Michael Holmes

A recent Yale study has called into question the safety of vaccines and could lend fuel to anti-vaccine advocates like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has already written a piece covering the study on the news site EcoWatch.

The study, published last month in the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry, reports that patients diagnosed with neuropsychiatric disorders like obsessive-compulsive disorder and anorexia nervosa were more likely to have received vaccinations three months prior to their diagnoses. Though the collaboration between researchers at Pennsylvania State University and the Yale Child Study Center yielded results that seem to dispute the safety of vaccines, the authors asserted that the study needs replication on a larger scale and does not establish a causal relationship between vaccines and neuropsychiatric disorders.

“There’s a fair amount of interest in the vaccine safety question, so let’s try to be critical and do further studies that will help examine this issue in a more thorough way,” said James Leckman, professor of pediatrics and one of the study’s five authors.

Using information from a health insurance claims database, Leckman and his co-authors examined the correlations between specific vaccines and various neurological disorders in six- to 15-year-old children. Children with open wounds and broken bones were used as the two control groups.

While only about 10 percent of children with open wounds had received vaccinations, vaccines had been given to over 20 percent of children later diagnosed with anorexia. Higher numbers of vaccinated children were also found among those who were diagnosed with OCD, anxiety disorder and ADHD as soon as three months after their vaccinations.

Other findings in the study, however, reveal that these correlational results should be taken with a grain of salt.

The broken bone control group also included a higher percentage of vaccinated children, though not as high as that of the anorexia group. Furthermore, vaccinations were more likely to be associated with a lower incidence of major depression and bipolar disorder.

The researchers found correlations for one vaccine in particular: the influenza vaccine, which was associated with higher rates of OCD, anorexia, anxiety disorder and tic disorder.

A biological explanation for these correlations has not been found, but a potential mechanism could lie in the body’s immune response to vaccines, the study suggested.

Vaccines work by prodding the immune system to produce antibodies against viruses and bacteria, thus priming the body against these pathogens before they enter it. Some antibodies, however, can react against not only the intended pathogen proteins, but also against human proteins — a phenomenon called cross-reactivity. A 2015 study published in Science Translational Medicine discovered that antibodies elicited by the Pandemrix influenza vaccine cross-reacted with a human brain protein — hypocretin receptor 2.

Autoimmunity, in which antibodies attack human proteins, is also known to play a critical role in normal brain development, Leckman noted. According to Leckman, if children were experiencing inflammation — a process that promotes autoimmunity — at the time of vaccination, the combination of inflammation and vaccination could have deleterious effects on brain development. Such data on vaccination timing was not included in the database on which the study was based.

Another biological explanation could involve genetic factors, Leckman said. Prior studies in Scandinavian countries and China found that the H1N1 influenza vaccine was associated with narcolepsy. The influence of multiple genes found in specific populations could be responsible, he added.

Yale professor of pathology John Rose suggested that the act of vaccine administration, rather than the vaccine itself, could even have an effect on neuropsychiatric development, recalling his childhood experience of being one of the first children to receive the polio vaccine.

“We had to line up in school, and we were getting needles stuck in our arms,” Rose said. “That kind of trauma could be leading to these kinds of neuropsychiatric disease. The age range of the children in the study is quite sensitive.”

Rose, who developed a vaccine template that was used for the development of the current Ebola vaccine, said he trusts the current process of drug development to establish safety measures for vaccines. On average, a vaccine takes 15–20 years to be fully approved, Rose said.

Leckman said the accuracy of the diagnoses reported by the administrative database could also be questioned.

John Treanor, chief of infectious diseases at the University of Rochester Medical Center, voiced concerns about the database, citing issues of immeasurable confounding variables and the extent to which the control groups actually serve as effective controls. Nevertheless, he emphasized the importance of vaccine safety and further research to understand it.

Rose expressed concern that the study would “activate anti-vaccine people in a very serious way” and agreed with the study’s assertion that the results are very preliminary and do not establish a cause and effect relationship. Animal models, Leckman noted, could help establish such a cause and effect relationship by allowing researchers to manipulate and control for multiple variables.

Even the authors noted that the results of the study are too inconclusive to warrant any reconfiguration of public health strategies.

“Given the modest magnitude of these findings in contrast to the clear public health benefits of the timely administration of vaccines in preventing mortality and morbidity in childhood infectious diseases, we encourage families to maintain vaccination schedules according to [the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] guidelines,” they wrote in the study.

  • Matias Díaz

    “the study are too inconclusive to warrant any reconfiguration of public health strategies” They’re always are too inconclsusive. 50 years to admit SV40.

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    • AutismDadd

      Up voted by Dorit? How strange!

  • Kevin Brown

    A missing piece of data that I’d like to see is parental attitudes toward vaccination and mental health. For example, are parents who don’t vaccinate less likely to bring in their child to be diagnosed as ADHD? Many people who oppose vaccines and lean toward “alternative” medicine believe that certain mental disorders, including ADHD, don’t exist.

    • Caroline

      The CDC was given money in 1986 to do a study of the health outcome of vaccinated vs unvaccinated kids. They have not and will probably NEVER do the study. Why? Because the unvaccinated kids are healthier in ALL areas of health. There are such studies done in other countries such as Germany that prove this. Furthermore, many parents (who connected the dots) stop vaccinating their 2nd or 3rd or 4th or 5th kid. Their unvaxxed kids are healthier by far than their vaxxed kids. Yet doctors refuse to see that as evidence. Most chiropractors don’t vaccinate their kids. Why not study these unvaxxed kids? But the medical establishment won’t. Our kids and, ultimately our nation, are being sacrificed for profits. Bottom line is, I blame the doctors because they refuse to see the truth or at the very least…..do their own independent investigation. Over 54% of our kids has 1 or more chronic illnesses and doctors think that’s “NORMAL.” No, eating peanuts should be normal. Sheeesh.

      • FallsAngel

        Do provide some reliable evidence, e.g. not from Natural News, Mercola, etc about this funding. The anti-vax lore is full of lies, you know.

        Such as study is unethical. You cannot ask parents to forgo a proven health intervention, e.g., vaccines. Ever heard of the Tuskegee Study? Ever heard of the Helsinki Accords?

        • AutismDadd

          Yawn. FalseAngel’s schtick is getting threadbare

    • AutismDadd

      And your evidence is what?

    • AutismDadd

      A citation would be nice.

  • Brad Jones

    The fact you start this article calling Robert Kennedy, Jr. an “anti-vaccine activist” shows this is nothing more than an attempt to divert people from the very real risks of vaccination and the dearth of safety research supporting them. Robert Kennedy, Jr. starts every speech enforcing his belief in vaccination and that he had all 6 of his children fully vaccinated. Wanting safe vaccines makes him a safety advocate, not an anti-vaccine activist. The findings of the Yale/Penn State research should have all doctors and scientists calling for caution until more research can be done.

    • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

      I will say one thing, and that is why is this article being published in a relatively obscure journal like Frontiers in Psychiatry, rather than the Green journal of the APA, let alone a journal like the Lancet, NEJM, or the Journal of Infectious Disease. Peer review means you take the time to check your results by educated reviewers, and look for confounding problems and problems of poor experimental design. You do not take everything at their word.

      • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

        It is curious in reviewing the paper, that all three journal referees were from India, not the United States or Europe. That is not meant to disparage someone from India, but why not look at it from several outlooks. I respect that Dr. Leckman is tenured professor at the Yale Child Study Center. My father attended Yale Medical School and rotated through YCS. He has done excellent work on Tourette’s syndrome. Autism Spectrum Disorder, as it is now called in DSM-V is a serious childhood disorder, that can strike about 1 in 160 children at an early age. We do not know its cause, and we wish we could.

  • ShadrachSmith

    Is there a vaccine for depression?

    • Matias Díaz

      O’Connor TG, et al. Depressive symptoms and immune response to
      meningococcal conjugate vaccine in early adolescence. Dev Psychopathol.
      2014 Nov;26(4 Pt 2):1567-76. doi: 10.1017/S0954579414001242.

  • Dorit Reiss

    This is a very bad study, done in a way that’s bound to generate false positives and still finding very weak results. And yes, it can and is being used by anti vaccine activists.

    It’s troubling that Dr. Lekman was willing to be involved in it and still stands behind it. It’s not a credit to Yale that its name is put on this.

    Here is an analysis by a scientist.


    • Tim West

      This is Dorit Reiss quoting Orac. You don’t get a worse parody of science than that.

    • Matias Díaz

      Mrs Reiss, since, 1. your family is a stockholder of GSK a global vaccine manufacturer and 2 you are a known vaccine advocate, the fact that you say a piece of research is a “very bad study” seems 1 unethical and 2 biased.

      Dorit Reiss DMH • 2 months ago
      My family owns, as part of its portfolio, stock of GSK.

      • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

        If you own any mutual funds, you probably indirectly own stock in a pharmaceutical company that makes vaccines, especially if you invest in a index based mutual fund. Your reasoning is therefore specious.

    • bmc

      Dorit, Orac is a surgical oncologist. Please do not imply that he is someone who works in scientific research by calling him a scientist.
      The only reason you are calling this a bad study is because you do not like the result. “Bad study” did not stop you from posting a Forbes article that was based on 2 bad studies, one of which had only 17 subjects and was still pending peer review. Further, you’ve cited studies with this same type of methodology on numerous occasions.

    • Laura LaRue

      Once again professor pharma front is critiquing a fine study from a political perspective and not a scientific one. Why is this law professor from UC Hastings with GSK & Kaiser healthcare ties claiming this is a “bad study?” It is because she has been using fear to sell vaccination and combat vaccination hesitancy on social media for years now.

