Zombie apocalypse. Anna Liffey’s and The Connecticut Food Bank banded together to host the Elm City Zombie Walk this past weekend. Participants who joined with a $10 donation received a “zombie-fication” from face painters and a chance to do the “Thriller shake” (Michael Jackson’s Thriller? Harlem Shake?) on the New Haven Green. The walking of the dead concluded with drinks during a Moonwalk Pub Crawl, proving that all creatures — zombies, astronauts, humans, dancers — enjoy the good pastimes of charity and barhopping.

Unearth your inner crafter? The 45th Annual Celebration of American Crafts is taking place in New Haven for the current month. The event will feature once-in-a-lifetime events such as a ‘Crafternoon’ and a chance to purchase wedding presents and apartment decor from the ceramics, jewelry and handcrafted furniture of over 300 artists. Take this opportunity to ask yourself — have your worked decorative fiber into your outfits lately? Does your common room boast enough hand-woven rugs?

The wedding you wish you had been invited to. Yale poetry professor and editor of The Yale Review J.D. “Sandy” McClatchy GRD ‘74 tied the knot with graphic designer Charles “Chip” Kidd on Friday in New York City at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau. Their power couple union made the pages of the New York Times’s wedding section.

The Literati. Speaking of the literary elite, the Associated College Press’s Pacemaker Awards were announced at a convention in New Orleans last week and The Yale Literary Magazine made the list of winners in the Magazine category. Now, knowing how prestigious the publication is, you don’t have to feel so bad when your heartfelt personal essays and poignant poetry are harshly rejected during the Lit’s arduous selections process.

A letter from Lou. After the Oct. 27 death of musician Lou Reed, the Beinecke offered to send fans copies of a letter Reed wrote early in his career. The 1965 letter was written from Reed to writer Delmore Schwartz and includes his thoughts on starting out in the music industry. The letter cannot be publicly reposted without the permission of Reed’s estate but those in search of a Lou Reed autograph can now have a copy by writing to beinecke.images@yale.edu.

Thunder Brunch strikes. Students of Berkeley College feasted this past weekend on a special brunch with menu items including pumpkin spice mascarpone-stuffed challah French toast and prime rib.

This day in Yale history 1980. Election Day in New Haven.

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