Over the last year, Pierson College Dean June Chu published controversial reviews of local businesses on her personal Yelp account, on one occasion referring to clientele of a restaurant as “white trash” and “low class folks,” and on another praising a movie theater for its lack of “sketchy crowds” despite being located in New Haven.

Screenshots of the reviews, obtained by the News Saturday afternoon and accessible here, began circulating among Pierson students in recent months. Her account has since been deleted.

Chu sent an email to the residential college community on Saturday apologizing for her reviews, which have been been met with anger and disappointment by students.

“I have learned a lot this semester about the power of words and about the accountability that we owe one another,” Chu wrote. “My remarks were wrong. There are no two ways about it. Not only were they insensitive in matters related to class and race; they demean the values to which I hold myself and which I offer as a member of this community.”

Yale College Dean Jonathan Holloway told the News on Saturday that the incident was brought to his attention a few days ago by Dean of Student Affairs Camille Lizarribar. Holloway, who spoke with Pierson Head Stephen Davis after finding out about the incident, said he was only aware of the two reviews Chu mentioned in her Saturday email.

But other reviews obtained by the News featured provocative comments that were not referenced in Saturday’s email. Most of the posts were published after June 2016, after Chu had been appointed dean.

In a 2015 review of Entertainment Cinemas in nearby Seymour, Chu criticized “barely educated morons trying to manage snack orders for the obese” and lamented that she had to “remain in line with all the other idiots.”

“Everyone raves about the views but seriously — it’s New Haven,” Chu wrote in a review of the restaurant John Davenport’s. “Come on. There is no view.”

According to Holloway, Chu, Davis and other administrators together decided that Chu should email Pierson students about the incident on Saturday after “wrestling with how to do the right thing.” Holloway praised Chu’s email for being “very honest” and said he hopes students will be able to recognize that people make mistakes and can learn from them.

“I’ve not asked for her resignation, and neither has Head Davis,” Holloway said. “She’s terribly sorry, and I think she’s doing exactly the right thing by saying ‘I’ve learned from this, I want to stand by all of you and I hope that you’ll stand by me as well.’”

Kelsang Dolma ’19, who is in Pierson, said she first heard rumors about the derogatory comments at the beginning of the spring semester. Dolma said she was “floored” when the rumors were validated, especially since she had positive interactions with Chu, who previously helped her navigate academic and professional concerns.

“It is always so refreshing to see an Asian American woman in leadership positions, and many of my female and POC friends were eager to see what she would do for us,” Dolma said. “I look forward to continue having [Chu] as my dean, but this incident has left me and other Piersonites disillusioned.”

Pierson student Ring Wang ’17 said she was surprised when she read Chu’s email on Saturday morning, adding that Chu’s ability to fulfill her duties moving forward will depend on how well she addresses students’ concerns about the incident in the months to come. Making amends will likely be a “big challenge,” given that Chu has only been dean for a year, Wang said.

Another student in Pierson who asked to remain anonymous said he and some friends searched Chu’s Yelp account after receiving a college-wide email on Jan. 30 in which she announced that she had become “Yelp Elite,” meaning she had been recognized by the website for active participation.

The student said he discussed the reviews with friends in Pierson and other residential colleges, and they agreed that Chu’s use of “demeaning and offensive” language was inappropriate for someone in her position.

“These reviews make it clear how Dean Chu thinks about people who are different from her, and how she feels about New Haven, the city all of us call home for a few years,” the student said.

Another anonymous student in Pierson said he and his friends found her reviews inappropriate, particularly one of The Mochi Store in New Haven, in which Chu wrote that the establishment would be acceptable only to a “white person who has no clue what mochi is.”

“I will never be able to look at her in the same way. She needs to formally apologize in person to the college,” the student said. “Dean Chu is trained in human development and psychology so should clearly understand the gravity of her actions, yet the fact that she would put such things on the Internet shows that she really should not be in a position of advising students.”

In February, Chu removed her reviews of Koto Japanese Steakhouse and Criterion Cinemas after Davis informed her that they had offended students, she wrote in her email. Davis did not respond to a request for comment.

Chu declined to comment specifically on her reviews, but told the News that she is grateful to be a part of the Pierson community and is looking forward to seeing seniors this week, both to hear their responses and to celebrate their graduation.

“I am concerned about the shadow that my actions have thrown on my efforts to create an environment in Pierson that respects everyone, and I am especially concerned that it could prevent anyone from coming to me for the support that I offer to all Pierson students,” Chu wrote. “I see that I now have work to do to repair the trust you have all shown me.”

Shortly after Chu circulated her apology, Davis sent a follow-up email underscoring Chu’s remorse for her use of “insensitive” language. He also called on Pierson students to share their thoughts on how best to move forward.

“I welcome thoughts from all of you regarding what you’d like to see as next steps, with an eye toward strengthening our bonds, even as we find ourselves, for the moment, at a physical distance,” Davis wrote.

One Pierson student, who requested anonymity, said Chu’s comments convey a bias against certain groups of students who call Pierson college home. He added that the remarks jeopardize Chu’s capacity to properly execute her job as a steward of the college community.

“If I had heard these comments upon arriving to Yale as a freshman, the first thing I would have done is walked to Pierson College and demanded a residential college transfer form,” the student said.

Chu was appointed Pierson dean in May 2016.

  • habitualjoker

    I guess we’ll watch as the students crucify her for being a racist, just as they did with Erika Christakis, right? Right?

    • Jason sicotte

      Don’t hold your breath friend.

      • habitualjoker

        Believe me, I’m not.

      • habitualjoker

        The administration at least seems to be doing their duty, here. They’ve removed Chu at least temporarily. We’ll see how the students respond, if at all.

    • Jim Jones

      Not remotely comparable. Erika’s email was well thought out and made an excellent point. The PC dean’s comments don’t show much thought and reflect poorly on her character. I judge people in how they treat the “little person.” Chu fails my test for a decent human being.

      • habitualjoker

        I agree with you past “remotely comparable”. Erika’s email wasn’t racist, but a faction of the students tarred her with that anyway. I think the comparison is a fair way to examine the double-standard.

    • icemilkcoffee

      Millions of people defended Christakis. Thus far I have heard no defence of June Chu from any public figure.

      • John Smith

        Christakis didn’t need defending because he did nothing wrong. He defended his wife for making the mistake of treating young adults like adults and not children.

  • ldffly

    Yes, if you’re thinking the responses to these comments bear the description “Orwellian”, go right ahead and think. You’re correct.

  • http://www.artspace.com/magazine/interviews_features/lists/the-10-worst-ways-to-die-in-a-hieronymous-bosch-painting-53872 Hieronymus Machine

    Most offensive and condescending statement in the whole article: “It is always so refreshing to see an Asian American woman in leadership positions.”

    That said, fiercest faceplant and ignominious display of ignorance: Chu sent “a PC-wide email in which she announced that she had become ‘Yelp Elite'”??? So, she massively misunderestimated PC’s PCism? Too funny!

    Most 1984 untruth: “Holloway praised Chu’s email for being ‘very honest,” referring to:

    Saddest coerced confession and self-preservational retrograde perp-walk: “I. now. see. that. I. have. work. to. do. to. repair. the. trust. you. have. all. shown. me.”

    Biggest concern troll or lowest self-esteem? “Chu’s comments convey a bias against *certain groups* of [Yale] students.” Which? The morons? Idiots? Clueless? Obese? Or white trash? Unclear…

    Where does Chu place in the hierarchical totem of victimhood? Does her status merit or unmerit her own Shrieking Girl?

    Total truth: “Many of my female and POC friends were eager to see what she would *do for US*,” ’cause victim groups learn early; It’s All About the Benjamins (or their programmatic substitutes)!

