same as a violent sexual assault. HOW DARE YOU.

  • Mercyneal

    Shame on the Yale Daily News for censoring comments. If they can’t stand the heat, then they shouldn’t have published the piece. What a bunch of cowering infants.

    • DEM

      The important difference here is that bigoted liberals are a protected class while babies are not even considered to be human.

    • http://davemarnell.blogspot.com/ Willie Creamer

      This article will be gone before days end, which would be beyond ironic.

  • caved1ver

    No matter the content of your profanity-free post, the Liberal Fascist Yale News snowflakes will need to review said post for “triggers”. Such is the embodiment of modern-day “Newspeak”.

    Orwell was brilliant in prognosticating the endgame of the intolerant, intellectually lazy if not bankrupt, modern LEFT.

  • boboadobo

    not only is the writer a racist and should be shunned by her classmates, I feel the writer exhibits one or more sociopathic or psychopathic personality disorders. being a pseudo victim who picks and chooses their faux outrage based on their chosen imaginary grievance is one thing. but the writer of this op/ed appears to have actually gone into the realm of revealing serious personality disorders. I actually feel sad for the writer rather than angry for them at the creepiness of what they wrote.

  • Asteriod finder

    Ever feel like racism is making a comeback? Maybe the more the word is thrown around, the more it sticks. The same with the imaginary sexist brigade. Drill the crap into everyone’s head. Then see how safe it will be to walk the streets. What are you trying to prove? That you can follow the sheep to the slaughter? Can you not think for yourself? If you look hard enough for something, you just might find it…,

    • Joseph Schmoe

      It’s making a “comeback” among privileged college kids, most certainly. In this case, you have a girl who grew up privileged and doesn’t feel black enough, so she compensates by saying outlandishly racist things to enhance her street cred. The poor downtrodden girl is wracked with guilt and confusion. Even though she’s like the Stormfront of black Americans, she isn’t called out for it and shamed out of any semblance of public life like she deserves.

      • cindy_in_tx

        She’s just trying to get noticed by the New York Times. I’m sure they will love someone like her.

  • Asteriod finder

    If only all whites quit working. Think about that.

  • Person Of Interest

    Race Vultures need to be exposed and publicly shamed. And to hell with Yale for giving this racist a platform.

  • Person Of Interest

    White people abolished slavery

  • Person Of Interest

    I guess the ‘Hate Speech” standards that Yale pretends to uphold are subjective and not very colorblind.
    I wonder how much tolerance Yale would have for my ‘diverse’ opinion and how “inclusive’ they would be if i penned the opinion that, since black men commit half the murder and rape in this nation, that we should watch every move they make while they are in school , (trying to improve their lives) and document and save each tweet and social media post they make to shame and ruin them later in life, even though their attitudes and behavior are sure to change by then.

  • Pedro Vaz

    Another mentally-ill, racist imbecile with a megaphone given to her by the system.

  • Steve Frechette

    My only response to this is:


  • minky

    Rest assured that the white boy is watching YOU too, fascist.

    • Ben Sanders

      Yes, yes we are. I’ve archived her work.

  • NextUp

    Fox Noise has made this story one of their headlines, which explains the throng of poorly educated rightwingnuts posting here…and few if any Yale students. Get it? That’s the way the rightwing tabloid media Fake News work.

    • melton80

      What is fake about this, she literally wrote the racist stuff above the comments, typical leftwingnuts trying to deflect by calling something fake, moderates are wising up to your buzz words cause that is all you got, just label someone a racist, homophobic, transphobic, nazi, fake, and sexist and then walk away, that is lefties whole strategy cause they never have actual factual comebacks.

    • Jannick Slavik

      Need a safe space?

    • Ipmilat

      Where is the fake news here?

    • Eigenmetric Soliton

      Ad hominem is not an argument.

    • Mercyneal

      Yeah, that’s the ticket. Stereotyping people and criticizing their education. Anything to avoid the real topic at hand.

    • DEM

      Fake news? Are you claiming that the Davis-Marks op-ed doesn’t actually exist? Because everyone else can read it directly above in black and white.

    • usmc84

      Awesome response, blaming Fox News for this racists rants. How dare they post her words verbatim and expose her for what she is. Your response exposed you for what you are, a moron.

    • BlockAdblock
    • philson

      Not so much, everyone knows it’s the Left stream media that is fake news Think about it, you are getting your news from the likes of Maddow, Acosta, Brzezinski and Olbermann….give your head a shake….geeesh.

    • Zombie_Boy .

      So what are you trying to imply here?

      That Fox News is wrong for pointing out habitual racism by those on the left in their various ivory towers they think nobody would dare look into?

      That people are too uneducated to understand the “nuances” of this racism and thus need to be indoctrinated at Yale to understand the deeper meaning behind all of this?

      That you support this kind of racism because you yourself are racist and seemingly only mad people are highlighting it for all to see, so now you’ll have to answer for your stupidity? Perish the thought.

    • Scott

      Indoctrination in leftist hate is not education. And spare us the usual ad hominem fallacy of attacking the “educational” level of people you have never met. I’ll stack my educational credentials (advanced degrees in economics and science, not pseudo-scientific leftist drivel) against yours any day. You imply that you are “educated” or even enlightened, yet you can’t even discern the irony in an article by a person who professes to fight racist hate by advocating measures of (wait for it!)………………..racist hate. If that’s the “education” you received at Yale, you should demand your money back or a refund to whomever is footing the bill for you.

    • earl hickey

      what they don’t realize is that her proposal is a totally private effort that is not state sponsored or funded. so it is very different from the Stasi. If that’s how she wants to spend her time , isn’t that her own business?

      • Nicholas Stix

        No. Stalking is illegal.

    • caved1ver

      Really? Unsubstantiated gratuitous assertions submitted by the same kind of anti-white male bigot as the author of said intellectually lazy if not dishonest editorial. Speaking as a service academy-educated applied research scientist who gained admission to my Alma mater only because I had to have Ivy League-level academic credentials in addition to passing a series of physical examinations that would challenge most Olympic athletes, I take exception to your Yale University academic pretentions since it routinely provides admission to demonstrated mental and intellectual lightweights like Ms. Davis-Marks based solely upon the hue of their skin. One more reason why I took such pride stomping nearly the entire Yale X-Country team all four (4) years.

      By the way, do you take pride in the fact that you are incapable of posting a coherent paragraph, much less a complete sentence, above level of a semi-literate 5th grader? I quite frankly doubt that you’re intelligent enough to actually possess a degree with the word “Science” printed on it.

      Are you being intentionally obtuse or merely congenitally stupid?

    • Battle Mage

      Leftwinger here. The author should not have added trendy politically correct racial hatred in her piece, “white boy.” Because she did, no one is focusing on her point. Of course, she’s getting lots of hits due to the controversy. This was the purpose, naturally: to use inflammatory language to incite rage and get exposure. So kudos to the author for recognizing how to properly sell out. If college is about learning how to start a career and make money in a particular field, this student has learned well.

      Unfortunately that is really the only value of this article. It doesn’t add anything new to the world; it isn’t particularly well written or pleasurable to read. But it IS deliberately controversial because it utilizes trendy poliically correct racial hatred to incite particular readers to outrage, perfectly exploiting today’s outrage culture to get hits and exposure for the author.

      • cindy_in_tx

        I think her point came across just fine. And yes, she’ll probably have a job at The Root or even the once venerable New York Times. Or, God help us, some day she could run for office.

        But her piece and her thought process are still garbage.

    • http://davemarnell.blogspot.com/ Willie Creamer

      I found it on zerohedge.com

    • theman8469

      Oh boy. I think that you are an even bigger nut than DAVIS-MARKS.

    • http://science.howstuffworks.com/science-vs-myth/strange-creatures/grim-reaper1.htm The Grim Reaper

      She is free to spout any type of racist drivel she wants. But if you agree with her, you are also a racist idiot.

    • evianalmighty

      Are you stating that unless you go to Yale,you are poorly educated? Also, are you actually approving of the trash that was written in this article?

    • Annie

      ‘Fox Noise’? How about you grow up a little and address the contents of this very racist column.

    • $109268316

      Did you have a point to make there?


      “and few if any Yale students”

      Well this is understandable, as most of them are otherwise engaged, either excreting SJW drivel like Isis, or busy attending their struggle sessions, but you certainly made Yale proud with this amazingly pertinent & very well-argued contribution of yours, sweetie,

    • Ted Heavy

      Are you seriously supporting this garbage? Apparently there are many racists floating around this loon.

    • peconic1960

      I am a proud Yale grad, and I found this piece just as disgusting as everyone else.

    • MGTOWMonster

      If you’re going to offer an opinion, at least be able to convey it in a coherent manner.

    • Nicholas Stix

      I didn’t learn about this via Fox News. And you call right-of-center media outlets “Fake News”? You’re a really stupid, dishonest person.

  • MF

    A once proud, but failing institution in a once proud, but failing state. Heck just look at New Haven where Yale is and that’s all you need to know.

  • alex_g

    Isis, as a senior, surely you must have heard about the Stasi by now? It’s fitting that anyone, when they search for your name on the Internet, perhaps for a job or housing, will see you calling for tactics similar to that despicable East German organ of repression. Fair? Of course not, but isn’t that what you are asking to happen to others solely on the color of their skin or their sex?

    • Nicholas Stix

      It’s perfectly fair.

  • JX

    Terrifying ideas being shared in this article. Encouraging nothing but a duplicitous “brave new world” where no one of any sex, race, belief can trust one another. Evil ideas that conspire to destroy us from within.

    • caved1ver

      It’s called “Identity Politics”, i.e., institutionalized anti-white male bigotry.

  • Billy Fett

    And Yale just allows this deranged kid to publish her drivel. Just goes to show how far this once great institution has fallen, and what sick and repulsive minds cultural marxism creates.

    • GoldenDebt

      NOT an Ivy League school anymore
      Its an indoctrination camp for the LEFT

  • tom

    Isn’t she advocating stalking?

    • Mercyneal


  • Redman

    Hey girl, you are a racist.

    • Jannick Slavik

      Identity politics is racism


      How dare you assume this person’s gender,

  • Jason Rite

    My dearly departed uncle (former rich white guy) was a Yale alum. He obtained 4 Masters Degrees in Physics, one of which was obtained at the above-mentioned disgrace to institutions of higher learning. He worked his ass off (class valedictorian, scholarships, worked his way through school) to ascend to one of the highest and most respected geophysics positions at Chevron. I wonder what he would think of a piece of human filth like you holding a degree from his beloved Yale? But he was just a lowly white man who, almost single-handed, brought the Tengiz project in Kazakhstan online. I wonder how you’re going to contribute to the betterment of mankind.

  • John27

    And don’t forget Ms. Davis-Marks; Jews are by far the most privileged of all whites, so if you’re going to go full Stasi on regular Whites for their White privilege, you also need to go full Gestapo on Jews for their Jew privilege. To do anything less would be inconsistent.

  • John27


  • John27


  • Jannick Slavik

    The author fails to understand success is defined on individual terms. She’s sounds consumed with envy and jealously.

    The biggest losers from these identity politics are always the practioners

  • Jason Rite

    The scarcity of women shouting down this racist, sexist POS is noteworthy. Men, take note and remember that many of the same white women who are not piling on this obnoxious pseudo-intellectual bitch are the same ones raising white sons. Disgraceful.

  • NYB

    Shup bitch, iron my shirt!

  • John27

    Considering most of the ‘Whites’ at Yale are in fact Jews, wouldn’t a Gestapo to monitor them be more fitting than a Stasi? And if they complain then we’ll declare gestapophobia to be hate speech.

  • RD Blakeslee

    Anybody in the so-called “student” body at Yale ever heard of William F. Buckley’s book “God and Man at Yale”?

    It pretty well documented the utter banality of Yale’s degradation, up to that point.

  • John27
  • Squealgies

    And that White Boy’s name? Hugh Mungus

  • jimjim

    this is overtly racist

  • BlockAdblock

    “I’m watching you, white boy” …because I associate your race with a number of negative characteristics

    How is this anything other than unbridled racism and hate speech? Has this person been asked to leave school yet?

  • philson

    Though, clearly the writer is racist.

  • Jannick Slavik

    haha these editors are censoring loads of comments.

    Leftists always resort to censorship when outed by the light of liberty and freedom.

    Love it

  • Jim McMahan

    Go ahead and watch me. But, I warn you this middle aged white man is rather boring. Just trying to pay some bills, raise my son in the best way possible and be a good husband and neighbor. But, if you feel so compelled knock your self out.

  • Ban KKiller

    This is what they teach now? To be professional victim? To lash out at WHITE folk for….being white? Racist. Is she blue haired and gender confused as well? Guessing she does not date. Or can’t.

  • Overthrow The Swamp

    Hey, while you’re monitoring white men you’d best keep an eagle eye on black men; FAIRFAX.

  • Ian Stapleton

    Some folks would demand that this deranged screed be censored but it’s far better that this loon’s ramblings are shared far and wide.

  • ldffly

    Thanks to the admissions office.

  • earl hickey

    Brilliant idea Isis Marks Davis . i think you should start this immediately and spend a lot time on it. Spend some time organizing it too and backing up all this valuable work. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it . I am sure it will be valuable 30 years from now. Good luck on your mission.

  • Philip Craven

    ISIS…a name fitting.

  • http://science.howstuffworks.com/science-vs-myth/strange-creatures/grim-reaper1.htm The Grim Reaper

    Now if I said something like that, maybe like, “Hey, I’m watching you black boy. You’re only 12 per cent of the US population yet you commit 51 per cent of all violent crimes according to the FBI., so I have a valid and factual reason to be leery of you.” I would be publicly crucified as a white devil racist. So in spite of that, I’m watching you Isis Davis-Marks, and I’ll be screen capping and saving everything you write and say and bright it into light of day where more Americans can see and hold you accountable for your hatred of white men and your racism.

  • https://i.redd.it/xfdy7knx1aex.jpg Democrat party!

    Jealousy and insecurity is so amusing. It’s no irony that an intellectual lightweight in humanities (Davis-Marks), because she isn’t smart or hard working enough to get into STEM, would encourage extortion, harassment and other criminality because she’s too insecure, dimwitted and devoid of talent to make it on merit. This is too funny. Her employment prospects have now been significantly limited to “community organizer” or academician in “women’s studies” or other similar, useless tripe and garbage

  • https://i.redd.it/xfdy7knx1aex.jpg Democrat party!

    Classy article by a bigot.

  • nancy tomczak

    Disgusting racist mare. I hope this hateful nonsense follows YOU for the rest of you life and ruins some of your prospects along the way. Shame on you.

  • Battle Mage

    The author’s name is literally Isis. Pretty much sums things up.

  • UpperTen

    So here we have the lovely state of affairs at Yale University, which gave this mediocrity – after a clearly cosseted upbringing among the elites – an admission slot.

  • Battle Mage

    The problem with this article is that the author used the fashionable trend of poliically correct racial hatred. Had the author simply said “watch out for biggotry and record it,” what grounds would anyone have to dispute or fight the conclusion? Instead, we have a bunch of people missing the point and arguing over the execution rather than the message. Well done.

  • Durden2314

    No one needs to be reminded what a bunch of low life backstabbing scumbags Yalie’s are. White, black, old, young, liberal, or conservative. I have 44 years of personal experience, and let me tell you, I now understand where this person’s loyalty problem comes from. YALE. It is severe and disgraceful, and I have cut that person out of my life for good because of it. Arrogant, condescending, self important, snot nosed and obnoxious, with no manners whatsoever: Your average Yalie. They truly think they are royalty. Each are ready to sell each other down the river and destroy each other at the drop of a hat. I would not trust a Yalie to take out my trash. Since you Yalie’s haven’t noticed, let me just tell you…. Yale is the LAUGHING STOCK of the American collegiate system. You deserve it.
    P.s. This author is just another rank racist- no different than a Klansman who is “going to keep an eye on” some black person, so if they step out of line, they have reason to destroy them.

  • Durden2314

    No one needs to be reminded what a bunch of low life backstabbing losers Yalie’s are. White, black, old, young, liberal, or conservative. I have 44 years of personal experience, and let me tell you, I now understand where this person’s loyalty problem comes from. YALE. It is severe and disgraceful, and I have cut that person out of my life for good because of it. Arrogant, condescending, self important, snot nosed and obnoxious, with no manners whatsoever: Your average Yalie. They truly think they are royalty. Each are ready to sell each other down the river and destroy each other at the drop of a hat. I would not trust a Yalie to take out my trash. Since you Yalie’s haven’t noticed, let me just tell you…. Yale is the LAUGHING STOCK of the American collegiate system. You deserve it.
    P.s. This author is just another rank racist- no different than a Klansman who is “going to keep an eye on” some black person, so if they step out of line, they have reason to destroy them.

  • Battle Mage

    I hope you outraged readers all realize you just got played like a fiddle and exploited for hits and exposure. Outrage culture is everywhere, including the right, and the author just used you.

    • http://www.nukingpolitics.com Atomic Monkey Action Squad

      You misspelled “informed”.

    • Ben Sanders

      Your interpretation is off the mark, entirely. This “journalist” just outed herself, and her racist attitude, and effectively did to herself what she was encouraging others to do to white men. She’s too dumb to be at Yale. She’ll never hold a important position in her life, now.

    • Nicholas Stix

      You’re talking nonsense.

