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If you walked into the Grace Hopper College courtyard last year, you may have seen a cat on a leash. Last fall you might have seen a dog; this semester, there are two of them scurrying around Hopper.

These are emotional support animals. While Yale College does not allow students to live with pets on campus, University Policy 4400 allows students to live with emotional support animals, also called assistance animals, “on a case-by-case basis in a reasonable accommodation for a documented disability.”

Last year, there was one registered support animal on Yale’s campus, a kitten named Sawa. There are now 14 — a number that Sarah Chang, associate director of the Resource Office on Disabilities, expects to rise.

“If what has played out at other schools is true, then yes, [there will be] a lot more,” Chang said. “I do think we’re going to see a large increase in numbers, definitely.”

Emotional support animals require no training. They don’t even have to be dogs. Their purpose is to provide a therapeutic benefit through companionship. At Yale, there are emotional support dogs, emotional support cats and even an emotional support hedgehog. All members of the class of 2021 were asked on the first-year housing survey whether they would be agreeable to sharing a suite with a student who has an emotional support animal or service animal.

Still, despite the increase in the number of such animals, there is little scientific evidence to support their impact on humans, according to Molly Crossman GRD ’19, a Yale doctoral student in psychology who has studied the mental health benefits of people’s interactions with animals.

“There isn’t research that speaks directly to emotional support animals. There’s little directly on that that I’m aware of,” Crossman said. “Although we generally agree that science informs policy, often it just doesn’t work out like that.”

Yale and colleges across the country have adopted policies that allow emotional support animals — not necessarily because the science backs it up, but because the schools have to, in order to comply with the Fair Housing Act. The act states that “persons with disabilities may request a reasonable accommodation for any service animal, including an emotional support animal.” The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibits discrimination based on disability.

“Those two laws are basically the reason we weren’t inspired to create the program,” Chang explained. “We were mandated to create the program. All universities have to follow those laws.”

Violating the laws can be costly. In 2013, Grand Valley State University paid $40,000 in a settlement after a student sued the university for preventing her from keeping an emotional support guinea pig on campus. Two years later, two students received $140,000 in a settlement with the University of Nebraska at Kearney after they were denied “reasonable accommodations” to keep two emotional support dogs. A similar suit at Kent State University cost the school $145,000 the following year.

These settlements are commonly discussed at conferences with mental health educators, according to Jamie Axelrod, director of disability resources at Northern Arizona University, where more than 100 requests for emotional support animals are received each year. After these lawsuits in the early 2010s, many schools across the country, including Yale, created policies to specifically address emotional support animals.

“It was clear that in those cases that the HUD [U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development] was looking for, maybe, something that didn’t require as much as proof as they would in accommodation in an academic setting,” Axelrod said. “A different standard of what is required.”


During reading period of her sophomore spring, Micaela Bullard Elias ’18 started getting serious gastrointestinal problems, and eventually decided to go to Yale Health. She took several tests for various physical illnesses, but they all turned up negative. She lost about 30 pounds in a month, and started to develop insomnia. She was given fluids through IV to keep her hydrated.

In the end, she was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder that manifested physically.

Bullard started taking medicine, but it helped only so much. She would still wake up six or seven times a night, thinking she had to go to the bathroom, but really just suffering from symptoms of anxiety.

Bullard had seen Sally Weiner ’18, the first student with a registered emotional support animal, in the Hopper courtyard with her cat, Sawa. She thought an emotional support animal might improve her life and after a conversation with Weiner about how Sawa had helped her with anxiety, Bullard decided to go through the process herself.

Bullard got medical documentation from her psychologist that stated her diagnosis and explained how an emotional support animal, would help alleviate the impact of her condition as part of her treatment plan. She met with Chang, who explained the rules Bullard would have to follow. Her emotional support animal would only be allowed in specific places on campus, unlike service animals, and she couldn’t bring the dog to the library or class. Chang also discussed with Bullard the practical side of keeping an emotional support animal on campus: What would she do with the animal after graduation? What would she do with the animal over breaks? What would she do with the animal if she wanted to go to New York City for a weekend? The Resource Office on Disabilities expects students not to leave the animal with other people over night. Despite some lingering questions, Bullard decided that it would be worth it.

Bullard currently lives in a two-person Hopper College suite with her friend Tianyi Shi ’18. The two live with Bullard’s emotional support animal, an Italian Greyhound named Pascal, who likes to jump up and lick visitors on the face. He weighs 14 pounds and is about 16 inches tall.

Bullard said that since she got Pascal her symptoms have all but disappeared. She no longer wakes up several times in the middle of the night, and no longer vomits because of anxiety. She says her insomnia is gone. Her symptoms have improved so much that she plans to go off medication this summer, she says.

“I’ll still get anxious, you know, because everyone gets anxious at some point in time, but it hasn’t hindered my ability to study since I got him,” Bullard said. “I also just enjoy life more generally. Honestly I’m kind of surprised by the impact he’s had in terms of my emotional state and my ability to sleep. It’s a little crazy.”

Pascal has become a regular in the Hopper courtyard, often surrounded by students who want to play with him. Bullard’s room is also a popular destination for friends who feel comforted by her emotional support animal.

Despite what Bullard considers a success for her and others who are helped by her dog, she still worries about how other students are affected by Pascal. Students have complained about Pascal jumping in the courtyard. And after another emotional support dog moved into her entryway, Bullard received a complaint about barking.

“It can be really annoying, especially since another service animal moved into our entryway,” said a student who lives between the two emotional support animals and asked to remain anonymous. “They bark at each other and interact with each other, and then they will be barking for like 10 minutes on end … I imagine that people who don’t like dogs are not thrilled about it.”

The student added, however, that the dogs rarely bark at night, and that it’s nice having dogs around in the college. “I don’t think a minor annoyance to us is a significant enough reason to warrant people not always being comfortable,” the student said. “College is noisy. It’s fine.”

Some Hopper students now refer to Bullard’s entryway as “The Isle of Dogs,” a reference to the recently released Wes Anderson film. And while it’s important for Yale to support students who suffer from anxiety and allow comfort animals, one Hopper student said, the University should better regulate the dogs, which can be “loud and disruptive.”

“Just because he’s very beneficial to me doesn’t mean that he should be a detriment to other people,” Bullard said. “That’s something that worries me a lot.”


According to a survey by the American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment, in spring 2017, 20.6 percent of students have been treated by a professional for anxiety. In fall 2011, the number was 12 percent.

While emotional support animals are far from the only way to treat anxiety — they are usually recommended along with other treatment methods — psychiatrists have seen increasing demand from patients to write emotional support animal letters, a phenomenon that psychologists Jeffrey Younggren, Jennifer Boisvert and Cassandra Boness explore in the paper “Examining Emotional Support Animals and Role Conflicts In Professional Psychology.”

“Altogether, this media publicity and industry has implications for psychologists as they might be pressured by patient requests for a letter of evaluation in support of their need for an emotional support animal or certification of their pet,” the paper states.

The papers address many sites on the Internet that offer emotional support animal letters — required documentation for registering an animal as an emotional support animal — cheaply and in less than 24 hours, and how psychologists have to be careful when writing an emotional support animal letter.

Despite the complaints from some students, Bullard’s situation is practically a best-case scenario. She spent months researching what kind of animal she wanted in her dorm — looking for one that was hypoallergenic, didn’t smell and didn’t make much noise. She kept her suitemate in the loop the whole time, and arrived on campus with all the required forms completed and her dog fully vaccinated.

However, with many emotional support animals on the way, the potential for complaints will increase, and not all emotional support animal owners are as responsible as Bullard. At Washington State University, a student brought a 95-pound pig into her room, and it chewed up the room’s carpeting, furniture and closet doors, according to the New York Times. And Crossman said there is reason for concern that those who suffer from anxiety could have their symptoms exacerbated by having to take care of an animal.

A dog owner herself, Chang is aware that there are almost no studies proving the efficacy of emotional support animals. But Yale, like every other university in the country, is required by law to allow them.

“Yale can’t really do anything to prevent controversy because we have to follow the law,” Chang said. “We’re trying to implement [the policy] as smoothly as possible here within the Yale community by working to ensure that our rules are fair both for the people who are requesting the animals on campus and for everyone else who then has to live in a community and share the space with those animals.”

So far, the policy has worked relatively smoothly. And while there’s no solid scientific evidence backing the use of emotional support animals, Crossman warned against citing the lack of data to prevent people from getting emotional support animals.

