Gut punch. We were going to stop with the Super Bowl items, but, after that ending, how could we? Fists flew and hearts broke… You’ll forgive some of us, Yale professors, if we show up to class today somewhat (emotionally) hungover.

Can’t stop, won’t stop. Hope you’re all ready for round two — with significant snow expected to hit throughout the day today, Connecticut and New Haven officials are telling residents to buckle down. We’re not counting on another snow day (what is this, 2012-2013?), but we’re also not quite counting it out.

We don’t bite. This weekend, our counterparts at the Columbia Daily Spectator hosted their Annual Awards Dinner, featuring a keynote by BuzzFeed Editor in Chief Ben Smith ’99. “I went to the first meeting of the Yale Daily News and never came back, I was so intimidated,” the former Herald editor recounted. Ok.      

Take it off. In case all the photos in your news feed hadn’t already given it away, the seniors all had a ball running around in nice clothes and masks on Saturday night for Masquerade, a prom-meets-real-world affair. With that out of the way, we suppose they’ll be shifting their focus to finding the perfect hats for Class Day now.

For the kids. Meanwhile, 2018 is probably too invested in Freshman Screw (i.e., Masquerade lite) to notice what happened at the Omni this weekend. The dance’s official Facebook event went live last night, revealing this year’s theme: The Yule Ball. How refreshing to see yet another Yale shindig inspired by Hogwarts.    

Sam we are. Outing themselves as perhaps the quirkiest group of identically named individuals on campus, the entire population of Yale College students named “Sam,” or some permutation of it, gathered for the (apparently annual) Sam Brunch in Silliman on Saturday. Reports that the dining hall’s cage free scrambled eggs were dyed green for the occasion could not be confirmed.

We don’t know what to think. Thank goodness for this new video series, called “the bull report,” which kicked off over the weekend. In its pilot, host Sahil Gupta ’17 took on common room piano players, dining hall silverware and philosophy professor Shelly Kagan, promising viewers enlightenment on the often-hard-to-find truth at Yale.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1984 A Boston District Court judge decides to postpone hearings for a cocaine possession charge against Jodie Foster ’85 after the actress was searched by Customs officers at Logan International Airport.

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