No regrets. With basketball season in full swing and Whiffs auditions around the corner, now’s a good time to check in on forward-turned-tenor Brandon Sherrod ’15. And that’s what The New York Times did in a Wednesday piece entitled “At Yale, Trading a Playbook for a Songbook.” Long story short, Sherrod says he’s happy with his choice to pick the songbook.

Where is LC 101? This Yale classroom will play host to tonight’s AACC Jeopardy event. Those signed up should expect plenty of clues about “topics relating to the Asian American experience, both past and present,” while those looking to just drop by and watch can participate in the night’s free raffle drawings.

Speaking on speech. The Yale Political Union will host a panel to discuss issues of religion, security and toleration as they relate to last month’s tragic Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris. Among those on the panel are professors Charles Hill and David Cameron.

Relevant. A Wednesday night email from Morse Master Amy Hungerford solicited help from students in the college to host a group from Yale-NUS, which has itself grappled with the question of free speech, that will visit campus from Feb 24-26.

Check it. Yesterday, the United States Navy announced that the USS George H.W. Bush has set out to sea to conduct carrier qualification operations — CQs for short. “CQs are an important mission that is often underappreciated,” Chief Operations Specialist Jermaine Moore said in a Navy release. Trust us. We know. CQ

Not quite walruses. But seals, which look enough like Morse’s walrus, have overtaken the Connecticut shoreline, a WTNH article reported. The reason? Because they’re from somewhere even colder than the Nutmeg State: Canada.

Looking off-campus? Then think about the $425,000 West Haven lighthouse advertised in the New York Post yesterday. Imagine all the not-quite-walruses you can see from it.

Millenials, man. Times change. An article in Time Magazine’s technology section yesterday referenced a Student Moniter survey that found college students to strongly prefer iPhones, Facebook, Instagram and texting far preferable to beer and hooking up.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1986 Hundreds pack SSS 114 to hear sportswriter Peter Gammons and University President A. Bartlett Giamatti answer “Does Baseball Have a Future?” Absolutely yes, they say, while still acknowledging some room for improvement in the game’s culture.

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