“It’s probably even more important, from my perspective, to make sure we’re not discriminating against students who have mental illnesses,” Crossman said. “Right now, the law says we have to protect this right, so if students are meeting this standard, my impression is that we should meet that standard across the board.”

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  • steepanddeep

    My dog Jeffery lived in Stiles with me Junior and Senior year, back in the ’70s. I have always had dogs and he was immensely beneficial to my state of mind. Stiles a few years previous actually had an open pets policy and I was told a pig was once in residence.

    By our year that policy was long gone, but once Master Frei eventually found out about him he had a broad constituency and when summoned to the Master’s office I was told he would allow it but could not support me if there were any problems. I readily agreed, and his two-year tenure was almost entirely very positive.

    He went to most classes with me and even though he was a puppy the first fall there was hardly a disruption. I was in denial of a little nearsightedness, though, and my coursework was affected here and there as I sat in the back of lectures.

    Only once was there an official complaint and it was a false accusation that I had bathed him in the shower. I learned the name of the fraudulent tipster but never confronted him nor ascertained his motive.

    My collegemates will remember many Jeffery stories, and I am confident that he enriched many Yale experiences beyond my own.

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      Gee thats great !!! Lol

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      Did you ever move out of Mom’s cellar?

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      Just make sure puppy goes into the loser’s room who reported you, so he can shake off all over his bed.

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      Today there are many pigs in Yale residences, although I’ve heard they prefer to be called swine. Sometimes they refer to themselves as lawyers and many of them go on to become leaders of industry. Those most comfortable with wallowing in mud and piles of their own reeking feces generally go into politics.

      For some odd reason, non-yalies usually refer to an entire herd of these swine as a snowstorm, although I’ve heard tell that Yalies themselves get quite bent out of shape by the characterization. Thus the proliferation of thumb-sucking closets where triggered oinkers can go nurse their shattered egos.

      VERY strange, Libotomized world you’ve helped create, Yale. You oughta be proud of yourselves…

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  • Ima anon

    Is there anything that prevents a human animal from being an emotional support animal? “MOM!MY I need you now.” Yale law students get working on this ASAP and report back here. Thanks. Now I must get back to my emotional support wife who is helping to calm me down after being agitated by my pain in the a55 dog.

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      I think I need an emotional support billionaire-does the government have to deliver Bill Gates to me now?

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        I have an emotional support animal. He is an a wonderful roommate. Why do ppl make snide. Terrible comments regarding others ill health.

        • Ima anon

          Good question. But this article has clearly struck a nerve. When is an emotional support animal just a pet? Not clear. How much accommodation should be made? Are there any restrictions at all? On size and type of pet? What type of documentation is needed? Handicap parking permits are a good example of exemptions requiring proof and documentation from third parties in medical field. Are emotional support animals giving true service (ie blind, physically disabled. epileptics etc.) animals and their owners a bad name? What about allergies?

  • Scott G Slanda

    “on a case-by-case basis in a reasonable accommodation for a documented disability.”
    Is being a liberal snowflake a documented disability?

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    • EricNV

      It must be. I don’t ever remember anybody at my college who needed an “emotional support animal” back in the 80’s and early 90s, let alone had one. I remember service dogs for a couple of blind students, but everyone would have laughed at the notion of an emotional support animal.

    • EricNV

      My first reply to your question got flagged by Yale Daily News, and it didn’t have one cuss word or disparaging remark, so I would have to say yes – being a liberal snowflake is a documented disability. If it it isn’t, it should be.

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      Certainly an intellectual disability.

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    I’m surprised that we don’t see this in Congress….support animals for all the crybaby democrats.

  • Computer_Expert

    Excuse me. As someone who is in favor of equality, bringing animals to campus, not only incurs a liability issue, but actually demonstrates that these students are unqualified to attend the university. We are not talking about “service animals,” such as dogs for those with sight acuity issues and neurological seizure issues, but talking about PETS. Emotional support animals ARE PETS.

    Put on your big boy or big girl pants and crack open your books, not blame your problems on emotional issues. If a student has emotional issues, they do not belong in a college or university environment. Next-up? Emotional support ponies.

  • hilaryblamesme

    if you need an emotional support animal with you all the time you may not be ready for university life

  • Unladen Parrot

    Why is this limited to animals? Emotional support kegerator? Can mom come to college with her freshman for emotional support?

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      FDRs mom did – she moved to college with him. And we see the significant damage done 30 years later; indeed, biographers have pointed out that FDR needed his mommy for almost his entire life.


    Fer chrissakes, GROW UP! This does nothing but teach the incoming generation of learn-nothings how to game the system to have a pet in school.

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  • Texas Aggie 1966

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    Bring back the Pet Rock.

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    I like dogs, and I like cats, I have one of each, but I function without them constantly in tow. The psychiatrists can come up with all the medical jargon / BS they want to to keep these people spending money from their couch, but I say these people are just weak. And they are also seeking attention and wish to force their will upon others, regardless of how aggravating they and their service animals can be.

  • Bill Smith

    Therapy Animals are a real thing, but in order to be legit, you need to have been examined by a doctor. Most of these kids are just doing it for fashion, and it needs to stop.

    • MoBetter2

      Therapy animals are only as real as the physician who signs off on them, and physician’s being human, they are subject to all kinds of influences, one of which is a patient who whines and carries on each visit for their need for a emotional support animal until the physician gets so tired of it, he signs the approval.

      • Bill Smith

        Maybe, but as a vet with PTSD and a masters degree in social work who has worked with these animals and their trainers, I can tell you that Therapy Animals really do help people relieve anxiety. However, there are more and more people who are fakes, because they want to bring their purse dog on a plane, or into a restaurant. And all the crap about people bring pigs and peacocks on planes, and into stores… that’s BS. I confront people about it sometimes, because I can tell. The people I really feel sorry for are the store employees, because they don’t know the law, and they don’t know what to do. And they can get in trouble both ways… if they throw someone out who is legit, they can get sued of fined. But if they allow someone in who should not be there, then they can get fined or even shut down for violating the health codes. It’s not funny!

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    Throw in a little “He’s a rescue…” implying you yourself saved this innocent pup from a raging house fire, and you’re money!

    And I remember when people would laugh at Linus & his blanket in Charlie Brown….

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    I think having a pet is nice and all, but this emotional support animal movement has reached a fevered pitch and 99% of the people with these support animal’s owners ‘condition’, are one that is non existent and most have not been seen nor treated by a physician.

    They bring pets to restaurants and shopping centers only because they can and nobody checks legitimacy.

    What’s the harm people say? I was a US Army soldier, hurt in service. Spent 1.5 years in a hospital, fought like hell to walk, albeit with a cane. When my cane slips on dog saliva on slick indoor tile in stores like Home Depot, I land on my @ss.

    I shouldn’t have to be on the lookout for dog slobber in every store I shop. I avoid shopping in the rain, and my home state is hot, thus more dog slobber.

    Every single person that brings an animal to a cafe to a Home Depot should have to be seen by a vet proving the animal is ‘service friendly’ even a emotion support animal must meet certain safeguards such as disposition, and its owner needs to show an actual medical need.

    Then a tag can be issued and hung on said support animal, for quick and easy identification. There is no bigger animal lover than me, but people that bring dogs shopping only because they can, are absolute and utter losers.

  • PeteRR

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  • Dr. Ed

    What bothers me is that this is so arbitrary that it becomes a due process issue — there is no objective criteria as to who is allowed such an accommodation and who isn’t, and that puts Yale into a no-win situation where the essentially can’t say “no” to anyone for anything without the risk of being sued.

    ADA says “otherwise qualified” and the argument would be that if you aren’t able to attend college without an emotional support animal, you aren’t psychologically able to attend college. I’ve seen other institutions do worse and then it comes down to the whim of OCR — which is not consistent between circuits. Yale is in Region 2, which has taken a completely different approach to interpreting the same laws as Region 1.

  • Snod

    This shows you just how mentally weak Americans have become!

  • Snod

    More Progressive censorship here…lol You snowflakes will see reality someday.

  • StubbornlyRational

    A fundamental problem not dealt with in the above article is the right of students with animal dander allergies to exist in a relatively dander-free environment. Anyone with a severe animal dander allergy will experience flu-like symptoms when exposed to animal dander. It is not a joke — you become downright sick.

    So far, animal rights activists have been able to simply override the rights of allergy patients and force animals into confined spaces where (a) they are actually not necessary, and (b) they make some other people ill.