  • streamfortyseven

    The same problems existed forty years ago, especially with fraternity culture. It could just be a class thing, people born into money, without any constraining moral values which might give them the idea that “to you much was given, from you much will be expected” – and that “much” was the betterment of broader society, not the expansion of one’s own portfolio at the expense of society. Teaching political correctness, indoctrinating people in the use of correct jargon, without inculcating people who are born into the elite classes of society into the values which will bind that society together instead of ripping it apart, simply acts to create a very false façade. The foundational values must come from childhood, from an upbringing which fosters and supports these values. There were some great values, some liberatory values, which came out of the 1960s – and along with the good came the bad as well. I’d look back to the early 1960s, look at some parts of the culture back then, and think about re-adopting the values of that time.

  • Rabbi Bergblattsteinowitz

    Around blacks, never relax.

    • http://www.nukingpolitics.com Atomic Monkey Action Squad

      Nonsense. I’ve had LOTS of black co-workers and bosses, both men and women, and they were fine people. Color was literally never an issue. It just didn’t matter.

      But I don’t think any of them went to Yale.

      Maybe Yale’s the problem.


        Well said, it’s not the color of the skin that is the problem here, but the content of the character, and sadly it looks like life-long indoctrination left our poor Isis brain-dead as well as incompatible with civilized life,

        • Nicholas Stix

          “Well said, it’s not the color of the skin that is the problem here, but the content of the character…”

          Oh, no! You di’in’t! You said “the content of the character…”!

          That was a clunky cliche when your God’s speechwriters penned it in 1963, and it hasn’t gotten any better with age. On top of that, your God had terrible character.

      • Rabbi Bergblattsteinowitz

        Color literally does matter. The average black IQ is 85, and they commit half of all violent crime despite being only an eighth of the population.

        • http://www.nukingpolitics.com Atomic Monkey Action Squad

          I disagree.
          To be clear – I’m not disagreeing with your statistics, I’m disagreeing with your interpretation of them.

          The problem, as I see it, is that so many people confuse “culture” with “color”, and (sadly) understandably so, because there’s such a HUGE overlap in the roster.

          But it is CULTURE (what we, just to confuse matters further, refer to as Black American Culture) that causes the sky-high crime stats, and that culture has both internal and external causes for why it is so messed up. However, genetics isn’t one of them.

          Proof: Look around both here and throughout the world at black people who weren’t raised in a high-crime, largely fatherless subculture. They don’t fit the bad stereotype. My black bosses, my black doctor (general practitioner), the black surgeons and anesthesiologists I know – NONE of them fit this bad paradigm/cliche. Because there’s nothing about being black genetically which dooms a person or makes one more prone to crime.

          Again, I insist, if you look closely – it’s not the color – it’s not genetics – which gives rise to these lopsided (and admittedly true) statistics.

          It’s the culture.

          And the Black American Culture – and Black American Families in particular – have been immeasurably harmed by Leftism/Liberalism in this country for generations.

          • Rabbi Bergblattsteinowitz

            Oh man, those anecdotes you have totally prove all the statistical evidence wrong!

            Culture doesn’t matter very much. Consider the MInnesota Trans-Racial Adoption Study. Blacks adopted by healthy white families don’t see a significant increase in IQ. It is, in fact, genetic.

  • http://davemarnell.blogspot.com/ Willie Creamer

    Only an idiot would give money to Yale, or almost any other college. These folks really need to learn some hard lessons.

  • Killer Marmot

    YDN is free to run any article they wish, but that doesn’t make it a sound editorial decision.

  • http://science.howstuffworks.com/science-vs-myth/strange-creatures/grim-reaper1.htm The Grim Reaper

    The Yale Daily News refused to approve my post even though it didn’t say anything different from Isis Davis-Marks. Reverse discrimination exists but can’t be talked about. I wonder if they will approve this one? Prol not.

  • Andrew Squigmann

    You could always move to Benin and not have to worry about things like white men and Yale degrees.

  • All American

    I’m glad this was printed. Now all of her potential employers will know she’s a racist, sexist and will be spying on all white male employees.

  • Bert McMillan

    oh well who cares

  • KShypgnos

    Good article, thanks.

    • MGTOWMonster

      I wouldn’t thank her as she is not your doctor who you should be thanking for upping your dosage.

  • https://www.facebook.com/The-Awake-American-687149771388514 ⚓ Popeye the sailor man ⚓

    Wow you are a disgusting racist hypocrite. Imagine a white writer saying exactly what you did, but supplanting “White” for “Black”. You would be the first one howling at the moon about it. The real world is going to eat you alive black girl.

  • https://www.facebook.com/The-Awake-American-687149771388514 ⚓ Popeye the sailor man ⚓

    Wow you are a disgusting-racist hypocrite. Imagine a white writer saying
    exactly what you did, but supplanting “White” for “Black”. You would be
    the first one howling at the moon about it. The real world is going to
    eat you alive black-girl.

  • heretickle

    sincere, completely from the heart and hopelessly off target. which unfortunately can be dangerous.

  • https://www.facebook.com/The-Awake-American-687149771388514 ⚓ Popeye the sailor man ⚓

    Wow you are a disgusting racist hypocrite. Imagine a white writer saying
    exactly what you did, but supplanting “White” for “Black”. You would be
    the first one howling at the moon about it. The real world is going to
    eat you alive-black-girl.

  • https://www.facebook.com/The-Awake-American-687149771388514 ⚓ Popeye the sailor man ⚓

    Wow you are a disgusting-racist-hypocrite. Imagine a white-writer saying
    exactly what you did, but supplanting “White” for “Black”. You would be
    the first one howling at the moon about it. The real world is going to
    eat you alive-black-girl

  • https://www.facebook.com/The-Awake-American-687149771388514 ⚓ Popeye the sailor man ⚓

    Wow you are a disgusting racist hypocrite. Imagine a white writer saying
    exactly what you did, but supplanting “White” for “Black”.

  • https://www.facebook.com/The-Awake-American-687149771388514 ⚓ Popeye the sailor man ⚓

    Remember when Yale was where you went for an education?

  • KShypgnos

    Snowflakes have been triggered with this piece.
    Jimmies have been rustled. Good work. Crybabies should shut up.

    • http://www.nukingpolitics.com Atomic Monkey Action Squad

      How would you feel if all the white boys in her classes noted every slight, every racist statement (even those not intentionally printed in Yale News), and screencapped everything? If they did to her what she openly advocates and plans to do to them, would you be ok with that?

      Or are you just pro-“hate white boys”?

    • Ben Sanders

      The writer of the article is a classic snowflake. Her entire article is nothing but “crybaby,” whining. “Whaaaa, the white man.” It’s laughable.

    • Senhorbotero

      Oh this is so rich. White people just sit in the corner and shut up huh. Trash like you perpetuates trash like her.

    • MGTOWMonster

      Nah, we’re just here to mock you Isis supporters.

    • UncleMikey515

      Your victimhood obsession is tiresome

  • MIkeX

    Most disgusting racist piece I ever read. What a shame!

  • mnemonicmike

    This is the payoff for “Affirmative Action” … you let dumb people into colleges and the colleges begin to turn out more dumb people with dumbed-down “college degrees”. Academic excellence has been replaced by identity politics and people are afraid to speak out loud in protest.

  • http://science.howstuffworks.com/science-vs-myth/strange-creatures/grim-reaper1.htm The Grim Reaper

    YDN keeps deleting my posts. I thought Ivy League schools were the home of freedom of speech and thought. Guess not, unless it fits their agenda.

  • ECM

    Just substitute black for white in her column and adjust a few other facts accordingly. Nothing could better illustrate her sheer appalling racism on full display. Or substitute jew for white and scenes of Hitler raging at the podium come back in a haunting vision. Evil can be banal in the sense of Adolph Eichman (the author copies the title of her column from the title of a book by Hannah Arendt, “A Report on The Banality of Evil”) but its not always so. Surely the author is not so disengaged from the reality of what she is doing or writing that she does not realize how evil, angry, and racist she is.

  • GoldenDebt

    Unreal mental illness exhibited by a radical racist.
    WOW, way over the top hatred
    Racism taken to the highest levels is HATRED
    Isis is a radical hater

  • John Marti

    Anyone got a pillow.

  • Annie

    Sounds like black girl is jelly of white boys. Or perhaps made at one for turning her down.

    • Thor

      a old article she wrote says shes a black queer

    • Ben Sanders

      She’s mad that she’s not very bright in a world that is too fast for her.

  • Anvi

    LOL. Is this satire or comedy?

  • http://science.howstuffworks.com/science-vs-myth/strange-creatures/grim-reaper1.htm The Grim Reaper

    Another angry, racist black woman. No wonder stereotypes are self-perpetuating. There is always a grain of truth.

    • Dude1394

      Democrats are the worst bigots, now and throughout history.

  • evianalmighty

    I believe I just had my first trigger. Why was there no warning?

  • Charles Marshall

    I don’t suppose it ever occurred to Ms Davis-Marks that the time we are living in now may in fact be the high-water mark (or illogical conclusion) of the open season on hating white men. Thirty years from now, nobody will have to strain to recall or happen across her yearbook to find this and the other scurrilous remarks she has launched. They will all be right here on the internet. Blackface and klan hoods and the racism they represent are sooo 1980s and poor angry Isis is really sooo 2017! Good luck with that, Isis is hot today but as with the eponymous caliphate, I don’t see much of a future…

  • Ron J. East

    Evil writes for the Yale Daily News

  • JeremyP

    Isis Davis-Marks, no need to look 15 years into the future for one of your ‘white boy with a saccharine smile’ classmates you despise… Just open your story right here, read it and look in the mirror for the real racist to stare right back at you. I’m guessing that you are so filled with hate and ignorance to see it though so keep writing about some of those ‘white boys’ you hate so much. SMFH

  • Richard Abbott

    This article is both banal and evil, yet, apparently it is not a satire.
    Yale? Oh dear.

  • s1u678h

    College garbage papers are a hoot. It’s common for them to publish ignorant babble like this Isis Davis-Marks one. Her racist and misandry privilege is showing.

  • OtherWay

    You might be surprised.
    But Yale taught her this. She didn’t invent it herself.
    Both the Yale Newspaper and the Yale Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (Ibid 1984) are absolutely shocked at the public reaction.
    They had zero idea anybody would say that their Identity Politics Intersectionality Emperor – has no cloths.
    They live in a bubble where this article – is considered good and beneficial.

  • FredFlint

    Bye Felicia! Not only is your name associated with terrorists but it always represents a goddess in the afterlife…very fitting…because your career aspirations when you graduate just died…

    I think Yale offers free counseling to students. Book an appointment immediately to address your unresolved anger issues and hatred toward white men.

  • Tim_Beee

    Maybe we should start watching the Hyphenated-Affirmative-Americans too?

  • Johnathan Swift Jr.

    “Evil is Banal.” Ms. Davis-Marks got that right and all this Yalie needs to do is to look in the mirror to see just how banal it is.

  • rochf

    I guess Trump wasn’t wrong when he called journalists enemies of the people–or at least in this case, enemies of white boys–pathetic.

  • G. Vanderleun

    “If Isis Davis-Marks had been left to fend for herself back in the Motherland, she’d be eating dirt and swatting at tsetse flies. Instead, she suffers the grave misfortune of attending Yale University in white supremacist America. “

    • Bigcheese

      outdated farm equiptment

  • Ted Heavy

    She should be expelled. How does Yale allow lowlife scumbag racists to exist in their ranks?

    • Mutteringretreat

      This IS today’s Yale. And Harvard. etc.

    • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

      Expelled, for expressing her thoughts? No, please let’s not go there. Let her speak. I for one want her thoughts to be heard widely, especially outside her university. I fear the average person doesn’t understand how many current products of higher education really think.

      • Tsc Admin

        It’s on realclearpolitics today.

      • timsteele

        well said!

      • Ted Heavy

        Well taken.

  • Ted Heavy

    How is this not racist and who edits this rag?

    • Mutteringretreat


  • billy131274
  • Michael X

    haha…this is so ironic. She had done to herself what she so inappropriately suggests others should do to white-males. In addition, she is displaying sick and disgusting racism. Is this a fake name: Isis Davis-Marks? Later in life, someone will pull up this piece and ask: Why would we want such a person to be part of our Company? I would not hire her. People like this are death to an organization. She is screaming girl 2019.

    • Mutteringretreat

      Later in life ,depending on how things go in America, or if America even exists as we understand it, she will either be sealing her records and running for president or parading her records and running for president.

  • Cassander

    Only takes just one little mistake now during your college career to ruin the rest of your life. You just made it, Isis.

    • Mutteringretreat

      On the contrary.

    • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

      Not if leftists win the power they crave. Whatever they’d call their version of the Stasi/Gestapo/Cheka, they’d need people to staff it. If this opinion piece really reflects her thought process, she’d be a perfect secret police official.

      Just don’t be too idealistic, Isis. That will get you disappeared in the leftist utopia for which you’ve been duped into advocating.

    • Sheri Urban

      Is there a website that keeps track of such hateful bigots when considering them for employment?

  • http://www.nukingpolitics.com Atomic Monkey Action Squad

    If Yale does not reject and distance the school from this, it should rightly harm their enrollment numbers from here on out.

    It won’t, but that’s a separate issue.

  • http://www.nukingpolitics.com Atomic Monkey Action Squad

    These poor children!
    Wherever could they be learning such entitled racism and hatred???

    Oh wait…

  • Grazzly

    Never EVER, hire a black person.

    • Tsc Admin

      I’ve only ever had one black person even apply, in my entire career. I really wanted to hire him, I looked for every possible excuse, but he didn’t have the answers to my questions to indicate he could actually do the job.

      So it’s not really a choice I’ll ever be presented with.

  • Krystine Kercher

    Speaking as the mother of young adults of college age, Isis, I do not appreciate your attitude or your tone. I am astonished that you would have the temerity to post such a racist, chauvinist, bigoted, hate rant on a site associated with a major Ivy League school.

    I’m further appalled that Yale would let you. Parents have a major impact on where their children choose to attend school.

    It doesn’t matter how much funding a school has or what cachet if parents direct their children to seek out other schools.

    I really can’t see parents wanting their sons to attend under a regime of constant hateful scrutiny and utter lack of any accordance of decency or privacy from nasty people like you. And if they’re smart, they’ll realize their daughters are better off avoiding you too.

    Apparently Yale has forgotten how to graduate young people who are in touch with their humanity and is now turning out monsters instead.

    • Ben Sanders

      I can assure you that in the near future these monsters are going to be eaten by even bigger monsters. Nit-wits like, Isis, have no idea what kind of fire they are playing with. Absolutely NONE.

  • Kevin

    You are so radical, Isis. Just so radical. Your millennial neo-liberalism Statism is just so fuckin radical.

  • Ben Sanders

    During my generation this article would have been deemed the work of a high school student, but not a near graduate of Yale. The overt racism in this article wouldn’t have been tolerated, either.

  • https://bondo77.wordpress.com Bondo333

    people this ignorant can never hide it for long.
    she doesn’t even go to Yale. These colleges have an anti-White organization that sends speakers, writers, and art exhibits bashing “whiteness” all over the country.
    The Unbearable Whiteness of Being

    • halcrawford

      Jonathan Edwards College is part of Yale University.

  • ptsargent

    Yale should examine carefully its curriculum and its admission policy. This person took the place of someone who might have gotten something out of his/her experience besides social justice claptrap.

    • Tim_Beee

      Imagine being the competent applicant with a 300 point higher SAT (400 if Asian) turned away in favor of this diversity admission, with the rationale that her presence would enrich everyone’s experience…

  • Deplorable Akbar

    Isis Davis-Marks is banal.

  • Dude1394

    You are one evil creature. Lesson… Do NOT let your children and especially your sons go to Yale.

  • EightyFiver

    Her first name is “ISIS.” Should be “WasWas.”

  • Rick Germain

    Substitute any ethnic group or religion for ‘white’ throughout this piece of garbage and this nut is not only getting expelled, her entire future is ruined. Leave ‘white’ in place and she’s got a job waiting for her in the media or a Democrat PAC. Sick.

    • Mutteringretreat

      And whose fault is THAT?

    • Douglas Self

      The various mantras of the Dummycrats can be summed up with a simple expression: “F**k all you white, male, heterosexual, CHRISTIANS”.

  • evianalmighty

    This drivel should have been written. It needs to be seen. It is what they teach at every college in America. It is time for people to know the truth. The truth is America is not racist!

    • CC

      It’s Al Sharpton’s ‘victim Ideology’ that has totally polluted the minds of black American youth…one meets blacks elsewhere who are quite ‘normal’

      • Nicholas Stix

        Don’t blame black supremacist leaders. The black masses hate the same way. When you talk that way, you sound like a Republican.

    • Mutteringretreat

      But ISIS is.

    • Ralphiec88

      I’m sorta hoping this comment is satire…

      • MGTOWMonster

        I’m sure you are one of the “enlightened elites” eh? Well we are here to mock you buttercup.

      • Pamela Fitzsimmons

        Ever heard the phrase “birds of a feather flock together?” Everyone is racist to a certain extent — even Mother Nature. But Americans really are less racist. We’re a nation of mongrels.

  • disqus_vU1klyrdjb

    Apparently Yale funds ISIS.


    “Grievance Studies”,

  • CC

    Can Yale students and Yale get any weirder? This woman sounds pathologically neurotic.

    • Pamela Fitzsimmons

      Yes, but I live in Portland, Ore. Here she could get elected to the City Council.

  • Joe_11

    Remember, boys and girls – it’s OK to be a racist sexist bigot like Davis-Marks, as long as you choose the approved target.

  • presterjohn1966

    Yet another ‘intellectual’ who thinks what they expound is brilliant but instead is quite imbecilic. Where does such hatred originate? Who’d care to associate with someone who might well stab you in the back at some future date? Avoid this evil creature like the plague.