      She has made it her job to deny ALL vaccination flaws & to vehemently protest studies which point to vaccination safety issues. But that is PR, not science. Butt out Dorit, and stick to teaching the law. Stay out of this. You are not a scientist and you are not even an attorney. Stop your racketeering for stakeholders in your dog fight. STOP targeting scientists who publish studies which you perceive as a threat to projected drug profits, and let these dear scientists do their job instead of trying to intimidate them. If you want to challenge this study fund another study, don’t try and debunk this study. Debunking is not science, and your attempt to chill science through suppression and censorship is outrageous and positively despicable.


      • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

        Careful, you really do not want to insult and carry on personal attacks on a person in a public forum. A lawyer, indeed any person, has a right to protect themselves from libel and personal attacks.

        Furthermore, if you understood sensitivity and specificity of diagnostic tests and clinical studies, you know that Dorit is speaking correctly. As a lawyer, they have to show a fundamental understanding of the medical science to participate in medical-legal cases.
        Moreover, there is the Professional Rules of Legal conduct, which any lawyer has to demonstrate in passing the Bar exam, before they can even take the regular state bar exam in any state.

      • AutismDadd

        Well done and well said. Thanks for fighting for truth and justice.

  • Dorito Reiss

    Get ready for your “Wakefielding.”

    • 3xMommo

      Is this a threat?

  • deenie1219

    The only safe vaccine is the one never given. Vaccines are based on an faulty premise and will never be safe because they’re inherently dangerous. They are part of the agenda that is to do two things: make the populations weak mentally/physically and easier to control and to cause their early demise. Succeeding generations will be weaker still since these vaccines do affect the DNA expressed, The problem with the vaxxers is that so many kids are now coming down with various maladies that the effects cannot be so easily denied anymore. Many kids can’t dress themselves or even get out of bed. Cancer is now the #1 killer of kids. It is really quite insane that peeps expect to be made healthier by injecting vials of vile crud straight into the bloodstream.

    • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

      You have no concept of how a vaccine works. The vaccine stimulates both a humoral and cellular response, producing immunoglobulins (antibodies) that bind surface antigens on the surface of viruses. The DNA changes are part of the differentiation in B-cells required to produce antibodies and t-cell receptors. The same response that normally occurs during a regular infection without a vaccine, which provides immunity from reinfection. Perhaps you need to take introductory biology?!

      • wonder_woman

        Most anti-vaxxers have very little understanding of biology or epidemiology. Or any science, for that matter.

        • FallsAngel

          That includes RFK, Jr.

        • AutismDadd

          Except the ones that do. Most Pro’s avoid discussing the 19 countries with Vaccine Injury Compensation Programs and the table injuries vaccine proponent admit to. Of course the are the DISCLAIMERS that cloud the issue, like with VAERS, so the Pro’s can parrot that it isn’t evidence its just major coincidence. This shows that protectionism prevents them from being honest. They always cover their tracks with these tactics.

        • Tannim

          Try again.

      • Caroline

        Do you honestly think injecting Hep B vaccine into an infant within 24 hours of birth is safe? Then 8 more vaccines at 2 months? 7 more at 4 months? 9 more at 6 months? I’m 65 and got ZERO vaccine before 6 months and I’m still alive. BTW, if the mother does not have Hep B (easy blood test can determine this) then why should a baby get it? I assuming the baby won’t be having sex or using dirty needles for the first 6-8 years which is how long the Hep B vaccine last. And most babies are protected if they are breastfed for the first 6 months if not longer. http://www.vaxtruth.org

        • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

          See my response above on perinatal Hepatitis B. Perinatal transmission usually results in 40% of infants with chronic Hepatitis B in mothers, who may asymptomatically be carrying Hep B. Blood tests are not 100% sensitive to the infection.

          However, infants with chronic Hepatitis B carry a high risk of hepatocellular cancer, which was seen quite commonly in Africa.

      • Matias Díaz

        Hewitson L , et al. Delayed acquisition of neonatal reflexes in newborn primates receiving a thimerosal-containing hepatitis B vaccine: influence of gestational age and birth weight. J Toxicol Environ Health A. 2010;73(19):1298-313. doi: 10.1080/15287394.2010.484709.

      • Matias Díaz

        Do you want immunity (cross-reactivity) against your own neurons doc?

        Hepatitis B virus and Homo sapiens proteome-wide analysis: A profusion of viral peptide overlaps in neuron-specific human proteins. Biologics. 2010 May 25;4:75-81.

      • Matias Díaz

        Or maybe toxicology 101

        Sulkowski ZL. Maternal thimerosal exposure results in aberrant cerebellar oxidative stress, thyroid hormone metabolism, and motor behavior in rat pups; sex-and strain-dependent effects. Cerebellum. 2012 Jun;11(2):575-86. doi: 10.1007/s12311-011-0319-5.

        • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

          I will address all three posts here as a group.
          Hepatitis B poses a serious risk to the infant in pregnant women, who may be carriers or have active Hepatitis B infections. 40% of infects will develop chronic Hepatitis B from perinatal infections by transmission from their mother during the birth process, whether it be natural or by c-section.
          Here is the CDC page: https://www.cdc.gov/hepatitis/hbv/perinatalxmtn.htm

          Since mothers might carry Hepatitis B without any symptoms, you have to do blood tests to detect the virus, but they are not 100% accurate. Instead, the standard of care is to protect the child from Hep B infection with early vaccination early on. So the reason you protect the child is because of the risk of infection from the mother. Here is the CDC page on Hep B vaccination on younger patients, not just infants:

          • FallsAngel

            Allow me to add, thimerosal-free vaccine is available and used in Ob-Gyn for the vaccines recommended for pregnant women.

          • AutismDadd

            Sure experiment on pregnant women given vaccines abilities to harm. What could go wrong?

      • Matias Díaz

        Deenie1219 is right. Vaccines can alter gen expression

        Study in children vaccinated with DTaP + HiB + Polio at 3 and 5 months, found that after vaccination:
        – 33 genes related to allergy were activated
        – 66 asthma-related genes were activated
        – 67 cancer-related genes were up-regulated
        – 25 genes related to immune disease were up-regulated.

        Lahdenperä AI et al. Kinetics of asthma- and allergy-associated
        immune response gene expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from vaccinated infants after in vitro re-stimulation with vaccine antigen. Vaccine. 2008 Mar 25;26(14):1725-30. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2008.01.041.

      • Tannim

        Vaccines do stimulate Th1 and Th2 responses but confers no cellular immunity and actually damages the immune system by its overwhelming Th2 response to the adjuvants, which are completely toxic and unnecessary.

  • Mable Lowe

    Once again, Mrs. Conflict of Interest herself, Dorit Rubenstein Reiss. Whether your best friend’s kid died after the Gardisal shot or someone you love developed autism after the MMR, look to old Dorit to try and persuade you otherwise that it just can’t be the shots. The woman doesn’t just go by Dorit. She has multiple personas and they’re all pro vaccine regardless of the truth. You see, not only does her family own stock in the pharma industry, she’s also on the payroll. The only thing she’s an expert in is lying and deceptions. You know how fake snopes is when they call upon this woman to try to say that vaccines have never led to autism… So when Dorit is responding, that’s when you know there’s a lot of truth to a study. Thanks to Yale for showing the truth about vaccines and brain damage. I would love to know how many flu shots Mrs. Reiss gets a year….

  • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

    I think most people fail to understand the need for vaccines for childhood illness. Measles can cause a serious encephalitis in 1-3 cases / 1000. Mumps can cause an orchitis, on 1-4 / 1000, which can lead to infertility. Unlike bacterial infections, we did not have any anti-viral medications to treat these infections. In the case polio, back in the fifties, there were outbreaks, which left people confined to iron-lung respirators. Take a look at the history of measles, polio and other viral illnesses before the 1960’s. These illness were highly contagious and most people got the disease when they were young, and were lucky not to have serious complications.
    Now the problem with this study will be what is study population look like? Does it look peculiar or does it look like the average population that go to their neighborhood clinic. Andrew Wakefield used a small study of only 18 patients, which were selectively referred for because of complications, which skewed the study. He lost his medical license as a result.
    So go ahead with your fantasies, however they will get seriously reviewed and criticized not just because of monetary implications, but because if you spread a false belief about vaccine, it could very serious consequences.

    Oh yeah, I am a physician, board certified in Internal Medicine, and I am a Yale graduate class of 1981.

    • Caroline

      Do you know that Congress passed a bill in 1986 that shields vaccine manufacturers and doctors from any lawsuits from vaccine injuries or deaths? That the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out over $3 BILLION to vaccine injured victims? There is no incentive for vaccine makers to make a safe vaccine or for doctors to recognize adverse vaccine reactions. In fact, most doctors have never read a vaccine package insert. Please read Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ book “Dissolving Illusions” but here is the chapter on polio. http://www.whale.to/c/DissolvingIllusions-Polio.pdf

      • Ima Skeptic

        The medical industry reeks of corruption and deception. From the Pace Environmental Law Review, Vol 28, page 488.
        “Starting in 1988, no vaccine manufacturer was liable for a vaccine related injury or death from one of the recommended vaccines ‘if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings.’ This language stems from the Second Restatement of Torts. The U.S. Supreme Court decided Brueswitz v. Wyeth, which dealt specifically with this provision in February 2011.

