Although Yale has not yet released its yield rate for the Class of 2018, four Ivy League schools have already published their numbers and recorded modest increases over their figures last year.

For the second consecutive year, 82 percent of admitted students accepted their offer of admission at Harvard, contributing to the same record high yield rate as last year. In 2013, the school achieved the same yield rate despite canceling Visitas — the university’s traditional three-day welcome event for freshmen — due to security concerns in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Dartmouth and the University of Pennsylvania also saw increased yield rates this year. Although Dartmouth’s applicant pool contracted by 14 percent — the largest contraction in 21 years — the school’s yield rate rose from 48.6 percent to a record high 54.5 percent. The University of Pennsylvania recorded a yield rate of 66 percent, a slight increase from last year’s number of 63 percent.

At Princeton, 67.4 percent of admitted students are choosing to matriculate, a 1.3 percent dip from the 68.7 percent yield rate the university achieved for the Class of 2017. This year, Princeton cut short its signature prefrosh event, Princeton Preview, in light of the meningitis outbreak in the area. The Preview program was shortened from a weekend to one day and did not include overnight stays.

In an email to the News on Thursday, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Jeremiah Quinlan said Yale’s yield numbers will not be available until the fall when the Class of 2018 matriculates. The University’s yield for the Class of 2017 was 68.3 percent.