Today, the News launches a redesigned online homepage. Our paper takes pride in its history and traditions, but we also know that our digital presence matters now more than ever. Improving the News’ online presentation is one of the central goals of our managing board. Thanks to our technology team — led by Eric Yu ’19 and Ngan Vu ’19 — we’ve taken a great step forward.

The top priority of this redesign is to make more content immediately available to you, our readers. Our old homepage featured five stories on the front page. The new version includes 16, prioritizing all desks. It’s designed to load more quickly and is broken down as follows:

The Top Six: You will find our top six stories featured in prominent blocks. They largely correspond to the front page of our print edition, reflecting what we judge to be the major news of the day.

Inside the News: Another priority of the redesign is to give more desks visibility. The Inside the News column includes five stories outside of the Top Six, drawing on Sports, University News, City, Culture, Science & Technology, WEEKEND and the Yale Daily News Magazine. Here, you’ll find a highlight reel of daily content from across the paper.

Most Read: Prior to the redesign, no story remained on our homepage for more than one production day, regardless of importance or traction. The newly added “Most Read” section features our most popular stories of the past few weeks, increasing the accessibility of our coverage.

We hope this redesign will improve your online viewership experience. Thank you, as always, for sharing in our excitement over improvements to the News.