        In addition to the broad liability provision, the 1986 Law also provides another shield to manufacturers under federal law. The 1986 Law permits them the right to not disclose known risks to parents or guardians of those being vaccinated. Resting on the ‘learned intermediary’ doctrine, manufacturers bear no liability for giving or failing to give accurate or complete information to those vaccinated, and have only to provide relevant information to doctors, who must give patients CDC Vaccine Information Statements.”

        • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

          I understand you are skeptical. A good scientist is skeptical by nature. One wants empirical data to confirm your ideas and at least disprove them.

          Medical and product liability are tort legal matters and are not judged by the same criteria as criminal cases. You do not decide a case for a guilty verdict, if the defendant is judged to be guilty beyond reasonable doubts. Tort law is different, and the laws passed were to prevent medical companies from withdrawing the market because of legal cases. Anyone can file a case for tort law, but there has to be evidence first of injury and some evidence of linkage for liability. However, it is not judged by the criteria of beyond reasonable doubt. It is to prevent so-called ambulance chasing lawyers from pursuing frivolous law suits.

          • Andrew

            So, by your own words, you’re a bad scientist because you post no skepticism of the articles you’ve shared, right? Am I reading you correctly?

          • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

            No, that would not be correct. I am replying with articles that describe the scientific and clinical details , of which you may not be aware. One of the roles of a good scientist is to educate and defend against capricious criticism and conjecture. The point of this dialogue is to educate the evidence for the use of vaccines for diseases, that carry significant mortality and morbidity.

          • AutismDadd

            Double talk. First admit no harm right doctor?

          • Tannim

            How would you know what a good scientist is, since you clearly aren’t one?

          • AutismDadd

            The old FRIVOLOUS LAWSUIT gambit. I guess you can put a check mark beside your list of talking points.

    • Ima Skeptic

      In the Vioxx scandal Merck was found to have completely manufactured fraudulent scientific research studies, written by ghostwriters, that they then paid doctors to put their names on. They even created a fraudulent medical journal from whole cloth, which they filled with their fraudulent research and propaganda. The level of corruption that Merck’s Vioxx scandal exposed was unbelievable, and yet it is nothing compared to creative corruption occurring with vaccine science and safety.

      Vioxx killed 60,000 and injured 200,000 more. It was eventually pulled from the market and Merck forced to pay $4.8 billion in lawsuits. There were also some minor criminal charges and a fine of $321 million. The lawsuits and penalties were a slap on the wrist for a company with trillions in assets and annual earnings that approach $40 billion.

      “Merck Created Hit List to ‘Destroy,’ ‘Neutralize’ or ‘Discredit’ Dissenting Doctors”.

      How anyone can trust the pharmaceutical industry is just beyond my understanding.

      • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

        Yes Vioxx was a bad drug, but most patients did not suffer any problems. The COX-2 inhibitors were developed as an alternative to conventional COX-1 inhibitors like ibuprofen or naproxen, because of the risk of gastric ulcers and gastritis, especially if not take with food, for the treatment of various arthritis and joint pain. The clinical trials for Rofecoxib (brand name Vioxx) were not well designed to look at cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) complications of the drug. It has been withdrawn from the market.
        That said, another weaker Cox-2 inhibitor celecoxib (Celebrex) remains on the market. The cardiovascular complications seen in Vioxx have not been seen as frequently, and remains on the market, but it is no longer used as frequently as it was in the past. Another COX-2 inhibitor, Valdecoxib (brand name Bextra) was also approved over ten years, and it has been withdrawn from the market in the US and overseas.

        That said, these pharmaceutical drugs are not vaccines. So the evidence you mention are irrelevant for vaccines.

        • AutismDadd

          Not irrelevant at all. Its evidence of callous disregard. Merck was able to settle out of court and avoid the full force of the law. It has also been called on by the U.S. government over two faulty MMR’s. Its a tough industry and invention is likewise , but that gives them no permission to be dishonest and to harm thousands of consumers or to sell faulty vaccines to government agencies.

    • Ima Skeptic

      The public is being duped by the medical industry on so many levels. The National Vaccine Act of 1986 takes away anyone’s right to sue drug companies or doctors for damage due to vaccines, no matter how valid and credible the evidence is showing non-refutable proof of the damage being caused by the vaccine. So a person has no recourse except to apply to the National Vaccine Court that is not run by a judge, but a “special master” to determine the outcome. Over $3.8 billion dollars has been paid to victims from our tax dollars, not the drug industry or doctors that are responsible for creating this damage. And that is only a very small percentage of the total victims.

      Merck and all the other drug companies are to be blamed for all this incredible damage being created and as Americans, we have our rights taken away to get justice only to be subjected to the indignity of being accused of being zealots, anti-science, and conspiracy advocates. Nothing could be further from the truth and what’s more, these medical terrorists that use FEAR and INTIMIDATION as their weapons against REAL SCIENCE and FACTS to hide behind their pseudo scientific information that has no proof of the safety or efficacy of vaccines.

    • Matias Díaz

      Andrew Wakefield did a study about 12 children. The paper that never claimed a relation with the MMR vaccine and autism. You should read it before comment doc. By the way, I’m too busy right know, but the statistics you’ve just mention are not truth.

      • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

        The problems with Wakefield are several:
        a) He was developing a new MMR type vaccine and had filed for a patent for the vaccine at the same time he wrote his original paper claiming injury on vaccine.
        b) The paper on vaccine in the Lancet was withdrawn in 2011, because it had errors in trial design and the interviewing for data was found to be fraudulent. It was found there was no random selection in patients, most had been referred by lawyers. Furthermore, the study only had one dozen patients. The chances of handpicking a random sample like that are vanishingly low. His results could not be replicated.
        3) As a result of his professional fraud, the British Medical Council took away his medical license. He is no longer a licensed physician in UK, and has never been licensed in the US.
        4) A series of articles in the British Medical Journal detailing the investigation by the journalist Brian Deer revealed Wakefield’s fraudulent work. See the editorial here: http://www.bmj.com/content/342/bmj.d22

        First article in BMJ here:
        5) It was found that the entire plan behind the papers was to make a new vaccine to make lots of money;
        Second article here: http://www.bmj.com/content/342/bmj.c5258

        6) Wakefield attempted to sue the BMJ in a Texas court for libel in 2012. The case was dismissed by the Texas judge in August, 2012.

        • Matias Díaz

          If Wakefield’s Lancet study was a fraud, why were its findings duplicated in 5 other countries?

          Wakefield’s Lancet Paper Vindicated – [Yet Again]

          • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

            duplicate entry.

          • Tannim

            Duplicate troll…

        • Matias Díaz

          If Wakefield’s Lancet study was a fraud, why were its findings duplicated in 5 other countries?

          Wakefield’s Lancet Paper Vindicated – [Yet Again]

          • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

            Andrew Wakefield published his paper on Autism and “autistic enterocolis” in a Feb., 1998 issue of the Lancet. Between 1998 and 2010, you list many other papers that show non-specific inflammatory changes in the bowels of some autistic children or young adults.
            The British General Medical Council reviewed the medical research of Andrew Wakefield and John Walker-Smith as senior authors of the paper for 271 days over three years up to July, 2010. After the twelve children were reexamined at the Royal Free Hospital, they found only one case of “colitis” in the children:
            “All but one of the children is normal in their eyes. There is no enteritis and no colitis, simple as that.”


            This supplemental table summaries the finding of the twelve children:

            So the five studies you mention, which I reviewed showed non-specific findings. These papers were well-known to the UK GMC panel, who concluded that Andrew Wakefield and John Walker-Smith were guilty of professional misconduct / fraud. As a result, both lost their medical licenses. In addition, the Lancet paper was withdrawn. Since 2012, there have been no studies purporting to show findings an enterocolitis associated with autism.

            Nonetheless, here is a copy of the patent application for a “safer” measles vaccine by Andrew Wakefield.
            Quite a conflict of interest!

            Oh, here is the link to the Retracted article:

          • Matias Díaz

            AJ, et al. The significance of ileo-colonic lymphoid nodular
            hyperplasia in children with autistic spectrum disorder. Eur J
            Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2005 Aug;17(8):827-36.

          • AutismDadd

            The GMC is hardly unbiased, in fact its not possible they are. Royal Free too has witnessed the fury of the GMC and its participation is no more than bowing to it authority. Citing this weak example is a mark on your credibility.

          • Matias Díaz

            Dear Big Pharma troll. Dr. Andrew Wakefield did not commited any fraud. The papar was retracted by the Lancet. Who owns the Lancet? 13 other doctors published that paper along with Dr. Wakefield. #CDCWistleblower Dr. William Thompons said the CDC commited fraud to cover up to protect the MMR. But of course you know that, you are just doing your job wich is to deceipt people.

        • AutismDadd

          Garbage. Tell us about the millions he has made on his TRANSFER FACTOR VACCINE. And what of advancing medical science and bettering the MMR, is that criminal? And further study of 12 sick children, that’s criminal? As with most Pro’s you parrot Brian Deer fiction and avoid and deflect things that make no logical sense. No wonder Judge Mitting was so flabbergasted over Walker Smith’s kangaroo court conviction.

        • sabelmouse

          very funny. at least you’re not afraid of embarrassing yourself.
          there’s clown college for you if the doctor thing doesn’t pan out.

        • Tannim

          Yet in 2015 Walker-Smith, Wakefield’s co-author, had his day in court and was completely exonerated and the study was upheld as valid. But that goes against your bias, so you ignore it…

    • Louise Stanley

      “Mumps can cause an orchitis, on 1-4 / 1000, which can lead to infertility.”
      Especially in 20 year old boys who’s MMR vaccinations have failed to protect them through their reproductive years, unlike contracting the infection as a child would have .

