Recently while on an East Coast trip I had occasion to visit Yale. Hoping for a sense of current student life, I picked up the March 30 edition of the News and was blown away by the editorial page:

From Katherine Hu I learned that Yale had built new colleges without tampon disposal bins in women’s bathrooms! Really? It has been nearly 50 years since my class first brought women to study at Yale and still the leadership can’t see women’s needs! What is the problem?

Bravo for the letter from James Luce ’66 (Response to CHUA: “The conceit of data,” March 26, 2018). Ditto for models. I await a renaissance for the best of methods: Informed, long-term observation of sites a la Darwin.

Kathan Roberts’ guest column “Humanity in the code” was eye opening. Who would have guessed that writing code could be experienced as stripping “away the frills and complications of English prose.” I was not convinced that all humanities majors (I was one) need learn code writing​​, but clearly a “venture up Science Hill” should be considered. In my day the trip was mandatory; I was enriched and remain forever grateful.

All in all the page was faith-renewing. Perhaps there is still hope for our species—and the earth. Onward the new generation!

Felix Pace ’69