Food for the gut. Around 50 students in EVST 258, “Wilderness in the North American Imagination” were in for a treat Wednesday afternoon when their instructor, Carolee Klimchock, led the class on a “nature walk” from its classroom in HGS to the Environmental Science Building on Hillhouse Ave., pointing out trees along the way. Once they arrived, Klimchock stood on a chair, read the class a Robert Frost poem, and showed them a taxidermied Alpaca.

Hotel Edwards. Your hangover tomorrow morning is cured. Several enterprising Jonathan Edwards students have set up “JE Room Service”, a website where students in the college can place orders for baked goods. Orders placed by Friday at 5 P.M. will be delivered on Saturday morning between 9 A.M.-11 A.M.

The happiest hour of all. FroyoWorld is hosting “fro-yo happy hours” every day in January from 3 P.M.-6 P.M., where patrons can eat unlimited frozen yogurt and toppings, all for $5. Bring your buckets and wheelbarrows.

Money and the mob. Around 30 Tea Party demonstrators gathered outside the Owl Shop on Chapel St. Thursday evening to protest a Connecticut Republican Party fundraiser taking place inside. The protesters waved Gadsden flags while chanting “Defend the Constitution!” and “Gungrabbers must go!” in 30-degree weather. Meanwhile the Republicans indoors mingled in suits and cocktail dresses while smoking Owl Shop cigars, showing that stereotypes are basically valid.

Not ready for Hillary yet. Staff columnist Tyler Blackmon ’16 is the figurehead of a new political movement on campus. The fledgling group, which popped up on Facebook Thursday evening under the name “Ready for Tyler”, proclaimed that “We need a leader who is experienced, savvy and influential. And oh, stylish as well.”

The Exodus from Dunham Laboratory. Over 110 students filed into the second meeting of Psych 321 “Psychopharmacology” on Thursday afternoon, only to be abruptly turned away. At the start of the lecture, Professor Tom Brown announced that he had decided who would remain in the class. He put up the admit list – of 29 students – on the projector and the next five minutes passed awkwardly as around 50 remaining students filed out of the lecture hall.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1980 One hundred and six students are denied admission to the semester’s most popular seminar, “New York Architecture in the 21st Century,” showing the history does indeed repeat itself.

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