Super Bass. Bass Library lives up to its reputation once again with a photo exhibit this week depicting Yale students partying. The gallery features “Yale students past and present doing what we do best — partying.” The show includes pictures from the Yale Library Manuscripts and Archives, as well as prints from Freshman Screw, in color no less, so the Class of 2017 can look forward to that.

A serpent in the Garden of Eden. Last night at around 10:15 pm, a person wrapped in a red sleeping bag crawled through the lower level of Bass Library. One student reacted by shouting “There’s a snake here!” and declaring it might be poisonous. Things returned to normal soon after.

A birthday in Branford. Branford College Master Elizabeth Bradley got a birthday surprise from her students last week when Branfordians created a “Happy Birthday” video. The video featured numerous students from around Branford — in the dorms, dining halls and elsewhere — wishing her a happy birthday. The montage concluded with heartwarming clips from Bradley’s family.

The secret life of dogs. Sasha McCormick, the samoyed puppy of Timothy Dwight courtyard, announced via her Facebook page: “Was invited to a Naked Party. No Thanks! Have you ever seen a naked dog? It’s not a pretty sight. I prefer my fur, thank-you-very-much.”

Business cards ready? This week marks the start of another Global Network Week at the Yale School of Management, involving students from around the globe and much networking. The theme of the week is “From Madison Avenue to Wall Street” and focuses on behavioral economics. Highlights from the curriculum include a class titled “Leadership Mind Games” and another named “Innovation: Japan Style.”

H-bomb dropped. In a recent opinion piece from the Harvard Crimson, a student detailed a purported informal research project into the “H-bomb,” or the name-dropping of “Harvard.” The student’s social experiment tested the hypothesis that when a man “drops the H-bomb” by revealing he is a Harvard student, his attractiveness rises, but the opposite occurs for women. However after recording a number of conversations with students at other colleges, the piece did not draw any conclusions and ended on the note, ” I think we all can see that…that…at least I go to Harvard.”

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1977 A laundry room fire burns a pile of clothes in Berkeley College.