    • AutismDadd

      18 patients for Wakefield? Never heard that number used. Explain what SELECTIVELY REFERRED means. Should he have studied a group of children with separate conditions? Isn’t it true Wakefield expressed that he apprehensive about studying these children who were referred by their GP’S but was convinced to try because the GP’s had nothing more to offer? As a physician you seem callous and willing to support the myths created by GMC and Brian Deer rather than be skeptical and inquisitive. Why is that? Blind Faith? Investments in Merck…please explain.

  • yaleyeah

    Autism rates in China have skyrocketed as more of their population have been vaccinated. The pharma industry will never admit any risk associated with vaccines despite obvious evidence to the contrary.

    • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

      The World Health Organization cites a general prevalence of 1 in 160 children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) worldwide. See reference:

      China, which has about 20% of the world population would carry a proportional risk. The problem with finding Autism is it is a clinical diagnosis. There are no imaging studies or blood tests used in the diagnosis. There are several studies looking ASD in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, which show variable prevalences, and they use different screening forms for estimating the prevalence. These are not diagnostic evaluations. A screening instrument focuses first on the detecting the possible chance of a disorder, but it may include a large false positive number of cases, which would be excluded on further evaluation. Furthermore, the various ASD screening instruments need to be administered accurately and without bias. Here is a Cambridge UK review of several studies of ASD in China, HK and T, which show a wide range of prevalence, with smaller studies tending to have higher prevalences, but carry a higher statistical variance just by their small numbers.

      China does not get their vaccine just from the USA. They produce most of their own vaccines. Vaccination practices in China vary by the region and by medical resources.

      Furthermore, if you start looking for a disorder, you start diagnosing it more commonly, you will see a higher prevalence. We saw that back in the 1990’s when they discovered Prostate Specific Antigen and started using it as a screening test for prostate cancer, only to find it was not very accurate, and the diagnostic workup carried many complications, such that some patients found the workup and treatment had serious complications, and most prostate cancers are usually slow growing. Prostate cancer patients can live easily live more than 10-15 years without treatment. Indeed, we do not normally screen an older patient for prostate cancer, if their estimated life expectancy is less than 10 years.

      • yaleyeah

        You are a denier of reality!

      • Andrew

        In case no one has noticed yet. cmgoodman is a troll. It’s not unfathomable that he is on the payroll for the CDC or medical industry in some degree. Look at his responses, they all graze the comment made and the provide articles written by large organizations that are immune to scrutiny. Pay no attention to that man behind the keyboard. He’s a sad human.

        • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

          Sorry to disappoint you, but I am a loyal Yale alumnus, and I am a licensed Internal Medicine physician with interests in infectious diseases. I live in Minnesota, where I care for my father, who is also a Yale College and Yale Medical school alumnus. I receive no compensation for my commentary here. I just do not buy into your anti-vaccine sophistry. You are probably are pretty nice guy, well-intentioned in your ways, despite your personal attack. If you attend medical school or graduate school in the sciences, you learn an evidence-based set of principles. You study long and hard to demonstrate an understanding of the principles for clinical care. I noticed that there are very few opposing voices here from the clinical viewpoint. I felt something needed to be said.

          • AutismDadd

            If he did he’d be a drone like you. A major issue is medical consensus, and best practice. It paints medical science and medical practice into a corner. Wakefield being a prime example of a medical professional who attempted to break a barrier and operate in an independent manner…so here we are…

          • Tannim

            Then explain this: http://www.vaccineriskawareness.com/Your-Immune-System-How-It-Works-And-How-Vaccines-Damage-It

            Thanks for playing.

            Yale used to make good locks.

          • Andrew

            Do you think that would have anything to do with the vacuum that is the medical industry that is entirely infected with Big Pharma? Doctors want to heal people, I have no doubts, why else would they invest so much to get three letters behind their names? How much influence do you think Rx companies have over what is placed in text books of med school students? MSM and Big Pharma, however, do not want all their revenue to suddenly get healthy and spend their money elsewhere! I apologize if my attacks were coarse, this topic makes me passionate and I’m finally at a point where I can see the difference between people and the industry they work in. The effort and time you’ve invested in your career is admirable, I just hope that you’ve opened your mind to seeing health from other points of view than just the MSM model. The human body is self regulating and self healing, period. Never forget how amazing we are all by ourselves. Namaste

      • AutismDadd

        Comparing prostate cancer to autism?

      • Autism_Reality

        we looked in 1980 and it was more like 1 in 500 learning disabled children. They screened for it in studies and few children met the criteria. So basically it can not be due to better diagnosis alone.

        Today it is more like 1 in 30 “normal” children. Sad.

    • Autism_Reality

      In 2015 it was 5% of tax revenue that was spent on autism related services. This is just the beginning unfortunately.

      In the UK Autism is already more costly than heart disease, cancer and stroke combined. $50 billion a year.

      2025 Predicted annual costs of Autism up to 5% of GDP

      This assumes autism rates will not increase further. If they continue to increase like they have in the past 40 years it could devastating to the economy. More likely than not we will see further increases.

      The human cost would of course be even more tragic.

      Autism rates growth:

      1 in 10000 children 1970
      1 in 1000 1995
      1 in 500 1999
      1 in 150 2000
      1 in 125 2004
      1 in 110 2006
      1 in 88 2008
      1 in 68 2014
      1 in 30 2018
      1 in 15 2022?
      1 in 8 2026?
      1 in 4 2030?
      1 in 2 2035?

      Should we really focus on genetic research when we can find and remove the environmental causes?

      How long will we be able to ignore the realities of Autism or do we prefer to go bankrupt instead?

  • 3xMommo

    Of course, those of us with kids who have already suffered immune and neurological damage from vaccines are not surprised by this study. What is surprising it that it made it to print. The religious dogma that surrounds vaccines is amazing. While people will openly accept the fact that drugs can harm people and must be held to rigorous safety standards and constant policing, vaccines are held to a lower standard. They have never tested vaccinated vs. unvaccinated groups (which could easily be done, with say, the Amish). Vaccines are not tested against placebos, as are all other drugs. Rather than being tested against saline solutions (never happened), they have only been tested agains solutions of adjuvants alone. (Well, if the problem is the adjuvants, this is problematic.) And the line of thinking is that if one was good at one time, then the 72 (and climbing) they are currently recommending must also be great. I think the real question is: why are we ignoring the 13 CDC officials who are reporting scientific fraud (Dr. Thompson and the Spider group)? Why don’t we start by listening to them? And why don’t we call parents who have vaccinated their children and have suffered the consequences something other than “anti-vaxxer”? They are not anti-vaxxers, they vaccinated their children. They might be people like me who wish they had been told that the CDC is a for-profit entity that is largely funded by vaccines, and that the people coming up with the list are allowed to openly profit from their investments in the very vaccines they add to the list. That vaccines are not held to the same safety standards for testing as all other drugs on the market. That anyone who questions their safety is attacked, and any studies showing there might be actual harm are quashed. That vaccine reactions (like febrile seizures and the loss of speech) are routinely written off as “normal” and not reported. That doctors who do report these incidents fear repercussions. And that good people like Kennedy who are simply questioning whether we should be injecting our children with mercury (seems the answer is obvious) is treated as being unreasonable to ask. Is the dogma so sacred that we cannot truly enforce safety? That is all Kennedy is asking, and look how he is being treated. Dogma is a dangerous thing. If people really fear children losing the use of their limbs from Polio, why don’t they fear it from the side effects of vaccines (for example Transverse Myelitis or any of the other long lists of adverse reactions)? They are both bad. I suppose the assumption is that it never happens. But the truth is, it is just grossly underreported. More studies like these, please, Yale. More like this.

  • Caroline

    13-year old boy injured by HPV vaccine. Vaccine injuries and deaths are real. Please watch this video. https://youtu.be/CHYmb9Hwj4A

    • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

      Cervical Cancer has been shown to be strongly associated with HPV. So women usually get it through sexual transmission during sex. Even with all the PAP smears, cone biopsies, and surgeries for Cervical cancer, many young women will die or lose their fertility as a result of Cervical Cancer.

      We can not expect to control the transmission of HPV just by vaccinating just women, who have abnormal PAP smears. The horse is already out of the barn by that time.

      As for Vaxxed,the film made by Andrew Wakefield, he was found to be guilty of professional fraud in the UK and lost his medical license. When he tried to sue the BMJ in 2012 for libel in a Texas court, not UK, the case was dismissed. If you read the BMJ articles about Andrew Wakefield, you find he was trying to develop another MMR vaccine for use, and perpetrated the fraud of a vaccine crisis through a paper published in 2011 in the Lancet. It was withdrawn and it was found he was attempting a money-making boondoggle in the UK. Now he is living in the US and trying to make money through Vaxxed.

      Here is clinical review on the MMR vaccine and the various “hypotheses” about its use. The journal is Clinical Infectious Disease (one of the main journals for the ID Society of America). It debunks the various hypotheses:
      Vaccines and Autism: A Tale of Shifting Hypotheses

      I am not going to try to convince whether or not to take a vaccine, since you have already made up your mind and are unlikely to change it. However, you should be informed about the potential risks and complications of infections involving HPV, Measles, Mumps, Polio, Influenza and Tetanus, just to name a few of the vaccine preventible diseases. Take a look at the CDC website. http://www.cdc.gov or http://www.who.org for the World Health Organization.

      • Tannim

        You’re way out of date an uninformed on Wakefield, and your attack on him instead of his data shows you have no argument.

