An unusually large search committee is reviewing 150 applications to replace June Chu, the former dean of Pierson College who stepped down on June 20 amid controversy over disparaging reviews she had posted on Yelp.

The committee is composed of five students and four Pierson fellows, instead of the traditional three students and three fellows. In an email to the Pierson community on Tuesday, Pierson Head Stephen Davis wrote that he requested larger representation to ensure “broad feedback.”

On June 20, when Davis announced the formation of the search committee, 24 students replied indicating interest and availability in participating, with several more responses following in subsequent days. He said the committee hopes to reach a decision “soon.”

“While the names of applicants must be kept confidential, it is important to me that you know we are making progress,” Davis said. “Please be assured that the committee, collectively, is attending to this process with the utmost care and devotion.”

Chu was appointed dean of Pierson last May.