    [TW] Wurst wuss: “If I had heard these comments as a freshman I would have demanded a transfer form.”

    • MAALAN

      Seems perfectly clear bias/prejudice against ‘whites’ and ‘white trash.’ Other comments might be ‘code’ for other groups – including obese and ‘lower’ ‘class’.

      • Nomasidiotas

        “Sketchy” New Haven…could she have possibly meant Black and Latino?

  • http://www.artspace.com/magazine/interviews_features/lists/the-10-worst-ways-to-die-in-a-hieronymous-bosch-painting-53872 Hieronymus Machine

    Wow, biggest investigative-reporting reveal of the year!

    P.S. Appreciate the mochi tip. Wish I coulda gotten her views on bubble tea before her Yelp unpersoning. Her voice, one among many, added to the multicultural chorus that helps me make better-informed consumer decisions.

    As for the place of personal opinion on (or near) campus today, I ask, “How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?”

    • Gina O

      Exactly incredibly controlling and censored. Much to do about nothing!

      • BLuxx

        Much “ado” about nothing. You’re welcome.

        • http://www.artspace.com/magazine/interviews_features/lists/the-10-worst-ways-to-die-in-a-hieronymous-bosch-painting-53872 Hieronymus Machine

          Actually, “to do” works just fine (cf., a big to-do), and is ironically poetic. (You’re welcome.)

        • disqus_fvLIBK8ktD

          Small bit of evidence that Shakespeare isn’t much read at Yale?

          • http://www.artspace.com/magazine/interviews_features/lists/the-10-worst-ways-to-die-in-a-hieronymous-bosch-painting-53872 Hieronymus Machine

            Is Gina O a Yalie? One never knows… Further, Billy Shakes himself (or his editor) was quite fluid and rarely re-used his own phrasings. I rather *like* “much to do about nothing”; it reminds me of, e.g., graduate student protests, where graddies def. have decided they have much to do about… nothing (’cause otherwise nothing will come of nothing, and thus — re:”to do” — ’tis enough, ’twill serve).

  • Rod Berne

    Yeah you can trash fat people and white trash and keep your cushy job. But write an email about halloween costumes and you’re toast. Welcome to Yale.

    • https://twitter.com/seo207b Anittah/Digital

      Apples and oranges.

      • Mia York


      • Nomasidiotas

        No, more apples and apples, or oranges and oranges.

      • Sufferinginabluestate


        Institutionalized Socialist fascism.

    • Jim Jones


  • Gina O

    I am sorry the sensitivity on her comments is out of control. I think it is really funny, comedy is made from this type of material. It’s ok to say white people who don’t know what mochi is! Many don’t! Low class equates to people not behaving up to a classy manner. Just like in urban dictionaries there becomes a new slang meanings. Dean June Chu was humble to apologize. I am saddened to see this type of witch hunt so aggressively looking for someone to attack. Believe me there are many more issues more pressing than this! The more you stifle people from saying what their truth is the more people will hide out. It is not okay to shame people into not expressing themselves. True conversation is being radically controlled.
    I would hope one would be able to identify sketchy crowds. Is this real? What is wrong with saying sketchy crowds? There are some sketchy crowds in every city, town and village on earth. If we can not say that they are in New Haven we are fooling ourselves! Can we not identify a crowd that we don’t feel comfortable with by saying it is sketchy? I think our intuitions are key to our safety and well being. A sketchy crowd is what it is and I hope my kids at Yale or any university would be able to identify such and say it! To shame people for this is not ok! My son went to Yale and warned me of areas that were not safe. Not sure if he used the term sketchy bit it describes it well. My daughter is at University of Southern California which is also a sketchy area! This extreme sensitivity and criticism dissecting the deans personal Yelp account does not serve anyone and it is unjust. Controlling and shaming people to this degree is a disservice, we end up creating a sense of victimhood. I have never met this women she came on at Pierson after my son was there but I do not feel good about how this was spun!

    • DC Packer Backer

      Gina O. I agree completely! We should be able to say what we think, particularly if it is backed up by facts. I mean, why should Heather MacDonald not be able to speak at Claremont-McKenna or Charles Murray not be able to speak at UC – Berkeley? I expect you to be one of their top defenders for consistency’s sake! Frankly, I think I should be able to be a professor at Marquette University, a Jesuit institution, and say that with respect to a TA saying discussing the cons of gay marriage is not open to debate due to it being a settled question is wrong! Will you support me in this endeavor? How about the more natural violent tendencies of the African-American community? Statistics prove it after all!! Tell me you will support me!!

      • Gina O

        No DC Packer Backer – Really? No I am not a defender of such. My point is to seek out someone who posted on her personal yelp account and make her a racist, elitist and all of Yale students victims does not make the world a better place. The current wave of lashing out and publicly shaming people on social media needs to hold some accountability as well.

        • WiserWords2

          Your point is based on a false premise. Her posts were made on a company’s public website. She outed herself as a racist and an elitist with her language.

        • DC Packer Backer

          Gina O. Your hypocrisy should cause you to question your entire thought process, but, alas, your complete lack of self awareness will enable you to live in complete denial. Enjoy.

    • BC

      interesting, if she were a ‘white conservative’ she would be fired on the spot for saying such things.

    • j yung

      You find Racism funny?

      • Gina O

        No, I do not think racism is funny! I don’t think this is racism we are all too sensitive in this respect. I don’t think it serves us to go to in this case seek hunt it down and find victim-hood!

        • WiserWords2

          She used the attribute of race as a qualifier in some of her comments. If that isn’t racism to you, what is?

      • Tom F

        Sometimes it is. It really is. Don’t act like you don’t know it.

  • mryale

    This is indeed an example of the many double standards at work at Yale.

    Because she is Asian, she can make racist statements that would get a white person fired. I am especially amazed because some of these comments include code for African-Americans.

    Because the target of her scorn was people we do not associate with Yale — poor, local, overweight, etc — she gets a pass.Nobody we care about.

    The tone of her comments is only too familiar. Scorn and contempt, the default position of the “educated” bigot.

    The stuff about not appreciating the power of words — what is she, a five year-old? That does not even pass the laugh test. Yale is saying that they hire and tolerate people who take no responsibility for their words.

    The worst victims here are the many students at Yale who really do face bigotry and racist attacks — students that include not just African-Americans but Asians and Asian-Americans. By keeping her, Yale makes clear that it does not have a consistent commitment to basic respect that applies in all cases. This is not a case of “reverse racism;” this is a case of university “leaders” who cannot see how corrosive it is to tolerate this attitude. If I were an African-American student I would assume the university has carved out a set of exceptions that allow foaming racists to work in positions of authority. Perhaps we should start counting the days until an African-American dean gets away with openly racist comments about Asian Americans. Yale has set a sick precedent.

    • sophocles

      Allowing “foaming racists to work in positions of authority.” You are implying that she is a foaming racist? Get a grip. Or perspective. Maybe you are the person who needs re-education.

      • Woodcider

        You can argue that she’s a racist, but she’s definitely a bigot.

        • Asha Burwell

          In other words she’s an average leftist academic.

          • Woodcider

            Try “academic”. It’s not like conservatives are immune.

      • MAALAN

        Well, she certainly make any number of racist comments. Erika Christakis, who didn’t make any racist comments, was forced to resign because some in the community were offended by her free speech perspective. And here, we have someone who officially represents Yale from an anti-racist position. How can Chu legitimately claim to be a champion of inclusion & anti-racism? Or Yale?

  • Gro Ino

    As someone who has worked on the restaurant side of New Haven to pay my way through college (albeit not one from an IVY), this woman is a perfect representation of how the Yale elite interact with us “commoners”. In one sentence: a PHD does not make a bagel toast faster, or make lines any shorter.