    For decades, people were able to swallow their “anxieties” and fly without their favorite pets. Now, they get to force their pets on board and inflict physical suffering on others.

    It doesn’t seem fair. Does it?

    • SGT Ted

      The ESA people are very self centered.

  • Americaweeps

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  • Americaweeps

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  • Joe in OH

    Like so many other issues, that of emotional support animals will be pushed to the limit forcing policy changes which will engender protests that will rage on until these recently post–adolescents are distracted by the need to defend the next social injustice. Then, as historically demonstrated, they will eventually mature into our government, corporate and scientific leaders.

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  • nick0004

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    When is any population or institution “too black” “too yellow” etc. and needing of “diversity”?

    Why are All & Only white populations targeted for mass immigration and ‘diversity’?

    Because # White Geno Cide
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    • Cliff Farris

      Diversity really means not you and not me.

  • FlushRyan

    Yale is Blockbuster – its greatest days are past.

    • Defy

      Affirmative action ruined Ivy League schools. Too many under qualified morons at these once proud schools.

  • ChrisLongski

    More like Flakiness is proliferating and the written/unwritten rules are being totally abused. Give the Flakes an inch and look at what happens ! I have a companion cat given to me by the V.A., but he stays at home. I can manage emotionally when I am out and about, for goodness sake…

    Epic fails in the making on the Yale campus, methinks with respect to these ’emotional support animals. What if Pit Bulls come into vogue ?

    • Dobraya Utka

      “companion cat given to me by the V.A.”

      Does the V.A. have a connection with the local ASPCA by any chance?

      • ChrisLongski

        Only in the sense that emotional support and companion animals are obtained for Veterans from the ASPCA shelter by the V.A.’s social workers. My cat came from the farm of a V.A. employee — not like the source mattered.

  • Bilbo

    These are the same a-holes that park in a disabled space to “run into the store for just a second”. Really disgusting when ESAs are conflated with real service dogs.

  • Propecia Crack Ho

    After reading this I would like to announce I am resigning from the human race

    Can a group of people be any softer than this….and not even five eights turgid

  • skoch

    Yale, emotional snowflake juction for the Ivy League elite.
    Hang out that shingle at law school. (Hillary needs a good lawyer she can tell her story too and defend her in her upcoming investigation by the justice department.

  • Mr. H

    The left has been pushing uncivil conduct for years now, and as it turns out the left seems to be the most effected by low self esteem, low self confidence, poor self image, high levels of anxiety, and generally being lost and left behind by life. The left is turning into a bunch of snow flakes who melt in the face of any source of resistance in getting their way and what they want. Guess what! The rest of us are not going to put up with all of the excessive whining. We will let the snow flakes melt. Some how these people are going to have to learn to live on their own and just suck it up and go back to work. Snow flakes will never be leaders and probably not all that employable either. Get over it!

    • Cliff Farris

      It is most unsettling that these non-leaders may yet end up in positions of power. They main efforts will be to drag others down to below their level. This is a bad development.

  • Jonathon Quentin Public

    “Still, despite the increase in the number
    of such animals, there is little scientific evidence to support their
    impact on humans, according to Molly Crossman GRD ’19, a Yale doctoral
    student in psychology who has studied the mental health benefits of
    people’s interactions with animals.

    “There isn’t research that speaks
    directly to emotional support animals. There’s little directly on that
    that I’m aware of,” Crossman said. “Although we generally agree that
    science informs policy, often it just doesn’t work out like that.””

    Could we speak to Molly’s TEACHER, maybe, for a WWW article? Kind of sick of hearing what students think offered up as gospel.

    Many thanks.

  • clb45para

    Great, when they get their magic Socialist society, they will have something to eat, like the people in Venezuela are doing now.

  • TheDeplorableX

    These people need a stint in the Marine Corps. How will they ever get through life ?

    • Yukon Cornelius

      They couldnt even handle the bus ride from the airport

    • GetItRight2016

      Funny you should say that. When my daughter was 12, yikes she was an angry girl. I thought it would be a good thing to get a dog for her and the whole family. We did get a puppy, a mini aussie. It was great for her. It didn’t change her personality but it gave her something to love and make her smile every day. When she was 17 our dog was hit by a car, she was devastated. I had to sit with her for 2 days. I believe it was an important life lesson of love and loss. She was in the delayed entry program for the Marines and went in a couple of months later. She is now 20 and a non-commissioned officer. Boot Camp was a rude awakening for her.

  • dan h

    Looking for unconditional love, and not quite sure where to find it.

    • Cliff Farris

      A dog will give you unconditional love. Sorry for the dog here, though.

    • American Patriot

      I will love you

  • rico lebrun

    We are so screwed as a country.

    • patriot

      Yes we are and it’s so sad

  • KennyPowers

    “Although we generally agree that science informs policy, often it just doesn’t work out like that.”
    Yeah, that bird flew the coop long ago.

  • nancy pelosi

    Because Yalies are douches? I went to Stanford. We didn’t have them, we didn’t need them.

  • James

    The need for support pets might come back to bite these emotional weaklings in the butt later on in life. I find it ironic that these little twits are attending a school that will graduate lawyers…prosecutors and defenders….LOL. They are in the wrong “institution”.

    If the lights ever were to go out, I wonder if they would have the grit and temerity to eat Sawa the support cat?

    • meeester

      sure…oh you mean them. I thought you were asking me.

  • MarkSonCanny

    If I were back in college, I’d want an emotional support, Jersey cow. Really. Or a Belgian draft horse.

    • Pray for America

      Just don’t try to get on an airplane with your ostrich, especially after they have already told you that you couldn’t.

    • strongmind

      I would be satisfied with a couple gallons of blue bunny ice cream.

    • David M

      I would probably go with a sloth……..or a drunk monkey

    • Dammit

      I have an emotional support llama. He would spit on Yalies.

  • Mike Gilmer

    Yale used to be a great university. SMH.

    • Defy

      Then affirmative action happened.

    • strongmind

      “used to”

    • Dobraya Utka

      “Originally restricted to theology and sacred languages …” (Wikipedia)

      The downward slide is now complete.

  • John Riley

    Thank you Americans with Disabilities Act for adding to our ever growing list of “rights” to be discovered and exploited.

    • D. Davis

      Given to us by G.H.W. Bush, R.I.N.O.

  • James

    The need for support pets might come back to bite these emotional weaklings in the butt later on in life. I find it ironic that these little twits are attending a school that will graduate lawyers…prosecutors and defenders….LOL. They are in the wrong “institution”.

    If the lights ever were to go out, I wonder if they would have the grit and temerity to eat Sawa the support cat?

    I guess Yale Daily News decided that “twit” and “institution” used in the same sentence probably hits too close to home at the alma mater. That’s why they deleted my comment the first time around.

  • mnemonicmike

    If you can’t swim, you don’t belong in the pool. It’s completely backward that society has to conform to the oddballs; if the oddballs aren’t able to conform to society that is their problem, not society’s.

    • strongmind

      But, the democrat party has become powerful on the back of victimology and this is only the latest example of adult children who can’t cope.

  • American Freeman

    Wow, that’s alot a snowflakes.

  • patriot

    From the greatest generation who fought Nazis Germany and the Japanese to the crybaby snowflake generation.
    These idiots at Yale are weak and wouldn’t last 1 week in a war.

    • Whatisyourvictimstatus

      I know right…my 91 year old father was on a ship in the Pacific at 17…i don’t think he or his buddies were looking for an emotional support guinea pig…they truly were the greatest generation… now we’ve got the greatest disappointment.

    • strongmind

      I am happy my father, who earned three purple hearts in WWII, has long since passed away. It would break his heart to see what America has become.

    • lilithwhyte

      They can’t handle adulthood. They’re the Worthless Generation.

    • California70

      You can thank the Progressive (socialist) professors for this crap!

  • Spiro Mentos

    It’s cruelty to animals. To be cared for by some dysfunctional liberal.. I bet the dogs bite them. And crap on the rug. And hump guests legs. Yale is not enlightened. History has proven Yale to be a menace to the free world. Higher nothing. They groom psychotic killers like the Bushes. Yale has destroyed humanity. AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO.

    • theGOONIES

      The dog would have to wait its turn for all the activities you listed above.

    • Cliff Farris

      Remember, it was they who inflicted the Clinton’s on the United States.

  • ncpg

    Ivy League privilege.

  • HomeIsTexas

    Did Yale run out of hot chocolate and diapers?

