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A Message From Your Senior Week Coordinators

Dear Seniors, Senior week is here! We made it, and now it’s time to celebrate! Have you been to the Peabody? We are going to […]

Emotional support animals proliferate at Yale

If you walked into the Grace Hopper College courtyard last year, you may have seen a cat on a leash. Last fall you might have seen a dog; this semester, there are two of them scurrying around Hopper.

With new name, Hopper IM team enjoys resurgence

It was a slow Thursday night in the Grace Hopper College buttery, when all at once, about 15 people in athletic attire surged into the […]

Quizbowl preps for championships

It’s 9:02 p.m. and eight students flow into LC 104. They split into two groups — a few on either side of a seminar table. […]

Mile 20

Tree shrews break evolutionary rules

Apparently, tree shrews follow the adage, “Rules are meant to be broken.” According to research led by Yale anthropology professor Eric Sargis, tree shrews — […]

The Art of the Reluctant Pre-Med

If you’re sure of one thing, it’s that you don’t want to become a doctor. If you’re sure of another, it’s that your parents do […]

Yalies to build art studio

“The empty building has sat for so long,” said Karen Jones, a resident of the Dixwell neighborhood, as she motioned to the abandoned factory across […]

Shop ‘Til You Drop!

Welcome to Yale! Although the first few weeks of college will surely be a tough transition, remember to stay focused on what really matters: classes. […]

SWEET: Start sprinting. Now.

When I am in danger of being late to class, I know what to do: put on my dope Asics, strap on my firetruck-red L.L. […]

State projects record number of overdose deaths for 2017

Connecticut is on pace to see more than 1,000 drug overdose deaths this year — about three deaths per day — according to recent data […]