    Seemingly oblivious to that obvious fact, WE the workers are treated as imbeciles and incompetent. The brunt of “scorn and contempt” that Yale affiliation seems to empower their affiliates with needs to end. WE ARE ALL HUMANS regardless of race, sex, class and education. Treat us as such and maybe we can pull some strings to get that extra frothy mocha latte, you so desperately need, a couple seconds faster 😉

    • Jim Jones

      Most concerning is that denigrating the service workers is a near constant theme in her reviews.

      • Nomasidiotas

        She is an elitist racist.

  • Nathaniel

    Yes we should be respectful to each other. However, a Yelp Review with honest feelings surfacing and genuine sarcasm, well that’s not only fun to read but informative as well, as has been pointed out…I think the question that I’m still pondering is what does it mean to be in a position of authority? It DOES alter expectations of behavior, certainly because it also ensconces the individual. It’s a tough one I think, I certainly got a laugh outta this. We need ALL kinds of leaders today, but ALL leadership comes with its challenges and you don’t always get to pick and choose the ramifications of what your role entails!

    • MAALAN

      As a free speech advocate, I’d generally agree with the ‘right’ to post ‘sarcastic’ reviews. However … we’re not talking about sarcasm, we’re talking about overt, blatant racist comments (& class-ist). And by someone who represents Yale as an anti-racist policewomen. Setting aside hypocrisy & double-standards, is it OK for her to remain at Yale? What about Erika Christakis?

  • BLuxx

    Saying she’s sorry is not enough. Those of us who live in New Haven are accustomed to this type of arrogance and self-importance, but this woman’s comments are now representing Yale to the rest of the world.

    I also find it amusing that she holds herself in such high regard. For all her advanced degrees, she is basically a glorified babysitter. And she can’t even do that right!

  • Joseph W MacCarthy

    Yale has always been elitist and snobbish. Before the 60s one had to be white, male, wealthy, from a prep school, and, preferably, Protestant. When others were admitted, they were clearly minorities in thought, race and background. If the dominant elite at that time had said “sure, we’ll let you in, but…” and then harassed them, constantly challenged them, and protested against them, Yale would rightly face complaints of institutional racism/classism/elitism, etc. Do Yalies not see that this same sort of intimidation still exists? Does Yale try to admit students of political, religious and worldview “diversity”? Or is it simply happy to be secular-left dominant and exclude others? Is a pro-life, believing Christian really welcome at Yale? If she is Republican, will she be welcomed as part of the diversity which everyone says is “our strength”? Or will she be socially and intellectually excluded, harassed, constantly challenged by angry peers who can’t believe she is so low-minded, and made unwelcome? If she were arrested at an abortion clinic would she be as lauded as if she were arrested at a Black Lives Matter protest? The truth is, Yale is as elitist and socially exclusive as it ever was. The membership criteria for the club have changed, but the elitism is still there. But unlike the old-school WASP elitism, the current thought leaders of the club don’t know their elitism, and, indeed, deny it outright under the cover of “tolerance.” Perhaps the emperor should find some clothes.

    • Awal

      Even back when I went to Yale years ago, there were plenty of Conservative Party/Party of the Right, pro-Life women in attendance. They weren’t a majority, but they were out there. I’d suspect it hasn’t really changed; there are just left-leaning folks who are more vocal. I don’t think there’s really some grand plan to exclude right-of-center students or opinions.

  • mscitroen

    She’s only sorry she got caught. And really, “I’m Asian. I know mochi.” Honey, you’re CHINESE. At least get your own damned ethnicity correct. Mochi is from JAPAN, you ditz.

    • greggreen29

      I got a kick out of that too.

    • J. Gatsby

      Mochi is a very popular snack in the northeastern city of Dalian, which was under Japanese control before 1945. So there are millions of Chinese people who know mochi.

      • Drunk by Noon

        You’re really reaching there.

    • Thom Jones

      Chinese, Korean, Japanese, other Asians eat some of the SAME or SIMILAR food. The name of the food might be different but it is the same or similar food.

      More info:

      • Sufferinginabluestate

        Who cares? So now we can’t enjoy food either because someone is offended that we’re eating outside of our ethnically acceptable borders?

        This type of thinking is mind poison.

      • Paine4444

        You are absolutely wrong. All three cultures eat rice, I’ll give you that. After that, similarities end. I cook all 3 cuisines (and I am white trash) so I know whereof I speak. If “whereof” is not too elitist a word.

  • Ludwig Richter

    I am a Pierson ’97 grad. This article reads almost like an April Fool’s joke. Seriously, students up in arms and demanding apologies about some biting sarcasm and sharp comments in Yelp reviews?? This kind of P.C. nonsense has gone so far off the deep end, it’s beyond belief. All these hypersensitive drama queens need therapy to elevate their EQ scores and learn to ignore nonsense, take themselves less seriously and, generally speaking, get over themselves.

    • BC

      Well, the issue is being PC is what SHE and the college are preaching to their students. Which is why they are ‘so shocked’ and ‘disillusioned’ over her comments.

      And another issue is that many of the employees of those companies she’s ‘reviewing’ and calling such things are probably students –thus the truth of how she ‘really feels’ about them comes out. Not just them, but the local community as a whole (not necessarily the college itself) but the actual community who are not associated with the college.

      • Jim Jones

        Hypocrisy rules!

      • RichPowers

        + 10.

    • Bob

      At least it shows an example of how the elitist left can be just as insulting, judgemental and racist as the “white trash” that they endlessly call the “haters” – and they ARE just as insulting, judgemental and racist.

    • j yung

      You condone Racism? Typical.

    • John Smith

      Get a job and buy a clue.

    • Mia York

      It’s not about people being P.C. or hypersensitive whatsoever. The fact of the matter is that those complaining are tired of the DOUBLE STANDARDS and blatant hypocrisy. How this eludes you, I do not understand.

    • WiserWords2

      Sarcasm? How do you know it was sarcasm and not just her racist beliefs?

  • Kira

    Sorry but this is overt racism. No it’s not Milo’s style of racism – it’s worse! It’s smug Yale leftist racism. But this is progressive Yale today where people are favored, disfavored and judged, not by the content of their character, but by the color of their skin (or any other group that can lay claim to victimhood). No worries though June, you’re a smug lefty, and thus you’re safe at Yale. Nothing will happen to you. Now if you spoke out for liberty or objective reality, well that would be another matter!

    • G.S.K. herzak

      Righties hate political correctness. Except for themselves,!

      • roccolore

        Lefties lecture on tolerance, while defending bigotry.

  • NYcfp

    This is quite funny, considering where Dean Chu works. Doesn’t she get how it works?

    Only underserved minorities are allowed to openly hate white people. She is woman, so she has some victimhood credibility, but that is negated by the fact that she is Asian and in the employ of an Ivy League school. Therefore, she can claim no victim creds and must actually treat all people with respect.

    Had Dean Chu been black, hispanic, muslim, gay or trans she would have had the victim creds to besmirch whites or Asians or men or Jews or anyone else part of a successful class of people.

    • ladyofshalott

      she needs to check her Asian privilege

    • WiserWords2

      Only underserved minorities? Don’t you mean oppressed minorities? You know, every group that white christian males LEGALLY discriminated against for 3 quarters of this country’s history?

      • NYcfp

        Help me out here.

        Are you saying that us white Christian males stopped oppressing everyone? Does that mean we are absolved of past sins? Or, are we still expected to, or even obligated, to make some kind of amends for the sins of our fathers?

        Just give us some guidance here.

  • NYcfp

    By the way, no one was hurt.

    Not a big deal. In fact, if anyone is hurt by this discovery – it is Dean Chu.

    • MAALAN

      Hmm – ‘no one was hurt.’ Just like those who weren’t hurt by the relatively benign comments of Erika Christakis?