    • caved1ver

      Origin? Racial and Cultural Marxism in the form of “Identity Politics”. The long dead members of the “Frankfurt School” celebrate in the infernal regions.

    • CC

      the hate is palpable – pity her, her hell

    • Uncle Sham

      Very fitting that their first name is “Isis”

    • ellake

      She took a page from communist China & from USSR during Stalin’s era.

  • DJ

    And if another “writer” said these things about her, she would already have sue-happy attornies in place. Just remember, Ms. Davis-Marks, what you put out into the universe will come back to you 10 fold. I believe it’s called….KARMA.

  • Formosa

    Probably one of the worst articles I’ve read in quite a while. Quit Yale, go take a civics class at a community college. Your money is wasted at Yale. Take a history class on the Russian Revolution, political enemies of the state, police state and the tactics of the KGB. Write a paper on spying on citizens. Do a study of the brown shirts in Nazi Germany, how they spied on their neighbors. Read Orwell’s 1984. You can probably accomplish all of this in a year. Then take your article, and substitute “White Boy” for “Black Boy” and read it again – if you have the courage, read it aloud to your class. “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Any clever point you thought you were making was lost in the sea of prejudice and deep personal animus based on the color of one’s skin.

    • halcrawford

      You should check out some of her other articles here. This is just one of a slew of horrible SJW diatribes. I’m surprised her leftist hate wasn’t noticed sooner.

  • Joseph Schmoe

    She’s trying to compensate for growing up privileged and not feeling black enough. Morons like this gal are much like religious converts saddled with decades worth of guilt and sins. They try to make up for it at light speed and become such overbearing, insufferable prosthelytizers that the very group they think they’re serving considers them embarrassments. The real scandal is that Yale advocates racism. Any “code of tolerance” and “inclusivity” they might purport to have may as well be thrown in the dumpster.

  • Frog Of The Well

    The author stated that to be honest she was not sure what the solution was and i think that the main reason for why that is due to her own ideological mindset and her own outlook on life, reality and how she sees herself in it. She doesn’t have any solutions to any problems simply because she doesn’t want solutions to her problems, what she wants are scapegoats to blame as the cause of all of her own problems and failings in life and the cause of all the evils of this world.

    Its easy to blame others for all your problems in life, it requires no efforts whatsoever on you to do that and you also don’t gain anything of value for yourself or fix any of your problems either, it just doesn’t accomplish anything good for you, so why do it. When all you do is to point at others to blame for everything in your life, all you do is to put all the power of control of your own life and fate into other people hands instead of your own and you become incapable of seeing yourself as part of any solutions in anything………

    Blame the white men for everything evil in this world all you want if it makes yourself feel better about yourself to hurt others, to bring others down, but at the end of the day what does it accomplish for you or anyone else and when all you do is try bringing others down, you don’t elevate anyone, all you do is bring everyone down. Its a destructive mindset not a constructive one and it accomplish nothing good, its just a waste of your time and life. Sure white people did a lot of great evil things but we also did a lot of the great ones, but a lot is left to accomplish in the future if one day you decide to stop living in the black and white past that cant be changed……

    “”Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster”” We are all individuals first and foremost and the only correct way of judging people is as individuals….. Your own inferiority complex, hate, jealousy and envy directed at all white people is turning the far left into the very monsters that they see in others………… History always repeat itself…..

  • Loz Grover

    This has to be some sort of joke? Openly racist? This is the kind of ‘student’ at Yale? Wow. Perhaps it is a joke. She sounds quite evil herself – paranoid, unstable. Sounds like she would ‘call you out’ – with zero evidence. Just as they did to Kavanaugh..

  • Zxer91

    And when Davis-Marks begins his career outside the ivy walls, we’ll remember the things you wrote, the things you said.
    We’ll be watching you, black girl.

  • Mike Gable

    Wow, thank God there are pure as the driven snow people like you in the world to keep an eye on everyone else. You sanctimonious cow.

  • mastema


  • mastema

    wow and even my comment is being “approved”? wow. culture of fear is here.

  • Warren

    Yale should expel her for racial hatred. Yale needs to have controls on a propagandist newspaper operating on its campus. Donors need to stop funding while this bias hatred continues and government needs to stop funding and subsidizing Yale until reforms are enacted.

  • Mutteringretreat

    This woman is an out and out racist, and she doesn’t even know it. But consider this: from their perspective, blacks are doing nothing that whites did not do for centuries. They created fear of black young men raping white women, and lynched many accused of doing just that, before or after unfair trials. So this is how it feels.

    But here is the problem: the country will not be healed by one form of racism replacing another. It will only be healed when all racism ceases. It would seem, however, that in our schools racism is being stoked. Classes on the horrors of slavery are not a bad thing in themselves; there is nothing wrong with a nation understanding its true history. But the tone is very important; if the goal of the class is to stoke hatred against whites by minorities, and guilt by whites for yesterday’s behavior of members of their race–often by members of their race living in a different nation from the ancestors of today’s whites– that is not constructive and will lead to a second civil war if that hatred, and the guilt which enables it, goes too far–and I think it is moving already along that track.

    The only answer is to move towards equality for all and to cease racism by all groups.

  • Mutteringretreat

    Two wrongs, etc.

    • Nicholas Stix

      False wisdom. Sometimes, two wrongs do make a right, and revenge is not a wrong.

  • Byron Allen

    People like Isis help me understand why some Latin American countries employed death squads to exterminate Marxists.

    When the inevitable civil war finally comes, people like her are going to be lined up against the wall. I will consider it good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Allan Erickson

    Time to thin the herd. Liberal nitwits getting crazier and crazier, like lepers, need to be isolated from normal people to prevent their unbridled hate from spreading.

  • Senhorbotero

    Maybe when you grow up little Isis Davis come back and somebody might listen to you post your stupid, insidious, amd malicious insights into nothing.

  • jehanne

    Hey, Yale, you want to be brave and avant-garde and altruistic? I dare you to have a well publicized debate on 1— Is God real? and 2— Which God? Invite whatever atheist, agnostic, Hindu, Muslim you wish to make their case. Who is afraid of that I ask?
    Because the fluff you and your secular humanist counterparts deal with in this nation is not only making some of us nauseous, it is destroying the soul of this nation.

  • orgorg

    Doesn’t matter. If someone is angelic, someone else will just make up some socially unacceptable incident that the knee jerk audience will salivate on command.

  • Mark Taylor

    I haven’t seen a picture of Isis D-M, but I bet she is ugly. Since she is ugly, she needs to be sweet (or saccharine) to attract men, but this article clearly shows she is not sweet. Mean and Ugly–liberal, typical. Have I hit enough stereotypes for her? Oh, I am a white boy too, with a smooooooking hot, conservative wife.

    • halcrawford

      Pictures of her are easy to find if you know where to look. IMO, she’s not ugly, but her hate clearly takes away from her looks.

  • Atlas Shrugged

    That’s great to hear, especially seeing as how many liberals come from Yale.

    So when it’s a Democrat running for election or sitting before Congress I take it you’ll happily share the evidence of that individual wearing blackface like Democrat governor Northam did or raping women like lt gov Fairfax did?

    No, I rather doubt you will seeing as how you’re focused on Kavanaugh from half a year ago rather then those two from today.

  • http://2010jobks.com Silverbullet Live

    Keep your mouth shut, buy a mask, observe the writer, push her down a stairway, and walk quickly away. Terrorism works both ways.

    • Nancy Morris

      No! No! No! No! No!

      Do not call for violence against ANYONE in these comments! EVER! For ANY reason!

      • halcrawford

        Silverbullet’s comment is so banal and stupid, it actually looks like a false-flag effort to make Davis-Marks’ beliefs appear justified.

  • http://2010jobks.com Silverbullet Live

    Keep your mouth shut, buy a mask, observe the writer, push her down a stairway, and walk quickly away.

  • http://2010jobks.com Silverbullet Live

    Yale supports 1984

  • Michelle

    As the mother of a son with beautiful brown hair, brown eyes and perfect teeth (braces for three years), you can take your threats and shove them. I hope every single future employer reads your garbage and thinks twice about hiring you. Should you ever get hired and find yourself in a tight spot for something you said or did, I hope your victims find this so called article and use it to remind the world of what you are made of.

  • Rick Abbett

    Isis Davis-Marks racist

  • Rick Abbett

    I’m watching you

  • Rick Abbett

    Racist asshole

  • Paul J Corley

    Yes-white ppl-it’s true-black ppl hate you.

  • Dawn Newell Taylor

    It is unfair to assume that because someone making a bad joke or being less sensitive than we are now told we should be, that they would treat others differently in the work place! Pure BS.

  • Ralphiec88

    Isis, if you get all the way through a college education without doing something stupid and regrettable, you’ll be a rare bird indeed.

  • Ralphiec88

    If you get all the way through a college education without doing something stupid and regrettable, you’ll be a rare bird indeed.

    • http://www.vdare.com Alphonsus Jr. ✠ Dᴇᴜs ᴠᴜʟᴛ

      You already said that. Do you think it’s profound? And why are you defending this vile cretin?

      • Ralphiec88

        I’m talking about the people The author wants to document, though I suppose it could apply to the author as well. The article itself is clearly racist and warped, and I’m not defending it.

  • http://www.AndrewSyrios.com Andrew Syrios

    Your first name is fitting…

  • OneVoice

    Let’s start with you and this article you just wrote. You shall never be in a position of power. You are detrimental to the society and therefore should be stopped at any cost. How does that sound then, fair?

  • Sheri Urban

    Yale Daily News welcomes race hatred to its pages. Sad.

    • Rumpelstilskin

      A happy thought.

  • JackisBack

    She would make an excellent Nation of Islam congregant; if she isn’t one already.

    • Barry

      Nah, she is probably one of those strong independent women who admires the NOI but knows really well that she would be silenced within minutes if she actually joined.

  • CentralJerseyMom

    Agreed. In fact, everyone should watch everyone and document everything. For specific tips how this can be done see also “Beria” “Himmler” and “Great Leap Forward.” Extra points for denouncing a close relative.

  • BlueMoon

    DMX – “X Is Coming”
    “Tryin’ to send the b–ch back to her maker
    And if you got a daughter older then 15, I’mma rape her
    Take her on the living room floor, right there in front of you
    Then ask you seriously, whatchu wanna do?”

    ^^Black guy, BTW.

  • $3516779

    We’re watching you too … starting with this op-ed. 🔍👥

  • adam smith

    This person sounds like an idiot and racist trash. I’m here on the left and completely disagree with her stance. No one should be held accountable for comments they made twenty years prior. That’s just stupid.

    • ellake

      You don’t understand, it is Marxism and communism. In communist China people were going to jail for their parent’s sins. In USSR, during Stalin era everybody watched everybody else and sometimes people went to jail (or had to do bad things ) cause someone had evidence of something they did or said long time ago. It is called “kompromat” in russian .

    • Nancy Morris

      One of the many ironies that emerges fron this op-ed is that its author may very well be held accountable for it if she is ever nominated to a significant public position. Can you imagine her trying to explain what she wrote here to a Senate judiciary committee considering confirming her nomination to a federal judgeship or position in an administrative agency? Wow.

      • RobinGoodfellow

        I am certain it will never come up in her case. It’s not like she was pictured in black face for God’s sake!

      • timsteele

        I suspect that for the employment opportunities Ms. Davis-Marks is seeking this editorial will probably enhance her resume.

  • Paul Kersey

    No matter how hard she polishes this turd, she can’t make it pretty.

  • Pareto

    If America has any hope of being salvaged, the Universities will need to be ruthlessly lustrated. Universities like Yale are the toxic petri dishes from which this hostile, alien elite ruling over America has emerged. The Universities need to be shut down and the people infesting them removed from all positions of influence in our society. People like Ms. Isis are why America isn’t a nation anymore. We need to remove them if we are ever going to be a healthy country again.

    • Ralphiec88

      This is pure nonsense, though it’s a story line that gets flogged every day on the right wing angertainment sites that you no doubt frequent. Any population of twentysomethings is going to harbor people whose self-righteousness is matched only by their naivete. These small but high profile samples feed the relentless drumbeat of “this is what colleges these days are really like!” to rubes who haven’t seen the inside of a college in years (but the’ve got a friend who’s a professor…) Likewise the notion of young adults with their own thoughts and agency being helplessly indoctrinated is absurd.
      Now, if you’re really interested in being a “healthy country”, ask yourself why you visit these sites to be self-righteous and angry every day, and whether what they’re selling is really the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

      • Patrick Cooper

        Did they or did they not publish a column by a woman who said she was going to be keeping tabs on people based on their race and gender for the purpose of destroying them in the future? Walk me through the thought process that suggests this is sane.

        • Ralphiec88

          A student’s plan to document classmates’ acts that she deems racist or offensive is clearly over the top, and hopefully something she will cringe at in years hence. And Yale’s culture will likely tolerate her racism more that it should. But don’t mistake this for mainstream thought at Yale or anywhere else.

          • Sidney Johnston

            If a white man had written a similar screed about stalking a black woman, you and millions of other lefty howler monkeys would hoist it aloft as undeniable proof of America’s inherent racism. We would hear about it for YEARS. CNN would describe the column as “chilling,” and Morris Dees would weep.

          • Ralphiec88

            Um, I specifically called her racist. Do you actually read comments before responding to them, or do you just thrill to spouting about “lefty howler monkeys.”

          • UNCLE


        • RobinGoodfellow

          Reason holds no sway with some people.

        • Kala

          The New Stasi being reconstructedat Yale

      • DemocRATS hate America

        Please do ask yourself why you visit these sites to be self-righteous?

      • Nicholas Stix

        You’re a liar, plain and simple. You speak of “the right wing angertainment sites.” Like what?

        “These small but high profile samples feed the relentless drumbeat of ‘this is what colleges these days are really like!’”

        But colleges are like that today. How many have you been inside of? How many campus hate and rape hoaxes have you studied? Probably none.

        How much fake scholarship have you exposed? How much misconduct by students, professors, staffers, administrators and campus police? None, and none.

        You’re just a racist blowhard.

      • UncleMikey515

        Universities are toxic with social engineering. Period.

      • Robert B.


        Above video is the DNC debate where one candidate is advocating her job will be to shut white people up. Can we stop with the tiresome its “only a few people!”? This ideology is everywhere, from Campuses to the highest political offices. Its pervasive and dangerous and it begins on College campuses that have become cult indoctrination grounds for a radical, hate filled ideology.

    • JohnZ

      The problem stems from the fact that college and universities are now run

      and staffed with Marxist/communist ilk, leftovers from the 60s and 70s. Just consider how many of these SJW/PC wankers believe communism and socialism are so great that they need to be shoved down everyone else’s throats.

      This is what’s being taught at even the Ivy league schools not just local colleges.
      History repeats itself: just when the French people were accumulating more equality and political power and becoming better off, they went crazy and the French Revolution started. Women and minorities have become the same. The more equality they have the more demanding and aggressive they become until there is nothing to hold back the violence that ensues.
      ANTIFA is a good example.
      It’s going to get worse. Another long hot summer.

  • Pointing&Laughing

    We’re watching you also, commie. Watch your six.

  • Israel Cisternas/Rodriguez

    The truth is many peoples have been slaves at one point or another in history. The Germans were once Roman slaves. Yes you heard that right, the whitest of the whitey’s have been slaves themselves, sometimes by other Germanic tribes to. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavery_in_ancient_Rome

    During the era of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, Europeans did not have the power to invade African states or kidnap African slaves at will. For the most part, the 12.5 million slaves transported across the Atlantic Ocean were purchased from African slave traders. Reparations Anyone?



  • Aman Indeed

    I think she just likes taking photos of white boys. #JungleFever

  • Ralphiec88

    If you get all the way through a college education without doing something regrettable, you’ll be the rare student indeed.

  • Will
  • MGTOWMonster


  • MagicalMcgoo

    “The Kavanaugh trial”

    Actually it was a confirmation hearing, but the Democrats turned it into a trial (of course one where the presumption of innocence had no part in it, and it mostly resembled a Kangaroo court).

    • Kala

      And yet where are the protests of Justin Fairfax

  • MagicalMcgoo

    OK, i just finished the article, if there is a more insipid, less informed piece written in a publication today I would be stunned.

    • RobinGoodfellow

      Tune in tomorrow—I’m sure you’ll find one.

  • David S

    Can a violent civil war be that far away with people like this and mental problems like this, not only being cultivated, but celebrated? Can anyone deny that the reason so many fear so many others in our society is that the power, and legal violence of the government can be seized by them and used against the “others?” Does anyone fear that their neighbor might shop at a different store than them? Of course not. But they certainly fear that their neighbor can vote a certain way and their incomes will be less, their private property rights might be destroyed, and so much more. The ONLY solution to people like this horrible woman and the damage she and her ilk can do to our freedoms and liberties, is to dissolve the federal government, free the independent and sovereign 50 states to go their own ways, and encourage further secession within the states, so that people can live among like-minded folks who still care about freedom, liberty, limited government power, etc. without the fear of the majority coming together to destroy their future or their rights. NO overarching authority should EVER be allowed to amass the kind of power our government has, for the simple reason that nobody should EVER be allowed to control such power simply as a result of an election.

    • Kala

      She’s a modern day Madame LaFarge

      • Rumpelstilskin

        A modern day Michelle Robinson.

  • http://preview.tinyurl.com/ht3mdyo Nicky

    Say that in Downtown New Haven or West haven dude. I know people in New Haven who would slap you upside the head, if they hear you say crap like that people would knock you silly.