    • Two If By Sea✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈAᴹᵉʳᶦ©ᵃᶰ

      It’s no longer Hot Chocolate, that could burn an Man-Child or Woman-Child. The dining halls only serve Tepid Chocolate now; it’s better because it supports Arrested Development and is certified Boo-Boo Free as well as Over-grown Cry-Baby Safe.

    • meeester

      Oh? You don’t think those are still included?

  • ncpg

    I call it Ivy League privilege.

    • bubbinator

      Ivy League idiots, include the Kenyan Denier-in-chief, have managed to get us in this mess. Liberals are like racing stripes in your underwear!

    • California70

      I still call them sh-t Disturners! That is what they are! No business can afford employees like this! Business still needs TEAM players! Business has to pull together in The same direction to be able to make money, stay in business, and employ people! If Not the business will go broke and you will NOT have a job!

    • Rclifton

      No…just plain old stupidity.

  • White Clowns

    So, one day soon, corporations will have to provide child care AND pet care for their employees??

    • California70

      Employees like this would cause a corporation to go bankrupt, from lack of work by their employees who are busy being “too stressed out” to work! Good luck for business ventures for the “little guy” or family owned companies! One employee like this would Kill the entire operation of a small business; not to mention what these kinds of employees would do to large Corporations!
      These kinds of people used to be known In Business circles at the top, as
      “Sh-t Disturbers”! They were given their paycheck and shown out the door permanently at the end of the workday on Fridays!

    • Michelle Teller

      Sadly, that will happen.

    • barbara

      And crying closets.

  • eric_in_NJ

    Delicate snowflakes getting useless humanities degrees. The American Ivy League.

    • stealthdan

      Future Government workers. That is where most of these crazy degreed people end up. A cushy 25 year well paid job with guaranteed life retirement. All on the tax payer’s funds. Sweet!

    • Flechette

      They are not useless. They get you into the “Good ole’ boys club” where you can get insider business deals and make millions for doing essentially nothing.

      Remember, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

    • strongmind

      home of America’s best and …….. and………. nevermind.

    • stringtheoryrob

      Their “disability” seems to be they are all entitled White girls.

  • Josh Kennels

    Sorry to burst your bubble but there are no legit registries. If a dog isn’t recommended by a doctor or psychiatrist then you have a pet not an SD or ESA. Do your research bettor posting things especially things this serious. Can’t believe you work or attend Yale and didn’t do your research before making this article

    • ruggerd

      All of those issues were covered and a letter from a psychologist is acceptable. So not only do you have a reading comprehension problem but you are arguing on a point that you know nothing whatsoever about.
      For a legitimate letter, you’ll need documentation of the following (at minimum) from a licensed mental health provider (e.g., licensed counselor, licensed social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist)z

      There are no legit registries. Legitimate in what since. They are breaking the law?

    • KentG70

      Very true.

  • GuyFawkes

    Snowflake that cannot emotionally function in society without an animal, … should not be pretending to be a student.

    • GMC/USN

      Wait until they graduate and start pretending to be productive members of society.

  • quaichang

    Progressive morons have to call them “emotional support animals.”
    The rest of us just call them “pets.”

    • Smokey

      Best comment of the day.

    • Floyd_Lloyd

      Or dinner if you’re from some countries.

  • Vlad Lenin

    … and this is what societal collapse looks like. Back to you Octavian.

    Meanwhile, in Germania. Roman forces suffered another defeat from the barbarian horde. This loss comes as Roman legions in all corners of the empire struggle with armed resistance and dwindling supplies due to the decadence in the Capitol.

    • BonitaDave

      The parallels are obvious and sickening. Unfortunately, America is so corrupt and broken that I see no way back. Liberalism is truly suicide.

    • Confused

      Funny post. Mine keep getting censored, but wanted to say thanks for the humor.

    • Lionel Mandrake

      First laugh of the day, and a good one too. Thanks!

    • Seewhatyadid

      I can’t even begin to relate with people of this mindset. It’s a complete alien culture.

    • Robert Hopper

      I fear, with the incompetence and corruption that rules Washington, our Teutoberg Forest cannot be far off. Trump is, in Washington, with garlic in one hand and wooden stakes in the other (he needs someone to hold a cross); can he drive these bloodsuckers out of the swamp? We all know the names of the corrupt and traitorous Dems, but what about Mitch McConnell and other Repuubs that slither about the halls of the senate?

      • MoBetter2

        The problem is a dimwit electorate which, no matter how many times it is kicked in the teeth by the very fools it elects to office, they continue to re-elect the same crooks decade after decade. Only well-planned term limit legislation can possibly begin to fix decades of political corruption.

        • ScroobieRoobieRoooo

          that wouldn’t even work, as lifelong career swampocrats really run the government

  • Defy

    $76,000 actually. This really is a tragedy. Yale. Now full of under-qualified URMs and mentally disabled. If were a Yale alum; I’d be pissed and stop donating.

    • Yale1984

      Many of us stopped already.

  • Markangelo

    What Gender (race–what a stupid question
    for a mammal to answer)are the Animals ???

  • Markangelo

    Are they elite circus Elephants or over worked Donkeys !
    Sounds like animal abuse !!!!!!!!!!!

  • brians000

    This is only the first step for the snowflake generation. Eventually, student’s won’t be able to cope with the pressures of passing or failing unless they have their mommies live with them in the dorm.
    And, maybe, if that can’t work out they could have an emotional support hooker live with them instead.

  • Markangelo

    Might be the new addiction.
    Don’t drink, drug or X.

  • Onceler’s Revenge

    well thats pretty lame

  • Sarah Smith

    I can’t believe YALE admits emotionally crippled students! What? they are geniuses, just emotionally Steven Hawking handicapped? Yale’s credibility as an educational institution is kaput! Deranged needy Yale graduates! Would you trust any one of them? The emotional support pet issue is going to maul everyone like a pit bull very soon.

  • Giorgio Palmas

    Shall I bring my emotional pit bull to Yale? He gobbles 2 or 3 rat dogs before lunch.

  • Whatisyourvictimstatus

    And when they go for a job interview and find that this too is stressful…i can’t wait for them to explain why they brought an emotional support Ferret with them… Thanks for coming in… we’ll call you

  • MarkY

    “mummy and daddy” ain’t paying, it’s all student loans which won’t be fully repaid. There are several loan forgiveness programs for nurses, teachers, public service workers, etc. There’s also repayment based on income and forgiveness after several years even if only a small portion of loan has been repaid. All private lenders have withdrawn from student loans and only the Federal government makes them.

  • rmiers1

    My beef is in public travel. I am seeing a steady increase of gaming the system. An airplane only recirculates half of it’s air and I/me are/am allergic to cats and some dogs. Guy/girl better never sit down next to me with a snake. Big trouble
    Typical offender is a metro woman who is expensively dressed and overtly confident.
    Very sorry for emotionally distressed folks but think they should fly special pre-marked flights which warn of possible dangers. where medical needs of allergy people of people like me.
    Not being surprised with a ticket that cannot be changed or refunded. Airlines have not thought this through or they do not care.
    I love dogs and cats…..just allergic

  • ScroobieRoobieRoooo

    Too bad there were no emotional support animals on Guadalcanal for the USMC Marine Raiders….. what a bunch of tree hugging vaginas this country has become.

  • stealthdan

    They need the Port Authority ranting B##CH to come comfort them and tell the boogie man in the bathroom to leave them alone.

  • stealthdan

    Future Government workers. That is where most of these crazy degreed people end up. A cushy 25 year well paid job with guaranteed life retirement. All on the tax payer’s funds. The private sector has reduced or eliminated company retirements (I know because mine was reduced 46% over 26 years). My friends who are government workers never got any reduction and they get full BCBS paid for life.

  • Yoe Baby!

    Aay ..! What’s wrong with having a dog? German Shepards Unite! Attica! Attica!

  • Mr Happy Man

    Anyone who gets into a top Ivy League school is expected to have a significant amount of mental toughness. Because most Yalies will go into roles where they will frequently deal with abusive individuals. Do you think that time-out rooms will be provided to the diplomats assigned to counties run by tyrants, or to lawyers by opposing legal counsel, or on Wall Street?
    If our Ivy League kids need support animals, I greatly fear for our country. Indeed, I greatly fear for civilization.

  • Citizen Quasar

    So what IS the definition of what an emotion is? Don’t they teach that in a class somewhere, if not in the elementary school or high school curriculum then at least in the college level curriculum?