  • JU GE

    Food snobs are in every race. Just ignore them and enjoy trying the new food places for yourself.

    • MAALAN

      This isn’t about ‘food snobbery’ – this is about blatant racism (& classism), and the hypocrisy of Yale & Chu who purport to eschew racism. I suppose you would also say that those who were offended by Erika Christakis should ‘just ignore’ her?

      • JU GE

        Yes, I did. As I ignore White racists, BLM(Black Racists), and most of the Media.

  • John H. Gleason

    Long before June Chu’s restaurant reviews started to circulate, most “low class folks” had the perspicacity to stay away from Yale. (Lucky for June that she didn’t deride “dark folk”, or she would be out on her Asian backside by now. Have I successfully emulated June’s writing style?)

  • J. Gatsby

    What do we have here? Speech police now?

    • CharlieWalls

      No, character recognition. “Nasty, brutish and small,” to use a use by the late, great Donald E. Westlake.

    • B.A.

      Its called racism and not okay just because the target is white.

    • reader

      thank the “progressives”

    • MAALAN

      Unlike the situation with Erika Christakis – who was forced to resign for defending free speech in a single instance – here we have someone representing ‘inclusion’ and ‘respect’ showing neither over the course of months numerous times. The hypocritical double-standard should be obvious. It should be equally obvious that Ms. Chu resign.

    • greggreen29

      No just racism. It should be called out when seen.

    • FourFooted Messiah

      Hah. If someone had slagged on Asians, and called them low-rent names, they’d have been FIRED.

    • John Smith

      Karma Police.

    • cjinva

      I haven’t read all the comments, but I have yet to see any of them calling for the government to censor her. However, as her employer, Yale would do well to take stronger action as their employment of an obvious racist and elitist reflects badly on them.

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/shelly-marie-rios-43a98515 SM Rios

    A college dean, regardless of the higher institution they represent, should practice professional restraint in their everyday public actions, or offer solutions or goals to the problems on which they have decided to publicly comment. Dean Chu: what has been said has been said. Don’t dismiss your comments at this point and miss the opportunity to own them. Work to create the change you want to see in your community by involving your students in a positive way- create a class on professional appearance on social media or public comment for public representatives. Yale should run with this.

    • Snake Plissken

      That makes too much sense. She won’t do it, or at the very least won’t be sincere about it.

  • jamie

    What I find most concerning in all this is the fact she bragged about becoming Yelp Elite. That’s like me bragging about getting a library card.

    • Mia York

      I agree! What’s the point? Is it really an accomplishment that warrants an announcement to everyone, especially while acting in some professional capacity? It’s embarrassing.

  • Detmolders

    Hey, she’s a f***ing Dean, people. Why expect more?

  • Mnz3

    I am not too surprised that the students didn’t make a bigger deal out do this. Yalies understand Lenin’s dictum, “Who, whom?”

    • John Smith

      Most of the white people she encounters are likely to be jews. She’s probably picked up some of their attitude toward working-class whites and doesn’t realize how offensive this is.

  • John Stauffer

    it is not so much racism as it is low IQ. Google IQ of nations. You will not like it.

  • Jacob Santiago

    She is an elitist liberal Yalie that will never have a job outside of academia, so she sits upon her ivory tower and spouts demeaning and derogatory statements about the “unwashed masses”; typical of what is coming out of most university settings.

  • BScrivner

    If she was a white man, she would have been ordered to resign. Why pay tuition to be exposed to a racist bigot?

  • Jim Jones

    Yale just keeps going downhill. Why might that be?

  • delinquent

    She can apologize til the cows come home, but she’s exposed her real attitudes which by essentially doing nothing the College implicitly adopts as culturally acceptable.

  • zipity

    Of course, if this had been a white person, trashing other ethnic groups she’d be GONE by now….and the mob would be screaming for her head.

  • Stan_LS

    “…they demean the values to which I hold mysel…” – bullsh*t! If she actually held those values, she wouldn’t have made those comments.

  • ladyofshalott

    she was writing about the “NOKD”, not our kind dear.

  • Mike Lester

    She exercised her 1A right to be exposed as a hateful bigot. And Yale has same freedom to employ bigots. Ergo a bigoted education is what you get at Yale. What’s the problem?

  • http://www.toprightnews.com John Urban

    If she wrote about “gangstas” or “Blacks” she would be out of a job. PERIOD. Racism against Whites? No problem…we accept your apology and are ready to “move on.”

  • G.S.K. herzak

    She said nothing wrong. White trash is the name for lower class white people with no taste. These people love Trump and hate political correctness – unless it comes to them. What a bunch of ‘cucks’! Conservatives are such hypocrites!

    • Annie

      Do you really think she would still have her job had she made derogatory remarks about blacks?

    • John Smith


    • WiserWords2

      What do we call those lower class, no taste having people of other races?

  • MaxImPerfect

    So typical of liberal elitists – and if it were a caucasian man he would be toast – but since this is an asian woman she gets the pass – liberals must understand that their righteous and ongoing deprecation of ordinary working people elected Mr. Trump

    • Marie Whitley

      How do you know she’s a liberal? Give me some facts. REAL ones, not alternative facts.

  • j yung

    Vile, Racist, Deans at Yale. she should be fired, or at a minimum reported to the Title IX investigators

  • Bob C

    You mean someone other than a white male is a racist bigot? Shocking, just shocking!

  • Bob C

    Exactly. Racism is an “all people” problem, not just a “white people” problem.

  • Dash Riprock

    This is actually your typical liberal–they are always better than you and if you happen to think differently from they set out to destroy you instead of just ignoring you.

    • Mr Hanky

      The people she loves most in the world (mom, brother, dad) are registered republicans.

    • Marie Whitley

      When did she say anything about her political beliefs? You assume she’s a liberal with absolutely no facts. Typical conservative.

  • Dash Riprock

    This is just your typical run of the mill liberal.

    • Marie Whitley

      I don’t hear any liberals defending her. That’s inappropriate behavior for anyone. You don’t know anything about her political beliefs anyway. She could be a Republican.

  • I am BT

    That she is still employed tells you what the University values.

  • Odysseus

    She dropped the mask in her yelp reviews. Note to Yale’s white and non-Asian students: this is what she really thinks of you.

    If she had commented on Halloween costumes, she’d be out. Your administration is a sick joke that elevates or protects people based on gender and skin color.

  • feellikeastranger

    If the woman isn’t fired immediately, there is something awfully wrong at the supposedly “elite schools” …

    … even more so than has been obvious for years.

    • WiserWords2

      Which other elite schools employ her?

      • feellikeastranger

        abject racism in the guise of “inclusion” and “diversity” is not exclusive to this twit or this school

  • RichPowers

    She should be held to the same standard any other person who made similar comments about women or blacks or immigrants or ….. anyone in the lefts diversity rainbow…would be held. Of course, this will not happen because liberal HATE is okay.

  • Alice P Jones

    She doesn’t get a pass because she is Asian. She gets a pass because she is a female liberal. A male Asian might have been fired already for these comments. If a white man had made them he would never be employable for the rest of his life, and his life would have been ruined.

    • John Smith

      No. She got the pass because she’s not white and she’s insulting white people, which they teach at Yale cannot be considered racism.

  • Della Street

    Such a hypocrite….and she should be fired.

  • roccolore

    If she were white, she’d already be out of a job.

  • dave4848

    “White trash” is a racist term. She needs to be fired.

  • bfavre71

    Nothing will happen to her. She made fun of white people. That’s allowed at Yale.

  • LittleFloppyBunny

    This is just a nail in the coffin of our education system. The academics run the show and it is quit obvious they aren’t as sophisticated as they are wanting everyone to believe. They are as idiotic as the idiots the claim to teach.