    • Nicholas Stix

      But you take for granted that blacks have a “right” to spew racial supremacist poison, without getting “slap[ped] upside the head,” or “knock[ed] silly.”

      Whites’ problem is they are too passive. They need to act more like blacks.

    • Kala

      New Haven is a dump

      • Mark Miller

        Yes, but a “vibrant” dump.

        • Kala

          nO i’VE BEEN THERE. Depressing and the people look like zombies

    • Construyelo Putas

      Why would anyone go into a third world shithole without an assault rifle?

    • Construyelo Putas

      Why would anyone go into a third world shitehole without an assault rifle?

  • Spurple

    I’ll be watching black girls, with kinky black hair, might I add, much more closely from now on. I don’t trust a single BLACK GIRL after reading this insane ramble. I’ll be taking pictures of suspicious BLACK GIRLS as evidence of their possible future crimes. BLACK GIRLS, watch your backs!

    • AnObserver

      funny how it suddenly becomes racist when it is black and not white…..

  • Spurple

    Luther King was a sexist and misogynist. If he was white, he would not be seen as a hero.

  • Michael Adkins

    I’m not nearly as smart as the people who can manage to get into this school, but it’s hard to see how that is when I read articles like this. It’s disturbing how someone who will likely be in a position of influence will actually think that this kind of thinking is justified.

    • http://www.vdare.com Alphonsus Jr. ✠ Dᴇᴜs ᴠᴜʟᴛ

      You seem to be unaware of just how dumbed down Yale and their ilk now are. Truly smart people now go to schools that relatively few have heard of, such as Hillsdale and University of Dallas. The prestige of the Ivy Leagues is way out of date.

      • Michael Adkins

        I didn’t hear good things about UTD. Didn’t hear bad things either .

    • halcrawford

      Good point. If this is the “best of the best” that can get into a place like Yale, then the Republic is in trouble.

      But I suspect that Yale’s entrance standards are now more focused on social justice than intellectual measures or critical thinking.

  • disqus_z2pP0T1Lm3


  • disqus_z2pP0T1Lm3

    Leave it to a Black Woman to go after “Whitey” AGAIN. I wonder how many people emailed her at that address?

    She needs to get over it already about Kavanaugh. Ford was LYING and so were the others.

  • doe azzaro

    without whites you are nothing ! and you know that

  • MetalGod

    Enjoy never getting a job, Isis. Your article has gone viral and I’m hereby blacklisting you from my company, and informing my entire network about this. Guess what? I’m a white man with an Ivy League education – a lot of us are white men, and we don’t feel like hiring racists who are going to be keeping tabs on us.

    • Peter

      SHe’ll ABSOLUTELY get a job with some anti-white activist organization. Whites are the only race that you can discriminate against in the country today.

      • Barry

        Paid for by Open Society Institute.
        You are right. This will open a world of job offers in that market.
        Wall Street no, social justice yes.

  • +One

    Universities and colleges-factories for communist revolutionaries.

  • PJD1992

    Her first name is Isis? Just perfect.

    • Tsc Admin

      It’s certainly easy to remember right. I feel like, 30 years from now, reading random resumes, I’ll still remember her name.

  • PJD1992

    The irony is that this woman has likely just documented herself right out of a few future positions herself. But, unfortunately, many left wing organizations actually require and openly applaud this kind of naked racial hatred.

    • Alan

      Smarts aren’t her strong point…

      • Kala

        AOC doesn’t have any either. No critical thinking going on at Yale or DNC

    • A Smith

      Lots of places for her in academia, professional activism, and giant corporation HR departments.

      • Sidney Johnston

        The Southern Poverty Law Center would hire this creature lickety split and assign her to its elite Orange Man Bad Division.

    • Mark Miller

      Think about it: that’s a good thing. Keep the snakes in one open, visible place.

  • Gerald Martin

    What affirmative action hath wrought. (To paraphrase a dead, “white boy.”)

    • http://www.vdare.com Alphonsus Jr. ✠ Dᴇᴜs ᴠᴜʟᴛ

      Just think, even Donald Trump revealed himself in the recent SOTU speech as a cuck—that is, a suicidally xenophilic white ethnomasochist—by suggesting he’s just fine with our country turning dark…as long as the darkening is done LEGALLY. Pitiful. Just plain pitiful.

      • Spurple

        You know he HAD to say that for now. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  • Crusader

    When are people of European descent going to realize that the left’s entire reason for being is to wipe us off the face of this earth?

  • CristobaI

    Weird that Yale allows racist columns in its paper.

    • Kala

      Why when she represents what they represent.

  • David Thomas

    FYI, I am in support of free speech. She isn’t legally culpable in any way with having written this opinion piece. However, there’s a lot of hypothetical discourse here and without a real situation being referenced … this is actully a racist trope against white men.

    There are many terrible human beings that happen to be male and Caucasian but they have been called out on specific deeds and injustices.

    For actually not minding the show “Dear White People” up to this point, I have just realized how that show is emboldening very demonstratively negative speech.

    Yale needs to make a full separation and non-endorsement of this piece.

  • http://www.vdare.com Alphonsus Jr. ✠ Dᴇᴜs ᴠᴜʟᴛ

    Such a catastrophic mistake to allow the hordes of darks into our country.

  • Nancy Morris

    What is most striking here is not just that this column is so obviously racist and badly reasoned, although it is both of those. What really jumps out is how bitter, impacted and full of hate the author shows herself to be, and how focused she says she is away from things that are likely to bring her happiness or success, personal or otherwise. I suggest that she take an entire year off from Yale and submit herself to an intense tag team of racial sensitivity training and psychiatric care, maybe 12 hours a day. There’s no guaranty, but it’s worth a try. The author says that she’s “watching” others, but it is she who should be under intense observation.

    It goes without saying that the Yale Daily News disgraced itself by publishing this nearly psychotic junk.

    Just think about the author attempting to explain this column if she is a candidate for any public position. O my God. Does she have any idea how much damage she has already done to her future with this one screed? For her own good, she needs an urgent intervention NOW.

    • Spurple

      I think she got rejected by a white boy with shiny brown hair.

      • Tsc Admin

        Don’t forget the smile.

    • Nicholas Stix

      I upvoted you, but I’m not sure you’re correct about the consequences this thing will have for its writer. This thing might just guarantee her future success. That’s how bad things are.

    • jim_m

      The author clearly subscribes to the far left idea that opposing views should be shouted down, and people who disagree with her should not be allowed to speak. Such a society would theoretically protect people like her, except for the fact that such societies always eat their own, and eventually all go to the guillotine.

    • 47G2Pilot

      This article is a classic example of projection.

    • Mark Miller

      “racial sensitivity” and “diversity re-education” are about as moral and effective as gay conversion therapy.

      Which is to say, these programs are completely counterproductive. So please carry on. I can’t say I mind when my enemies insist on carrying my water.

  • Nancy Morris

    It’s worth noting that this column is so deranged that it has become a story in the national media and is casting a shadow over Yale itself. Here’s an example:

    “A Yale University newspaper editor is urging students to spy on white-male classmates

    “FOX News Videos•February 9, 2019

    “Isis Davis-Marks encourages her fellow students to collect information on their white-male classmates to potentially ruin their future careers in a Yale Daily News op-ed.”


    In fact, with this op-ed Isis Davis-Marks has done plenty to potentially ruin her own career, whatever she thinks it might be.

    • Oip Gerg

      nonsense. she’ll get hired by new york times or huffpost in a heartbeat

      • Tsc Admin

        Assuming those still exist.

    • Independent54321

      It makes me wonder what Isis Davis-Marks will be doing in 15 or 30 years. Will she be in a position of authority, where she can act out on her racism, irrational anger, and fear?

      Will we let this column, and all its stereotyping and hate, just slip by?

      The internet is forever, Isis. And just in case, this time I’m taking the screenshot.

    • Kala

      Public Service Warning. Never date this woman. Do not send sons to Yale.

      • Tsc Admin

        Do you think in the future we’ll have Isis Alerts on the highway for whenever a stalking race baiter is near?

      • Krystine Kercher

        Or daughters! They might turn out like her. As a mother, that is deeply concerning. I want my children to exhibit the best humanity has to offer, and not its worst.

    • Tsc Admin

      So now self-segregation becomes a matter of prudent self-defense. Good job, Isis. Good job.

  • KeystoneHeavy58

    People are reading the Culture of Critique

  • The Aquarius Conspiracy

    So we are all different, hey? Let’s see how that works out for you.

  • The Aquarius Conspiracy

    Can we really expect our politicians to be anything more than human, and therefore incredibly faulty? If you can find someone with a perfectly clean track record, it’s likely only because you couldn’t dig deep enough. Holding people of office to higher standards than even ourselves is simply unrealistic. Furthermore, identity politics only begets more identity politics. People are reactive. If they see your little cultural group getting organised and militant, they are going to do the same thing.

    Identity politics is the assertion that we are all different. If we are different, tell me how so? Everytime you verbally address someones skin color in this manner, you are asserting that you are more human than they. As if black people had been the dominant group in the world, we’d somehow have equality- what utter nonsense. (and if that isn’t the case, you have nothing hypocrisy) .Think about it- you’re blaming white people for being white, something none of us have any control over. You’re also blaming us for cultural hegemony, as though it’s something to feel guilty and ashamed of.

    I ask you this- show me just one country on earth that has equality among cultural groups. Just one.

    What you’re doing to white people is what a small minority of whites did to blacks during slavery- persecute them for their skin color.

    • Peter

      >”Is what a small minority of whites did to blacks during slavery”
      At the height of slavery, less than 1% of European-American families owned slaves, but more than 35% of Jewish-American families did.

      It isn’t whites that were leading the charge with slavery

      • hogo123

        You’re spreading anti-Semitic lies propagated by David Duke and Louis Farrakhan. According to historian and expert on slavery David Brion Davis,
        “In the American South in 1830 there were “120 Jews among the 45,000 slaveholders owning twenty or more slaves and only twenty Jews among the 12,000 slaveholders owning fifty or more slaves.”

      • The Aquarius Conspiracy

        I mostly agree with you, however, Jews are Caucasian. Straight out of the caucasus. The incredible variance lies within their religious culture.

      • Barry

        Okay, Petey, I could go toe-to-toe with you on facts about Jews in America during slavery and the fact that Gentile-owned slaving brokerages controlled the trade, or…
        I could encourage you to get help. Whatever trauma caused by parents who did not hug you (or an uncle who hugged you too much) have nothing to do with the Jews.
        And your Jew hatred will not help race relations today, get you friends, or rewind your bad life decisions.
        So, go back to seething over Facebook profiles of Jewish girls in high school who turned you down for prom and Jewish billionaires who lead high flying lifestyles, and leave the politics to the grown-ups.

  • TweedledumAndTweedledee

    This is horribly racist. You should be ashamed. What if wrote this way about people of colour?

    • Peter

      Blacks are the most racist group in America. FACT.

  • https://plus.google.com/112425959226384968331 Marek Czerwinski

    Dear Isis you`re Pawlik Morozow 2.0

    • abducens

      She can staple this to her resume.

  • Endless Lameness

    What a racist piece of garbage. But wait a minute – she IS black, isn’t she? Supposedly PoC cannot be racist by definition?

  • Endless Lameness

    What a racist piece of garbage.

  • Roger Shouse

    Watch *this*

  • Tomasz Torquemada

    Hey you, WASP-Americans, don’t blame her. USA was not founded by Blacks. It was founded by racist British colonists, has been racist all the time and is racist so far. There was only a minor change of target. You are racist deeply in your hearts nad the Blacks simply learned racism from you. This country will be never racism-free.


      “Evewyone Who Disagwees Widh Me is a Wayciss: The Emotionaw Chiwd’s Guide to Powiticaw Discutthhion”,

    • UNCLE

      Polish gentry had slaves.

    • Barry

      Wow, what a well-reasoned, intelligent argument. You convinced me, guy who idolizes the Spanish Inquisition.

    • Joseph Lammers

      Nah, I’m not racist. I just don’t think stupid people such as yourself or Isis should be listened to.

  • Robert Boni

    You pathetic nothing.

  • Robert Boni

    You pathetic nothing. For the second time.

  • TroubleBaby

    How ironic that your name is “Isis”.

  • donanobislibertatem

    She’s jealous.

  • Night Angel

    The hatred and racism is strong in Isis. Perhaps all the white boys should save this article to ruin her career.

  • http://www.renegaderadio.net/radio Jerry

    watching on CNN. so much for credibility. 🙂

  • NunyaBizness

    “Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims
    may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber
    barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s
    cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated;
    but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end
    for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    C. S. Lewis, from his 1948 book God in the Dock: Essays on Theology

  • Looktampa

    Bigoted doggerel. How the author is prepared to be graduated from a prestigious institution like Yale escapes me. Hopefully this piece will be read by some of the “rich alumni” she mentions who will withdraw planned donations and send the university a message.

  • Sharky Jr.

    Dear Isis,
    Perhaps your oligarchy should not be as perpetual as you seem so assured it is. At any rate, you’ve convinced me. Clearly Yale is a haven of overt racists (that would be you, black girl), and, from your perception, vile misogynists/predators. I will do my best not to hire, or recommend the hiring of, any of your misbegotten ilk.

  • Zunfix

    Affirmative action is really great stuff.

  • Arnold F Williams

    I could re-read this. Or I could read https://bastionofliberty.blogspot.com/2015/06/frankly-my-dear-guest-post-from-ol-remus.html

    this instead, because he’s more literate, and writes in an engaging style. Or I could make a note that neither one of you are getting past an HR review in any company I talk to. It’s a thing.

  • UncleMikey515

    Good God Lemon

    • morning_in_america

      Best comment! Now pass the bourbon.

  • wbarrettpowell

    How can you ever wipe out racism if you continue to perpetuate it? Only by removing ALL institutions of race reference will there ever be a world without racism.

  • OregonJon

    Do not be confused, “To be honest, I’m not sure what the solution is.” The solution is an unrelenting quest for truth, possibly an alien concept. Truth is hard. “Belief” is easier. Much easier. When you “believe” you already “know” what’s true, which means everything else is false. No further search is necessary. Except it is. Some call it adulthood. We’d like to welcome you to our ranks. Work at it.

    • spafon

      Progressives who are so screwed up mentally by their ideology that they have stunted their own ability to become productive members of society are rare. Living in the heart of Progressistan, nearly everyone I know is a progressive, and they are virtually all accomplished professionals, highly educated, and live exemplary personal lives. Unfortunately, even highly intelligent people are susceptible to cults. Thus we have a situation where perhaps 30% of the people of our country, (including probably 80% of the most successful and influential people in our country), have chosen to adopt the political agenda of a bizarre extremist cult. The end result will probably be the collapse of human civilization.

  • Sven_Hunkstrom

    Everyone knows what this is about. This author knows she got into Yale without deserving it, and that she’s in over her head. She’s reminded of it every day, but rather than accept her good fortune, she lashes out to distract from her inadequacy.

  • Oip Gerg

    bless YDN for allowing free and open discussion about this article. thanks YDN!

    • spafon

      Yes it is absolutely astounding that with the seething hostility toward independent points of view that pervades higher education today that they would allow criticism of someone spouting the dogma of the establishment left.

  • miked765

    This is a not-even-thinly-veiled threat to the safety of Yale students who ought to punch back twice as hard. Hound this hateful bigot woman on campus and in public with signs and bullhorns. Do not give her one minutes’ peace to practice her hatred on people.

    Isis David-Marks’ infantile poisonous bigotry has no place in America. Occupy and disrupt Yale Admin buildings. Take the fight straight to the University and do not give one single inch until justice is done. Always be NON-violent, but make her and Yale feel the pain she and they have unfairly and unjustly caused people.

    • IntellectGetOne2

      Have you been to Yale? The students there are all snowflakes with an occasional marshmallow thrown in. Their idea of punching-back is asking someone to move their double-latte over a few inches so they can put their iPhone on the table.

  • Disqusted

    “And this time, I’m taking the screenshot.”?

    This is ridiculous, like The Onion ridiculous.

    Good grief…just terrible.

  • A Smith

    If any normal Yale students are reading this: don’t worry, the real world of white, black, brown etc people doesn’t suffer racists like the author gladly. They disappear into academia or “activism.”

  • davidvoth

    A belief that one particular race of people carries an inherent flaw, and is therefore inferior to one or more other races, is inherently racist. This is one of the most hypocritical and counter-insightful essays I have read in a long time.

    • Hominid

      So, reality is racist.

  • Ryan

    This “column” illuminates the evil that is cultural Marxism and intersectionality. When you are supposed to view people not as individuals that make their own choices, but as a totem of their group identity, you rob them of their agency and hence their dignity. This is an incredibly racist screed, and further tarnishes the reputation of not only Yale, but all of the ivies.
    This is a loser message, propagated by a scared little girl. She herself is already a loser, Yale or not.

  • Thatguy

    How diverse of you.
    I am sure those that share the same color skin will worship your words and the Hitler white people will hate you.

    This is what you want again, right?
    MLK is rolling in his grave with what he brought forth and you killed.

    You are segregating yourselves and you don’t even know it.

  • Paul Moog

    Yale is now a haven for racist leftists. Scary!

    • morning_in_america

      Now? They are just advertising it openly now

  • unitedelectric

    How in the hell did somebody this stupid get in to Yale? Is it really that easy? Are there no standards anywhere anymore?

    • Tsc Admin

      Their law school doesn’t even have grades.

