Admissions dean accepts his better half. Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Jeremiah Quinlan has admitted a great number of students to Yale, but only one person to his heart. Quinlan’s wedding, which took place this past Saturday, was probably an affair similar to the regular applicant’s notification date on April 1 every year — a day of excitement for a select individual but longing, jealousy and resentment for the majority of others. Sorry to the former lovers Quinlan has waitlisted or rejected — here’s hoping they find their safeties.

Protecting protection. From now until the 15th, students can pick up free condom compacts — plastic holders for condoms — in exchange for undergoing STI consultations at Yale Health. Students can either find out they have an STI or protect themselves from future ones — win-win!

From the tables down at Mory’s to the steps of the Supreme Court. Most recently in D.C., the Whiffenpoofs graced the offices of SCOTUSBlog with their a cappella. In case you missed it, Whiffenpoof Dan Stein ’14, who is also a former Opinion Editor at the News, was the SCOTUSBlog intern who became a veritable GIF for running a Supreme Court ruling down as if his life and future political career depended on it. Here’s hoping tomorrow Stein will run faster, stretch out his arms farther… And one fine morning…

Rhetorical question. A Monday column from The Harvard Crimson chided Harvardians for being perpetual players of the “Who has it worse game?” where students constantly try to one-up each other’s misery. “Harvard students’ favorite game to play during midterm season” only creates a cycle of humble-brags, mutual resentment and extreme stress, the columnist pointed out. Too bad Harvard itself is so good at winning the “Who has it worse game” when compared to Yale.

From caterpillars to butterflies. College students are like fine wine in that they improve with age. Recognizing this fact, a recent video created by the Dartmouth library titled Echoes of Dartmouth juxtaposed interviews with eight seniors conducted this fall with interviews taped with their awkward former freshmen selves in 2009.

Strangers in a strange land. Campus Canadians commemorated their own variety of Veteran’s Day in the Yale Law School courtyard on Monday with the passing of poppies, a symbol of veterans’ contributions in the land to the North.

This day in Yale history 1968. Ticket sales for the Harvard Yale game cease as the event becomes oversubscribed.