A round of applause to all who submitted to this year’s Wallace Prize in fiction and nonfiction. We are pleased to announce the winning entries, which will be published in the upcoming issue of the Yale Daily News Magazine.


1. “Playing House” by Sophie Haigney ’17

2. “The Song Remains the Same” by Noah Remnick ’15

3. “Paper Bullets” by Alexandra Lohman ’16

Honorable mentions:

“Pinball Wizard” by Eric Stern ’15

“In Dry Dock: A Month of Maintenance aboard the Clearwater” by Rachel Lipstein ’15



1. “Roost” by Devon Geyelin ’16

2. “You Two Stay with the Bear” by Alex Blum ’15

3. “Coffee Spoons” by Sophie Haigney ’17

Honorable mention:

“Game 173” by Jackson McHenry ’15