Valerie Pavilonis

This essay references topics related to sexual assault.

The boys who will rush the eight fraternities on campus this year will think and believe that they have nothing to do with Brett Kavanaugh ’87 LAW ’90.

In my “Psychology of Gender” class, psychology professor Marianne LaFrance explains how, empirically speaking, research suggests that people tend to not think of mixed-race or gender nonconforming individuals as people. This stings. I don’t have my lipstick on because I left my room in a hurry that morning. I scribble over the doodles that keep my company during arduous lectures: Today, they see me more as a person.

I think about what constitutes person, or people, or human, or normal. The only thing that comes to my mind is creativity. The limitless Silicon Valley hours that have gone into the question humble me — yet Siri has been actually witty, like, once. The only thing that comes to my mind is style. I dress up to prove myself. Can’t we both think these earrings are cute? Even if I have a moustache.

Women’s, gender and sexuality studies professor Melanie Boyd ’90 champions the monarchy of Title IX. We will have everyone sit through a sexual assault and harassment training. Consent is important: Figure out the intricacy of the sexual script through this fro-yo reference, and make sure you are not raped. According to our data, Mr. Mannan, more cases of sexual assault are reported within residential colleges than anywhere else on campus.

The conversation about sexual assault has nothing, or little, to do with single-gender college student organizations. Please understand. We, Unite Against The Consequence Not The Culture at Yale, prize the numbered support of our in-group allies. At Yale, we need to stand together to fight campus sexual assault.

The boy who raped me got nominated to serve on the Supreme Court. The boy who raped me became President of the United States.

Yale University treats all the Title IX and University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct complaints it receives with utmost honor, vigilance and respect. Last May, another rich boy’s rich dad’s important lawyer’s office filed a Title IX case against Yale that they were discriminating against men. He filed a Title IX case over a text prank. He filed a Title IX case because Yale suspended him over sexual misconduct.

If I was raped at Yale today, I would not approach the authorities. If I was raped at Yale my freshman year, I would not do anything about it, and it kills me to admit it. If I was raped at Yale today, I would rip the threads of the perpetrator’s life in manners unheard of, but I would also look him in the eyes and tell him that he is not the only one, and that he will not be treated by me as if he was the only one. I would make an example out of him.

The boys who will rush a fraternity this year will think that they have nothing to do with Brett Kavanaugh, that they will never be in a room of boys laughing at a girl’s expense. The boys and girls who will rush secret societies this year will think nothing as they step into old shoes of old men. The boys who are embarrassed of themselves, ashamed of their body, heart or soul, will think that they have nothing to do with the Spacey and the Weinstein and the Kanye West and the Eminem and the Hitler and the Trump and the Pence.

What the fuck? am I


I’m learning a bit that

They don’t see me as

Human —

Some weird abstraction;

That crazy Pakistani kid,

The weird fag-thing,

The weird fag-thing I became

On my own 100 percent accord

Juggling wealth and wisdom,

Particularly maternal kindness

And I guess with it

Also maternal loneliness.

Yes, I guess, I guess —

Even Mummy didn’t find love,


Or did she? What do I

Know about her? Nothing.

They don’t see me as human!!!

Well, I mean yeah,

Didn’t you know?

I’m with my man right now.

“I thought you were the man.”

I thought YOU! were the man,

Would be? the man.

I know you’re scared of bottoming.

I think my strength will save me —

And I’ve got a lot extra left.

Maybe I can save

The whole world;

I’m not scared of bottoming and

At most, I think

It is arduous,



And risky

But I’m not scared

Of being taken by you.

Fuck me in the ass!

I’m your man.

Zulfiqar Mannan | .