    No. Here just take a handful of these pills and go get a dog. (Doctors do NOT prescribe cats, unfortunately. Personally, I think dog ownership is itself a sign of a mental disorder, for most dog owners anyway.)

  • Pray for America

    When they go into the real world, when they can’t get hired, or their boss doesn’t allow animals, they will file a lawsuit. Or, they will end up on disability because they can’t cope with the “pressures” of being without their pet. Oh boy,…… I bet I’m not the only one with this next thought………. they will never have a relationship with a human, resulting in….

  • Flechette

    “Bullard currently lives in a two-person Hopper College suite with her friend Tianyi Shi ’18.”

    Must be rough.

  • Ziggy89

    What happens when they leave the womb?

  • izzydoesit

    Let’s get this straight. Emotional support animals = pets. The sole purpose of pets is to provide emotional support. Doesn’t matter if you are a soccer mom with a dog or a student with a dog. The only difference is at Yale you have to get documention by a medical professional as having some sort of need for a pet. Now if Yale said only service animals are allowed than a lot of students would be up s*%# creek. The difference being a service animal has to perform a certain function/task that a disabled person can not perform. Pets are not service animals.

  • lilithwhyte

    Safe Spaces…Gender Pronouns…Support Animals…ANTIFA
    Millennials suck.

  • Two If By Sea✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈAᴹᵉʳᶦ©ᵃᶰ

    The Greatest Generation survived the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl Famines then went out into the world as America required to save democracy and the Free World from the totalitarian Imperial Japanese, socialist Nazís and, eventually, their Communist brethren, then returned home to work and create the greatest, most powerful, most free society, culture and nation the world has ever known.

    Unfortunately, the Greatest Generation raised the soft, decadent, self-indulgent, self-loathing Baby Boomers who, in turn, failed to properly parent, raise, neglected and abandoned this current generation known as Millenials, who are the weakest, softest, most incapable generation of emotionally, psychologically, and physically sick, stunted, debilitated, timid, frail, and pathetic generation in the history of the world.

    The good news for America is that after the Baby Boomers and their even weaker spawn the Millenials America’s youth has no where to go but up for the next follow-on generation, coming of age soon, Generation Z, who, like their forbearers Generation X that helped deafeat the Soviets and end the Cold War, will serve America well.

    • MoBetter2

      It was the Baby Boomers who were in Vietnam, in case you’ve forgotten, and there was nothing soft, decadent, self-indulgent of self-loathing in that, I can assure you. Certainly, there were some who fit the category you described, but a perusal of the many surveys done of the Boomers, especially the early Boomers, shows them solidly in the right/conservative camp…. A great many Boomers did not depart from the values their parents and teachers (Greatest Generation) imparted to them in the ’50’s and early ’60’s.

      • Two If By Sea✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈAᴹᵉʳᶦ©ᵃᶰ

        There is good and bad in every group of people including entire generations. However, on balance the same generation that produced the American warriors that faithfully fought the Vietnam War with the valor, discipline, honor, effectiveness, and ferocity characteristic of American warriors contained far more the soft, unAmerican scum than the small percentage of honorable warriors it produced who soldiered through Vietnam and the Cold War. Those warriors are some of the few exceptions to the rule of the useless, unAmerican Baby Boomer Generation.

        For the record, service in Vietnam wasn’t exclusive to Baby Boomers either, there were many soldiers who served in Korea that also served in Vietnam and some who even served in WWII as well.

  • cmac

    Idiot snowflakes. No clue how to deal with life so the authorities just cave in.

  • Two If By Sea✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈAᴹᵉʳᶦ©ᵃᶰ

    Pathetic Millenials

  • Slingshots for the World

    Greatest thing I’ve heard in years, snowflakes and critters living together as one. No scientific data to back anything up just a liberal rule to get around what’s right…

  • Two If By Sea✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈAᴹᵉʳᶦ©ᵃᶰ

    They are so soft and pathetic; perfect example herein, everything must be censored so the Millenials don’t risk reading something that hurts their feelings and makes them cry.

  • Patriot_panadero01

    Oh my, shall we consider they are “waste of timers” generation?

  • Bill D Wall

    Cultural Marxists have created a world they can’t cope with.

  • joaquinsomayor

    Reading all these comments I realize the amount of ignorance and jealousy that comes out of the individuals posting,you are worst than those you criticized pity for you fools

  • AnonymouseIsAWoman

    Just what those allergic to the emotional support animals need……… untrained animals running around and jumping all over therm.

  • Daria Disqus

    What about stuffed animals? This would also help people who sleep with other people from anxiety about being alone on a business trip, for example. Just put it in your luggage, or leave them in your dorm, and this should help a lot of people who would be embarrassed, but can’t take their animal to class or the library anyway.

  • Generalissimo X

    yeh censor my comment just like you crybabies censor reality. weh weh i go to yale..tough life!

  • Pepperspray137

    Where’s PETA? Why does PETA think owning animals is slavery, except when snowflakes need trigger puppies?

  • Mike

    Yale is overrated emotionally and academically.

  • Bigcheese

    Ill take “Why are liberals so stupid” for $1000 Alex

  • Kala

    Yes, just ignore the fact that there is no data supporting this, yes we must protect our snowflakes at everyone else’s expense. Next thing Bernie Sanders will be offering is a free support dog.

  • dba_ unruly_ vagabond_trader

    So having tha animal and caring for it is now a cause for anxiety? Can’t make this stuff up.

  • Davis

    ohhhh brother…here’s the deal young people, you either sink or find out a way to swim. no “pet” is going to figure that out for you. besides all of you were born with an intellectual advantage over most so take advantage of that.

  • ThomasDixon

    I would ask for an emotional support coed.

  • dashark09


  • Confused

    The first time an untrained “support animal” bites, infects or harms another person, the school will be liable for accommodating whims, and ignoring the population’s safety. If they are truly support animals, they should be trained and screened for compatibility with the general population. A large support animal accompanied a lady into my local department store the other day and barked and snapped at a young child, as they passed in the foyer. The kid could have been seriously harmed because the animal was untrained. The kid didn’t even see it coming as they rounded a corner. Big dog’s teeth right at face level of the small child.

  • KentG70

    This makes me confident in our future.

  • Confused

    Liberalism is a mental disorder, it seems logical they will all require emotional support animals at some point.

  • Jon Watters

    Does Yale have a surrogate mommy that tucks students into bed? Give them time.

  • Confused

    Liberalism is a mental disorder, it seems logical they will all require emotional support animals at some point.

  • Lionel Mandrake

    I will bring my emotional support alligator to school to eat your emotional support pet.

  • Colombian

    Folks, this is what all of these snowflakes have become, emotional support my butt, what are all of these idiots going to do when they go find a job and are rejected? go home and cry to mom and dad? give me a break.

  • TomIron361

    these kids are sick…

  • PaoloRM

    Generation SNOW FLAKE, where “pajama boy” is considered manly. Very sad.

  • Sanityisrare

    Next up? Emotional-Support Deficiency Syndrome …in the pets…

  • Sanityisrare

    Isn’t it the Ivy League types that managed to get us into a 21,000,000,000,000 debt? ummm…

  • john3372

    Poor little Yale snowflakes can’t even handle life before they enter the work world.

  • Chester

    So an Ivy League student is not strong enough to cope without a support animal? I ‘ll hire the hard scrabble student who went to an in-state university.
    Yale, elite? More like weak and unsuited to the realities of the world.

  • Valerie Wilker

    “Honestly I’m kind of surprised by the impact he’s had in terms of my emotional state and my ability to sleep. It’s a little crazy.” Actually, the physical and emotional benefits of having a pet (and yes, sweetie, it’s a pet) are well known because the subject is very well researched. This is so ridiculous!

  • Not a stupid liberal

    Just another example of how weak and pathetic liberals are.

  • ata777

    Remember when colleges where colleges and not kindergartens?
    Neither do I.

  • S. Plankenberg

    Ob yeah, I’ll bet prospective employers will be lining up to hire all the people they can get that are as emotionally unstable as Bullard.

    Talk about workplace lawsuit waiting to happen!

    Will probably end up a State or Federal Employee, with us taxpayers paying to cater to her neuroses.

  • stoneman

    Uh, I hate to break it to you but “emotional support animal” = Pet. Don’ t they teach any logic in these places anymore?

    Do you own a pet because you like cleaning up poop? A pet is for companionship which in other terms is emotional support.

