Your move, Linda Lorimer. Princeton cancelled all classes Wednesday due to snow.

A smoggy day in Cambridge. Harvard senior Joshua Lipson recently took to the Opinion section of the Crimson to encourage his peers to try their hands at marijuana. “We might do well to experience the graces of a plant thought widely to combat stress, increase empathy, and spur creativity,” he writes. Lipson even calls out current Yale lecturer David Brooks on his “pig-headed claims,” arguing instead that “marijuana alone will neither make you crazy, nor lazy, nor dumb.”

Race to the bottom. A site called Rehabs compiled data on per capita arrests related to drugs and alcohol between 2009 and 2011 and broke down the numbers for all eight Ivy League schools. Dartmouth “sits comfortably in first position” the piece revealed, leading 12.53 alcohol-related arrests per 1000 students. Four schools — Brown, Harvard, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania — showed 0 arrests per 1000 students. Yale came in second with 2.27 drug arrests per 1000 students.

DIY (Drink It Yourself)! Zinc recently released a video on Youtube featuring bartender Steve as he details instructions for their new winter cocktail. “Don’t feel like going out in the snow? Learn how to make one of our winter cocktails right from home!” the ad read.

HBBCD. West Wing Weekly held a Big Block of Cheesecake day last night in honor of the Obama White House’s recent Big Block of Cheese Day. The event refers to a West Wing tradition where the White House opened up to eccentric special interest groups, such as the “Cartographers for Social Equality.”

What’s so special about a naked party? Columbia has recently received attention for a strange incident in which a group of women stripped in its Butler Library to shoot a feminist video for the magazine Purple. The video showed the five young women take off their clothes and cover each other in egg yolk, chocolate syrup and milk, then make out with each other. The theme of the video, titled “Initiation”, was Ivy League Secret Societies.

Conflict of interest? In another bizarre twist of local politics, the recently under-fire New Haven schools chief Garth Harries conducted a self-evaluation. Not surprisingly, he scored himself very highly. Over the course of the evaluation, Harries characterized himself as “strong” and “exemplary.”

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1950 The Camera Club sponsors a photography contest for all undergraduates.

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