Natty D’s higher calling. Professor David Bercovici sent a message to students in ‘Natural Disasters’ (aka ‘Fratural Disasters’) about Super Typhoon Haiyan: “As students of a class specifically about such natural disasters, you do have (believe it or not) special knowledge about what this disaster entails.” Bercovici then encouraged his 333 students to contribute to relief efforts, adding that he and his wife have already sent funds to the Red Cross. Who knew Geology and Geophysics’ most notorious lecture could also incite so much good in the world?

Chocolatequila? Chocopologie’s replacement seems to have arrived. A new sign at 47 High Street reads Chocolat Maya and although the windows remain boarded up, a sign on the door indicates the new store has its liquor permit application underway. If this new shop intends to serve both chocolate and alcohol, the High Street fraternities may just have their competition cut out for them in terms of late night hot spots.

Nerd Olympics. Your progress on Candy Crush Saga may actually indicate your intelligence level. Lumosity, a website that offers online activities to improve cognitive abilities, measured how well 60,000 college students performed on the site’s various online games. The project produced a list titled “Lumosity’s Smartest Colleges 2013” where Yale placed 9th overall. Yale also came in first in ‘flexibility’ which was tested via a game called Word Bubbles Rising. Pat yourselves on the back, Yalies.

Girls Gone Wilde. As part of a “Women Rule” series from Politico, Google and The Tory Burch Foundation, actress Olivia Wilde wrote an essay about how much she was inspired by her mother’s ambition. Her mother, writer and filmmaker Leslie Cockburn ’74, was a member of Morse College. “My mother could easily have settled in and lived a comfortable life among the citrus trees and tennis courts,” Wilde wrote. “Instead, she leapt across the country to New Haven, Conn., to attend Yale.”

Sitting on a throne of cheese. A list from Food Republic ranked the best cheese shops in America and New Haven’s Caseus came in third place. “The cellar-level fromagerie sells over 100 cheeses, plus locally sourced preserves, pickled products from a Yale graduate and bake sale-worthy brownies, individually wrapped and studded with tangy chevre,” the article said. Now students can have the comfort of knowing they are not only receiving one of best educations available in the US, but eating some of the best cheese as well.

This day in Yale history 1993. Yale Station re-opens its doors under L-Dub after months of renovations.

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