  • Mark Thompkins

    News flash. You don’t get to take your support animal to work. Grow the f k up !

  • Barry Hussein

    Let’s just admit it….snowflakes are pathetic.

  • Mols 59

    Why are these emotionally fragile people away at college? If they’re that incapacitated they should be home getting regular therapy, and study at a nearby school closer to home.

  • MaxAR15

    I really prefer the support staff from my law firm of Baer, Brown, Wilson, & Springfield.
    What would happen to these snowflakes when they are in the real work world and the boss says, get this done before you go home or stay the night till it is complete.

  • CaptTimBob

    All that anxiety and you’re just in college? The only anxiety I had in college was where is my next case of beer going to come from.

  • Truth65

    Just let them have pets as long as they don’t cause a problem.

  • Dean Walsh

    Once the bastion of eastern establishment families like the Bushes and a feeder school to the CIA. Now just a social circus of prog loons.

  • ExplodingLiberalHeads

    Next, emotional support animals for our military on the front lines. I can just see the horror when the enemy captures and tortures one of these animals for intel. The emotional dependent snowflakes will fold up like a lawn chair.

  • Fivepointfivesix

    A complete fraud. The ADA has gone from wheelchair ramps to bringing an ostrich on an airplane.

  • RhesusPeaceus

    Providing for a college student’s emotional needs is a lot of pressure to put on an animal.

  • Mancave001

    And folks wonder why Gen-X and Boomers mock Millennials and Gen Z. Everything is about one word: Accommodation. That is the big shift in our society. Since the founding of the Republic itself, each generation taught the next to provide for one’s self and his family. In the 20th Century, the Lost Generation and Interbellums taught the Greatest Generation, who won WWII. They taught the Boomers, who desire their material success and selfishness, knew that it was they who must adapt to the world to succeed. They learned life was hard…VERY hard, even for the most fortunate of us. The Boomers passed these lessons on to Gen X, along with their penchant for all things material. Then, something happened. Whether it was too much material success, too much peace, lack of struggle, bad parenting skills, school policies, or other factors…Milennials and the “tweener” Gen Z’s went from learning to adapt and overcome, to expecting others to adapt to them. Students with “exceptionalities” had to be accommodated, not learn to adapt to the teacher. Tolerance of another’s beliefs and wasn’t good enough–others now had to openly accept and advocate for whatever “identity” the youngster embraced. Safe spaces. Emotional support squirrels. 453 different genders. Adolescence until age 30. And now they want (and are getting) these ideas codified into law. They will force it upon us.

    The one thing they didn’t count on (they were raised to be myopic and short-sighted, after all) is that the Real World™ is fighting back. As my Boomer father used to say, “you’re in for a rude awakening.” Rise and shine, snowflakes.

    • MoBetter2

      Yes, indeed, one of my father’s (one of the Greatest Generation) favorite sayings, which he passed on to his Boomer children….

  • Hank Vreeland

    I know of a good Teddy Bear store for these children. Imagine the Board Table twenty years down the road.

  • Lori Hollywood

    Is keeping a 95-pound pig in a dorm room really a “reasonable accommodation”?

  • Amazed_476

    And no one thinks to wonder why the supposed need for these animals has increased exponentially in the past 10 years? Maybe if these people were better prepared to deal with stress when they were younger none of this would be happening?

  • Seewhatyadid

    It’s unbelievable that people actually think like this. How did this mindset ever make it to the top echelons of Academia?

  • J. Maga

    the daycare generation…without constant affirmation and coddling they are reduced to shrieking tantrums

  • J. Maga

    your comments must be approved by Yale Daily News.

  • Punishment214

    Starbucks customer: “I ordered this coffee without cream…”

    Yale Graduate: *sniffle*… *sniffle*… WHHAAAAAA!!!!!

  • Oracle


  • Howard Roark

    Good luck securing a position with my company.

  • Michelle Teller

    That’s just so sad.

  • SendThemBack

    What if my emotional support animal self identifies as an AR-15? Would I be able to have that on campus?

  • GFTW

    The Decline of Western Civilization. These Delicate Snowflakes can’t even function without their fraudulent “support animals”. Then they sue for big bucks.

  • Googy

    “It is almost a law of history that the same wealth that generates a civilization announces its decay. For wealth produce ease as well as art; it softens a people to the ways of luxury and peace and invites invasion from stronger arms and hungrier mouths.” — Will Durant

  • Rclifton

    Let’s see…many if not most schools( all levels)have banned peanuts because someone is “allergic”.
    I can’t wait for the class action suit from all of us who are allergic to animals.

  • Daria Disqus

    What about just having a stuffed animal? You can keep it in your dorm room because you can’t have it in class or the library anyway. Or maybe a blanket? I mean there are ways to do this without inviting cruelty.

  • Maud St James

    Anyone that emotionally fragile should not be in college, or even in the wide world – they should be in custodial care.

  • Larry

    Insecure snowflakes. Disqualified to lead in industry or governance. Capability of raising well rounded children is in serious question.

  • seanster5977

    Life is hard, sometimes brutal. You will find that in the long run those times you waded through the mayhem and darkness are what you rely on to bring you strength in life. Don’t ease in slowly and safely, dive in head first.

  • Dr.Tickles

    Dang, my comment was removed…
    Does anyone have a kitten I could hold? I feel venerable and stressed…
    HA!!! Flakes…

  • Gunny G Nox and Friends Blog

    Sweet little snowflakes! hahahaha. Wait until you crybabies get out into the REAL world!

  • Ima anon

    There used to be a joke usually told by Harvard students that went like this ” What separates the boys from the men at Yale University? Answer: a crowbar.” It seems to me that there may be a new joke in the making here. Or maybe the joke is already here. Countdown to the first emotional support human. What’s the over and under or odds on The first emotional support human becoming a reality within the next few weeks. I think emotional support animals should be limited to the bacteria in your gut or on your skin or in your eyelashes. I just returned from a visit to Southeastern guide dogs in Palmetto Florida where real service dogs are trained for people with real disabilities. At a cost of about $50,000 per dog each dogs Service life lasts for eight years although they live on longer than that as pets. They are completely donor supported and take no government or institutional funding.

  • JBar595

    These animals will need a shrink after having to deal with a bunch of self absorbed college shits.

  • Gunny G Nox and Friends Blog

    Liberal sissies.

  • Beth

    what a bunch of bullsh&t..

  • Beth

    what happens when they go out into the workforce are they going to need a pet beside them to do their work?

  • MBBobby

    Get a cockroach. What are these weenies gonna do when things get really tough.

  • John

    Snowflakes on parade….

  • MoBetter2

    What a load of claptrap! If one cannot cope in public without having an animal present which very well may intrude on the space of comfort of others, one should simply stay at home. The Fair Housing Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 confer superior rights to the crackpot fringe element to the detriment of the majority, pure democracy in action, at its worst! Many find it exceptionally uncomfortable to be confined to an aluminum cylinder flying through the skies along with some fool’s ‘comfort animal’. Damned snowflakes ought to stay at home and not discomfit others with their silliness!

  • America39

    Good luck in the real world kiddies! lol

  • Lance

    While Emotional Support Animals or Comfort Animals are often used as part of a medical treatment plan as therapy animals, they are not considered service animals under the ADA.
    These support animals provide companionship, relieve loneliness, and
    sometimes help with depression, anxiety, and certain phobias, but do not
    have special training to perform tasks that assist people with
    disabilities. Even though some states have laws defining therapy
    animals, these animals are not limited to working with people with
    disabilities and therefore are not covered by federal laws protecting
    the use of service animals. Therapy animals provide people with
    therapeutic contact, usually in a clinical setting, to improve their
    physical, social, emotional, and/or cognitive functioning.
    The school is under no obligation to allow untrained animals onto thier campus or housing.

    This is under Title II & III of the ADA.

  • radar

    If they cant handle college without a pet at their side good luck at a job.

  • babebig00

    If you are so emotional fragile.. you don’t belong at Yale.. or any college

  • Yukon Cornelius

    This country isdoomed and will be taken over by a very small country like Bolivia

  • Yukon Cornelius

    Yale needs to rename itself to Soy

  • Yukon Cornelius

    YALE = SOY

  • Yukon Cornelius


  • fredlavenuta

    Bring back the draft and let a sweet drill instructor be the support animal. Helps children grow up.

  • peenutgallery

    Fricken snowflakes, and their parents pay dearly for them to be there.

  • Cody Silver

    friggin snowflakes!!