      • FACTS

        Medical Professionals Speak Out
        This is a list of medical doctors and PhD scientists who explain
        (in their linked videos/ lectures, click on the name) why vaccines have
        risks, and may not be as safe or as effective as we are being led to
        believe. Malaysian Vaccines Exposed on Facebook also has a list of
        American and international doctors with links to their work here.

  • Ima Skeptic

    How can a parent worry about death from a disease but not worry about death from a vaccine? The package insert of the vaccine booster Pediacel literally says that SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME CAN BE EXPECTED. Infants don’t suddenly die for no reason. They die from being poisoned. If this was stated on a children’s Tylenol bottle, do you think the parents would use that product?


    • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

      Okay, the vaccine you reference is a vaccine for tetanus, not measles, mumps or polio. Tetanus is also known as lockjaw. There is a medical treatment such as tetanus toxoid for tetanus, but a tetanus vaccine is preventative. Note that tetanus is not transmitted from person to person; it is caused by an infection with the bacteria, Clostridium tetani. It is a medical emergency. Here is the CDC page on tetanus: https://www.cdc.gov/tetanus/about/index.html

      • Matias Díaz

        Mari A. Is there a causative role for tetanus toxoid vaccination in the
        development of allergy-like symptoms and in the increasing prevalence of
        atopic diseases? Med Hypotheses. 2004;63(5):875-86.

        C, et al. Immediate allergy to tetanus toxoid vaccine: determination of
        immunoglobulin E and immunoglobulin G antibodies to allergenic
        proteins. Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol. 2003 Feb;90(2):238-43.

        • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

          Old paper – hypothesis without confirming data.

      • Matias Díaz

        “Decreasing exposure to tetanus spores or improvements in non-specific
        wound care may have had more effect than immunization in reducing
        mortality rates over the past 70 years.”

        Severe tetanus in patients immunized with high anti-tetanus titers.
        “Severe Tetanus (grade III) occurred in three patients immunized with elevated serum levels of anti-tetanus antibodies. …
        “Anti-tetanus antibody titres on admission were 25 IU / ml at 0.15 IU /
        ml by haemagglutination and ELISA assays (2500 times) greater than 0.01
        IU / ml considered to be protective.” (PMID: 1565228)

        Generalized tetanus despite vaccination and a protective level of anti-tetanus antibodies.
        “We discuss a case of generalized tetanus in an individual with both a
        history of previous vaccination and a measurable level of anti-tetanus
        antibodies at the time of presentation.”

        A case of clinical tetanus in a patient with protective tetanus antibody level.

        Immunization does not rule out tetanus
        catalog of 740 tetanus cases reported by the Centers for Disease
        Control since 1982 reveals that the minority whose vaccination status
        was known, 53 cases had completed a primary series, 22 had received
        their last reinforcement between five and nine Years earlier, and two had received a booster dose within five years. ”

        Tetanus in an immunized patient
        “We report a case of severe generalized tetanus in a patient who had been fully immunized.”

        Fatal tetanus in a junkie with antitetanic “protective” antibodies. (Note that the irony of using quotation marks belongs to the authors)
        “administration of tetanus immunoglobulin showed a titre of tetanus
        antibodies greater than 16 times the level considered protective. ”

        Clinical tetanus despite a ‘protective’ level of toxin-neutralizing antibodies (note that the quotes are from the authors)
        “This report describes a patient with a wound, followed by severe
        generalized tetanus, which was found at the onset of symptoms to have a
        neutralizing antibody level of 16 times that were considered

        • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

          Immunization is not perfect. However, it is the main protective therapeutic agent. Antibiotic therapy would likely develop antibiotic resistant Clostridium tetani, which would be really bad, and then you have to rely on tetanus Ig and vaccine. Sometimes people still despite our best efforts.

          • Matias Díaz

            No, tetanus vaccine it is not the main protective or preventive agent. This vaccine do not work at all.

            Here something that actually do work.

            P.K.Dey. Efficacy of vitamin C in counteracting tetanus toxin toxicity. Naturwissenschaften. 1966 Jun;53(12):310.

            Jahan K., et al. Effect of ascorbic acid in the treatment of tetanus.Bangladesh Med Res Counc Bull. 1984 Jun;10(1):24-8.

          • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

            Perhaps you are a fan of Linus Pauling, who was a well-known proponent of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), but the first paper does not provide any evidence of efficacy against tetanus, and the second one is a single study that compared conventional therapy including tetanus anti-toxin serum, antibiotic therapy versus conventional therapy along with 1 gm of ascorbic acid per day, which show a reduction in mortality of at least 45%. However, this study from 1984 has never been replicated.

            Then we come to your statement that tetanus vaccine is not the main protective or preventive agent, which is patently false. Since 1940 when the first anti-tetanus toxoid serum was developed, one has seen a progress drop in tetanus case mortality. Since the early 1950’s as the tetanus vaccine using formalin-inactivated toxin, has shown a dramatic progressive drop in tetanus mortality and tetanus cases. The tetanus toxoid and tetanus vaccine provide neutralizing immunoglobulins against the tetanus neurotoxin.

            Just check out the MMWR of the CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6012a1.htm

            Now, Matias Diaz, if that is your name, would you care to explain to me your relationship to the Yale community? Are you an undergraduate student, graduate study or staff? Your name does not appear in the Yale directory or alumni directory.

          • Matias Díaz

            Yes, but there was more mortality in the group that only use anti-serum and no death in children in the AA group. Adults were given the same dose children had, so it seems mortalitity in AA adult group could be even lower if more AA is used. The decrease in scurvy rates correlates with the impressive reduction in mortality rates before mass vaccination were introduced in late 19th and the first half of 20th century.

          • Rebecca

            cmgoodman, seeing as clostridium Tetani is not an infectious disease and is anaerobic, would it not make more sense just to vaccinate the high risk population (those with circulatory problems) and promote proper wound care??? Rather than having the tetanus vaccine as a population wide intervention? Also, since tetanus spores are very common in our environment and likely land on many a wound where tetanus does not develop to a degree where symptoms are evidenced due to the oxygen rich environment; I imagine that some tetanus probably already is antibiotic resistant, no?

  • FakeNews

    TIP: LINK TO THE ARTICLE. If you do a press release for a science article, you link to the article. It’s the #1 biggest way you can distinguish your press release as legit vs something else. For example, here’s the type of “press release” which ALSO did not link to the article: http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-03-01-yale-study-warns-of-vaccine-dangers-links-immunizations-to-brain-disorders.html

  • James
  • Robert Kelly

    Seems like the commentary is completely ignoring the possibility and likelyhood that there are contaminants in the vaccines. The vaccine manufacturers are protected from suit, and thus they are not motivated to make sure the vaccines are good.

    • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

      The vaccine manufacturers are not protected from litigation for manufacturing defects such as contamination. One previous additive, Thimersol, has been removed from any vaccines several years ago over possible safety concerns. There are different types of vaccines, ranging from live, attenuated virus to conjugated protein vaccine or recombinant protein vaccines. The annual influenza vaccine uses different strains of influenza in attempt to match the coming years influenza strains. Check out the CDC vaccine education series called “You call the shots”, which covers all the common vaccines and principles of safety. There is a vaccine side effect hotline, where health providers and patients can report potential vaccine side effects.

      • Cindy Ray

        Much of the flu vaccine still contains thimerosal.

      • FACTS

        mercury still present in trace amounts, amounts high enough to be toxic.. aluminum is also a neurotoxin..

        • Matt Flannery

          nope, not true

          • sabelmouse

            yes true! and full amounts in flu shots.

      • Carolyn Monroe

        What good does it do for a parent to call a hotline to report their adverse reaction when their kid is irreparably harmed? At that point I doubt a parent cares . They care about their child and how a vaccine injury will effect their child’s future and the future of their family .

  • http://www.biocompta.com/ cmgoodman

    Having carried on a vigorous dialogue with several people, I cannot confirm many of them as students, alumni, staff or faculty in the Yale community. Indeed, a few of the disqus profiles are private, and I suspect many of the people are from outside Yale.
    In the original article, Dr. Leckman only found a relationship between seasonal Influenze vaccine and records of various DSM-IV/V diagnoses. Such is statistical association without any evidence of causality. There was no association with the other vaccines mentioned by others below, including: Measles-Mumps-Rubella, Tetanus (TdaP or DPT) vaccine, Hepatitis B vaccine and HPV vaccine. There is excellent evidence to support the efficacy of these vaccines, which one can find in the “pink’ book of vaccine preventable diseases of the CDC. See here: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccine
    I hope anyone reading these comments take them with a “boulder” of salt. Please discuss any choices about vaccine with your personal physician or a physician at DUH – Yale Health. The phone for member services is 203-432-0246. Any good pediatrician or infectious disease fellow can discuss with you the risks and consequences of not receiving standard of care vaccine.
    FYI, a recent study in the MMWR for California tetanus cases between 2009-2014 showed a 40% mortality rate and was associated without having complete the usual pediatric schedule of DPT vaccine or booster shots. So, we are talking serious risks here.
    Missed Opportunities for Tetanus Postexposure Prophylaxis — California, January 2008–March 2014

    • AutismDadd


    • barbarajanov

      Are we forcing risks onto children by denying them single thimerosal free tetanus vaccines? as well as single measles/ mumps vaccines? Many are opting out after researching the increased risk associated with combo jabs.If we place blame, it shouldn’t be on the parents who have founded fears, it should be on the companies that hold $ dear their patents.

      • Matt Flannery

        there is no increased risk

    • Tannim

      You trust the Corrupt Disease Corpoctracy?


    • Megan D’Olimpio

      So, you go to Yale?

