We enthusiastically endorse Caleigh Propes’ ’20 candidacy for events director. Propes initially expected to face several challengers, and her preparation for the position is apparent. In a meeting with the News, Propes impressed us with her experience, dedication and optimism. We are confident she will be a strong and effective leader of the Yale College Council Events Committee.

Not only has Propes planned numerous events on behalf of the YCC, but by her count, she has also attended nearly every single YCC event during her two years at Yale. Her tenure as deputy director for events and as a member of the Spring Fling Committee reinforce her fluency in the logistical and budgetary constraints associated with the YCC Events Committee. And her ideas for her upcoming year as director, like a graduate student contribution to the Spring Fling budget and a reduction of food-based events in favor of yoga sessions and disco ice skating, strike us as fresh and achievable.

We commend Propes for her proposal to establish an events fund for students wishing to participate in a 5K or attend a conference who may not have the financial means to do so. Her plan to reallocate savings from the Yale-Harvard Game tailgate — the cost of which she plans to continue lowering — to the new fund is both smart and sustainable.

We were heartened that Propes stood by the selection of Cupcakke as an act for this year’s Spring Fling with an appeal to democracy, emphasizing that a vote within the Events Committee as well as input from student-wide surveys are the basis of artist choices. Nevertheless, she outlined a compelling plan for solidifying the Spring Fling budget earlier in the year such that the Committee is able to secure a high-quality artists sooner.

It is clear that Propes has learned leadership and best practices from both of her predecessors and will bring good judgement and positivity to the position. We endorse her fully and look forward to watching her implement important changes as the YCC events director.