Josh LaRocco ’18, San Diego, California

One glimpse at Josh LaRocco and you wonder why Katy Perry did not debut a single crediting California boys. San Diego’s finest graces campus with a style so rad, it’s no surprise people turn up to the hit “I’m in love with LaRocco.” When this surfer is not promoting global warming with his practically boiling presence in the ocean, you can catch him accessorizing with a backwards cap, blacked-out shades and a skateboard underfoot. When asked for style advice, he remarked, “The shoes make the man. All black never hurt anyone.” Fond of simple tees and board shorts, LaRocco recalled a time when his beloved mother purchased him a shirt that was “a little too hipster.” “It didn’t last long. I just took it off and rocked the shirtless look.” Maybe he should start off every day wearing shirts a little too hipster? Unfortunately, this accomplished wave rider has had his share of encounters with sharks. One in particular was rather distressing, but honestly, can you blame the shark for wanting a taste?

Ree Ree Li ’16, Waxhaw, North Carolina

When she is not signing autographs for her tennis superstardom, Ree Ree Li might as well do so for her effortlessly chic fashion sense. As the women’s varsity tennis captain, she serves campus with a personal style described as “comfortable and casual” — a combination she aces. With a flash of her stunning smile — undeniably her best accessory — Li remarked, “My mood definitely influences what I wear.” Throughout the years, Li’s desire to unite comfortable and casual remained consistent, albeit with a changing aesthetic. “I’ve always enjoyed comfortable clothing, but I definitely did not have a good sense of style back in the day. I either wore large t-shirts that covered my shorts or my older brother’s massive sweatshirts that went to my knees and large sweatpants.” Li admits she can occasionally be seen embracing this former aesthetic during tennis season, when she dons her monochromatic “blue marshmallow outfit” consisting of a navy oversized sweatshirt, sweatpants, and running shoes. Only because it’s Ree Ree Li here — that’s a marshmallow Yale never minds seeing s’more of.

Laura Anderson ’17, Atlanta, Georgia

With her figure, Laura Anderson’s impeccable sense of fashion is not even necessary. Yet she continuously showcases her pretty girl swag with silhouette-flattering outfits. Even with her favorite combination of high-waisted jeans, booties and a loose blouse, she finds herself most inspired by how she feels when she wakes up. “I’ve never been one to plan out my outfits for the week or even the next day; when my alarm goes off, I feel completely different [from] when I fell asleep, and I have no way [of anticipating] what that will mean for my outfits.” Regarding her early years, she confessed to hopping out of bed and turning her swag on with some skirts over jeans and a Limited Too wardrobe worthy of the store itself.  How unfortunate that that phase lasted the same duration as Soulja Boy’s stardom. This Southern belle mentioned she routinely wears tights or silk underwear under her jeans in winter: “I cannot handle the cold, and I have no shame.” It’s astonishing that New Haven even experiences winter with her on campus. When questioned for advice, Anderson offered, “Authenticity is sexy. Wear what makes you feel confident and you will always look your best.” Crank dat.

Jamie Cahill ’16, Melbourne, Australia

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 9.29.43 PM

Just a quick disclaimer: Jamie Cahill is indeed a student here. I did not hire a model. With such a striking disposition, this handsome Aussie looks dashing whether he’s working out in Payne Whitney in one of the five exact same maroon tops he circulates, or brilliantly DJ-ing in his prized distressed white tank — a purchase from 2008 that initially had no holes. He remarked with affection, “I like it because it’s the scantiest thing I can wear on a hot day.” Connecticut’s transition to fall weather has many on campus devastated. He describes his personal style as being inspired by a collection of subcultures, including “avant-garde Japanese stuff, football casuals, Scandinavian minimalism, ghetto gothic” and beyond. He enthusiastically claimed, “I’m a total poser!” Regardless of his style inspiration on any given day, his looks are so exceptional they could hypnotize anyone into believing Vegemite is actually delicious. Maybe he actually should consider a career posing professionally, or endorsing Vegemite … Durfee’s would sell out.