  • Tom Alibrandi

    This sh*t is getting abused across the board, especially on airlines. The vast majority of these so-called “emotional support animals” are really just pet owners running to their doctor for a note so they can take their (usually vicious or exotic) pet with them wherever they want. We need to change the law now.

  • DPJohns

    Another sign that we’re killing ourselves off. Add this craziness to alternative lifestyles, questioning their gender, and wala…no reproduction. Perhaps letting in illegals isn’t as bad as it seems, at least they reproduce. All this emotional support stuff is BS, made up; these snowflakes are wimps, beaten down by progressive ideals and values. Gun issue? No, we don’t have one; what we have is a lack of normal human interaction; a lack of discipline and a lack of males being raised to be men.

  • Fort Steve

    Ivy League schools are great at wringing large amounts of money out of kids while producing graduates unable to function in normal society AKA Bernie supporters.

  • Biff Wellington

    Can’t attend class without their pet? How on earth are these snowflakes going to make it in the real world…

  • Bruce Kramer

    It will be those emotional support pets in ten years taking these fragile Yalies and snowflakes on a leash for their walks…

  • JJ_Chester

    Why do our once great institutions of higher learning encourage students to wallow in victimhood. Is it because their encouragement and acceptance of personal weakness makes students more easily pursuaded?

  • lilithwhyte

    Call the ASPCA! Exposing innocent animals to those dingbats is cruelty.

  • Iarwain Benadar

    Some of the faculty and administration now have license for their emotional support bar carts:

  • Sam Adams

    A collection of neurotic, pampered, pseudo-intellectual liberal snowflakes… Who will spend their lives in relative opulence and leisure… Telling the rest of us how uninformed and badly askew we are from the hipness of the Hamptons and/or Madison Ave.

    Yet another reason to proudly fly the Stars and Bars. We do not live in the same nation. Thank God.

  • slowboat2

    Isn’t that just so very precious. When they get a job at GM or Apple, etc. they can bring their emotional support skunks, rabbits, armadillos to sales meetings where stress can become intense if quota’s aren’t met. Maybe corporate liberal/socialist America can also build Cry Rooms for their executives. Maybe they can bring their mommies and daddies to work when things get real intense-like what to have for snack breaks. And oh yes, the US military should let our soldiers bring their comfort animals into battle. Yale U. you are real cool.

  • Robert Hopper

    I don’t know if it is also the case at Yale as in other locales, but some of these wack jobs are demanding that their own perceived new identity be addressed as such. Hello Mr./ Prof. Squirrel, or good afternoon Miss Hamster——–in the literal. MR.Cockroach, I didn’t mean to give offense. Yes, we have arrived at the point of the denial of simple reality!

  • villanova1951

    Rejects of modernity! Cringing Sissy moments abound!

    A normally adjusted person would be embarrassed to “need” a comfort animal. It’s like Lionel’s security blanket and adult thumb-sucking.

  • childof68

    Soft as cookie dough yet alumni of Yale still think they are better than us.

  • janger

    And they wonder where the term, “Snowflake” came from? The unwilling, and the incapable traipsing around campus acting like wounded fawns…and we as a society not only allow it…we buy into! Incredible…

  • Robert Hopper

    My comment, I fear, as been deleteted. Maybe the political correctness was aggravated by an undigested morsel of food, a persistent cold, or just because.

  • villanova1951

    Seriously? My comment needs your ‘filtering”? Good God you people must have a comfort animal curled up in your laps too.

    My original comment…

    “Rejects of modernity! Cringing Sissy moments abound!

    A normally adjusted person would be embarrassed to “need” a comfort animal. It’s like Lionel’s security blanket and adult thumb-sucking.”

  • garylee123

    My support animal is a .40 S&W…….snowflakes can run for their animals now.

  • Alice Ramirez

    A nice excuse to bring your pet dog or cat to college.

  • bookish1

    Part of being a grown up is learning how to cope with the realities of life.

  • ImportFinn

    I almost want to apply for college for the sole reason of attending a few “social studies” classes with my “emotional support donkey”. Mammoth jacks are big and docile, and cheaper to get than my first choice of (pink) elephants…

  • ReadyToMoveOn

    I used to have trouble flying with my emotional support giraffe, until I started to put him in a tuxedo and tell the flight attendants and TSA that he self-identifies as a penguin.

  • WimsThePhoenix

    What exactly is the difference between an “emotional support animal” and a “pet”?

    Why the hell would anyone buy a pet except as company = emotional support.

    So, to get around the rules disallowing pets, we invent some pseudo-science quackery that all students are inherently mentally / emotionally deficient and need “support animals”

    That’s what all the cultural Marxist brainwashing in grade school does to you.

  • meeester

    There sure are a lot of words in that article. I almost wore out my scrolling thumb looking to get down here to the comments.
    Except for the fact that these animals might shed, crap, and need to be fed they might be more convenient than having the people wear big flexible antenna thing with a flag on it saying ‘Mental Case’.

  • SGT Ted

    “Emotional support animal” is psychobabble BS. People simply want to be exempt from societal rules and actual laws about not bringing your animals with you everywhere in public, due to hygienic problems that come with it.

  • Carl Eric Scott

    To my fellow conservatives. Yes, the laws are imprudent, yes the millennials have some pathetic patterns that deserve criticism, and yes, Yale is a) not our friend, b) the value of its education is overrated (despite having some stellar profs), and c) its administration is an enemy of viewpoint diversity and free speech. However, what we’re talking about here is FOURTEEN cases among a student body of around 12,000.

    • Nate Whilk

      What WE are talking about is that there are any such cases at a top university. And WE are talking about “emotional support” animals that are really pets AND are required by law. This is insane.

  • chrish

    What would she do with the animal after graduation? What would she do with the animal over breaks? What would she do with the animal if she wanted to go to New York City for a weekend?

    Uh, if it’s truly a support animal she would take it with her. If she can live without it after graduating, when she goes home for break, or heads to NYC for a weekend, she doesn’t really NEED it that bad. She just WANTS a pet and this is the workaround to get one.

  • aldorey

    When the EMP is finally detonated over the USA these neophytes will be the first casualties.

  • KP2GMU

    Create a dorm building that has rooms that have white padded walls and no sharp objects in them. Then assign the emotionally impaired students to these dorm rooms. Have dorm aides wear white lab-style coats and have them carry clipboards to document the students’ emotional and mental concerns. Allow the students to stay there as long as they have these symptoms, including after graduation. Problem solved.

  • Steve Brown

    the problem of fake support animals is growing rapidly quite a pet peeve of mine

    • I’m Bored

      Mine too…big time.

  • meeester

    Emotional support guns?


    Didn’t realize that Yale has become a snowflake breading ground. One of the greatest universities in the world has become a PC laughing stock. Very sad.

  • meeester

    Did they run out of wearable flags that say ‘Special Person’?
    My comments keep getting blocked apparently I’m not taking these needs seriously.

  • ReadyToMoveOn

    Opened my news-feed page, and saw these two lines, one above the other:

    Emotional support animals proliferate at YALE…
    23-year-old trapped inside body of baby…

    Unrelated stories, but it seems like they could be combined as

    Emotional support animals proliferate at YALE…
    Babies trapped inside bodies of 20+-year-old students…

  • Rufus T. Firefly

    A few folks with real disabilities really need a dog for assistance. These safe space occupying ninnies do not fall into that group. Can’t wait till they enter the workforce. We always need a new gofer or two

  • Griefner

    If you need an animal to help you cope with life, you should not be allowed to vote, drive a vehicle and nobody should be expected to take you seriously; ever.

  • MBG9

    That’s ruff.

  • 1NonPermissive

    If you can’t handle the college experience, how are you going to be in the workplace, as you’re not going to be able to dictate, and have your “feelings” put before the bottom line. Such a weak generation.

  • Roy Baty

    And these are are brightest? More like our biggest dipsh*ts.

  • 1NonPermissive

    Does the Yale Daily News always censor opinions they disagree with?
    Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by the snowflakey Yale Daily News.

  • 1NonPermissive

    Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by the snowflakey Yale Daily News.

  • 1NonPermissive

    Hold on John, John hold on…

  • Nadzieja55

    Now these educated imbeciles of Yale will be allowed to traumatize the animals? Where are the animals protection racketeers to defend these animals?

    • FattyWink

      I wonder though, if come Halloween anyone dresses like a cat or dog it’ll be considered offensive to emotional support animals?

