Business Ethics Bloodbath. Professor Vikram Mansharamani’s Business Ethics seminar devolved into a charged debate over what criteria should be used to select students for the over-subscribed course. Suggestions included “having previously worked at a bailed-out bank”and the ability to bring in guest lecturers. Most of the students vying for spots in the Ethics, Politics and Economics seminar were willing to stab each other in the back for a spot, all ethics aside.

Self-promote to survive. Professor Robert “Nobel Prize” J. Shiller began talking about his recently won award in his first lecture of the semester for Introductory Macroeconomics. Of course he did.

Bribes accepted. Professors are upping the ante on impressive first-day lectures with economics professors in Game Theory and Economics of Poverty Alleviation giving out cold hard cash to students during economics guessing games. Teaching fellows in undersubscribed seminars, take note.

Class roulette. Signing up for a residential college seminar can be like playing a game of darts in the dark. Among the spring semester choices are ‘Performance and Perfomance-Enhancing Drugs’ and ‘Mastering the Art of Watercolor.’

Punch lines. The Daily Princetonian released their joke issue on Jan. 10th with articles including “Ivy blames gastroenteritis outbreak on commoners sitting outside club,” “Snowden revealed as leaker of Salinger manuscripts,” and “Undercover sting operation seeks to identify Honor Code violations during final exam period.” You know what they say about things being funny because they could be true.

Zombie mammoths. Two experts wrote opposing pieces for Yale Environment 360 on the “de-extinction debate,” arguing over whether or not scientists should revive the extinct species. Futurist Stewart Brand made the for case and biologist Paul Ehrlich argued the notion was morally wrong. Meanwhile the Yale Political Union filed away the idea for a future debate.

Starz on Ice. The Saturday hockey game against Harvard included a star-studded guest list with former governor of New York George Pataki ‘67, Secretary of State John Kerry ‘66 – who played hockey at Yale as an undergraduate – and University President Peter Salovey.

1950. One Yale student accidentally hits another Yale student with his car outside of the Yale Station on a rainy day. There are no injuries.

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