    • Eugene Lonnon

      I would love to know the percentage of non-alumni yale students that are black. The percentage would be much higher than most think.

    • Eugene Lonnon

      I would love to know the percentage of non-alumni yale students that are black. The percentage would be much higher than most think

    • Mark Miller

      Affirmative action.

    • mb

      Double standards. One strict set of standards for “white boys” and another, more generous set of standards for everyone else.

    • Brad Owens

      I’ll take a shot at answering this: “NO”.

    • Libertybelle

      Yes, it is that easy to get into yale if you are the right color. The quality of education at yale is very low. Do not hire ivy league graduates.

  • Jason Arsenault

    Ultra privileged Yalie complaining about privilege. The very fact that she attends Yale means she has far more privilege, power and a stronger voice than 99.99% of the shiny-haired white boys.
    Such hypocrisy.

  • PJParks

    Well black girl, this is going to help you how when you are stocking shelves at the store.

  • thatcher67

    Is this satire? It’s so over the top racist it’s hard to tell. If it’s on the level the author needs therapy. The paper needs better oversight, too. Funny that an Ivy League student is condemning ambition. ha ha…what on earth are you doing at that school if you don’t have ambition? Here’s to hoping your major isn’t journalism because we have enough goofy journalist.

    • Barry

      I am guessing he did not make the friendships and connections he thought he would and now is taking it out on the guys who did.

  • MarkJ
  • Fake_Name2

    “manufacture weapons or contribute to gentrification”

    Yes, those are the same.

    • timsteele

      in the mind of the author they all equate because she opposes all of them and she believes she is always right.

  • KingofHeroes

    Oh no, some boring person is watching me on the internet. Whatever will I do.

  • John Bigbootay

    “No, not everyone at Yale is evil. Not everyone is out to get you, and not every request to get a meal has an ulterior motive.”

    So glad to hear you think that. Because I’m totally not getting the impression of an unhinged, paranoid believer in conspiracies and the like from this article. I’m really getting the impression of a balanced, well-adjusted, psychologically healthy person that totally does not fall for ideological fantasies…

    “The Kavanaugh trial was months ago, but still has an indelible effect on me.”

    And what effect would that be? Creating a desire in you for burning people at the stake for merely being accused? Feeling a desire to dispense with all that pesky evidence and proof stuff? Or maybe you want to say… lynch mob people based on your alleged “knowledge” gained from your so-called “whisper networks”. (Anyone fancy a game of “Telephone”?) Missing the good old days of the Stasi are you? (Well, can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. Or destroying some innocent lives, but oh well, they got through the dead wood didn’t they….)

    The sides change, the ideologies change, the uniforms or the slogans they shout change, but after all is said and done the more that things change the more they stay the same….

    • IntellectGetOne2

      Correction: They are not “whisper networks” she hears, it is “dog whistles” which means anything she wants to pretend she hears, she can claim she heard.

    • I’ll get to it soon

      Really well said.

  • Kelly Jackson

    Let’s be honest, Isis Davis-Marks is the kind of person that thinks a black boy who murdered a Dollar Tree employee for $3 shouldn’t have his life ruined for one small “mistake”.
    But smiling while white? That’s the death penalty.
    Why even give space to these loons?

  • Lars Pores a

    This is what you get when you let people into Yale just because they have
    checked ‘the box’ on their application.

  • Terenc Blakely

    Baby steps to genocide. The first step in any genocide is to demonize and dehumanize the targeted group.

  • brianrw

    Stupidity and racism – two great tastes that taste great together.

  • Burnt Orange

    There are some people of color who as racist as any KKK member. If this current “educated” person wants to classify people by the color of their skin maybe it is time for whites to watch her closely and remember her and ALL people of color’s actions during their early lives. Want to live with “your own kind” good stay away from me and I’ll not miss interacting with your suspicious hateful small minded self.

    Really; people like this writer add nothing to society but their bile and constant racism its tedious after a while. Just go away and stay away from normal people. No one is interested in your stupidity.

    • Hominid

      Did you think that racism isn’t inherent?

  • Krisann Robles

    What a bs load of racist drivel.

  • Constitution101

    ISIS? How is it that YALE is so approving of your hideous brand of racism?

    FACT: There is nothing wrong with being white. Or heaven forbid a “white male.” To spread this kind banal racism is to ignore the racism in the past. Doing it yourself does not “white wash” it to make look presentable. Well since I am on the topic of slavery and ill-treatment of blacks let me now mention the racism by the Democrat party whom formed the KKK and the Jim Crow laws to keep freed blacks from defending themselves and from being equal and free. This very same Democrat party also refused to pass the initial civil rights law. This same leftist party also continues racism with a special focus on white males . And this same Democrat party pushes abortion by minorities in a massive agitpropt effort. They are just so clever aren’t they? Not.

    And finally I salute all those Union soldiers who fought to free the black race from slavery and subjugation from those who sought to consider them less than a human being (I’m not referring to just babies in utero) via the leftist progressives within the vile Democrat party. BLACKS: you can leave the plantation and bitterness of the past and succeed on your own merits and not off the backs of the sick Democrat leaders of today. You don’t need government you just need government to get out of your way and stop prohibiting you from success.

    • Tsc Admin

      At least now we know the racism is implanted before they reach adulthood, before they even know anything.

    • Joe Cogan

      Referring to the “Democrat party” is a dead giveaway that the person doing so is pushing right-wing propaganda. You might want to make it less obvious.

  • JDK

    No it is not!

  • Kelly C

    Wow.. Starting the police state early I see.

  • Hoxworth

    I’m watching you, white boy. And this time, I’m taking the screenshot.

    Where do you think your racism ends? Because history shows it’s not Wakanda.

  • Kala

    Two white boys that fit your initial description come to mind. John F. Kerry and his running mate John Edwards.

    • Chris Maxton

      now this is real news…….

    • Tahoebum

      Bill Clinton comes to mind as well, except his abuse of women is more obvious and widespread.

  • Kala

    Yale rewards this type of garbage. Switch around the words white for black and she’d be run off campus on a rail.

    • PhysicistVet

      “Switch around the words white for black and she’d be run off campus on a rail.”

      And rightly so.

      Bizarre how those demanding equality so loudly seem to have no interest in actual equality.

      I hear that saying ignorance is strength and freedom is slavery is awfully “progressive” these days.

  • Mic

    Pathetic screed from a maladjusted bigot. Typical of the pernicious bilge that passes for reality at the indoctrination centers commonly referred to as colleges

  • shchph

    Yo, Isis! You still mad? It was six years ago! Let it go already!

    White boy – Lucas – won fair and square. No one likes a sore loser.



    • Rich Striker


    • https://chicagolionsden.blogspot.com GSL64

      She still mad. Damn, look at that white boy grin,,,still makes her nappy ass burn after 6 years…time to move on sweetie,

  • Klaudia J


  • Cedric Rivaldi

    I thought that kind of stupidity exist only in series like “black mirror” but in fact no! The sake of stupid people like these black students is that they think they think! When the idiot begins to believe that, the end of the world is near.

  • Dumb Bass Fisherman

    Dear Isis,
    Watch this.

  • Mr. Jay

    And that white boy will have gotten to his lofty position by more consistently making solid goal-oriented choices in life than you have. So what if he’s not perfect? He’s far closer to perfect than you will ever be, Mr. Marks.

    • Daniel Bertone

      He’s a she.

    • Sailor12

      It’s O.K. to be white…..

    • Gray Panther

      That would be Ms. Marks, broom & all.

    • Corn

      Mr. Marks is a chick.

    • Barry

      Isis is a dude? LOLOL

  • 🛠Lateralus⚒


  • Sam Kagan

    it Pavlik Morozov.

  • Josh Dziok

    STFU you SJW moron.

    • bitzofdata

      and you wanted to be my latex salesman…

  • Jindrich Henry Jaros


  • Billy Bobnh

    What vile garbage. She is a disgusting racist.

    • Richard_Reed

      And a sexist. And totalitarian in her relation to people who disagree with her extreme political philosophy.

      Life lesson learned: Don’t hire Ivy graduates as employees

    • Publius603

      She’s a leftwing moonbat; what did you expect?

    • wreckinball

      Surprised your comment escaped moderation

    • JordanRules

      I’d send my kid to West Cupcake State to learn basket-weaving before I’d send them to Yale if this hate-filled wretch is typical of what they turn out.

    • anotherinterestedreader

      I am happy to see most of the posts here agree with yours – but yours excels in being concise.

    • Lucius_Severus_Pertinax

      Just TRY publishing an Article entitled, “I’m Watching You, Black Girl”, and watch the SHTF!!!

    • bitzofdata

      “…and you wanted to be my latex salesman…”

    • E. +Goldstein

      Think of the hell people who think like her will make of the world, if not corrected by adults, of whom there seem to be none at Yale. She has been indoctrinated by iYI’s.

    • dlmstl

      Programed by the likes of JJ and Sharpie to live a miserable life wallowing in victimhood and racial animus. There’s always the Stokely Carmichael path back the West Coast of Africa and everyday people that look the same.

  • Ghones11

    It was Dr. Ford’s classmates who did not corroborate her story. And Kavanaugh wasn’t at Yale at the time of the supposed attack. And “Vice” blames Cheney for leaking Plame’s CIA status. Richard Armitage admitted he accidentally revealed it to Robert Novak. So what else did the movie get wrong? Probably everything. You should concentrate your energies on Justin Fairfax.

    • TrustbutVerify

      Or simply doing more research to find out the true facts rather than relying on spin in the media and by Hollywood? These are not hard things to find out. I would also caution that once you start down the road of “thought crimes” it can become an issue of who is in charge that determines the illegality of which thought…I thought everyone in college read “1984”…

    • Chris Maxton

      Agree, Thanks for saying it as it is.

    • Peter Miller

      Right except that Armitage deliberately leaked it. And kept silent about it as the witch hunt went on.

    • Ddad99

      The scene where Cheney accidentally sprayed his friend with buckshot was incorrect in every way.

    • John Ronning

      All true, but I suspect she already knows all these things, and all she sees is “white”

    • Barry

      She has never heard of him. And if she has, it is a racist plot by Russian bots to create black rape victims for the GOP.
      Yale (smh).
      So glad I did not go there.

  • Sig Sauer

    Just substitute the term “white boy” with the word “Jew” and you’ll see where this is headed.


    Racist much?

    Hate much?

    But, it seems people of color on he left can be racist an no one cares. Keith Ellison wrote a paper a creating a separate country for African Americans – why interact, why integrate, right? But he rose to #2 in the democrat party.

    The women’s march? Even the founder no longer wants to be a part of the organization she created because of anti-semitism. Have a woman that kidnaps and kills on board as a leader? Sure! A terrorist who killed two Jews? Why not?.

    Be filled with hate lefties. Be filled with rage. You will continue to alienate those in the middle who just want to get along.

    Now, cue all of the attacks on the right, while ignoring all of the hate on the left. As if pointing out the sins of others absolves you of your own.

  • Marshall Gill

    My son is a National Merit Scholar. He has gotten several e-mails from Yale including two almost hundred paged booklets. I have told him that Presidents attend Yale and that even though it is in the heart of Yankee land, he should consider going there.

    And then I read this kind of idiocy. Isis is completely ignorant of Dr. Kings dream of judging people based upon the content of their character, apparently. It is sad and shocking how low some of these institutions of “higher learning” have sunk.

    My son will most definitely not be going to Yale.

    • linda

      I was a National Merit Scholar. My father was a farmer, and he invested considerable time and energy to establishing the family’s financial situation, which ended with us being told that my status would be shifted to honorary, so that no financial benefit would be bestowed unless my father died. He was pretty upset about it. Funny, Yale never bothered me.

  • Dan Wafford

    Imagine, if you can, “I’m Watching You, Black Boy.” There would be riots and lynchings — and not of black boys.

  • jk43

    Not surprising that the author’s first name in ISIS. All kidding aside, what a palpably racist article. i think our universities need to start teaching courses in logic and critical thinking. IMO many of our universities are nothing more than left wing indoctrination centers.

  • Zekester7659

    I sure hope most at Yale are not as clueless as this author.

  • Serene Scientist

    I can’t believe you’ve been to Yale, and still don’t understand (a) the importance due process, and (b) that blaming someone’s lack of sub-dermal melanin for their sexual or social indiscretions is racist. The bodes poorly for the free world.

  • Daniel Bertone

    Wonder if she would be taking screen shots of the black Virginia Lt Governor who forced a woman to perform oral sex on him, then called her a “f***ing bi**h” when she told her story. Course not. Racist POS.

  • Adam TX

    What the hell is happening at Yale? This is very disturbing that a senior student at one of our nation’s most prestigious schools thinks in such a destructive, vindictive way. The lack of reason and contextual frame in this woman’s mind is alarming. Again — what the hell is happening at Yale???!!

  • Crusty

    Hey Racist! Welcome soon to the work world where you’ll be judged (hopefully) on your ability to produce results in the free market. We’ll be watching you.

    If you fail, go look in the mirror. Your skin color will be the one thing you shouldn’t blame. If you fail to produce results (and your smooth regurgitation of left wing talking points isn’t enough), that person in the mirror will be the reason why.

    That’s the American dream. To be judged by the content of your character and not the color of your skin. By what you do — or don’t do — in society. Hopefully you have the guts to admit to yourself that your future success ultimately will be determined by your effort, or lack of it. You went to Yale – that makes you more privileged than almost everybody else in this country. What are you going to do with this privilege?

    Hopefully you will use it for good and not to tear down others. No doubt this article will follow you. Hopefully it (along with your current victim attitude) don’t bury you.

  • Liberal Soup N Crackers®


  • Marty Johnson

    Cool! She’s gonna discriminate against “white boys” I’m gonna discriminate against stupid “bitches of color.”

  • DudeAbiding

    And they’re watching you fail.

  • Liberal Soup N Crackers®

    Apparently the word a m m o triggers these puff pastries at Yale

    I’m buying more a m m o because of fools like this racist bigoted author. They want to k i l l us.

  • Liberal Soup N Crackers®

    the author is a bigot.

  • Liberal Soup N Crackers®

    What vile garbage. She is a disgusting racist.

  • Max

    There is no racism; only good and evil. This snot-nosed broad is evil.

  • Tsc Admin

    Oh just like Omarosa did to Trump?

    I guess this is a very old idea.

  • FredO

    Odious racist trash. Thank you, Yale.

  • Trajan Fanzine

    If this article , from a staff columnist no less, its writing as in, formation, style, process, substance, intellectual firepower is representative of their 4 year student, Yale should close its doors, seriously…..what an embarrassment, which means i am sure she’ll go on to a great career in today’s Media environment……..

  • Rich Striker

    So you hate White people…we get it. What I don’t get is how a vile piece of racist filth like you was able to attend a school like Yale…Oh, that’s right Affirmative Action….

  • Kenneth Newman

    This is, um, beyond the pale. The shark you jumped won’t even show up in your rear view mirror, it’s that far gone.

  • Mike Bennet

    Is ISIS her adopted name or birth name?

  • Pietro Sollecito

    Imagine if anyone were to write an article which includes a final sentence, “I’m watching you, black boy.”? Having studied in the Bronx and mistakenly using the “racist” term “boy” with one of my black classmates, I learned quickly to check my privelege. Perhaps the sun goddess here should check hers. It seems that all the talk of the content of a man’s character has gone to the wayside and the supposed decendents of the great Martin Luther King are focused entirely on the color of his skin. Ironic and sad.

  • scumby

    If you rot in hell you deserve that.you hate filled racist

  • scumby

    awwww we have a black racist with zero self esteem -a sick self loathing worthless pile of trash with severe white skin envy.

  • Ambers_Jacket

    I’m sure this bltch has never typed a crude or callous iMessage. Screenshot no one giving a f.

  • Ambers_Jacket

    I’m sure this b l t c h has never typed a crude or callous iMessage. Screenshot no one giving a F, lady.

  • Ambers_Jacket

    I’m sure this ho has never typed a crude or callous iMessage. Screenshot no one giving a F, lady.

  • Ambers_Jacket

    Whatever. Stupid moderators. Free expression for thee but not me .Sounds about in line.

  • scumby

    Cyber stalking is a crime black girl.

  • scumby

    Yale Daily News prints this but censors relies. COWARDS

  • Holly

    Guess it is OK for elite people of color who were given opportunities in preference of others who weren’t diverse enough for those checking the boxes can be hateful and racist in the extreme. Hopefully they don’t take the reins of power until they learn that all whitey’s aren’t the enemy or have the special privileges available to you.

  • Michael Montana

    Calling out racism against white boys Davis-Marks.

  • Joseph Bailey

    Get over yourself Yale! There are more colleges and universities in this world than Yale and yes, they contribute to American civic culture too. Good grief, please.

  • Turbo

    It’s either a parody or a bonkers racialist scream. Or maybe it’s a parody of a bonkers racialist scream.

  • Cjones1

    Is it discrimination to hold only white boys accountable for ignorant race or sex based remarks that stereotype individuals or groups different from themselves? I think so and the author of this article appears to be willingly guilty.
    We are not suppose to be a country or society where one race or sex is discriminated against or judged more harshly.
    Free speech, which often displays the ignorance of the speaker, should not be punished unless, perhaps, it is associated with an act of violence or intentionally incites others to violence.
    The author should be judged using her own criteria. The era of Trump will be famous for revealing the hypocrisy of many self righteous speakers.

  • Common Sense Junkie

    This is one of the most blatantly racist columns I’ve ever read. Shame on you.