  • Awal

    As an old, white, male, Yale alumnus who doesn’t like mochi (come on, we can all admit that they’re not really that great), I think I’m pretty squarely in June’s cross-hairs. That said, I invite everyone to take a deep breath and stop worrying. This is no big deal. It’s even a bit funny. And maybe it’s the event that gets people like the esteemed Mr. Salovey to do a little introspection and decide that every political/social/racial interaction at Yale doesn’t need to be micromanaged from the President’s or Dean’s office.

    • John Smith

      You must be really old. If she were white, she’d be out of a job.

  • Hamurai

    This is not a role model for young progressive minds. Hold her to a higher standard of excellence in behavior and her bullying attitude. FIRE HER!!!

  • Hamurai

    This is not a role model for young progressive minds. Hold her to a higher standard of excellence in behavior and her bullying attitude.

    • ssgtnelson

      I think this is the perfect role model for young progressives. Arrogance, anger, hatred, and bigotry. The very cornerstones of the progressive Left.

  • FourFooted Messiah

    A closeted Asian supremacist, letting her true feelings be known. Hey, honesty is always the best policy, at least you know where you stand with someone, eh?

    I think, in order to get the kind of “diversity” she seems to crave, she might do well to think about moving to, oh, China, or Korea, or Japan, maybe.

  • Will.Kane

    I’m only a little bit offended, but mostly just feel pity for this extremely self-centered and deeply unhappy woman. Everywhere she goes she sees people she dislikes and feels disappointment, her only outlet being her Yelp reviews.

  • MrJulius

    Another example of liberal hypocrisy and double standards galore.

    Few have mentioned her derogatory references to those with weight issues.

    I don’t think anyone has mentioned how Yelp and their users displayed these same traits, allowing the hate and racist reviews to stand for years until called out. (Reviews can be flagged by users and ahem “elites”.)

  • Tommy Bones

    People who need to belittle others are using a crutch to make themselves feel and appear to be superior by comparison. They, in reality, prove themselves to be insecure fools.

  • Snake Plissken

    Not a very good representative for the university. Way to go Dr Yelp!

  • Asha Burwell

    imagine if one of us went to a city in China and became irate that the western themed restaurant was not authentic enough and then denigrated the local populace.
    Imagine if she were white and the review was of an African American restaurant?

    • ReturnoftheBrotha .

      Hey – try leaving blacks out of this one – this is between Asians and whites! Get your talking points between those two groups…

  • Annie

    No doubt had Chu been white, they would have fired her post-haste.

  • John Von Neumann

    If a white male made similar comments, he’d already be gone.

    • Jay17145

      Which means that Yale has become a racist institution. Sad.

  • John Smith

    She’s a “person of color” insulting white people. There will be no punishment. I’m sure if a white professor had made similarly disparaging remarks about asian students, she’d be leading the mob to have him lynched.

    • dave4848

      Who are these persons of non-color everyone seems to hate? How do they find them if they are invisible?

  • ssgtnelson

    Yup, these are the typical people in Academia. Can’t get a real job, but have the gall to turn up their nose at everyone around them, embrace racism, and then think a simple apology makes them less of a bigot.

  • John Von Neumann

    Yale keeps sliding downhill.

    Chu is a racist loser.

    Perfect together.

  • Smarter than you ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

  • Smarter than you ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I hope she gets what she deserves.

  • Darrell Todd Maurina

    Dr. Chu, if you’re reading these comments, my wife, Dr. Anne Maurina, will be the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage speaker later this month at Fort Leonard Wood, a major Army post in the Ozarks and home of the Army’s engineer, military police and chemical schools. Consider coming down here sometime and meeting some of the people you deride as “white trash.” Our very rural county, thanks to the Army stationing lots of soldiers in Asia, has one of the highest percentages of Asians in Missouri, and many of the people who live in our county seem to have fewer racial issues than your Yelp posts indicate you have. If nothing else, Dr. Chu, it might be an interesting experiment in cultural anthropology for you to actually visit some of the types of people about whom you are commenting and observe them in their own “cultural environment.” We don’t bite, though we might say “ya’ll” and “you’uns” while talking with you over a nice meal of kimchi or sushi in a local Asian-owned restaurant, and if you ask nicely, we might take you out to a shooting range to help you learn how to use certain things mounted on the racks in the backs of our pickup trucks. If you’re going to talk about stereotypes of white trash, then please take a little time to meet us and learn what we’re like. You might find we aren’t that bad, and you might even learn you enjoy your time at a rifle range and riding around bumpy gravel roads in “these here parts.”


    • Max K

      Great comment Mr. Darrel. Hopefully she takes you up on your offer, though I won’t be holding my breath.

  • Chris H.

    no consequences

    • Benson & Hedges

      Were those your father’s last words before impregnating your mother and then fleeing the country?

  • Nomasidiotas

    “According to Holloway, Chu, Davis and other administrators together decided that Chu should email Pierson students about the incident on Saturday after “wrestling with how to do the right thing.”
    So Yale administration colluded with Dean Chu on “damage control” to benefit her? And Dean Holloway finds that acceptable?
    Does Yale support racism or not? Dean Chu’s statements, over time, are clearly both classist and racist. This is who she really is when she believes no one’s watching.
    So do the right thing and prove you aren’t cowards and hypocrites: Dean Chu, resign. And, Dean Holloway, immediately accept her resignation.

  • Kira

    I think Yale should appoint an independent counsel to look into this affair!

    • Justin St.Denis

      Or a Special Prosecutor.

  • Anonymous

    can we all take a moment to dwell on the irony that venting frustrations online is such a white trash thing to do?

  • Andrea

    Too funny, these liberal elites are the real deplorables. She should just blame it on Trump Derangement Syndrome. Poor soul has lost her way…

  • Sufferinginabluestate

    A great example of how far gone our country is now.

    She SHOULD be able to make such remarks – but so should EVERYONE else – regardless of the nature of the views/opinions.

    The problem we’ve created now is the extraordinarily slippery slope of banning free speech. The inevitable outcome of progressively killing free speech leads to the actual killing of people themselves. Socialism and Communism has taught us that lesson for millennia.

    It is much better to know the June Chu’s of the world – the bigots, racists, elitists, Socialists, and Communists – as their actions and words always give them away.

    Their PC liberty-killing “Social Justice” and “Hate Speech” doctrines are sure signs that they are fascists at heart – and trying desperately to steal your right to speak out against them and their designs. Once you allow them to ban free speech, they will determine the kinds of speech to ban. These actions will always serve them by depriving others’ of their rights. These types of people do not care one iota about your rights. They trick you into thinking that certain kinds of speech actually NEED to be banned. Once you accept that false premise, you’ve already lost.

    So, once you start calling for heads because of what people say, be prepared to lose your’s for what you say. It is much better to just to grow up and realize that people are going to have all kinds of thoughts, and that there is no real danger in hearing them.

    The real problem is when people DO THINGS to others which cause actual harm.
    And, hurting someone’s feelings is not real harm – so deal with it. All of this PC BS is nothing but a ruse to set up these fascists to take away your right to complain when they begin to do horrible things to you, in order to silence you for good.

    If enough of the students at Yale (and their parents who largely pay their tuition) complain (and withhold monetary contributions/donations), the June Chu’s will eventually be dismissed. Politicizing the issue will just lead to more politicizing of the issue, and will serve as a distraction to the real justice they’re trying to destroy.

    • Detmolders

      Love the concept of JuneChuism.

  • Me

    Fire her.

  • cjinva

    Remember when “progressives” claimed to be for the poor working people? Good times.

    • http://mhsky.net Mr. Spinks!!

