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BITS & PIECES: How to Understand Art

11:35 a.m. “This is Fauve as fuck.” The speaker is a kid about my age, in a dark sweater and fashionable slim-fit jeans. His companion, […]

A Letter From the Committee That Reviewed Your Yale Application

Dear Mr. Williams, Two years ago, it was our privilege to offer you admission into the Yale College Class of 2021. We had faith that, […]


I don’t feel CorpusTech trying to go through and intoxicate me. I feel the whisper of clothes as the sweaty Buzzies and partiers push around me. I hear the pulse of the music. I see laser points like stars on the ceiling and streaks of cars flying down Third Avenue. And for once, I can stand the sound of my own thoughts.

No bedbugs reported since new protocol

No cases of bedbugs have been reported on campus this semester, after the University updating its protocol following an infestation last year.

Exhibit showcases first year MFA works

This week marks the final week of the School of Art’s master’s of fine arts exhibition, which presents the work of the class of 2018.

Q&A with Katie McCleary ’18, president of the Association of Native Americans at Yale

"Moving forward, I think that Yale staff and the Yale administration need to make a commitment to student populations that have been most adversely affected by this election and support students in more ways than just sending an email. Hiring staff and professors that reflect the current student body would support oppressed communities on campus. Providing as many resources as they can to the cultural centers would be another big step."

Lin to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

From protests last fall to the “sanctuary campus” gathering on Wednesday, the Women’s Table has served as a site for student and community activism on campus. This week, Maya Lin ’81 ARC ’86, the sculpture’s designer, will receive the White House Presidential Medal of Freedom for the cultural and social influence of her work.

Harvard football

A ritual dating back to 1995, the “Victory Slaughter” has become a favorite among the undergraduate and graduate populations alike. Few are allowed to know the specifics of the sacrifice, but many attend for the spectacle (as well as to take advantage of “Blood ’n Brews” night at Russell House Tavern).