Spilling secrets. A private visit to campus from former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was leaked to the presson Monday. An invitation sent out yesterday morning to a panlist consisting mostly of Yale graduate students in history stated, “Dr. Kissinger’s visit to campus will not be publicized, so we appreciate your confidentiality.” Despite the request to keep the meeting hush-hush, the email invite was subsequently forwarded to Salon.

The lineup. Almost as exciting as the Spring Fling lineup, student speakers for Class Day 2014 have been announced. The serious reflection will be delivered by Lauren Harris ’14, the comic reflection by Ariel Kirshenbaum ’14 and the Ivy ode by Ifeanyi Awachie ’14, according to a Monday email from Class Day organizers.

The usual suspects. Brown University has announced its Spring Weekend lineup, and it includes two repeats from Yale’s Spring Fling lineup: Diplo and Chance the Rapper. Brown will also have performances from Andrew Bird and Lauryn Hill.

Cornell + Cornell = Yale. MIT students have created a new version of the viral online game 2048, one that allows players to combine colleges instead of numbers until they reach “MIT.” In the game, two Cornells combine to make a Yale, two Yales combine to make a Harvard and two Harvards make an MIT. Eleven schools are featured in the game.

Spring break forever. Professor Akhil Amar arrived at his Constitutional Law class around 20 minutes late on Monday. He apologized with the excuse “Sorry guys, it’s been a long spring break.” Amar then realized he had forgotten his casebook and had to leave again to retrieve it.

Bye-bye Brooks Brothers! University administrators have confirmed that 1 Broadway Ave., which has been unoccupied since the closing of Au Bon Pain last year, will not be leased to Brooks Brothers. Fans of high-end men’s clothing will sadly have to resign themselves to shopping for Nantucket reds at J. Press, Jack Willis, or some other preppy local purveyor.

One more lineup. The lineup of speakers of TEDxYale 2014 has been announced. Included on the list are Branford Master Elizabeth Bradley, professor Robert Shiller, former Yale College Council President John Gonzalez ’14 and magician Jen Kramer ’14.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1933 The Yale College Council votes to fund a Spring Fling where student and professional bands will perform.