      When was that?
      Oh…sorry…yes, “claimed” is the operative word there…

  • GinaHaspellsStrongMoralCompass

    Except that she’s a dean, I think her reviews are pretty entertaining. It’s called ‘Yelp’ for a reason.

  • Erick

    She needs to resign/

  • informed citizen

    she should be fired for her bigotry and racism!

  • Cornell Junior

    in order for Yale to keep any PC credibility, they must fire her immediately

  • Prince Edward

    That she’s not being fired is racism. She was a Title IX coordinator, had a PhD in Social Psychology, etc. There is no excuse.

    Her classism is beyond the pale, also. “White Trash”, really? And her derision of working people is mentioned repeatedly.

    • David

      She’s writing a review of a a business establishment. Isn’t she entitled to describe the cashiers, or the cook, or other representatives of the establishment in (presumably honest) negative terms?

      Or does Yale stand for “we can only say nice things”? If you say nice things about one restaurant, that could mean another one doesn’t get a chance at business.

      This is aside from her two racist reviews, which were indefensible.

      • Prince Edward

        Class origin is part of Title IX. Her job description is a dean of a college, who has a role in advising students and Title IX enforcement

      • FourFooted Messiah

        But she dissed the Japanese restaurant for hiring Chinese instead of Japanese, not because of the service, from what I saw – so it’s the fault of the staff they’re not the “right kind of Asian” for the decor?

        Which then followed the “white trash” comment, because, of course, if whites can’t tell the difference between Oriental types on sight, we’re Neanderthals. But I wonder if she could tell the difference between a German and an Englishman on sight? Or would the German have to wear lederhosen?

  • http://mhsky.net Mr. Spinks!!

    It’s always instructive when the “Tolerance” and “Diversity” crowd refers to millions of their fellow “Global Citizens” as literal “human garbage”…

  • Tex Taylor

    Anybody really fooled that this pretentious POC is really profoundly sorry for these comments? ** GUFFAW **

    These aren’t off the cuff remarks. There’s a pattern. This is exactly how this overrated, smug, lefty really believes, her “sincere apology” not withstanding. A Human Resources “expert.” That’s enough to laugh and point fingers, Ms. Elitist. Perfect for the sanctimonious weasels employed by the Liberal Arts – the stuff of barista.

    Why doesn’t Yale live up to their own lofty standards of “diversity is our strength” and no tolerance of racism and can this blowhard? If Ms. Smug were white and male, she would be thrown off campus by the nape of the neck. Something tells me the “Yale” Grand Poobahs are working up some ‘form’ of meaningless punishment to retain her under the guise of probation.

  • raskoesq

    As penitence, she should be forced to attend at least a dozen NASCAR races this summer, go to a family dinner with a student from a white working class background (if such a person exists at Yale), and be required to wear at least one article of clothing in camo pattern each day for work this year. She’d learn us rednecks aren’t so bad, might even have some fun!

    • https://www.airbnb.com/users/show/34813079 JEng

      I was sitting next to a stranger in the Dean’s Office at NYU’s business school one day and a girl came out dressed as if for the evening in a really tight bodysuit and sheer dark stockings and I said she’s in Marketing – and he said Marketing what?

      He cleaned pools out on long island to pay for tuition and no one ever gave him a free ride for being white. He looked like he was going to be successful because he was pretty tough compared to the other students his age.

      I don’t think spoiled minorities who don’t even know any working class white people get that “white trash” is something that white people say about other pepole but it’s not something we even think about as outsiders. It’s like black people when they use the N word about black people who misbehave – that’s from them. We can try to understand but it’s not for us to wield.

      I got called chink a lot and I feel I have the right to use it but I don’t necessarily care for someone non Chinese even a Japanese American like Tamlyn Tomita using it.

      • FourFooted Messiah

        I guess the best way to put it would be that these words are best kept as “peer pressure” epithets, restricted to intracultural/racial usage. If you’re doing something that makes your ethnic/cultural group look bad, then you are a “insert epithet here” in the eyes of your peers (who do not want to be associated with you, or that word that they feel you, personally, deserve.)

        But no one, and I mean no one, likes what they perceive to be “outsiders” doing the name-calling or criticizing.

        • https://www.airbnb.com/users/show/34813079 JEng

          maybe she said it because she wants to be white or that KMT kind of surpassing white – and seeing white people just being regular frightens her and makes her angry as if she feels threatened. Her sister is married to a white guy apparently because she has a photo with her niece who looks half white and has a Western surname.

  • Dan

    While the posts are offensive, the real crime is not having the presence of mind to realize that whatever you post on a site like Yelp using your real name is easily discovered. Yale should fire her on that basis alone.

  • Prakash

    Her attitude is on par with liberals’ view of white working class people as being uneducated, unintelligent, ignorant, and racists.
    This liberals’ view come out in open, at least for me (a foreigner), during and after the 2016 presidential elections.
    Before, I used to think Americans are above the classist/elitist mentality that plagues most of the world and even in western countries like UK.
    Oh well, I guess Americans are as ugly, inside, as everyone else in the world.

    • Mr Hanky

      …except she comes from a family of registered republicans (brother, mother, father)

      • Prakash

        ..except that doesn’t mean anything when she isn’t a republican.
        It’s tribalism to ascribe her family members’ political views to her, a person in her mid-40s.
        Whatever happened to American individuality!

        • Mr Hanky

          She’s not into American individuality. She’s into Chinese collectivism.

          Tie 20 twigs together and try to break them over your knee: Chinese. Try to break one twig over your knee: American.

          My bet is that she’s as closet republican as she is a closet bigot/racist/body shamer/elitist.

          Eh. We’ll find out pretty soon…

          • Prakash

            Ha Ha. How do you know she is into Chinese collectivism

            By ascribing collectivism to a 2nd generation Taiwanese-american, you are being racist. Looks like you “suffer” from tribalism, and you are projecting that mentality onto others.

            I am from a collectivist society and I know collectivism very well. You don’t have to give me nonsensical examples for collectivism.

            After living in US for just 9 years I lost my collectivist mentality and became highly individualistic. Same is the case with my friends from collectivist societies, some who were in US as few as 4 or 5 years.

            Saying that a person born & raised in US is into collectivism just based on her parental/ancestral heritage is, like I said before, racist.

            Looks like either you are in denial or lying straight-up that liberals don’t have classist/elitist attitudes.

  • nells

    Arrogant. Probably never worked a day in her life.

  • westcoast

    How can Yale officials allow an acknowledged racist of such vulgarity to walk their hallowed halls among the student body again, let alone having her on the payroll?

  • BobbyZ

    The pretentious language that these academics use is silly.

  • BobbyZ

    Don’t think that she doesn’t talk the same way around the students.

  • westcoast

    Anyone else find it interesting that Ms. June Chu merely apologized to Yalies, but not to the people she gleefully smears?

    • David

      It’s called a critical review. Is Yale against the idea of a critical review? There’s nothing wrong except for the racist ones, of which there were only the two that I know of.

      • CentralJerseyMom

        Yeah — Mark Fuhrman had some pretty good storyline ideas on that tape, except for the use of the “N” word. Things get so blown out of proportion, don’t they?

    • Mary Finn

      Why should she? Have you ever experienced oafish behavior while dining out? My dad, fifth grade education and born on an Irish farm, wouldn’t allow half the nonsense these supposedly educated Americans allow themselves and their children.

    • justafish

      Yep. She needs to set up some high profile meetings with the white trash community, publicly apologize, and maybe make a donation to the United White Trash College Fund.

  • Tom F

    “It is always so refreshing to see an Asian American woman in leadership positions, and many of my female and POC friends were eager to see what she would do for us,” Dolma said.

    What, exactly, does this student expect in special treatment?

