Fall 2014

Jack Montague and a female student at Yale College “developed a relationship,” according to a statement from Montague’s lawyer Max D. Stern. Montague and the female student had four encounters that involved her spending the night in Montague’s room. The female student said she did not consent to intercourse on the fourth occasion, which occurred in October, but Montague says she did, according to the statement from Montague’s lawyer. The statement also alleges that after that fourth encounter, the female student later returned to Montague’s room on the same night.

November 2015

The female student reported the incident to the Title IX coordinator, according to Stern. The formal complaint was then filed by a Title IX official with the University-Wide Committee.

Nov. 13

The Yale men’s basketball team, captained by Montague, begins its season with a game against Fairfield.

Feb. 6, 2016

Montague plays his last game for Yale in the team’s 20th contest of the season, a home matchup against Cornell.

Feb. 10

The UWC concludes that Montague violated University policy and recommends expulsion. According to UWC procedures, that decision must be upheld by Dean of Yale College Jonathan Holloway.

Feb. 12

Montague does not travel to a game at Dartmouth with the team. His absence is due to “personal reasons,” according to the game’s announcers. Montague’s absence from the team is not mentioned in Yale publicity’s recaps of each game.

Between Feb. 10 and Feb. 17

Montague files an appeal of the expulsion. According to UWC procedures, appeals must come within five days of the decision.

Feb. 17

Montague tells the News he is taking a “personal leave” and is trying to get back “as soon as possible.”

Between Feb. 17 and Feb. 24

Provost Benjamin Polak does not grant Montague an appeal. Montague is officially expelled from the University. According to UWC procedures, this decision must come within five days of the appeal.

Feb. 24

Yale sports publicity releases a statement announcing Montague will not return to the team.

Feb. 26

Before a home game against Harvard, the team takes to the court wearing special warmup T-shirts featuring Montague’s nickname and number on the back, and “Yale,” inverted and backwards, on the front.

Feb. 29

Posters are found around campus featuring a picture of the team in their T-shirts. The poster calls for the team to “Stop supporting a rapist.”

March 2

A second wave of posters appear on campus. The Yale Women’s Center releases a statement on its Facebook page calling for a “culture of respect” on campus.

March 3

Montague’s father tells the New Haven Register that Montague was expelled from the University for “ridiculous” reasons. That day, Unite Against Sexual Assault Yale releases a statement encouraging members of the Yale community to take a stand against sexual assault and support survivors.

March 5

Holloway sends out an email to all undergraduate students addressing the recent events on campus and the current campus sexual climate. He does not confirm or deny any allegations, and instead calls on all students to “treat each other civilly.” That night, the basketball team defeats Columbia in New York City to earn an outright Ivy League title and a berth in the NCAA Tournament.

March 9

USAY hosts a “chalk-in” on Cross Campus. That afternoon, the basketball team releases a statement apologizing for “the hurt we caused” and writes: “As student representatives of Yale we hope to use our positions on and off the court in a way that can make everyone proud.”

March 10

The News reports that Montague was expelled for sexual misconduct. Blake Thompson ’16, a childhood friend and former hallmate of Montague, says the UWC process that Montague was through has multiple “flaws and controversies.”

March 14

Montague’s lawyer, Max D. Stern of Todd & Weld LLP, releases a statement. In addition to stating Montague will sue the University to “vindicate his rights,” the statement details the process by which Montague was expelled.