Britton O'Daly

A Yale storage facility at 38 Sachem Street collapsed at around 11 p.m. on a stormy Friday night.

According to New Haven Fire Department Deputy Chief William Gould, the building — used to store maintenance equipment — likely collapsed because of heavy winds.

“At this time of night, we don’t believe there’s anyone inside,” Gould said. “The building is unstable right now … There’s no life hazard at this time except for us.”

Hundreds of bricks lay on the ground at the scene, spreading out into the street just a few hundred yards from the School of Management and next to the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs.

Fighting rain and strong winds, the Building Department closed down Sachem to the public late Friday night with yellow caution tape as emergency vehicles arrived at the scene.

Gould said the only other building that could be affected by the collapse is a one-story garage adjacent to the storage facility and that police are “a little concerned” about its condition.

Sachem Street will remain closed Saturday morning, and the collapsed building will be taken down, according to Gould.

Britton O’Daly |

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Correction, March 2: The article has been updated to reflect William Gould’s correct job title of New Haven Fire Department Deputy Chief.