    • https://susangblog.wordpress.com mom2luke

      Naturally the ONLY people’s who opinions matter are those who are in the “Yale Community”. Anyone with a different alma mater, life experience, adverse reactions/documented vaccine failures and/or copious research need not comment. You are not worthy. omg. the arrogance.

  • Mike Stevens

    So, no link with autism at all…
    ‘The broken bone control group also included a higher percentage of vaccinated children, though not as high as that of the anorexia group. Furthermore, vaccinations were more likely to be associated with a lower incidence of major depression and bipolar disorder.’

    • AutismDadd

      Trash science.

  • http://waterheatersnyc.com/ J Sullivan

    Non human DNA from other mammals has been found in vaccinations. No one mentioned the preservatives, The triple MMR shot giving thousands of children life altering fevers. Go on YouTube watch vaccination poisoning videos. Then you can have your opinion

    • Matt Flannery

      no even remotely true. youtube, a bastion of scientific truth. idiot

    • Scott Low

      Youtube? Really? While you are there, make sure you learn about flat earth, chemtrails, the Illuminati, etc.

      • Kathryn Thomason Cleveland

        Proof from the CDC itself. Cow, Pig, Monkey, Guinea Pig, Human, and much more: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/b/excipient-table-2.pdf

        • Scott Low

          Even in the link you provided, there was no mention of pig, only guinea pig cell cultures. You also apparently did not read the fine print… at the top of the page… “Others are residual trace amounts of materials that were used during the manufacturing process and removed”
          I wonder how many exipients are found in organic foods and supplements…

  • http://AdventuresInAutism.com/ Ginger Taylor

    A broken bone group is not a true control group for vaccine injury. Vaccines cause neurological damage. DTaP for example causes hypotonia, and those children will naturally fall down more often their their neurologically intact peers.

    • Matt Flannery


  • rockie

    15 to 20 years for safety studies? How about 5 days for Hep B now given to babies on their first day of life?! 21st Century Cures Act will fast-track vaccines even more. Plus, doesn’t it bother anyone that pharma gets to provide the safety data for their own products for which they have zero liability? If it doesn’t, it should.

    • Scott Low

      5 days? Source for these wild claims, please.

      • Helena Smirnis

        That was the Hep B Vaccine, only 5 days. Not wild true.

        • Scott Low

          No citations or actual evidence, just parroted assertions. Got it.


          Adverse Events
          A causal association has been established between receipt of hepatitis B vaccine and anaphylaxis (159). On the basis of data from the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) project, the estimated incidence of anaphylaxis among children and adolescents who received hepatitis B vaccine is one case per 1.1 million vaccine doses distributed (95% confidence interval = 0.1–3.9) (160).

          Early postlicensure surveillance of adverse events suggested a possible association between Guillain-Barré syndrome and receipt of the first dose of plasma-derived hepatitis B vaccine among U.S. adults (161). However, in a subsequent analysis of Guillain-Barré syndrome cases reported to CDC, FDA, and vaccine manufacturers, among an estimated 2.5 million adults who received >1 dose of recombinant hepatitis B vaccine during 1986–1990, the rate of Guillain-Barré syndrome occurring after hepatitis B vaccination did not exceed the background rate among unvaccinated persons (CDC, unpublished data, 1992). A review by persons with clinical expertise concluded that evidence was insufficient to reject or accept a causal association between Guillain-Barré syndrome and hepatitis B vaccination (159,162).

          Multiple sclerosis (MS) has not been reported after hepatitis B vaccination among children. However, one retrospective case-control study (163,164) reported an association between hepatitis B vaccine and MS among adults. Multiple other studies (165–168) have demonstrated no association between hepatitis B vaccine and MS. Reviews of these data by panels of persons with clinical expertise have favored rejection of a causal association between hepatitis B vaccination and MS (169,170).

          Chronic illnesses that have been reported in rare instances after hepatitis B vaccination include chronic fatigue syndrome (171), neurologic disorders (e.g., leukoencephalitis, optic neuritis, and transverse myelitis) (172–174), rheumatoid arthritis (175,176), type 1 diabetes (177), and autoimmune disease (178). No evidence of a causal association between these conditions or other chronic illnesses and hepatitis B vaccine has been demonstrated (159,169,170,179–182).

          Reported episodes of alopecia (hair loss) after rechallenge with hepatitis B vaccine suggest that vaccination might, in rare cases, trigger episodes of alopecia (183). However, a population-based study determined no statistically significant association between alopecia and hepatitis B vaccine (184).

          No evidence exists of a causal association between hepatitis B vaccination, including administration of the birth dose, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or other causes of death during the first year of life (185–187). Infant death rates, including rates of SIDS, declined substantially in the United States during the 1990s, coincident with an increase in infant hepatitis B vaccination coverage from 90% and implementation of efforts to reduce SIDS through infant sleep positioning and separation from other persons in bed (188).

          But by all means, take Del Bigtree’s words at face value no matter what….

  • Tannim

    Link to actual study?

  • Chuckles

    How to discredit your school’s research department 101.

  • tonibark

    all flu shots are fast tracked meaning, they are pushed thru without any rigorous or even modest study. The HPV vaccines were fast tracked. It is now, very rare for any vaccine to have years of rigorous testing. Vaccines are used in research to create autoimmunity in animal models. some antibodies which can be created in those susceptible, include antiobodies to important enzymes or receptors which are necessary for normal neurological functioning such as CAD, NMDA etc. the result is a nightmare of behavioral issues.

    • https://vaccinesworkblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/10/a-provaxer-watched-vaxxed/ Kathy

      That is not true. Why do you lie? That is completely false.

      • FACTS

        sorry, Dr. Bark is not lying and she has studied the issue for many years.. please do real research and you will see that the “health authorities” have been corrupted by big pharma for generations..

        • https://vaccinesworkblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/10/a-provaxer-watched-vaxxed/ Kathy

          I have “done my research.” I watched the entire Truth about vaccines series and caught Dr Toni in a bunch of lies. For one,

          Toni Bark and Lawrence Pavelsky, both doctors who are against vaccines, claim that polysorbate 80, when used in conjunction with other drugs, opens the gut and blood brain barriers. Further, they claim, because everything with them also gets into the gut and brain, then nanoparticles of viruses, bacteria, and aluminum are also getting into these parts of our bodies. Larry says polysorbate 80 binds to the viruses and and aluminum and “walks into the brain the way a ghost can go through a wall.” He concludes that this is what is causing vaccinated children to have autism and other neurodisabilities.

          Now, first of all, we know vaccines are not causing autism. Secondly, aluminum salts in vaccines are microparticles, not nanoparticles. Polysorbate 80 is used with nanoparticles of certain drugs, like loperamide, to deliver them to the brain when necessary. These drugs only cross the blood brain barrier when loaded onto polybutylcyanoacrylate (PBCA)-nanoparticles and coated with polysorbate 80. But, aluminum salts are microparticles, not nanoparticles. There are experiments underway using aluminum salt nanoparticles but all existing vaccines use microparticles of aluminum salts and those are much too large to cross the blood brain barrier.

          links to proof are embedded in the para and you can find them here

          https://vaccinesworkblog dot wordpress.com/2017/04/18/the-truth-about-vaccines-2-more-lies/

          She also says, numerous times, that clinical trials don’t use saline placebos. This is easily proven wrong by a simple Pubmed search.

          And the mere fact that she practices homeopathy is proof she does not value the scientific method.

          • Lindaxox

            “We know vaccines are not causing autism” Really? How do we know that? Firsthand evidence says just the opposite, now happened to millions, 1 on 50 children. There has never been a study of vaccinated vs unvaccinated, CDC. The only possible reason for that is because the proof would finally be conclusive. Dr William Thompson tells us the CDC study was manipulated and information deleted until the results were changed. He has absolutely no reason to lie! It takes a very brave person to tell the truth, your life might depend on not telling it. Anyone who does becomes the subject of an intense character attack. Why? This is a billion $ business to be protected at all costs. Look what has happened with the opioid drugs, millions of victims, individuals, families and whole communities destroyed. Denied for years. When will this nightmare end? There is definite proof vaccines are causing untold suffering and deaths and yet the powerful drug industry has now pushed worldwide to simply make these injections mandatory. Any idea what this is doing to parents? Many Drs? Our most vunerable, the children? When will this nightmare end?

          • Helena Smirnis

            Show me one HPV Study that used Saline Placebos, find me that Pubmed Study. Show me your proof.

          • Jennifer Krumsieg Wall

            Me and my daughter strongly disagree on this issue, of course she has nothing to base her thoughts on but medical studies and what the “experts” say. Me, I think these vaccines cause all sorts of problems beyond autism. Kids are more likely to become violent, disrespectful, uncontrollable, and very three years they bring out yet another drug to put into our kids and generation to generation the behaviours get worse. I’m sorry, but I think it relates directly to vaccines….mmr, polio, dpt, yeah, ok, those killed thousands of kids, and those vaccines helped to erradicate these problems, though they still pop up now and then. But really, chicken pox and the flu and a disease that is so rare among kids that I have never known anyone to have it, but we must vacvinate. And the hpv virus, hey, I have cervical cancer, but I don’t think I would have taken the vaccine had it been offered before I got it….because really, how much do we know? And where is the study that followed women into their late years to know for sure they didn’t get it and how do they know that they would have anyway? I just dont like drugs being the answer to everything, and vaccines are more than just the virus.

          • https://vaccinesworkblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/10/a-provaxer-watched-vaxxed/ Kathy

            There are many studies of HPV rate declines since the vaccine came out.

