The Art of the Harvard Humble Brag is the most unfortunate title of a recent blog post from The Harvard Crimson that recounts all the ways Harvard students brag “without people realizing we’re huge tools (at first impression at least).” List items included “I hope I didn’t ruin the curve for everybody,” “I didn’t even want to go to Harvard; I just sent the application in for fun” and “Do people even refill the condom boxes?” Next time one of your peers says any of the above, feel free to call them out on their ‘Harvard humble brag.’

M. The class of 2013 was unceremoniously removed from all panlists under their Yale emails on Nov. 4. While the first response might be a resounding hooray, recent graduates may soon realize they are now missing out on countless bizarre emails from their Masters, notifications for bagel brunch and alerts for study breaks… Let the post-graduation nostalgia settle in.

Crowning parties. Both mayoral candidates will throw their election results parties on Crown St. this evning, with campaigners congregating at BAR Pizza for Justin Elicker FES ’10 SOM ’10 and at Kelly’s Restaurant & Bar for Toni Harp ARC ’78. Volunteers and supporters will wait for election results with bated breath. But as the polls are called, only one candidate’s party can become a celebration for the new mayor elect.

Athlete bait. College Crosse, a lacrosse blog, named New Haven’s pizzas as “Yale’s ace-in-the-hole recruiting tool.” The post named Pepe’s, Sally’s, Modern Apizza, and Bar as four of the best restaurants on Earth and the University’s most effective pitch to potential athletes. Makes sense — it was always clear that the athletes were all here for the food.

Grand theft hammock. Worse than art theft, worse than apple picking, a dastardly criminal has made off with the hammock of Davenport courtyard! According to an email from Davenport Operations Manager Carolyn Haller the robbery took place sometime Saturday evening. Who knows where the poor D’port hammock may be strung up at the moment? A palm tree in Florida? A redwood in California? Woe is Yale…

This day in Yale history 1984. Yale-New Haven Hospital performs Connecticut’s first heart transplant. The eight-hour operation was performed on Mary Jendraszek, a 52-year old woman from Oakdale, Connecticut.

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