  • dfw_maverick

    Weird, I thought the students at Yale were really bright, but after reading this column I guess I was wrong

  • Steve

    Mind numbingly stupid. Approaching graduation??? Get a refund ASAP. You have been had. Sold a false bill of goods. Nothing on your shoulders but a Hat Rack. Sigh……so embarrassing. Do us all a favor and take a long walk off a short pier.


    The solution is simple.
    All out war.
    You Proggies ready?

  • morning_in_america

    The sad thing is such an unrepresentative hate driven student body like that fostered by Yale might have influence in future America. Time to look at other schools for leadership

  • 1chrisford1

    It is very discouraging to see Yale give preference to admission for angry activists more interested in topping statues than seeing statues and buildings and institutions built. Not only do they do great harm to the country coming out with the disgusting mindset of ISIS Davis-‘Marx’, they, by being preferred over the creators and mainline scholars without 2/7 radical politics, diminish the very Departments at the school they are students in, diminish Yale itself.

    The reputation and high status of Yale and institutions of similar prominence (not all being universities – some at cutting edge companies, the military’s special fields, instruction withing certain crafts and trades) was built by students who gave it all to learn and practice the field they selected under the instruction and guidance of some of the finest minds in the field. Surrounded by like minded students providing synergy.

    Their later success reinforces and enhances the ‘Yales’ every generation. If students are given front of the line tickets into Yale that wish to destroy the product of past generations, then if they are successful, the reputation of Yale and its past highly deserved elite status will wane. And who knows how many great potential contributors lost spots to ladies like Isis and the Jerlynn Butler fool. The black girl, who, inn one of the 1st great snowflake meltdowns seen on national TV shrieked how evil and disgusting and racist their Hall Masters were saying the PC Halloween costume crisis was no big deal.

  • Matthew Wood

    Evil is Banal and so are racists like you. What a vile POS you are.

  • htuttle

  • htuttle

    Essay noted and RECORDED!

    Good luck ever running for anything!

    And I will send it to every employer you try to get a job with.

  • bscook111

    Keee-Riste, does it get much more racist than this? God curse affirmative action and all it has wrought. This twit is simply trying to guilt trip her way into a lifetime of grievance based freebies.

  • FRED

    Nothing but RACISM and BIGOTRY from the left, as a non white myself, I see that most of the greatest discoveries in history were made by whites. The greatest country in the world was created by whites, the greatest fiscal system , capitalism was created by whites, these people who create nothing but empty rhetoric have created NOTHING, and want to take over the systems created by whites.

  • mail33006

    Unless, of course, White Boy turns out to be a Democrat.

  • ziggrl

    Black trash

  • cberger42970

    Yikes. Don’t show this article in your job interview at Goldman.

  • spafon

    Not sure why the pessimism. It seems to me progressives are making impressive advances in turning the US into a full blown totalitarian dystopia.

  • http://henrikmoller.me/ Henry Miller

    Ms Davis-Marks is young and foolish, and is a victim of modern indoctrination-disguised-as-pedagogy.

    I wish her a speedy recovery from what Yale has done to her.

  • dennmeyer

    A vile bigoted author.

  • rjm3625

    is this article rascist? need to watch brown and black boys too see Virginia politics(no Elis)

  • Walter Adams

    I like to look on the bright side of things; there’s always something to be grateful for even in the direst circumstances.
    It’s like the “Glad Game” from Pollyanna.
    For instance;
    White males are intrinsically and irredeemably evil, we all agree on that, but we can be Glad that every other race, color and sex are ABSOLUTELY, Pure as spring water.
    Blacks, Browns, Women are Incapable of doing bad things, thinking evil thoughts.
    Of course, that is uncomfortably close, or parallel to the message of the KKK – This color is bad and that color is good – but with virtue flowing like a mountain stream from everyone BUT white males, I think we can overlook that inconvenient reflection.
    Now, doesn’t that make you GLAD?

  • MartinLawford

    The fact that Yale’s newspaper would print such a bigoted column negates all claims of the Ivy League’s intellectual superiority.

  • Steve Smith

    Wow, nice babe.

  • chrismalllory

    You live in a nation founded and created by White Men. You go to a college founded and created by White Men. You use electricity provided by White Men. You eat food grown by White Men. You drink clean water because of White Men. If you hate White Men so much, maybe Air Haiti is ready for you.

  • Amused

    I wonder how the author would react if a white person referred to all Black men as “boys”.
    By definition people of color cannot be “racist” but this kind of racial hatred is getting old.

  • Ronpaulblican

    This kind of racist rant calling for the suspension of the presumption of innocence is shocking from a Yale student. In fact, the bold racism and idea that she’s watching “white boys” should see her expelled. Regardless of the BS the social sciences department spews, this is blatant bigotry that must not be allowed to stand. Shame on the institution responsible for educating this young woman. They have failed. The idea that individuals don’t matter and that race predicts behavior is unsupported by any credible science and defies logic. Both the student and the university should be held in contempt for such vile musings. However, the student will, hopefully, grow out of these ill-formed assumptions about the character of her classmates. The university appears to have a much larger problem on its hands.

  • Troy Savage

    What a bunch of racist drivel. Who even pays you to spout this crap? Get the hate out of your heart.

  • Publius603

    Actually, the DOJ is watching YOU!

  • wreckinball

    Is there any adult oversight, like editors at Yale.
    This article is obviously not satire and is absolutely ridiculous.

  • AngryFarmer

    This reads like something from “1984”.

  • not-a=lot

    I know the article refers to Yale but I have been calling out bigotry since I was 7 years old and I will continue until my end. The problem today is, I get a lot more push back, as though it is acceptable now. People rarely come to grips with their ignorance but I will not desist in pointing it out.

  • Roberto Sanchez

    With an attitude like yours, I hardly doubt you will be influential, ever. Most likely, you’ll be a bitter, underemployed leftist that gathers with their kind to scream at the sky when a presidential election doesn’t go your way.

  • Mjollner

    Just think of the back lash if someone wrote an article of “I am watching you Black Boy”, So tired of the double standard!

  • Larry LaHue

    “No questions are asked when our friends accept job offers from companies that manufacture weapons or contribute to gentrification in cities.”

    Mind your own business.

  • jsw

    This is the thought pattern of a Yalie . .. deeeeeeeeeeep, some white people can be bad . . .who knew?!?!?1. State schools may give you a better education at 1/10 the price. It is funny how those accusing those of “privilege” or something like it, are among the most privileged in the country and therefore the world. . . . Remember, evil is banal . ..said the 20 yer old.

  • Chuck Chan

    You obviously want Big Data to keep a dossier on every person from grade school on up so that when one sits for a job or promotion interview, the tablets can be opened and the purest among us will render judgement as to whether they deserve to enter the chapel at the core of our democracy.

    I’m definitely a gonner.

  • Chuck Chan

    I got moderated, so I guess my dossier didn’t pass muster to have my entirely reasonable comment posted.

  • Matt Smith

    The answer to this is simple – we take his power away. He’s nothing but a Soviet informer. If they bring their jack-booted Antifa thugs, we bring our semi-automatic weapons. Nothing takes the wind out of a violent Kent State Democrat protest than some dead Democrats.
    No way is this worthless punk going to affect me or my family.

  • anb1

    What a wonderful essay supporting the elimination of affirmative action in school admissions!

  • Cosmosis

    Its not too late for you to major in something substantive and possibly be that person being sworn in or appointed somewhere, or do you intend to work the race hustle professionally?

  • Hominid

    The essay is nothing but chick blather.

  • seattleben

    If we had simply switched two words around and the article was talking about a brown boy with shiny white hair and a saccharine smile, the entire world would be up in arms about the blatant racism at play.

    Each of us if we choose to do so, can be in control of our own destiny. It has to start with who we are as people and how we treat others, it’s not the colour of our skin that determines who we are as people. If we choose to hate and see ourselves as victims, that’s a choice, the 21st century western world does not decide for us if we will be become victims.

    I would try very hard to get Ms David-Marks to consider if forgiveness is within reach for the guy trying to smile (false or otherwise), but as I started writing, I realize that I have met a few people before and perhaps people should have the freedom to choose how they wish to view themselves and the world.

    The best word for that outlook that comes to mind is toxic. A toxic outlook will poison everything around you, your relationship with people, your friends, and normal people eventually try to avoid toxic personalities.

    I wish a day can come when Ms Davis-Marks can look at a smiling boy and see this as something other than a victim oppressor encounter. Perhaps she can even learn to smile back.

  • Muy Thai

    Deport it.

  • Sheila Carrigan

    This person who seems to harbor so much hate for white boys/men yet claims racism is kind of funny. But also kind of part of the problem.

  • Don Winstrom

    Not very insightful, original or informative. Hopefully its was cathartic, as I’ll be keeping a copy and I’m going to follow YOUR career and re post it every where you go. Good luck Isis.

  • InBigSkyCountry

    I have news, little bully Mean Girl. Life is out there watching YOU – readying the ‘smack-it stick’ for your pompous, snarky, self-important assumption of supreme rightness.

  • Deez Nuts

    Another lefty filled with hatred and envy who is upset over a fake rapist created by fellow lefties in the government and the MSM, while giving a real rapist who ascended to Lt. Governor of Virginia a pass.

  • Yucca Boy

    The irony is that she just handed the ultimate screen shot to everyone who might be interested in employing her. She unmasked herself as a racist and broadcast it to the world. Smooth move ex lax. I know I’ll be watching who hires this mendacious sycophant.

  • Pat Woods

    We’re watching you, black girl………

  • Jayden Lewis

    Calling somebody racist while calling them “white boy” is pretty stupid.

    Looks like Yale is really scraping the bottom of the intellectual barrel these days.

  • Yard Barker ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

  • Yard Barker ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

  • allan williams

    Her problem is.
    “We see you now, we the people”
    Trump pulled the shroud off the lefts bigotry.
    Now it lies exposed and stinking.
    I don’t know how, but there needs to be a reckoning with educators.



  • James W Anderson

    I guess if your a liberal hate speach is OK.. the Problem there is that both sides eventually accept it.

  • ExPat_in_Krakow

    “No, not everyone at Yale is evil. Not everyone is out to get you…”

    Sure, not everyone at Yale is evil. But at least one person is: you. Isis Davis-Marks is an evil, racist and banal person.

  • Historybuff

    What did Yale do to create such hate in this ‘davis-marks’ person? With all the ‘affirmative action’ programs available to blacks for half a century now… why all the hate such as we’re seeing from this lady?

    Something bad wrong in America… the hate is propagating… growing… metastasizing. Time for a change.

  • Historybuff

    Hehehe, I just made a comment here… no 4-letter words… used a ‘h8’ word… but disagreed with the author. It is on ‘hold’ for ‘approval’ of the author’s organization.

    I think I can see for sure some of the origin of the problem. Unfortunate.

  • NewEnglandWatcher

    Another affirmative action student with a grievance. Ho friggin’ hum.

  • ExPat_in_Krakow

    Yo Isis! Have you seen any white boys in KKK hoods or black face around campus lately?

    Please be sure to watch them, they may be future Democratic Governors or Democratic Attorneys General. And if any black man on campus tries to assault or rape you, please turn him in to the authorities so he won’t become a future Democratic Lieutenant Governor!

  • Wendy Kilpatrick Laubach

    The problem is going to be getting screenshots of the stuff that’s acceptable today, but will be political poison in 15 years. Like, I hope, this appalling op-ed.

  • Charlie

    So, you are judging people by the color of the skin? Isn’t there a word for that?

  • ata777

    Isis is a very apropos name for this harridan. Who’s watching YOU, cupcake?

  • Frank_H

    The author has serious anger management issues.

  • Sailor12

    So, I’m substituting “black boy” for “white boy”, and making some other minor stylistic changes….. Easy to do….

    What a despicable, nauseating racist this piece of garbage is….

    Rather than condemn, the Yale Daily News proudly, and shamelessly “norms” this disgusting cr-p!

    It is truly a “Shanda”. Something for both the author and the YDN to hang their heads over and scuttle into the darkness….

    And yes, any human can be a racist…. It’s not a matter of racial identity groups, or power, another Post-Modern, Cultural Marxist lie.


    Comments not going your way, huh Yale?
    “delete away”, snowflakes.

  • Sailor12

    So, I’m substituting “black boy” for “white boy”, and making some other minor stylistic changes….. Easy to do….

    What a despicable, nauseating racist thing this piece of garbage is….

    Rather than condemn, the Yale Daily News proudly, and shamelessly “norms” this disgusting emetic!

    It is truly a “Shanda”. Something for both the author and the YDN to hang their heads over and scuttle off into the darkness….

    And yes, any human can be a racist…. It’s not a matter of racial identity groups, or power, another Post-Modern, Cultural Marxist lie.

  • Thesaurus Rex

    What are they teaching our children? Good grief.

  • Dr.Megan

    Is this real? Good Lord she is stupid.

  • Sailor12

    Dear Isis:

    It’s O.K. to be white…..

  • jayseedubtoo

    Good luck with your Race War, Isis.

    Thankfully, we all now can take a screenshot of what YOU’VE put out here in public, and we can assert what we know about you using YOUR own words.

    Congratulations on your emboldenment–and thank you!

  • underwearbomber

    This piece is stark evidence of the evil brood of haters and racists being produced by our most prestigious universities. Sick.

  • jct

    Please concentrate on real abuse, not every little item you consider a ‘dog-whistle’. Real abuse will continue to take a back seat if you continue to focus on things that upset you, rather than things that actually harm you. Grow up.

  • doug masnaghetti

    Ford is nothing short of EVIL! And the world would be a far better place if this psychotic, habitual LIAR dropped dead tomorrow.

  • dan limon

    @Isis– what alternative universe do you live in? What happened to evidence and due process? This is a racist/sexist screed pure and simple. Save your tuition $ and become a full time antifa SJW.

  • Sailor12

    So, I’m substituting “black boy” for “white boy”, and making some other minor stylistic changes….. Easy to do…. And the point is made!

    What a despicable, nauseating racist thing this piece of garbage is….

    Rather than condemn, the Yale Daily News proudly, and shamelessly, “norms” this disgusting emetic!

    It is truly a “Shanda”. Something for both the author and the YDN to hang their heads over, and scuttle off into the darkness….

    And yes, any human can be a racist…. It’s not a matter of racial identity groups, or power, another Post-Modern, Cultural Marxist lie.


    People are posting on other sites that you are blocking comments.
    Your weakness should shame you.

  • JordanRules

    If Ms. Davis-MArks is what Yale turns out these days God help us. Her hate-filled soul guarantees her a life of unhappiness and misery and she will spend it trying to blame others for her inevitable lack of achievement.

  • Peter Miller

    Frightening to know young people are thinking this way. In Kavanaugh’s case they went back to HS yearbooks. What’s next, implanted videos that begin recording every utterance of every ‘white boy’ from the moment he begins to speak? Just in case, you know. Sick.

  • Rumpelstilskin

    comment deleted

  • Steve Rodriguez

    How does this stuff get printed?

  • Marrkedman

    We need to re-legalize dueling to the death to put an end to this leftwing abuse of the 1st Amendment. Presently there is no check on the left and their libels and slanders. If they were compelled to either prove it and defend their position with their lives, or issue complete retractions – my guess is that this would lower the volume of the unhinged left.

  • Sidney Johnston

    No doubt this vile creature salivates at the thought of abolishing the 2nd Amendment, at least for white devils. Curious how communist swine always insist on a de-fanged population.

  • JordanRules

    If this is the kind of young scholar Yale is turning out, God help us all!

  • Rumpelstilskin

    comment deleted

  • Keith Hammond

    Don’t worry, sweetie. White boy will always have his eye on you.

  • Morganfrost

    Wow. Maybe you should spend more time worrying about your own well-being, happiness and career, and a bit less time obsessing over which white person is out to get you. And, while you’re at it, imagine in 20 years a world in which a mid-level executive’s career might be destroyed by the revelation that she had penned an article including the phrase “I’m watching you, white boy.”

  • Bruno_Behrend

    I hope that one day, you awaken to the truth that your educators and mentors, who should have been preparing you for acting in the world, have instead turned you into an ideological automaton.

    Screeds like this, which make no distinction between individual behavior and some “collective,” illustrate that all that education that went into learning how to write, was wasted.

    This article is a “screen shot” of how poorly you were served.

  • Frito_Bandito

    “Everyone knows a white boy with shiny brown hair and a saccharine smile that conceals his great ambitions.”

    And everyone knows a racist black girl who blames society for everything that is wrong with HER .

  • Gary Lee

    You write such things because you just don’t have the sand to compete, You know you’ll be holding down a crummy job in 20 years (unless affirmative action really kicks in hard for you) and you are filled with jealousy. You are the Tonya Harding of the collegiate world.. One nice thing thought: . You are seething with anger and with a big chip on your shoulder and that will totally destroy you somewhere down the line….

  • John Fields

    what a bigot

  • Ernesto Carrillo

    My God!, what a chip on her shoulder.

  • archimedes

    I wonder if courses on Bigotry are part of Yale’s Multicultural Majors.

    If Davis-Marks is even vaguely representative of what Yale is turning out, the college should be closed and turned into a hazardous waste dump.

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • TexasRules1

    This chick is too obtuse is see what a bigot she is.

  • TexasRules1

    This gal is too clueless to see how racist she is.

  • Gray Panther

    Vile, racist rant. Go find Fairfax & beat the stuffing out of him, you witch. SMH.

  • timsteele

    the fact that she refers to the Kavanaugh Senate confirmation hearing as a “trial” tells you all you need to know about the racist author and her ilk.

  • alien5

    what a loathsome article, you should leave while you can Miss isis

  • disqus_GpiUsQLtur

    Hate much, Isis?

