A splash of orange. Davenport held their annual Sean Fenton ’04 Memorial Orange Juice Festival this Sunday. Students enjoyed fresh-squeezed orange juice and brunch as part the annual event commemorating Fenton, a Florida native who died in a car accident with three other students in 2003. As a Yale student, Fenton had ordered a crate of his favorite oranges from Florida to be shipped to campus for friends to enjoy.

24 Most Humble Students on Campus. David Brooks just picked his students for the GLBL 345 The Humility Course and said in an email to accepted applicants: “It violates the spirit of the course to say, Congratulations, but I can say I’m excited about this group and what lies ahead.” Successful applicants include one Rhodes scholar, one former YCC president and other members of the campus’ most “humble.” “Congratulations.”

And I can’t change, even if I tried, even if I wanted to. Brooks also asked students to sign up for office hours ahead of time: “I will say that the highest demand for attendance last year was during the Macklemore concert. I don’t judge; I only observe.”

Does a consultant have a soul? Currently showing at the Long Wharf Theater is a play called ‘The Consultant’ about a young consultant at the firm Sutton, Feingold and McGrath. The production takes an “intimate look at how money and work shape the human heart.”

Cujo? According to NBC Connecticut, two graduate students were attacked this weekend by an injured dog they had tried to help. The dog had been struck by a car near campus on Saturday afternoon. Students were left with minor injuries.

‘Kingdom of ice-olation’ could describe Arendelle as well as Yale in the winter. A recent post by the Yale Alumni Magazine pointed out that the Oscar contender ‘Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen was written by a Yalie, Robert Lopez ‘97, and his wife. Fitting, as “Cold never bothered me anyway” was probably his mantra as a Yale student.

Science vs. Magic: Round Infinite. The proportion of Americans that do not believe in global warming has risen to 23% in the past year, according to researchers at the Yale Project on Climate Change Communications. If Al Gore were dead, he would be rolling over in his grave.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1879 Students begin a laundry room prank war involving raiding and messing up each other’s locker contents. The crew team is close to threatening physical violence against any caught perpetrators.

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