    • Kizmet Paradigm


    • CentralJerseyMom

      This caught my eye as well. “I was so happy when I saw that someone from my in group was in a position of leadership and I immediately perked up thinking I would get some kind of special treatment.” And that was put forth as a plus in *favor* of Dr. Chu.

  • Kevin

    Everyone has noticed the racism and classicism in her comments. Her attitude of, “I’m Asian, so I know (fill in the blank)” is condescending and racist in and of itself. But beyond that, this Yale professor writes at the level of a 6th grader. I know that’s probably ageism on my part — I own it — but she should be able to spell and use punctuation better. She’s not worthy of her title.

    • Last Word

      Dude its a yelp review, not a analytical report for future textbooks.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0fa_BaljjQ RoDanCapital

      I noticed this and attributed it to the fact that she wrote the comments hastily, most likely on her phone …

  • StopBeingOffendedDERP

    If this was about another race other than white people…she would have been immediately fired.


  • KnobbyRoider

    Ouch the PC sword is double-edged!

  • George Hayes

    The only reason she apologized is she was called out on it. In short it wasn’t because she realized she did something wrong. She apologized because she got caught and feared being punished. She is a vile despicable person and should be removed from teach or the education industry entirely.

  • wandagb

    OMG, Chu’s sharp tongue has put Yale on the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Hate Group list.

    • joeblow55

      Yes, looks like Yale will have to sue itself!

  • Wil_McLean

    Chu sounds like one angry little snowflake. Her jabbing snobbery is pretty nauseating. Had it not been for her social media illiteracy, the world would not have confirmed what a vile person she actually is. You gotta love the internets.

    • joeblow55

      Where did this snowflake crap come from? The same lexicon rubbish bin as “siloed”, “granular” and “out of the box”? All inane and singularly stupid corporate speak.

  • David

    There’s nothing wrong with the reviews except for the two “white trash” ones. She is Asian, she has a lot of experience with rice, and she’s entitled to say it’s underdone. It’s a restaurant review!

    • joeblow55

      Thank you. It shows the PC storm troopers are out in force at Yale. As you said, it’s rice for Christ’s sake.

  • BobD

    My; It’s sad how far some of the greatest institutions in the world have fallen. Here we have a professor of bullshittery, who has a degree that never required freshman calculus, physics, chemistry, or biology, accusing everybody else of being stupid.

    Some people are stupid… and she’s one of them.

  • Mary Finn

    Maybe the low class patrons of these establishments should stop acting like barbarians. The dean is an educated women with standards.

    • Truth Squad

      How would you know about “standards”?
      Get off your high horse. Remember: it wasn’t so long ago that the Irish were treated as low, contemptible creatures.

      • joeblow55

        And as drunken wastrels

  • Matthew Newgarden

    With her reviews Pierson College Dean June Chu becomes trapped in Yale’s social justice warrior “kafkaesque” vortex.

    • joeblow55

      Always depends whose ox is gored

  • Ok

    Who cares about what she said… I think it’s more offensive that a person in a prominent position would be so moronic to not keep those words to herself. I mean, be an whatever-ist, but why risk your job? I think she should be fired simply because she was dumb, not because of the words she used.

  • Dave B.

    To be honest, I don’t see the harm in what she wrote. I think the internet should be renamed Salem. This case, like so many others, illustrates the propensity for humans to react so easily on the internet in a way that they would not do in person. Does what she said constitute chastising her to the point of her resigning? That seems dangerously absurd to me. She has spent years getting to where she is professionally, and now, because she stated an opinion on an opinion fueled website, all of that is to be stripped from her? Do we really want to set that precedent? What was that saying about being free from sin and casting the first stone? Everyone needs to get a life, specifically away from the internet. Calm down.
    White guy who likes extra butter on his popcorn and thinks General Tso’s is sushi.

  • anon10

    Almost all deans at any college are terrible people. What’s unusual here is that this dean wasn’t smart enough to keep this stuff off the public parts of the Internet.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0fa_BaljjQ RoDanCapital

    Yapping about Yelping at Yale. http://rodancapital.blogspot.com/

    I was not planning to write about this, but it is so overblown that I could not resist.

    Under normal circumstances, Dr. Chu should have the right to say whatever the hell she pleases. She is not required to exercise more restraint than, let’s see, the temporary inhabitant of the White House exercises on Twitter for instance.

    And all this only to achieve elite status at Yelp and show that she can comment freely? Those naive enough to think that the 1st Amendment matters have to learn the truth the hard way.

    I happen to know people employed in education who are far more elitist than Dr. Chu. But they also have some good habits, such as biting their tongue,

    • Sarah Reed

      She can write/say whatever she wants, so can the people criticizing her.

    • https://www.airbnb.com/users/show/34813079 JEng

      She’s around undergrad so her character matters.

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0fa_BaljjQ RoDanCapital

        So are many others who think similarly yet keep their mouths shut. Weeding one-at-a-time strikes me as impractical. Impossible, actually.

      • Iris Chang 張純如

        The problem with “character” is that it is so easy to fake. Nixon was a person of integrity until shown otherwise. So the alternative is to have those who can fake character around undergraduates, those who behave in a politically correct manner. This will only increase their disappointment later. There is no solution …

      • joeblow55

        Really? That certainly isn’t the case in other Yale scandals. Is it because she is Asian American? Likely.

        • https://www.airbnb.com/users/show/34813079 JEng

          what other Yale scandals? I thought Yale students were so pure and nice!

        • https://www.airbnb.com/users/show/34813079 JEng

          the fact that she is waishongren and possibly Elaine Chao’s COUSIN means she will technically get away with it but that it will further chip away at how other people see Asians and our integrity. It’s always a slap on the wrist for people like Leland Yee.

    • joeblow55

      I agree. As to Yale, President Kennedy said it all, “I have a Yale degree but a Harvard education.”

  • ChrisinCleveland

    I can only imagine her disgust when the cleaning crew shows up to empty the trash in her office.

  • The “Sane” Silence Dogood

    Ah, the soft bigotry of low expectations. And boy is she a bigot. With low expectations. She should be fired seeing that this particular university is a recipient of public dollars.

  • gibbygtnk

    Here language was not a mistake, it was a revelation of a racist inner person.

    • joeblow55

      Yes and the world is flat. Listen to yourself.

  • Truth Squad

    Yale reveals itself to be an unprincipled institution — because it refuses to acknowledge that its POC employee is a racist.

  • FredomRings

    So now we CENSOR her just because she doesn’t support Trump.

    Well I have news for you guys – MOST OF US HATE TRUMP!

    It’s time we treat her with the RESPECT she deserves. She is in a position far superior to where we are.

    • https://www.airbnb.com/users/show/34813079 JEng

      Is this the Dr June Chu who is the cousin of Elaine Chao the transportation minister?

      • Mr Hanky

        Elaine Chao – also a member of the Republican party, just as June’s mom, dad, and brother…. and I’d bet my Yale 1%-er income that she is too.

  • Sarah Reed

    She sounds like a very angry and hostile person that gets into a lot of verbal spats with customer service people, which seems partly due to her elitist attitude: she thinks she’s better than everyone that she feels is beneath her. What a horrible human being.

    • Max K

      Sarah…The joke is on her. She goes out to eat at a local sushi joint in New Haven, CT, she then looks around at all the disgusting trashy people enjoying themselves & each others company. There she waits, all alone or on a horrible date with the one man on all of Tinder, OkCupid & match that responded to her…She then receives the sushi she ordered (by a Chinese server & made by a Chinese chef..We all know only Japanese can make Sushi.Well, maybe only Ms. Chu knows)..She then looks at the lackluster presentation & takes a bite..Blech! Nothing like Tokyo sushi! She then, *surprise*…Is still miserable. She then looks around the room again & thinks to herself ‘ WHAT? Why are these people happy..? They must think this local sushi restaurant has a michelin star or something. Lol, losers..My palate is so much more sophisticated than thiers’…Then..? Wait for it…She leaves the restaurant, yet is still miserable. She will be untll she abandons the hate within her heart.


