In other dimensions, other wonders. Wednesday was the birthday of Benoît Mandelbrot, a former professor in the math department and a pioneer in the field of fractal geometry. In honor of the anniversary, the University collaborated with IBM, where Mandelbrot previously worked, to create a fractal design using only the Yale ‘Y’. The image is currently Yale’s Facebook cover photo.

Baby botanophobia is apparently a real affliction. Yale psychologists Annie Wertz and Karen Wynn conducted a new study which found that infants displayed a reluctance to touch plants, a response that might have helped babies avoid toxins and thorns over the course of human evolution. How adorably paranoid.

Sigma Chi Luau? Not quite. Last night was Sigma Phi Epsilon’s “3LAU’s HAUS.” Sig Ep hosted 3LAU for an “exclusive pre-party” before the group’s performance at Toad’s Wednesday night.

Confessions of an MIT drama queen. A recent post from MIT Confessions suggests the poopetrator has spawned a disciple. A confession submitter said that he left an unsavory surprise in the drawer of a “friend.” Some advice from one campus to another: keep your friends close, keep your laundry closer.

Your regularly scheduled Clintons update. Sixteen Americans were awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Wednesday, including Yale Law School graduates Patricia Wald LAW ’51 and Bill Clinton LAW ’73. What are the chances that, as President Obama placed the medal around former president Clinton, he whispered, “Good luck at the Game this Saturday?”

A pie for a pie. A United Way fundraising campaign from Yale ITS kicked off last week with a pie-throwing contest. Employees were given the chance to throw pies at their bosses. Imagine if you had the chance to throw things at your teaching assistant or professor.

Pre-gaming Chocolat Maya. Chocolat Maya may not have moved in yet, but Blue State is now carrying chocolate which comes in a “spiked eggnog” flavor.

The prize of prep. Among the items raffled off at a promotional event at the Yale Bookstore Wednesday night were twenty Vineyard Vines Ties. As if Yale needed twenty more preppy men’s accessories on campus.

This day in Yale history 1969 It is announced that Yale will have its first course on human sexuality in the spring semester. Topics will include pregnancy, relationships and sexual orientation.

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