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Quitting Knowing

If you look at the cover letters I have sent out for the past two years, you will attest that my most salient approach to […]

MANNAN: In defense of a liberating education

On March 4th in 1985, six Yale undergraduates disrupted Central Intelligence Agency recruiting on campus. Joseph Bristol ’88, Mark Chiang ’85, Nicholas Jaffe ’86, Alan […]

Raze By A Rebellion From The Books Of Life

The first class I ever attended at Yale, I shed tears in. It was a class on Milton. It was sort of embarrassing, but also […]

How To Be Not That Kind Of Girl

I don’t know why I was so afraid to talk about bodies, and specifically, my body, or yours or our bodies. This summer, I picked […]

Gotta Secret, Can You Keep It

The anatomy of hegemony follows a lot of rules of exclusion. If the colored kids are kept out of positions of power, if women are […]

Backstage: Scott Fried

Last Friday, I headed over to the Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale to interview Scott Fried, a renowned HIV/AIDS activist, mentor and community […]

Boys’ Club

This essay references topics related to sexual assault. The boys who will rush the eight fraternities on campus this year will think and believe that […]

Too Cool To Juul?

I was introduced to the concept of electronic smoking by the slim, tacky Sheesha Pens. They would come in all kinds of colors and light […]

Valerie Pavilonis
Will the “Real Slim Shady” please stand up

Raise your hearts if you thought someone was going to sweep in and save you one day. I did. I thought it was going to […]

Keyi Cui
The Poetics and Politics of Memory: A Review of “Filling Basins”

“Filling Basins” reclaims the domestic space as a site of elastic revolutionary potential where the socioeconomically disenfranchised washer-women of Georgia ask: Who gets to demand […]

Andrew Schmidt
The Fault, Dear Brutus, was in the Syllabus

The first seminar I ever attended at Yale was for an English class on John Milton. I had never had a particular interest in old-timey […]

Jiyoon Park