Nick Girard ’19 and Tyler Bleuel ’19 are running unopposed for Yale College Council vice president and events director. As we at the News have already noted (“NEWS’ VIEW: Does the YCC matter?” Apr. 07, 2017), we are disappointed by the lack of interest in these positions. But after meeting with both Girard and Bleuel, we are confident that they will assume their roles with competence, experience and dedication.

Bleuel and Girard offer sincerity and practicality in their platforms. They have thoughtfully put together reforms to the internal structure of the YCC. Both Girard and Bleuel care deeply about their respective positions, with clear track records as community builders both within the YCC and across campus.

As YCC vice president, Girard will fill a managerial and inwardly-oriented role. Unlike the YCC president, who leads the student body at large, the vice president manages the YCC itself. Girard is well-suited for this task. His platform focuses on creating a transparent and accessible YCC by restructuring meeting agendas and project structures, among other initiatives. He has worked across the YCC, including the Undergraduate Organizations Committee and the Council of Representatives.

Perhaps more importantly, Girard is, as our Managing Board agreed, a people-person focused on building community within the YCC and positioning the organization to operate more effectively. Unlike candidates running for other positions, Girard will make sacrifices for the YCC, abdicating a high-level post in the Yale College Democrats so he can focus on the vice presidency. We endorse him without hesitation.

As YCC events director, Bleuel will inherit a vision-driven and externally focused role. The events director focuses on opening the YCC to the larger Yale community, including by leading the Spring Fling Committee. Bleuel told us that he has been preparing for this position since October of his freshman year, and we believe him. He so deeply wants to serve as events director that he recently postponed spending a year in Taiwan on the Light Fellowship.

Bleuel’s enthusiasm is matched by his vision and credentials. His philosophy is to “foster family through fun.” He served on the Events Committee for the past two years, an experience he cited during his endorsement interview, acting as the Deputy Events director this year. When Harvest had to cancel days before a scheduled YCC event, he explained that he was part of the team that managed the fallout and found a new location. He has worked closely with the current events leadership. With a year of institutional memory in events planning, he is uniquely prepared for this position. 

Bleuel also intends to jumpstart the Spring Fling timeline, gathering survey data and booking artists earlier than in past years. Bleuel noted that this more proactive approach would lower costs and enable the YCC to secure better-known performers. It is with excitement that we endorse him for YCC events director.

Again, we are frustrated that Bleuel and Girard will fill these positions uncontested. But we also have faith in their ability to lead the YCC next year. Besides fulfilling their campaign promises, we at the News hope that they will spend time building a more inspirational and inclusive environment within the YCC.