You don’t get to around 2000 users, without making a few enemies. “Did Yale just squash the next Facebook?” asked a piece by TV news channel HLN about YBB+. The piece then compared Harry and Peter to the Winklevoss twins. Does this make Sean Haufler ’14 Sean Parker?

Are you there Bob? It’s me, Margaret. Yale is hosting a live interview with Professor Robert “Nobel Prize” Shiller on January 30 and are accepting questions from the public via Twitter (@Yale) and Facebook (Yale). Get creative folks.

Meanwhile, Saybrook struggles on. Saybrook has proved incapable of choosing a college mascot once again. After a round of elections, Saybrook College Council minutes states: “As no mascot choice achieved a 2/3 vote, so there is no official change! Yaaay.”

Grading your professors. US News & World Report, everybody’s favorite source of college rankings, released their list of best universities for focus on undergraduate teaching. Dartmouth came in first, Princeton in second and Yale in fifth, admirable but with room for improvement. Please use this instance to remind your professors to step it up — this university has a reputation to maintain!

To screw or not to screw. Sillimanders can now all undergo the stress of the Yale screw along with everyone else. The college has announced plans to partake in the most questionable of Yale traditions. Remember, if it’s not a good screw, it’s at least a good story.

Also taking up painting… Silliman is also making plans for their own mural. Is there something in the water over there?

Students run gym, no pun intended. Yale SOM has inexplicably chosen to spotlight exercise over food. A student-run gym called Fit for Thought was opened this week, a successor to the student-run cafe Food for Thought. At least the effort donates its proceeds to a good cause — the Internship Fund, which helps students connect with summer internships in nonprofits (so basically, UCS but not for finance and consulting.)

Frostburned. In another show of questionable reporting from Fox News, Yale did not make the 10 snowiest colleges in the U.S. They clearly have never made the trudge up Science Hill on a winter day. Dartmouth and Cornell however did make the list.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1940 The YCC Dramatics Committee puts on their own interpretation of Hamlet.

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