Artist, but not starving. Art history major Isabella Huffington ’14 opened a solo art show as a pop up gallery at Ports 1961 in Manhattan last week. André Leon Talley, André Balazs, Mika Brzezinski, Randi Zuckerberg, and Fareed Zakaria were among the gallery’s visitors, “meandering through the compact space, drinks in hand,” according to a post from Vanity Fair. Nearly all of the paintings sold before 7 p.m. If only every senior art major’s show received this much attention…

Running away from finance? Former cross country and track and field runner Alexandra Cadicamo ’10 placed 26th out of 20,000 women at the ING NYC Marathon, a 6:33 minute average mile pace for the 26.2 mile route according to Business Insider. Cadicamo is currently a Goldman Sachs analyst and in a Q & A on Goldman Sachs’ website she revealed that the Olympics trials are her ultimate goal. The Q & A also revealed that she still came into work the next day, as the lives of Goldman bankers go.

Happy Veteran’s Day. The unveiling of a new World War II memorial at Triangle Park in New Haven took place this past Thursday. The new stone monument is a replacement for a WWII memorial that “went missing decades ago” according to the New Haven Register. World War II veteran Sal Nero originally pointed out the disappearance of the former memorial to city officials and was in attendance at the ceremony on Thursday.

DS fever. An editorial in The Chronicle at Duke University titled ‘Take a Page from Yale’ lauded Yale’s Directed Studies sequence for energizing the University’s humanities program. The editorial board stated “we are greatly concerned about the specter of the humanities’ impending death,” but that freshman-targeted, comprehensive humanities programs would feed well into humanities majors. The piece also called for a modern renaissance: “A renaissance in the humanities requires some sort of spark, and we believe a directed studies program to be it.”

Publicity stunt in a box. Last week, the 8th Annual Sexual Health Report Card college rankings were released — Princeton and Columbia took the top two places respectively while Yale finished in 13th place. Most recently, boxes of condoms and confetti were mailed to the offices of The Daily Princetonian and The Columbia Spectator from Trojan Condoms.

Muster up your courage… And visit at 11:11 am this morning. According to sources, a bit of mystery and music is in order.

This day in Yale history 1980. Tickets for the Amtrack Harvard Express go on sale in anticipation of the Harvard-Yale game.