I write in response to the story “Yale-NUS: A partner in name only?” written by Ishaan Srivastava in the Yale Daily News issue published Oct. 9. Not mentioned in this account of partnership between Yale and the Yale-NUS College  is the very lively engagement of Yale-NUS students, who come each spring to spend a semester at Yale through our Visiting International Students Program. Since 2015, we have welcomed 52 Yale-NUS students to study at Yale for the spring semester, and we will welcome another 25-30 in the spring of 2018. These sophomores and juniors live in the residential colleges, participate in extracurricular activities and excel in a very broad array of courses. In addition, Yale-NUS students attend Yale Summer Session each year: In 2017 we welcomed 37 Yale-NUS students to New Haven, and others participated in Yale Faculty-Led Programs Abroad, enriching the experiences of all the students involved.

Those of us who work closely with colleagues in our sister office, the Center for International Experience at Yale-NUS, regard our institutional partnership as very rich, productive for our students and rewarding for us. These visiting students contribute in so many ways to our classrooms and communities here, bringing fresh perspectives formed in the Yale-NUS multicultural community in Singapore where social integration and cross-cultural engagement are fundamental to college life.

Yale undergraduates are encouraged to experience that environment of educational innovation for themselves through study abroad. We are eager to help sophomores and juniors from Yale explore this possibility — an exciting one, on the basis of everything we have seen — through our own Center for International and Professional Experience.


Jane Edwards is the dean of International and Professional Experience and Yale College senior associate dean.