Throwback Thursday. Everybody’s favorite competitive high school extracurricular is back on campus today with the start of the 40th Yale Model United Nations conference. Around 1,700 high school students with all their position papers and ambitions will be packed into WLH all weekend as a reminder to students of who they were and where they come from.

The Secret. As if Yalies don’t already sharpen the edges of their competitive knives enough, a YCC panel called “Gaining a Competitive Edge: A Panel on Performance Psychology” was held Wednesday evening. The talk covered tactics in mind control, backstabbing and court intrigue. A hundred attendees entered but only a dozen or so came out…

Shopped ’til you dropped. The Chaplain’s Office held finger-painting Tuesday and dancing on Wednesday to allow students to de-stress. Moreover, these activities were held in a place called ‘Breathing Space.’

Outside, looking in. The only thing worse than being snowed in is being snowed out. Unfortunately, ID card readers across campus have been experiencing technical problems, barring students from courtyards and entryways. Finally these elitist Yale students will learn what it’s like to live on the streets.

How could you say no to Harvard? “Thanks to the summer internship process, even Harvard students are no strangers to rejection,” read an opinion piece in the Harvard Crimson this week. At least, “these letters don’t carry the permanency of college rejection letters,” the author continued. Oh Harvard…

Soldiers = stockbrokers? A Duke student wrote a Huffington Post column this week called “Hey Ivy League–You Banned R.O.T.C., So Why Not Wall Street?” comparing ROTC recruiting to finance recruiting.

Nothing to joke about. Two Yale Law School students went on an episode of The Daily Show on Tuesday for a segment about veterans discharged due to PTSD. The piece, featuring Jason Jones, discussed how the failure to recognize PTSD as a diagnosis until 1980 left many Vietnam era veterans dishonorably discharged and without disability payments.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1914 A list of all undergraduates compiled by the News shows that Andover leads in contributing students to Yale. The next best feeder schools are New Haven High School, Hotchkiss, Hill, Exeter and Taft.

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