  • Justice

    And what happens when these children that need an animal beside them to cope get a job and the employer says no animals?
    The whole liberal mindset of coddling kids doesn’t work in the workplace. They will be unemployable.
    Unless they work at an animal shelter.

  • sandyk89

    What a bunch of idiots. Just hand out teddy bears at the beginning of the semester. Coloring books, too. These clowns…these.weak weenies….. are an embarrassment. They shouldn’t be allowed into class! Too dumb!!

  • Central Scrutinizer

    Back in the day, all Linus needed was a blanket to get thru the day.

  • programmerj

    1. Purchase large boa constrictor as emotional support animal.
    2. Carry it around in public on a large university campus.
    3. ???
    4. PROFIT!

  • TedWerli

    It’s called gaming the system…they are taking advantage of other people and have low moral standards. Manipulation only happens if you allow it and Yale is being manipulated. So much for smart academics…..

  • elHombre

    Is it even possible to imagine these people in positions of responsibility?

    • heavensdoor


  • Sabrina Mendoza

    Is this the result of a generation that was told…
    – We don’t keep score
    – Everyone gets a participation award
    – You are special
    – Feelings are more important than facts

    Life is full of challenges and disappointments.
    This generation has been set up to fail. Real life does not offer safe spaces or emotional support animals.
    If you need a companion get off social media and make a friend.

  • Seriously

    If they can’t handle a bit of school without an animal, I surely would NEVER want to hire them for anything… Pathetic. I feel sorry for the critters…

    • seri

      Would that not be discriminating against someone with a mental illness in your hiring process? Which, need I remind you, is illegal under the ADA…

  • Sabrina Mendoza

    Is this the result of a generation that was told…
    – We don’t keep score
    – Everyone gets a participation award
    – You are special
    – Feelings are more important than facts

    Life is full of challenges and disappointments.
    This generation has been set up to fail. Real life does not offer safe spaces or emotional support animals.
    If you need a companion get off social media and make a friend.

    • FattyWink

      Um, you don’t see how the loudest voices (MSM/Democrats/Academia and companies that allow themselves to be bullied versus stand up like adults) are pushing to make “real life” a safe space? I know US-based global holding companies that (if a snowflake wanted to) could be exploited by their own “tolerance” into a zero-consequence “work” environment.

  • Cap’n Bri

    The students without emotional support animals should report that they are experiencing anxiety and insomnia because of the animal’s barking and worry that an animal will chew up their belongings. Whose anxiety will be deemed most

  • Cap’n Bri

    Hmm. My comment is waiting to be approved. Standard procedure or did I use a bad word?

  • Seriously

    Wow. They are pretty big on censorship at yale… Guess they didn’t like being called pawth-e-tik….

  • sbw60

    The dog likes to jump up and lick visitors in the face???? That’s a pet, not a service animal. You would have control over a service animal.

    • Bilbo

      SBW, please quit conflating Emotional Support Dogs with Service Dogs. You’re ignorance on the subject makes it hard on the legitimately disabled.

  • Tricky Dick

    Lemmiwinks is there too but you can’t see him.

  • DeDEMOCRATification


  • DeDEMOCRATification

    censored again

  • DeDEMOCRATification

    Giving up.

  • Sparky Mills

    Another form of baby-sitting.

  • Oldhawker

    And for some reason they don’t like the “snowflake” moniker. There will probably be 15 more Yalies needing emotional support animals after reading this.
    Can’t wait to see the new HR Application question:
    #15. Do you now, or did you while attending college, need an emotional support animal?
    A. No
    B. Yes
    C. I am too emotionally fragile to answer this question.

  • John Haigh

    Compassion is one thing; extortion is another. The ADA has cost tax payers and individual citizens hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars since 1990 . . . so that everyone can have access to everything ON AN EQUAL BASIS. Nice to be so affluent that a quadriplegic can take a shower in a national park in the middle of a giant forest.

    It’s very easy to be compassionate to the handicapped when you’re spending somebody else’s money.

    • Bilbo

      Wow, John. Are you that guy that sped up as I crossed the street with my cane? This article isn’t about service dogs, pinhead.

  • bruce987

    And this is the generation that will soon govern us! What a bunch of babies. Good news for our enemies. By the way, is that a service dog? Doesn’t acted trained.

  • JohnnyRoyal

    There is no federal law regarding “comfort animals” or “emotional support animals”. The ADA recognizes only two types of animals as “support animals”; defined as animals that have been trained to provide a legitimate service to disabled people. Dogs and miniature horses. Most people use the “comfort animal” angle to try and rent without pet deposits, and to take their animals onboard public transit and lodging. There are several “certification” websites that take your money and send you a meaningless ID card and will sell you vests and patches for the animal. There are also phsyicians that, for a fee, will write a “comfort animal” letter without actually seeing the person who claims to need the animal for whatever ailment they purport themselves to suffer from. It is a scam and there is no oversight to separate the wheat from the chaff.

  • alandean

    The purpose of college used to be to “grow” the future leaders of society. They were tough to force you to grow as a person. They were stern to instill morals. The workloads were brutal. But it was part of the filtering process. And a degree was worth a lot.

    And then the colleges got hung up on the money.

    And now it’s all about making sure this year brings in more money than last.

    Your average college kid does college “stuff” (class, study, exams, etc) just 2.7 hours per day. They spend nearly 3X that on their phone.

    Your average college kid cannot tell you what the holocost was. Why we entered WWI or II. But they can tell how much lube is needed for a deep prostate massage. Because they learned it in high school.

    US universities used to be the envy of the world. They are sliding into punchlines. Many are already there.

    This will not end well.

    • Um ok, no

      I can tell you though, that most college kids can spell Holocaust correctly.

    • Ralphiec88

      Wow, “just 2.7 hours per day.” And 3 times 2.7 is 8.1 hours on their phones! Whoa if true! Except…that it doesn’t sound like the truth, at least not the whole truth, any more than your prostate massages. Got any sources for these tidbits?

  • Bilbo

    You should clarify, or are you hostile toward legitimate service dogs?

  • Yale1984

    If the stress of Yale is too much for these snowflakes, they should go elsewhere. If snowflake culture is the new norm, it’s time to change the name of the university.

  • guymark

    Hilarious really.

    These delicate little poppets really are going to come out of university reeling at how reality keeps slapping them in the face.

    No, you cannot take you comfort cat to work – and no, we don’t have a “safe space” that you can go and have a jolly good cry in.

    You can sit in the bog for five minutes per hour if you want.

    We are allowing a new generation of emotional cripples to come slithering out of the university gates. How in creation are they going to handle it when they start being told what to do by a boss – and then bawled out if they screw up? Run home to mummy with an urgent need to hug everyone and fondle a dog?


  • djs4

    I like pets. Some colleges allow pets. Maybe there can be a small section for pets without having to prove emotional need. Pets do provide security, companionship and help teach responsibility. It’s funny to me that many of the comments are so angry and similar to each other. I guess people find comfort in their group anger.

  • Sigint

    Why would anyone want to hire a Yale graduate? I would hope they all have the mental illness for which hey need the critter as well as the recognized certificate of training for it.

  • barnaclebob

    Bullard said. “I also just enjoy life more generally. Honestly I’m kind of surprised by the impact he’s had in terms of my emotional state and my ability to sleep. It’s a little crazy.” No, kiddo, YOU’RE a little crazy!

  • Lennie Small

    I want to bring my emotional support peacock!

  • 20155

    I also have generalized anxiety disorder like the interviewee, and I think that comfort animals have a place for some people… I just don’t think they have a place in a university dorm for many reasons. I think upperclassmen should move off-campus to be with their animals, but things get messier for underclassmen who are required to live on campus.

    I don’t think it’s fair that the interviewee is getting such a hard time in these comments – you don’t know what someone’s life is like until you walk in their shoes. I think it’s great she’s been able to find something to treat her anxiety, because many people never get to that point and make others around them suffer as a consequence.

  • Andrea Harris

    Living with an emotional support animal has lots of health benefits. No matter whether you are a student, housewife or working professional, owning a pet can help you stay happy and overcome anxiety, depression and other psychoactive factors. I am glad that people are now understanding the animal-human bond and medical clinics like Steady Care Medical Clinic are helping them to get legal protection to stay with their pets by providing them with reasonably priced ESA letters.

  • pdscenter usa

    Thanks for sharing these articles. You wrote very well about how you feel when you are lonely and no one can find out that feeling of loneliness. But an emotional support animal lets you feel that you are not alone and feel relaxed and comfortable…………..