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DAVIS-MARKS: End of times

This is my last staff column for the Yale Daily News. I look back at that sentence, and cannot believe that I even typed it:  […]

DAVIS-MARKS: A response to critics

On Feb. 7, I published a column titled “Evil is banal.” In it, I discussed how we need to hold our peers accountable when they […]

DAVIS-MARKS: Evil is banal

Everyone knows a white boy with shiny brown hair and a saccharine smile that conceals his great ambitions. He could be in Grand Strategy or […]

DAVIS-MARKS: Filled to capacity

On the first day of term, I knew the time had come. I had put this off for years, but waiting had done nothing to […]

DAVIS-MARKS: Enough is enough

Last week, University President Peter Salovey announced that he would “maintain current policies for addressing sexual misconduct,” even after the Department of Education announced aggressive […]

DAVIS-MARKS: White noise

“Let’s talk about diversity.” Every year a new, and supposedly well-intentioned, white candidate will approach me with the same dilemma when it’s time for club […]

DAVIS-MARKS: Give responsibly

Walking down Chapel Street is a fairly regular part of my routine. Most weekdays, I walk up Chapel toward the School of Art for class. […]

DAVIS-MARKS: Extracurricular bizarre

New years bring new beginnings. Even if you’re an upperclassman, the wrought-iron gates and the cobblestones seem a little fresher and more exciting. There’s no […]

DAVIS-MARKS: Get over yourself

Earlier in the semester, a friend and I sat together late at night, reflecting on the proximate and competitive nature of Yale. We exchanged stories […]

DAVIS-MARKS: The yuppie invasion

Dear White Yuppie: What’re you doing for the summer? A fair number of my friends at Yale — many of them white — tell me […]

DAVIS-MARKS: We’ll always be proud to present

Last weekend, I saw the Yale Dramatic Association’s production of “We are Proud to Present,” written by Jackie Sibblies Drury and directed by Shariffa Ali. […]