            Children are not more violent, disrespectful, uncontrollable. I have worked in education for 30 years and I completely disagree with you. The only difference is that, when I was a child, children could be kicked out of school for bad behavior and now we diagnose them as having a behavior disorder and try to teach them. There is no rate change except we don’t expel as many kids these days. We’ve cut the drop out rate in half since the advent of special education laws.

          • AutismDadd

            Kathy rubbish. She’s here to spread stories and to discredit critics.

          • AutismDadd

            Shill Alert!

          • Carolyn Monroe

            The part of your argument about the placebos is false. Please go onto the websites for each of the vaccines and pull up their inserts. They are legally required to show you the safety study data including placebos. The placebos in every study list the vaccine minus the pathogen portion .additionally , current Alzheimer’s research uses alumunium salts to induce Alzheimer’s in the rat subjects.

      • AutismDadd

        Typical shill calling everyone a liar.

    • Brian

      HPV vaccines had clinical trials that lasted four years. Haven’t you ever read the vaccine insert?

      • Nikkin

        This is concidered fast track Brian. The article even mentions vaccine studies take 15-20 years. So, yes, vaccines are now rushed through the process. Our children ARE the lab rats.


    pharma is desperate to pretend that the scores of childhood health problems that have skyrocketed since the vaccine schedule increased dramatically are all “just coincidental”.. sorry, vaccines are causally linked to brain, neurological, respirtatory, immunological, digestive problems as well as death.. PLEASE do your own research! The statistical probability is infinitesimal that each and every case of regressive autism following vaccinations are ALL “just a coincidence”… even if someone were to claim that a single such case was 99% likely to be a coincidence- for 2000 such cases to ALL be coincidental there is a 0.00000018637566 % chance …. tragically the actual number of children regressing into autism is around 20,000 per year- the possibility that ALL of those cases are just coincidental would be 5.0569883e-88. add to that impossibility, the notion that EVERY single study that links autism and vaccines is “flawed”.. that Hannah Poling’s regression into autism following vaccines was the “only” such case in world history.. that every single case of damages being awarded to autistic kids for vaccine injuries are all just “mistakes”.. that every single expert, scientist, or doctor who publicly warns of brain damage and autism as a result of vaccines are ALL “quacks”.. that multiple other lab analyses have confirmed wakefield’s findings, but they are all “in cahoots with Wakefield”.. that every single incidence of important facts being hidden from the public are all explainable because “they aren’t important”.. Japan banned the MMR, but americans never heard about it at all.. the CDC’s William Thompson’s statements have been blacked out of the media.. honest people do NOT hide important evidence or information- the coverup is proof of guilt. . there is no valid reason that critically important stories should be hidden- anyone continuing to trust those corrupt sources has chosen to stay in the dark.. thousands and thousands of normal children regress into autism each year.. the study below clearly documents the fact, even though the researchers have blindly swallowed the ridiculous “coincidence” theory

    • Scott Low

      By ‘research’ – what do you mean?


    controlled media works hard to suppress evidence and attack honest critics, squelch real discussion and punish those who dissent..

    Medical Professionals Speak Out
    This is a list of medical doctors and PhD scientists who explain
    (in their linked videos/ lectures, click on the name) why vaccines have
    risks, and may not be as safe or as effective as we are being led to
    believe. Malaysian Vaccines Exposed on Facebook also has a list of
    American and international doctors with links to their work here.

  • Charity Dotson


  • Charity Dotson

    The biggest problem with this study is how it is presented. In no area of study is it appropriate to edit, mitigate or in any way modify data because of how that data may be [mis]interpreted. This is just bad science, guys.

    • Dybbuch

      you are completely right .. already because of the sloppy headline it is being picked up by anti-vaxxers and touted as a YALE ENDORSED study .. responsible journalism is required.

      • Josh Bare

        I get it. So science is only real when the results reinforce your beliefs? That’s not very scienfitic of you. A real scientific mind questions everything and doesn’t allow sentiment to interfere.

        • AutismDadd

          Yes its a place to start, not a place to stop.

  • bev

    Kennedy is not an anti-vaccine advocate…wish you reporters would get it right. He wants safe vaccines without the neurotoxins. Educate before you vaccinate.

    • zabelisa

      Exactly! Poison is poison, it adds up. Vaccines are known to be toxic in many ways. If the baby is already compromised, it will lead to some form of debilitating outcome. Why would they not screen for that? There are ways to determine inflammation and immune status. And why on Earth would anyone not want to increase safety for their children??

  • nrbrk

    Yeah, injecting known neurotoxins into pristine newborns tends to play havoc with the brain.

    • kiki

      I’ve been wondering this for 28 years as my then newborn infant was immunized with my adult dose of Rubella and it seems to me that his mental health, bipolar, is connected to this.

      • Kimberley Briski

        This. I have been noticing lately that the kids vaccinated and born about 1982 and up seem to have way higher instances of depression, anxiety, anger management…….no studies are out that I can find but I am willing to bet the major amount of crap injected in just the first 6 months of life contribute. A friend has 3 children. The oldest was only vaccinated. She is now suffering from anxiety…the other 2 are showing no signs and are unvaccinated. But no one seems to notice or really gives a shit. Hugs to you and your son.

        • AutismDadd

          Try this. Look at obituaries. Check the ages. In the pre-vaccine era (before 1930) people are living into their 80’s and 90’s even more. Look at the ones born in the vaccine era and see how many are dying of cancer or simply dying young compared to the pre-vac group.

          • heavensdoor

            Pre 1930? You obviously never paid attention to the
            mortality tables. There are so many variable concerning
            the health of of children..like another big study that showed
            older parents had a much higher rate of autistic off-spring.
            How about parents that conceived children while they were
            drunk..on drugs..pregnant doing drugs..pregnant smoking..pregnant smoking pot…etc. There are just so many things that people did not do so much before 1965 and are
            putting horrendous drugs/chemicals into their bodies now.
            How about a study about women and men who conceive children before the age of 30 ? Robert Kennedy along with his
            brothers were huge drug takers and probably still are. I mean
            the kind that went to Harlem to make their purchases. What a nut case he is anyway..wrong spokesperson. Try getting someone alot healthier and maybe others will listen. Jenny the
            toilet bowl McWhatever the porn star..yeah real clean living there also..again a big spokesperson…these are people that would never admit THEY caused the autism for their child..it was THEIR problem. Well again..give us better and healthier spokespersons..cause I am not saying there isn’t a relationship. But please pre 1930? Ridiculous..people died
            much younger before penicillin and that was in my own family…many times. The actuaries don’t lie..life span in the US is at an all time high.

          • zabelisa

            Poison is poison, it adds up. Vaccines are known to be toxic in many ways. If the baby is already compromised, it will lead to some form of debilitating outcome. Why would they not screen for that? There are ways to determine inflammation and immune status.

          • taree

            sorry- deleting as I misconstrued the post I was commenting on, My error.

  • http://facebook.com/healthbitesonline Health Bites Online

    So your worry is not so much how many children are inflicted with lifelong mental disorders, but that it “could lend fuel to anti-vaccine advocates”. And why do you suppose people are anti-vaccine??

  • Adrianne Sylvester

    The only control group they should be using is non-vaccinated kids vs vaccinated kids. Let’s have a real, unbiased study on whether these mental illnesses and diseases are more prevalent in vaccinated children. How can you know what injuries vaccines cause, unless you compare to people who’ve never had them?!

  • michellenj

    Vaccines are an issue in food allergies as well. Peanut, egg, sesame are all growth mediums for vaccines, and we inject the vaccine with partial proteins from these foods in undigested forms into people sensitizing the immune system not only to the target microbe being grown in the vaccine but also to these other proteins. Additionally the preservatives used usually involve some derivative of aluminum or mercury, both of which are neuro toxic.

    • https://Briantrappler.com Brian Trappler

      The movement toward vaccination has .oved over tbat time from the safe method of swallowing dead Polio Virus to injecting Live Virus. As a result we see the Indian Government sueing the Bill Gates Foundation for causing 37 K caes of paralysis for their Vaccination initiative.

      • http://oldephartte.blogspot.ca/ opit

        Seems to me the headline was 47,500 some years ago.

  • Helena Smirnis

    The only study we need is Vaccinated versus Unvaccinated. End of Story.

    • Giovanni Sagredo


      If one studied polio vaccinated vs unvaccinated in 1957 the results would point overwhelmingly to vaccinate. However, today, where the likelihood of polio is virtually non-existent, preliminary results of a polio vaccinated vs unvaccinated study would point to no vaccination… and that would not be a good answer.

      The success of vaccinations at removing the threat of the disease now opens the possibility of finer study. The results of such finer study will increase our understanding and make vaccines better… because nothing is perfect.

      • no1uknow1

        “If one studied polio vaccinated vs unvaccinated in 1957 the results would point overwhelmingly to vaccinate.”
        I don’t think that Ochsner’s grandchildren would agree.
        Are you aware the definition of polio changed substantially from 1955 to 1961?

        • Demaris Forsythe

          No, it didn’t, you lying sack.

          • AutismDadd

            Troll alert. This vulgar ignorant Demaris is doing this on many forums. Block or ban her.

      • Barzini

        Polio was eradicated by changing its definition – we live in a corrupt world

      • taree

        Actually, if you’d ever seen the data from vaccination in the 1650’s at a time when polio was already on a downward spiral by the time the vaccine was introduced, you would have found that in every single state that mandated the vaccine the incidence of polio doubled at the very least and often tripled. The states that did not mandate the vaccine, the incidence of polio continued to drop at the continuing rate.

