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Admissions expands postcard outreach

By the end of September, roughly 20,000 high school seniors from across the nation will receive a postcard from Yale with information on the University’s financial aid program and instructions on how to waive application fees.

UP CLOSE: What’s next for affirmative action?

Though affirmative action policies have helped significantly increase the diversity of the Yale student body over the past 50 years, the practice of employing racial preference in college admissions is facing increasing opposition. What does this mean for Yale?

Yale ranks third again

The 2015 U.S. News and World Report college rankings were released early on Tuesday morning, marking the beginning of another admissions cycle.

US News and World Report rankings released

Yale continues to maintain its long-held position in the top three.

OCS expands undergraduate resources

To enhance its accessibility, the Office of Career Strategy is expanding both its walk-in hours and online resources for undergraduates.

Yale registers record yield

1,950 students were offered acceptance and 1,361 students chose to matriculate to the University as members of the class of 2018, making for the highest yield in Yale’s recorded history.

Yale welcomes diverse freshman class

In addition to representing all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam, the freshman class includes students from 56 foreign countries — more than ever before.

Career services centralize

Undergraduates will not be the only students walking into 55 Whitney Ave. this year.

Jim Jeffords ’56, former Vermont Senator, passes away

Jim Jeffords ’56, a former three-term United States Senator from Vermont, died Monday morning at the Knollwood Military Retirement Residence in Washington, DC. He was 80.

Hindy completes year-long silent journey

After a 9,000-mile walk across America in complete silence, Greg Hindy '13 has finally finished his year-long journey.

Yale considers enhanced virtual reality tours

“When I pulled the ski goggle-like device onto my face, I disappeared to a cool, dark room in New Haven, where I was looking at one of the original publications of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It was thrilling in the nerdiest of ways,” he wrote in the review.