  • Chris

    Gentrification has caused the crime and murder rates in cities to plummet, which is the best news poor and especially poor children have had these past several decades. Why would anyone poor want to raise their kids in cities anyway? It’s hard enough with wealth.

  • Brutus

    I’m watching you, racist

  • Franklin52

    Wow, what a racist article. Imagine writing a column about a “blackboy” in these same sarcastic, belittling attitude. The blow back would be incredible. “I’m watching you, white boy.”

    I understand there are still idiots – on all sides – who are prejudiced. Yes call them out when they rear their bigot side. I’m calling out this author as a bigot as her article clearly shows.

  • beaky

    we are watching you too, because you are guilty of racism too

  • beaky

    old school: hire a college grad. the new school: avoid college grads like the plague

  • Proto X

    I’m a black male and I have to say that this sort of talk is racist as hell and completely the opposite of what the youth of our country should be writing. Diversity and Inclusion my ass. These people are preaching division!!!

    This is a senior about to graduate from college? She sounds like an ignorant 5th grader that’s been raised by a bunch of bigots.

  • William Heuisler

    If you hate this country and its people so much, leave! You will not be missed.

    Haters like you conveniently forget a quarter of a million Americans of European descent gave their lives to end the enslavement of Americans of African descent. The United States is the only country in world history to fight a Civil War to end slavery.
    The ONLY country. Deal with it or go somewhere else.

    • waynesworld2012

      the civil war was fought to save the union, not end slavery

      • Bryan Doyle

        It was both!

        • waynesworld2012

          nope, nice try

  • Crutch

    That’s OK Isis, we are watching you useless nut case Liberals as well, and taking screen shots to throw in your face. Your real problem is we ARE throwing them back in your face! And you cannot stand it! More to come. We promise!

  • Bamboo Bob Sartini

    Be careful what you wish for. We already walk on eggshells, afraid to say a wrong word, The good will be destroyed because it’s not perfect.

  • DawgByte

    This is the most pathetic Politically Correct clap-trap I’ve suffered through in years. Misguided, racist, ignorant, naive and foolish are just a few words I could use to describe this ridiculous diatribe.

    BTW, Dr. Ford’s story was a fabrication designed to destroy Brent Kavanaugh’s life. The holes in her story made Swiss cheese look whole. The fact liberals know that a Ford classmate came forward and confessed to being the man who perpetrated these acts and still have the audacity to attribute them to Judge Kavanaugh is both reckless and irresponsible.

  • Adler Pfingsten

    Self-fulfilling prophesy in the making; Isis Davis-Marks is giving every white male good reason to hate blacks and the academy for allowing the racist trope to evolve into a weapon to be used at every opportunity justified or not…and, unfortunately, most of the time “racist” is totally unjustified. The time for the “honest conversation” the neo-Marxist “progressive” is terrified will actually happen has arrived.

    Black males between 15 and 34, less than 3% of the American population, commit 56.4% of all robberies, 52.2% of all the murders, 53.9% of all the assaults, 31.3% of all the rapes, and in 2013 there were about 180 million white people in the US and 43 million blacks representing 14% of the total population yet…189 blacks were murdered by whites, while 409 whites were murdered by blacks. Black males between the age of 14 and 45, 4-5% of the population, commit well over 50% of reported crimes; crime as a vocation is a poor substitute for education now rejected as being “white”. It is a sad truth one must quote a black man when discussing black issues, another third rail of Marxianity, to prove how wet the water is; the obvious in the words of George Washington Carver.

    “Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.”

    In what civilization other than the United States would a readily identifiable and extremely small percentage of the population be allowed to commit over 50% of all crime and remain virtually unmolested…and be labeled victims?

  • Smargalicious
  • Dan Delich


    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

  • Smargalicious

    Why does the Yale Daily News allow a racist to spew her hate speech on their platform??

  • HistoryMatters

    I’ve always said that the biggest problem in this Country is too many people from Harvard and Yale running for President. But I digress. This article is hilariously self-indicting. Here is a Senior at Yale who writes a column titled “evil is banal” and is – ostensibly about racism. I don’t know the author’s race, but the article invokes a racial stereotype at inception when it starts by labeling the protagonist a “white-boy” – and then indicts the faceless evil-doer in order to bar them from “future” unknown acts of civil service because of a perceived “subtle” racism. Herein lies the fallacy. It is said in science that we do not “see” with our eyes, but with out imagination. This is the myopic imagination of a pure racist who claims to fear the banal evil they are putting on display; obsessed with their own perception of things seen, but not examined. Gotta love Yale – no grades and no critical thinking. Racism itself is a tool invented to seize and hold power – exploited by Elihu Yale himself. To read one Yale Senior ponder how to deploy racism against another – while invoking its power – is pure gold. Be bold then – denounce the school founded by a slave trader and refuse your diploma. Then rage against the institution as a whole if you believe that it continues to advance the “banal” evil of its namesake. By your own observation, the power of the school itself – to ease the path to power – is the problem.

  • cazinger

    The best piece of advice I can give you, Ms. Davis-Marks, is “Don’t believe what you see on the big screen.” Even if it contains the statement “This is based on a true story”. Based on a true story means they took actual events and then changed them to make them … more interesting? … or, as often as not, more fitting with the filmmaker’s perceptions or even agenda.

  • https://www.facebook.com/VSaxenaFanPage V Saxena

    I think you’re clinically insane.

    And just so you know, I’m a brown-skinned, legal East Indian immigrant with high-functioning autism and social anxiety — meaning I’m likely multiple levels above you on the identity politics-driven left’s victims hierarchy — who just so happens to be a proud conservative and Trump voter. And no, I’m not rich. I work lengthy hours to make ’em ends meet. But get this: Despite being a working-class minority, I nevertheless support the construction of a border wall, believe in religious liberty, loathe political correctness and identity politics, believe in due process and am thankful beyond words Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanagh was rightly confirmed to the high court last year. Mind blown, Miss Davis-Marks? Welcome to the real world, my very bigoted young friend.

  • https://www.facebook.com/VSaxenaFanPage V Saxena


  • Brian

    You are one useless, racist piece of crap Isis

  • Uheshe

    Yeah and everybody is now watching you after that (pathological?) rant.

  • Tahoebum

    Sounds like a lot of wasted energy on white man hate. I have many liberal and conservative friends and get along well with both but it is almost universally true that my liberal friends are less happy and laugh/smile a lot less. My two oldest who are both in private liberal arts colleges have noticed the same thing. My daughter who a freshman said it best when she was home from her college in Calfiornia over Christmas, “I avoid the far lefties at school, they are such a bummer to be around.”
    Isis is likely one of those very unhappy humans.

  • Wyomingdude

    Some will go on to be successful, and others will wallow in their self-inflicted misery. This person hit the lottery, being accepted to Yale and seems to be content with spying on classmates and nursing grudges for decades.

  • King Porthos

    And I ‘m watching YOU, black girl. I’m watching for you to exhibit outrage at the violence, sexism, misogyny, sexual assault, drug use, and blatant disregard for any moral standard in the Black Community. These are FAR worse than any screenshot of a WORD that offends. Get your priorities straight and the REAL problems might have a chance of getting fixed.

  • rwisrael

    It doesn’t matter if the factual details are all wrong, it just …feels so right , and at the age of 22 or so, and attending an elite college, I’m just so wise.

  • Gus Armstrong

    Yea, it’s only whites, right? Every POC is as pure as the driven snow, right? But god help the Asian store owner “watching” the black thief in their store, right?

  • vman

    I like how the author assumes that only white people say racist or sexist things, or commit sins that might be brought up later. This article is racist in itself.

  • KAM

    Your biggest error, Ms. Davis-Marks—the worst of many—is believing yourself incapable of the sort of evils you’ve already attributed to that white boy.

  • MinnesotaConservative

    The author is clearly a Russian agent, seeking to undermine American society with moronic, divisive, and racist rhetoric. We’re not falling for it, Comrade!

  • Tarbabybackribs

  • Since73Fan

    I’m all for freedom of thought and expression on campus, but this is embarrassing, racist and frightening. Saddest part is her inability to imagine a world in 15 years where SHE is sitting in front of that congressional committee, not just the “white boys”. Diversity has arrived when we’ve already elected an African-American president and have many women and minorities announced for 2020. Yale obviously has some work to do….or maybe they’ve already done it.

  • CyKick

    It amazes me that college students think they are smart.
    (It would be cute if it weren’t so irritating!)

  • Bradford Gauthier

    The leadership at Yale needs to read this piece and take a good hard look in the mirror. Is this the kind of citizen and worldview they’re creating at their institution? It doesn’t seem as though this individual is capable of critical thought or has even the slightest modicum of introspection. I weep for the future.

  • Jesse Ingalls

    This is why we need to build a wall–and put this idiot on the other side of it. Vile, racist rubbish–not fit for print.

  • olt327

    The saddest part–and this article is, inherently, tragic–is not the bigotry and hostility, but the cruelty. To screenshot a 19-year-old’s messages or off-hand comments and lay in wait for decades… just so you can use it to destroy them if they happen to make something of their life? To think that a talented CEO shouldn’t deserve a job because he called a woman a whale 30 years ago?

    That’s cruel. And it’s so much worse than a mean comment. I’d hate to be so consumed with hatred that that’s what I decided to dedicate my life to.

    At the end of the day, we’re only responsible for ourselves. The world is not zero sum. No one’s perfect, and no one should be thrown away for minor transgressions from decades earlier–not when they’ve spent their life doing good and positive things. I said that during Kavanaugh, and I said it (after an initial flurry of schadenfreude, granted) about Northam in Virginia.

  • Chip Goodman

    Aren’t Bill and Hillary Yalies? Shouldn’t someone have stopped them?

  • rentslave

    Too bad.That’s the way GOD wanted things to run.

  • Paul Weeldreyer

    Only a brainwashed kid at Yale could think that the white boy is the shoo-in for the awards. So liberal universities in the MeToo era are in a hurry to award prestige to….white males? This is literally not how any of this works. The author is entitled and aggrieved. Ms Davis-Marks should focus more on her future and less on being a racist provocateur.

  • Lucius_Severus_Pertinax

    She is working to Promote and Extend a Culture of Suspicion, Mendacity and Hypocrisy. Make everyone Afraid of Each Other.

    Somewhere, Josef Stalin is Smiling

  • elfiii

    Ms. Marks, you are a nobody who will never be anybody.

  • PierrePendre

    I read a critical article about Title lX this week in which the author discussed the injustice of universities denying accused male students due process in sex cases. The author mentioned, but added that no one liked to mention the fact, that most of the accused were non-white. Davis-Marks would seem to be keeping her eye on the wrong race.

    She seems to be gearing up for a glittering career in grievance journalism. Given that she believes Kavanaugh should have been found guilty of what Blasey-Ford accused him of despite her total lack of evidence, I imagine some woke New York outlet can’t wait to snap her up.

    I wonder how a girl this dumb got into an Ivy League in the first place (okay, just kidding there; it’s obvious) but one would have hoped that a college education would have helped her to see straight about the adult world she’s about to enter.

    If she’s really in search of a grievance, she could take up the plight of the non-white male students being railroaded by Title lX administrators who ignore time-tried standards of justice for ideological convenience. Do they teach that at Yale?

    Is she herself so lily pure in thought and deed that it hasn’t occurred to her that someone at Yale is keeping an eye on HER ready to drop a student indiscretion on her at the height of her fabulous career to come. If that’s the game, everyone can play.

  • Mike B

    This writer is a racist and an idiot, anyone with half a brain knows that kavanaugh was the victim of a left wing smear campaign, led by the morally corrupt Democrat Party and enabled by an equally corrupt media.

  • u.r.tripping

    We’re watching as well.

  • Jerry S

    I’m watching you, Black boy!
    Does that line seem slightly racist?
    Do Democrats have double standards?
    Is water wet?

  • FrankD51

    Another angry black intellect woman angry because black men hook up and mate with white women. Very ugly.

  • JackLib

    Test your response to this article. Imagine that it was written by a white person, and that instead of referring to a “white boy with shiny brown hair and a saccharine smile,” it referred to a black boy with kinky black hair and a sullen expression. What would your reaction to the article be in that case?

  • wolfman jack

    Is Isis Davis-Marks the logical conclusion of integration?

  • Rob Hutchison

    “Diversity” is a code word for White genocide.

  • Barry

    Is this satire? Stupidity? Drug induced haze? Bad translation from Greek to Latin to English?
    Please, tell me, because when I went to school, Yale accepted the cream of the crop. So this cannot be serious.
    PS – Please send your resume to Wall Street firms upon graduation. They are filled with white men who do not have Google.

  • Scott Elnes

    “I’m watching you white boy” – this article isn’t racist or sexist at all. Oh wait, yes it is. But it’s okay, cause it’s white males that are getting attacked. So it’s all good.

  • Barry

    She will probably have a job waiting in some department at Yale upon graduation.

  • thorshammer

    Any guess what her degree she is pursuing??? I’m guessing it has the word “studies” at the end of it. Good job mom and dad for financing this mess

  • KristenSuzanneM

    The author of this piece is a disgusting racist. Far from educating people, Isis is into bullying and indoctrination. I used to live about twenty miles from Yale University and New Haven, Connecticut and grew up in the state; I am now appalled that such a venerable institution would allow a racist bigot to grace the pages of a recognized publication with such vile and noxious speech, innuendo and nastiness. I no longer live in the Nutmeg State but I am completely disgusted that Yale would allow this person to represent them in any fashion whatsoever.

  • Lucas_D

    I don’t owe you an apology, I don’t owe you a living, and I’m not going to subsidize your foolish life choices. Paddle your own canoe and stay out of my business forever.

    – A White Boy

  • John

    Hey author of this hateful piece we’ll remember you for your profiling of all white males and not believe a word you say because you are biased and likely to fabricate evidence to push your insane agenda. You better hope no one is taking screen shots of your phone because it’s very likely that you are posting hateful garbage as well..

  • Moshe Ben Avram

    What on G-ds green earth is wrong with these crying sacks of humanity. If they don’t like it here so much, they can leave anytime and go back to Africa where I’m very sure the Africans who have to work very hard to just stay alive, will also kick their whining backsides to the curb.

  • Moshe Ben Avram

    Well guess what black girl, as a white boy, I’m watching you as well, so have a nice day and don’t do anything stupid.

  • JAO

    Another pathetic identitarian piece. The funny things is that some of these people are so deluded that they think that their ideas are valid.

  • cicero4u

    This erudite analysis parses the fine nuances of due process and skillfully avoids negative stereotypes. Obviously this student author has a future in law, and, hopefully she will benefit by affirmative action and access free tuition. But wait for it: the endowment funding her tuition will probably be bequeathed by a ‘white boy…with a saccharine smile’

  • Delinquency

    Dear black people.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    This reads more like a setup for her own eventual disgrace. She’ll remember it on the day she learns that one of her own classmates secretly recorded some of her own idiotic comments, spied on her own computer correspondence, or turns up twitter remarks made anytime since she started using it or she gets accused of something learned from someone else sticking their nose into her business. Funny thing about the surveillance state and the fascist thinking that buoys it– it can catch anyone in its net. Just ask Bezos.

  • opus313

    Isis – interesting coincidence.

    BTW, judging a group of people by their skin color and assigning specific predetermined characteristics by that skin color is the very definition of bigotry.

  • Brad Owens

    What a loser.

  • Brad Owens

    I hope you are taking the time to read the comments posted to your screed, because you got slapped down HARD, REPEATEDLY. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll grasp that it is you that is the vile racist and that some self reflection would be in order.

  • RD61

    Quit being the victim and live your life !


    Still blocking comments?
    Do you see now that you can never win?
    You don’t have the intellectual capacity.

  • Libertybelle

    Her brand of racism (by their definition) is so I cannot stay awake…
    That is what passes for journalism these days. Grade: F for failure and fake news. We will be waiting for her article about the saccharine Lt. Governor of VA, Hustlin Fairfax. Will it be just as poorly written?

  • Phadras Johns

    You don’t get to tell us what to do and it bothers you quite a bit. Pity that.

  • Alan Smithee

    Ahhh folks… this is satire. Pretty funny.
    If it isn’t satire. Petty sad.

    • Tracey D.

      Sadly, it’s not satire. This is the deluded future of America.

  • emncaity

    Will you remember only the real or imagined misdeeds of “white boys,” you ridiculous, pathetic racist?

    Smart money says “yes,” of course.

  • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

    Using “white boy” in the first line of your screed automatically identifies you as a racist and as someone who almost certainly took the place of a more deserving, more mature applicant to Yale. Sad.

  • Ned Flinters

    Just FYI, Miss Sardonic Mouth, in case you didn’t know, though I suspect you do and that is why you use it, people find the term white boy or white girl as racist, offensive and deliberately insulting as using the N word. Put that in your pipe and smoke you walking dirt bag

  • MrP

    Dear Isis.

    White Boy might be watching you too

  • MrP

    Yo Isis. Watch This..


  • MrP

    She’s forever marked

  • FriscoDB

    This woman is suffering a massive inferiority complex. She could use the affirmation of a supportive white boy. This is why she’s watching. She longs but doesn’t understand how to satisfy her desire.

  • Mike K

    Talk about a racist person, shame on you Isis Davis-Marks.

  • colonelcampbell

    Lots of outraged people here in the comments section, but it’s interesting that I while they’ve spent considerable energy criticizing this article, I also haven’t seen any of them rebuke any of the blatantly racist / white supremacists comments right here in this section.