  • Aquaman

    Chu is a garbage human being

  • Aquaman

    And Yelp is the playground for garbage people

  • Ball Four

    Good for her.

  • Max K

    So sad:( I truly hope Ms. Chu’s apology was sincere. I would love to invite her over for dinner with my family as I can only imagine we would melt her cold heart. I really pity Ms. Chu yet believe.we all have the capacity to change…I pray that Ms. Chu has learned from this experience & desires to broaden her horizons. Ms. Chu, your comments were hurtful. You judged people you do not know, then proceeded to lump them into one single group. I think you may be surprised that the ‘white trash’ you look upon with disdain doesn’t view their local sushi restaurant as anything other than an average, convinient place to eat when they’re too tired to cook & are not in the mood for pizza…Like you said, it’s New Haven, not Tokyo or Paris. Please understand that snobbery is equally as unnatractive when compared to the people you view as beneath you.

    • joeblow55

      Really? Indeed it is New Haven. Your post looks to me like reverse snobbery.

      • Max K

        How so? It seems like she was expecting a three michelin star sushi restaurant in…Yeah, New Haven. Outside of a few major cities you can mostly expect just average food(esp when in comes to sushi) & that’s all most people expect.

  • GD Klein

    Having lived in New Haven for three years while earning a PhD, I didn’t care for the city either. But I put up with it because the Yale opportunity was my reason for being there and I was grateful to have it. Unfortunately, a lot of retail businesses and restaurants hire people who barely can do the job, partly because they never are trained by management to do them. It’s a universal problem.

    George DeVries Klein,PhD, 1960

    • Deserttrek

      ok doc high and mighty

  • http://www.thephora.net Jenny Katona ✞ ✓ᴬᵐᵉʳᶦᶜᵃ ᶠᶦʳˢᵗ

    Ah, the joys of diversity…

  • Hanamanganda

    Only sorry because she was caught. All the worst racists I’ve run into in my years in academic environments are non-white. If she were white, not only would she have been fired, a bunch of unemployable lunatics would have been committing acts of violence at her home or workplace.

  • joeblow55

    Yes, Yale leaders, welcome back the diversity professor who pimped himself out as a rent boy, then died of a self induced drug overdose. Welcome back the Yale professor whose house was a fortress and let his pit bulls loose. Intervene so the Yale kitchen employee who smashed the Calhoun window in an act of wanton vandalism escapes criminal prosecution and rehire him. Yes administrators, welcome them all back to Yale but pillory June Chu for what are admittedly bursts of intemperate Yelp reviews. Shame! Maybe it’s part of the ivies suppressing Asians at Yale. See the federal suit filed against Harvard in the federal court in Boston on that very issue.

    • MamaCT167

      How do you welcome someone back after he’s died of a drug overdose?

  • joeblow55

    Does this have anything to do with her professional life at Yale? No. Stupid? Yes. Grounds for being placed on leave? Absolutely not.

    • WarPigg

      When did having to do with your professional life mean anything? Have you never heard of the countless people that have lost everything because of a personal opinion? Remember the founder of Mozilla? You’re an idiot.

      • Lefty Grove

        It’s a little off-topic, but I disapprove of the way that Mozilla case was handled. The guy was punished for having previously supported homophobic organizations, even though he later repented and renounced what he had done. Isn’t the whole point of public pressure to change people’s behavior? If repentance doesn’t ease the pressure, why would anybody repent?

    • Sweitzer

      I’m sure you’d feel the same way if it was a white teacher hurling racist slurs. No? Oh – thats right – its only ok to be racist towards whites these days.

  • Deserttrek

    she should be fired and put on a list to never be able to have any role in the educational process
    I have no doubts she would demand the same from a white male

  • Lefty Grove

    Dean Chu “lamented that she had to ‘remain in line with all the other idiots.’ “.

    It’s nice, at least, that she didn’t exclude herself from the set of idiots.

  • Sweitzer

    We all know if she was white and using slurs against other ethnicities she would be fired. Enough with the double standards.

  • CentralJerseyMom

    “I welcome thoughts from all of you regarding what you’d like to see as next steps, with an eye toward strengthening our bonds, even as we find ourselves, for the moment, at a physical distance,” Davis wrote.

    This is just sad. “What do you say students? Will it be thumbs up or thumbs down? If you don’t care about the racists/elitist crap she wrote, then we’ll give her a pass. If you want her crucified, we’ll do that too. Just let us know.”

  • johnny p

    Simple lesson Its nice to be important its more important to be nice

  • an6thing NOW!


  • an6thing NOW!


  • ohdotell

    She’s learned nothing, and will not change. Quite simply, she got caught and is in damage control mode. Here bigotry is ingrained in here DNA. She has been raised to believe that simply being smarter, and more educated than others makes her a better person. For that, she deserves all the punishment coming to her, and more.

  • Jayhome

    This is a Chinese cultural trait. When they perceive themselves as rich or elite, the Chinese culture is very harsh on those they deem inferior. We see this attitude change among the “new rich” too.

    • Mia

      how racist is this comment itself…. don’t apply this case to all Chinese,

      • Jayhome

        Chinese culture is not a race. I won’t apply it to all Chinese, I leave the rest being busy working to steal our secrets for mother China. 😛

    • DukeGanote

      But not the “old rich”?

  • Bananadrama

    I would expect a Yale dean with a graduate degree from Harvard to know better than to sh*tpost using her real name and a recognizable picture. She did, in fact, play herself.

  • OrangeCountyCA4


  • NICKLA77

    Yelp is clearly used for a type of bullying. Sure you can leave a great
    review of a business or even a bad review if the service or product was
    bad in hopes that the business will improve.
    Then you have users that
    create accounts to leave negative reviews to damage the businesses
    reputation. Then those account’s are live but not used for a few years.
    all you have to do is create a new account on a new cell phone or new
    IP and leave a bad review and 5 good reviews over a few months time and
    add about 5-7 friends and now Yelp considers this Fake Account as a real
    yelp user? Hopefully they are not boasting about how many users they
    have when they are trying to sell their stock! Because 30 % of the users
    on Yelp are Fake! Do the research and you will see it.

    The funny
    thing is once they have this fake account damaging your business they
    call you to extort money from your businesses to advertise with them!
    Then ever notice you’re looking at a some images from a restaurant you
    want to dine at and BAMB it says you may also want to try this other
    business? See the restaurant you were viewing which probably has a bunch
    of great yelp reviews doesn’t pay yelp, so Yelp tries to take the
    business the restaurant is going to get from you and sends it to a
    paying business.

    I think the mafia use to do this back in the day! You pay us you get business you don’t pay us we hurt you! LOL

    should be accountable for their negative reviews. The Pierson College
    Dean June Chu should be fired and charged with Liable and Slander if false statements were made!

  • Robert Kessler

    I wonder if Dean Chu is shocked at what the students have been turned into….the thought police of Orwell’s 1984. It’s what the Communists did to the youth under Mao; children beating their teachers with sticks.

  • BADKarma

    Let’s not mince words, here: Professor Chu is a racist, hate-mongering, elitist bigot who would have been fired; and probably facing actual criminal charges; if she was white and said analogous things about “brown people” and their places of business.

  • SireRock1

    Never underestimate the power of Self-Interest and group self-interest. Her group is Asian, namely Chinese-American. She uses her status/privilege as a Dean at Yale to partake in racism , bigotry & prejudice. She treats others like “trash” who she deems beneath her and at the same time enjoys the victim status of a “person of Color”, when that plays to her advantage. Truly a terrible human being.