  • calvin

    vaccines are poison. they are FORCED on people. that tells you all you need to know. paul offit said vaccines are so harmless you can inject a baby 100,000 times and its safe. I’m waiting for him to demonstrate how safe that is.

  • Ctbrowneyes

    What a piece of junk advice at the end to say, we still recommend you follow the cdc schedule. They should have advised parents to be cautious, only do what is totally required which is NONE rather than incuring mental illness in their children. But because they want to secure future funding they go with P.C. don’t rock the boat. As a parent we will be left alone struggling because researchers were not brave enough to rock the boat and demand more research or Someone common sense to say NO more inflection of damages. Long term implications as hormones change and damages have been incurred at the cellular level have not sufficiently shown it is safe to vaccinate at current schedule. Profits are the key as decision not human protections. I can bet those who were involved with this study will not be vaccinating their children. Mental health is being compromised due to vaccines.

    • Nikkin

      You said it! I’m sick and tired of this charade. Profit over people. It’s all about the money folks.

    • taree

      You said it! Always that last insulting caveat to be sure to vaccinate, even though we just told you there’s inherent danger there. Insipid cowards. All of these publications and journalists!

  • AutismDadd

    Well lets have a larger study instead of crumbling and bowing to authority and vaccine mantra.

  • eggman2

    Oh no again. I am being censored for telling the truth again. If you want to read my true comments hit my avatar or username.

  • Jane Jones

    “we encourage families to maintain vaccination schedules according to the CDC guidelines.” BE BRAVE–BE HONEST— VACCINES DAMAGE ! Nobody wants to be Wakefielded but tiptoeing around the truths that vaccines damage truly doesn’t help! VACCINE DAMAGE IS REAL AND PREVALENT! BE BRAVE AND SCREAM IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!

  • Dewey

    No link to the original research. Always a red flag.

  • Dewey

    Here is an exact quote from the study:

    “These findings warrant further investigation, but do not prove a causal role of antecedent infections or vaccinations in the pathoetiology of these conditions.”

    But sure, let’s pretend it’s an open and shut case.

    • Putin ReReloaded

      Let’s pretend the precautionary principle is not applicable to vaccines. Despite provisional findings related to serious and irreversible harm, just keep vaccinating every single kid and adding doses every year.

    • bev

      all studies say need further investigation, or else it might not get published

  • Putin ReReloaded
  • Jenny Humphrey

    At first they call you crazy…

  • Ctbrowneyes

    Why every study that involves implicating vaccines to some adverse effect always have a protective stance such as “Rose expressed concern that the study would “activate anti-vaccine people in a very serious way” and agreed with the study’s assertion that the results are very preliminary and do not establish a cause and effect relationship. ” we as parents should be alarmed and should be told of potential risk and then we as parents decide is the risk worth it. They are more concerned about “anti-vaccine” labels and our reactions. We see it in our neighborhoods and our schools and families. We, as parents, don’t need people protecting their grant money from pHARMa to play down the high risk potential. Where is more research, this is important. There was a study done in India using real vaccinated and unvaccinated control group in 1979 over a 7 year period, there is a group of Amish, let’s look at the unvaccinated to compare if you don’t like the database. Come on Yale be above the fray and do good research to help humanity.

  • Disgusted!

    This is exactly why vaccine choice is imperative! Until we know for sure what is going on with our children, specifically, those children whose parents are screaming that their child got a vaccine and the next day they were ‘gone.’ Autism is of growing concern and we need to get to the bottom of it.

  • Kathleen Koblensky

    The questioning of the vaccines did not increase until the powers that be took it upon themselves to increase the dosages to extremes. These increases have brought about massive heath problems that they were aware of prior. Greed is the ruler of the vaccines . Very simply put; many excellent loving kind caring physicians are speaking up . Yes it is time for us to KNOW THE TRUTH OF ALL THAT HAS HAPPENED TO US …

  • I Can See You

    Animal “studies” are a great way to slant for the results they want to get. With vivisection experiments, you can prove a rat can fly—just throw him in the air and end the experiment before the rat hits the ground.

    • PerennialLady

      A way “scientists” and researchers get paid. Any polls or research programs can be made to come to the determination the pollsters want. Drug companies are powerful.

    • Robbie Lister

      Great point. If you ever get a chance to read the Purdue study you will see that’s exactly what happened! They found that all the vaccinated subjects had free circulating autoimmune antibodies and the unvaccinated control group had none of this and they dropped the study right then and there so that they could say well there’s no actual proof that vaccinations can cause autoimmune disease! That kind of results should have triggered further study of the vaccinated group!!! that would have been the ethical thing to do but oh no they didn’t want any kind of study that could have proven vaccines to be dangerous so they dropped it like a hot potato.

  • http://www.vitaminlawyer.com/ Ralph Fucetola JD

    It’s time for the FDA to act to protect public health from “unavoidably unsafe” vaccines — http://tinyurl.com/stopillegalvaccines

    • Brian

      Flagged for spamming your own website.

    • luluhulu

      the government is NOT here to protect you!!!!!

  • Katrina Kappele

    Wanna link the study?

  • http://AdventuresInAutism.com/ Ginger Taylor

    What will it take to make linking to studies in articles about studies be required?

  • Dale Enright
    • Constitutionalist

      Have you had all 72 CDC vaccination doses? No? if you haven’t had all 72 doses of CDC vaccinations, you are a danger and a threat to yourself, your family, your friends, and your community. Make an appointment to get started. And if you have kids, they have to have all 36 doses of CDC vaccinations by the age of 5. Get going. Thank you.

    • luluhulu

      maybe you keep an open mind and not live in a fear based/pushed society.
      people should have rights over their own bodies.

    • Sergio Kas

      “Science based medicine” is not a legitimate source, it is a industry shill site. Did you read your link? 1/3 of the verb-age is just insulting people with questions on vaccines.

  • Jambalayamispeels

    The first study of MMR in 1978 also found a correlation between the vaccine and MMR. They also dismissed it.


  • Jambalayamispeels

    OK, so this question will make a lot of people mad because of what I am insinuating, but it is just a question and no studies have been done on this topic. Vaccines use human DNA and that DNA could be the opposite gender of the person getting the vaccine. If a child gets that vaccine, years later could that then develop into gender dysphoria? Could a parent who was vaccinated with such a vaccine pass that genetically altered DNA to their child? If there may be a connection between mental illness and vaccines might that include gender dysphoria? Seriously, just asking.

    • http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org Budhita

      Excellent question.

    • luluhulu

      that is brilliant!!! i do not trust vaccines at all. there was a couple in Italy who studied 44 vaccines, animal and human…the woman actually invented a machine so as to get a better look at what was actually in the vaccines. what they found…all of the vaccines were tainted with nano particles. you can breath or ingest nano particles and the body will rid itself by coughing or peeing…but if you inject a nano particle into the body it has no way to escape…eventually it will find find a place to land and the body will start attacking it, which can then lead to ….cancer…and god knows what else. so it is not just gross stuff they put in vaccines, it the dirty nano particles you also need to worry about. oh and course the government came in and raided their house and stole all their studies…i read about this on waking times.

    • luluhulu
      • Joz Lee

        Lie Cheat, Destroy Evidence, and then MANDATORY VACCINATIONS and no EXEMPTIONS? Darn you pHARMa !

    • BraveNewWhirled

      It is reasonable to ask questions about something this important, especially when we witness so much blatant obfuscation around the issue.

      One question I’m asking is, “If vaccines are safe, why do vaccine makers have indemnification from any product liability claims and lawsuits against the products they make?”

      • Boomer Lady

        Because prior to 1986 there were numerous huge jury awards for vaccine injuries like there were for tobacco lawsuits. Big Pharma told Congress that if they weren’t shielded, they’d quit making vaccines. This would have been a good thing because many disease rates had been going down for decades after better hygiene, diagnosis, and segregating of the sick from the rest of the hospital had been instituted. Now with shedding of live virus shots vaccinations are actually causing disease outbreaks in areas with 100% vaccine rates. Look up the online story of the Texas Catholic school that had almost a hundred cases of Whooping Cough (Pertussis).

    • Boomer Lady

      That is what scientists are suspecting. Gender dysphoria used to be less than .005% but it has been increasing in the last decade. Foreign DNA does change ones DNA when injected.

      For every vaccine used for a disease, there is an alternative treatment. For instance, polio can be successfully treated with massive intravenous vitamin C. It also works for other diseases.

  • Chloe Blue

    un-vaccinated people are not safety threats, unless of course you think your precious vaccines actually DO NOT WORK. Hey, you might be onto to something there.

    • Mike O’Brien

      Or maybe if I know some people can’t take vaccines due to age or other conditions, plus I am not stupid enough to believe that vaccines (like any other medicine) are 100% effective 100% of the time.

      But hey, you might just be to stupid to understand reality.

  • http://www.solarpowerinstallation.ca solar_power_installation

    What does so rusty have to do with something that your body will fight all its life? The vaccines are laced and it’s from Merck vaccine chief himself. It’s on video. No denying it

  • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/1581322418586010/ Pamela Goldstein

    Hello, I’m just curious to hear your position on abortion. Women often argue, my body my choice but clearly when they choose abortion they are killing another life, a human baby that is located inside their body but is not a part of their body. So do you agree that women have rights over their own body until it effects others…like ending the life of a baby?

  • Sergio Kas

    I dont understand the author of this article. The Heading says “Vaccine linked to mental disorders”. The author, rather than being concerned, makes fun of Kennedy for being concerned.
    You should be concerned if the title is correct. Then the article goes on to say dont worry about it, because they are not totally positive this is true. And no one is going to study it further. Typical vaccine safety science, and typical media response.

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