    As expected, many want to combat the the reputation of racism and argue that assuming all white people are racist is racist in itself, but when it comes to actually combating racism that doesn’t affect them, they’re nowhere to be found.

    This I suspect is a large component of the perception — particularly toward right-wingers — that white people are largely a monolith comprising of outspoken racists, quiet racists, and people who just generally don’t care if they’re in the company of racists. They just don’t like being called racist.

    • DemocratsAreFascists

      All that from a lack of comments about comments? I think you’re reading to much into it. It’s ok to just comment on the article.

    • timsteele

      the point of the comment section is primarily to comment on the column, but since you mention it, yes there are some blatantly offensive and racist comments on here as well. Thankfully those people do no publish featured columns every other Thursday in the YDN.

    • howellis

      Is it reasonable to assume that the people who don’t comment on the article (99.99999% of humanity) are just like the people who do?

      How do you know the race of the commenters? Most don’t show or mention their race in their comments.

    • PhysicistVet

      “I also haven’t seen of them rebuke of the blatantly racist / white supremacists comments”

      The article wasn’t about blatantly racist white supremacists. It was about assuming everything a white dude does is racist white supremacy.

      Why are you so upset that the overwhelming majority of commenters are commenting on the article instead of engaging and validating a handful of trolls in the comment section?

      FYI, I don’t see you commenting about how bad cancer is in these comment sections, therefor you must be a cancer apologist willfully condoning the evil spread of cancer everywhere.

      “white people are largely a monolith comprising of outspoken racists, quiet racists, and people who just generally don’t care if they’re in the company of racists.”

      A tiny handful of internet trolls = proof that all white people are evil. TOTALLY claiming the high moral ground here, aren’t we?

  • mabele

    Went to a prestigious college myself but I’m thinking I don’t want my son to. Screeds like this one just reinforce my view. The amazing thing is she honestly doesn’t believe she prejudges people’s moral character based on color.

    • timsteele

      true, if you go back to the earlier comments you can see her posts under a pseudonym, defending this screed. Of course she doesn’t admit that it’s her but it’s rather obvious given she’s the only one defending the piece.

  • Steve

    If you made it through Yale and didn’t realize Kavanaugh was completely innocent I think you might want to tack on another year.

    • Crusty

      Will she make the same claims about Justin Fairfax?

      • timsteele

        as painful as it is, go and read the other op-eds the author has written for the YDN. She refers to Kavanaugh and his “trial” on more than one occasion. Clearly she has been traumatized by his appointment.

  • marty362

    “I’m responsible for my actions, not the color of my skin. And if it makes you feel good to call me a racist, fine. But if you want to know who’s really responsible for racism in today’s society, take a good look in the mirror.”
    – ADA Ben Stone (Michael Moriarty), Law & Order (1992)

  • semby

    This is racist and should have no part at Yale.
    Shame on you Yale if you don’t call this out.
    All donations should be stopped until this person is expelled.
    The problem is not who she complains about; the problem is her.
    Get her help.

  • Jack_Cayman

    Liberals are very deluded. Just because someone graduates from Yale does not mean they can think straight. Obviously Yale is indoctrinating people.

  • farkennel

    Isis is like so many other Democrats,still mad that we took their slaves from them.

  • Rob

    If you don’t like racism it’s really kind of stupid to practice it.

  • Sal Brothman

    Wow, this article shows how the culture of merciless, heartless, unforgiving, vengeful pettiness has totally taken over feminist culture and the racist intersectionalism that controls it. What absolutely awful people feminists are becoming. What soulless, sexist, bitter, hateful, bigoted people they’re teaching each other to be. How horrible that now everyone is obliged to say, “You go girl,” when the women in question is acting like an amoral sociopath. I think I’ll sit out 2020 and not vote, rather than vote for either the Orange Man of his vindictive, mean-spirited, ugly-hearted rivals on the left.

    • DemocratsAreFascists

      So you see what is happening and condemn it, but you still won’t vote against it? I wish you would rethink that.

  • Micah Hershberger

    Watches a movie, thinks she’s watching a historical documentary, writes for Yale Daily News. Yep, that fits

  • Quetzlequatl

    What is a day like for you with so much hatred overflowing from your heart? Seeing the world through the lens of such hate must be exhausting.

  • DrawnAndQuartered

    What a relief to discover that not *everyone* at Yale is evil.

  • dwpittelli

    “No, not everyone at Yale is evil. Not everyone is out to get you.”

    But Isis Davis-Marks is out to get you if you are the wrong race and sex, apparently with the backing of the Yale Daily News.

  • timsteele

    what a pathetic echo chamber this woman must live in. I can only imagine what her circle of friends is like.

  • dboc2000

    I would never hire this woman. What a total bigot and ideologue.

  • censorship bites

    “Everyone knows a black boy with curly black hair and a saccharine smile that conceals his great ambitions…
    When I’m watching the black boy — who is now a black man by this point — on CNN, I’ll remember a racist remark that he said, an unintentional utterance that he made when he had one drink too many at a frat party during sophomore year. I’ll recall a message that he accidentally left open on a computer when he forgot to log out of iMessage, where he likened a woman’s body to a particularly large animal. I’ll kick myself for forgetting to screenshot the evidence.
    And, when I’m watching him smile that smile, I’ll think that I could have stopped it.”

    Wow, that doesn’t seem any less racist if the races are substituted. “Everyone knows a Jewish boy with curly black hair and a saccharine smile that conceals his great ambitions…” Yep, no better if a religion/ethnicity is substituted.
    So that prompts the question – why would the Yale Daily News run this column, given that it would be considered bigoted if any other race, religion, ethnicity, etc. were described instead of “white”?

  • Tracey D.

    I’m watching you Isis Davis-Marks. This time everyone is taking a screenshot of this editorial and you can kiss any meaningful employment opportunities “Bye Bye”!!

    • timsteele

      Sadly the type of “employment” opportunities Ms. Davis-Marks will likely be seeking will only be enhanced by this editorial.

  • Madcap DeeBag

    “Whisper networks, which are known as private chains of information which pass along knowledge of sexual assault, are useful, but insufficient in spreading information about indiscretions.”

    Wow! All you have to do is expand the “whisper” campaign by uploading uncorroborated accusations into a blog or some other online repository. It definitely has an insidious, Soviet feel to it. The potential is limitless, Comerades!

    This would be where malignant, societal tumors compile potentially false and viral information on people with whom they simply disagree or toward whom they have a grudge. Way to pump the fodder for upcoming sham-trials no doubt.

  • unimog_andi

    There was the state of East-Germany which ended in 1989. And they had the Stasi: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stasi
    You would be a very good Stasi-Officer.

  • SteveThomas39

    As always, if you scratch a leftie, a fascistic totalitarian bleeds.

  • censorship bites

    Substitute any other race in this column and it still reads as incredibly bigoted.
    “Everyone knows a black boy with curly black hair and a saccharine smile that conceals his great ambitions…
    When I’m watching the black boy — who is now a black man by this point — on CNN, I’ll remember a racist remark that he said, an unintentional utterance that he made when he had one drink too many at a frat party during sophomore year. I’ll recall a message that he accidentally left open on a computer when he forgot to log out of iMessage, where he likened a woman’s body to a particularly large animal. I’ll kick myself for forgetting to screenshot the evidence.
    And, when I’m watching him smile that smile, I’ll think that I could have stopped it.”

    What about substituting a religion? “Everyone knows a Jewish boy with curly black hair and a saccharine smile that conceals his great ambitions…” Still incredibly bigoted.
    Would the Yale Daily News have accepted this column if it mentioned any other race, religion, sex, etc.other than white? If not, then why run a racist column?

    • Billy_Ruffian

      You should probably read the article again. I don’t think you understood it.

      • timsteele

        Billy, I think they understood it perfectly well but thanks for your input.

      • kizmet paradigm


      • censorship bites

        I understood it exactly as the author intended.

        “…I’ll remember a racist remark that he said, an
        unintentional utterance that he made when he had one drink too many at a
        frat party during sophomore year. I’ll recall a message that he
        accidentally left open on a computer when he forgot to log out of
        iMessage, where he likened a woman’s body to a particularly large
        animal. I’ll kick myself for forgetting to screenshot the evidence.”

        “And, when I’m watching him smile that smile, I’ll think that I could have stopped it.”
        The author is encouraging people to actively surveil individuals of a target race and sex over the course of a lifetime in order to get dirt on them and destroy their reputations years later. That’s a stance that would warm the black hearts of the Stasi/Ministry of State Security/KGB, and your refusal to condemn it speaks volumes about your character.

  • censorship bites

    I left a reasoned comment with no profanity, epithets, or even aggressive language, and it disappeared. So I left a second similar comment. And now it disappeared as well. So not only has the Yale Daily News run a column endorsing prejudice (literally pre-judging based on race), it is now censoring critiques of that act.

  • philster7656

    “It put the power of this institution into perspective, and led me to
    reckon with the fact that many of us will become extremely influential.”

    I reckon that the author of this piece will not become one of those many.

  • MrP

    Hey Isis . Watch this


  • timsteele

    1269 comments and counting…I can’t wait to read this nut’s next screed if they allow her to publish. The Yale community is blessed with her prose every second Thursday according to the YDN website.

  • Gherky Ghee

    Isis?!?!?! Really?????

  • Fish Stark

    Great column, Isis. Thanks for your bravery in writing it!

    • Sasha

      yay racial hatred openly expressed in the gateways to institutional power

    • cor13


  • Olivia Kirby

    Congratulations isis, for proving yet again rank bigotry, racism and sexism are not the sole providence of white men. The fact this was produced by an Ivy league university is tragic.

  • mastema

    she needs to look up ‘Tolerance Paradox’.

  • Indiges

    Well Isis, you just destroyed your own ability to hold office or positions of public trust.

    Congratulations. Your racism has been screen shotted. This article will appear on your bosses desk every time you get a new job for the rest of your life.

    What is worse is that I agree with you about everything. You should remember your classmates heinous missteps. You should be thinking ahead for when they seek office.

    I even support your assertion that racism, mostly coming from white guys, has destroyed black communities frequently.

    . .. But you had to go and target a specific race. That is a no-go. That makes you a hateful racist and a sexist. I scoff at the notion that you are too “weak” to do harm with your words, or that racism/sexism is not a two way street as a result.

    Racism is racism.

    Sexism is sexism.

    You just burned your mainstream employment bridges. And the bridges of any spouse you may take. You are David Duke.


  • Laura Rosenberger

    I can’t believe you even tested high enough to get into Yale.

    • Nick Danger

      Affirmative action admit.

  • kizmet paradigm


  • frugalscott

    I don’t care what the rest of you call her. I will stubbornly continue to refer to her as ISIL.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENY7qCkDYL0 Bob Saccamanno

    Femsplainers podcast brought me here. Isis is a beautiful name that unfortunately has gotten marred by association with Daesh. I too wrote some foolish things I supposed were clever when I was young and grew to be a different person. I still write some foolish things from time to time of course. Insha’Allah this is not one of them. Hope the writer of this piece is able to have a great career, learn that hatred harms you more than the object of your hatred, and is one day able to look back at this article from a place of wisdom. Fortunately most of the crap I wrote is down the memory hole. I feel terrible for your generation because forgetting is a blessing. We strive, we fail, we try again, we forget a lot that’s worth forgetting.

    You’re at Yale. I could never have gotten into Yale with my middle America public school background. Two days after high school I was on a plane to basic training. Accept that you have some privilege and feel grateful. Use that privilege to make the world a better place with less hate. Have a great day and listen to Dylan’s song called Isis!

  • Dan Ashley, MBA, PhD, PhD, CMA

    “I’m watching you white boy”

    The author can take his racist BS and move to Somilia. Failing that, please self-destruct.

  • 5986 Y

    How can she make such racist remarks and it be acceptable? We see what kind of school Yale really is…

  • timsteele

    Isis Davis-Marks
    Bouchet Fellow

    Isis Davis-Marks is a Philosophy major in Jonathan Edwards College. She hopes to study intersections between philosophy of language and dynamics concerning race, gender, and class. She is particularly interested in studying how language can be used by politicians and journalists in order to create schisms along raced, classed and gendered lines. She is also interested in studying feminist critiques of rationalism and responses to those critiques. In doing so, she hopes to find ways in which we can challenge underlying assumptions about identity via an analytic approach.

    • http://westerncivilizationinperil.com/ obbop

      Surely there are 2, maybe 3 job openings in all the USA for her skill-set. Maybe. There is always fast-food joints offering jobs.

    • Julius Caesar

      ” She is particularly interested in studying how language can be used by politicians and journalists in order to create schisms along raced, classed and gendered lines.”

      Oh, how ironic!

  • timsteele

    Here’s a summary from Monica Showalter in the American Thinker which sums up this column very well:

    Davis-Marks has been steeped in the culture of political correctness and identity politics, and it doesn’t take long for political correctness policing to start turning into the tactics of the Stasi. Here she says she would like to get an early start through thought-police tactics starting at Yale, to ensure that she can make charges stick. The records on P.C. transgressions will be made, the records will be kept, and the records pulled out at the convenient times to ensure that no one from Yale succeeds should he have the temerity of being a white male. As an aside, the fraud potential of this is pretty impressive. But the idea of being monitored by who knows whom, and recorded by resentful and bitter fellow students, really is something. Obviously, that should end the social capital of the place — no one will be able to trust anyone, and what is P.C. today might just be different from what is P.C. tomorrow, so the potential for harm is amazing. And everyone at Yale, presumably thinking about his future career, will from now on be on his toes, much as East Germans were during the Stasi era.

    It’s frankly pretty chilling. What’s more, she’s likely to get away with it, having mastered the use of race and sex cards all her life as chits to power and always being rewarded for them. Now she finds it’s not enough. The tactics must be turbocharged with Stasi tactics, making everyone as bitter and resentful as she is, despite the opportunities she’s had.

    One can imagine that with this free-form self-appointed Stasi proposal she’s made for everyone at Yale, she’s going to be screen-shot, too. What a nice place Yale is going to be.

  • roscommonman
  • James R McKenna

    She’s a scowling, angry, embittered trogg spewing contemptuous hatred for America, men, God, guns and a women’s right to choose life over abortion…. a hostile, hate-filled face, tainted by envy, corruption, mendacity, and full-blown anti-American sentiments…she has thrown open the doors to her diseased inner sanctum, baring her storehouse of wilted values and stunted counterfeit virtues. This pint-sized schnitzel-snarfing putsch-frau, this degenerate, mouth-breathing troglodyte who has the intellectual agility of a sea slug with Down’s syndrome has become a tragic figure spewing flimflam, humbuggery and polly-foggery as a steady diatribe.…a dried-up shrewish hag, worthy of pity and prayer. In her hallucinatory world she will probably find sympathetic souls, those who will only prolong her delusions. But alas, in the end she is just sneaky, conniving, narcissistic, self-serving weasel…a person of the creative self…simple, double minded, void of any intellectual curiosity, unstable in all she does.

  • Stephen Charles Slater

    I read this column twice and thought it was satire until I read the comments.Obviously the writer was transmitted via time machine from 1789 Paris while she was knitting from the cheering section near the guillotine.

  • Billy_Ruffian

    Don’t worry Isis: Long before you have to worry about the the “white boy” is up to, your SJW brethren will have turned on you and destroyed you. Because that is what you all do.

  • Cliff Davis

    i hope that was therapeutic, mon cher

  • William Bramblett

    Yeah, we’ll be watching you too, black girl.

  • http://westerncivilizationinperil.com/ obbop
  • Nick Danger

    Some day, this dumazz will be applying for a job with your company. And when she does, make sure to keep a copy of this column to pull out for your discussion about what she will bring to your company.

  • Texas Totenreich

    LoL, my pop corn is ready for the student debt bubble to explode and worthless schools like Yale blow through their endowment and go bankrupt.

  • Francois Luchaire

    Some newspapers are writing about her here in Europe… and it doesn’t look good at all. What a reputation she has made for herself: https://www.causeur.fr/yale-garcon-blanc-davis-marks-queer-160930

  • Jeremy

    I’ve been a Democrat and a Liberal all my life. Reading shit like this almost makes me wish for a Trump reelection.

  • William Patty

    You silly feminist cultural marxist! Don’t you see that your actually validating racism with your racist remarks targeted at (white boys).

  • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/100000275804979/ Mike Metevier

    its thinking like this that makes me vote for Trump

    • Donald H Sullivan

      I don’t like Trump. But I agree, this makes me vote Trump.

  • Sean Cannon

    This miserable NeoNaziLibtard has to indirectly pronounce her lack of having a life to “monitor” the Trump-era scapegoat- the white male? You hideous excuse for a human being. This article reads with prejudice and racism and is there any wonder writers like are pushing voters towards Trump? No one wants to live in the kind of world you’re hoping to imprison everyone within- get a life you hideous loser.

    • Wulgus

      low IQ. sad

  • Wulgus

    this is insanity. i am so sick of my entire generation acting like the cops they profess to hate.

  • Wulgus

    Why is Yale letting the terrorist group ISIS write opinion pieces for them?

  • Thatherton

    Chilling. Never been an advocate for the status quo ante but to see even one member of the newest generation talking like this means the wider society has definitely taken a wrong turn somewhere.

  • Matheus Fernandes

    .As inequality intensifies and competition for diminishing opportunities tightens, expect more and more of this from the professional class. Remember, materialists: the economic explanation is always the correct one. Cancel culture is a strategy used within the professional class itself to attack potential competitors and thereby bolster your own position in the media-academia-postindustrial complex

  • jojo

    this “piece” is pure racist hate speech