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Suited for Success

Imagine never again having to worry about coordinating the perfect outfit for an interview, internship or business obligation. Imagine being able to access an impressive […]

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JB Baker ’18, Boca Raton, Florida Let me tell you something. There’s no nobility in bad style, and JB Baker certainly has none of that. His […]

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Lexi Henkel ’17, Greenwich, Connecticut Hey Yalies! Gossip Girl here, and I have the biggest news ever. Absolute perfection is an understatement when describing Lexi […]

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One glimpse at Josh LaRocco and you wonder why Katy Perry did not debut a single crediting California boys.

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Whether she is working diligently on international development for the Roosevelt Institute, writing for various campus publications, or interning for notable politicians, Dixe Schillaci always steals the fashion spotlight.