Infamous society. In case Skull & Bones does not already get enough media attention, Yale’s most famous (and least secret) secret society will soon have a TV show inspired by its mysterious ways. ABC is developing a drama based on Alexandra Robbins ’98’s 2002 exposé of the society — “The Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones, the Ivy League and the Hidden Paths of Power.” The program is called “The Order.” Careful who you drink with on Thursday nights…

Take home to your dining hall. The best sort of professor is the type you feel comfortable showing off in a residential dining hall. Branford College has invited students to bring their professors to dinner on Tuesday so students can get to know the people that teach them in a “friendly, judgement-free environment!” The invitation sent to Branford students encouraged them to “Talk about class and life! And remember: they don’t bite!” Will somebody please bring Paul Kennedy and insist on only talking about his non-academic life?

Relive the victory. The Yale Hockey team will be waving their victory banner at the game against St. Lawrence University on Friday. Ten minutes before the puck drops, around 6:50 p.m., the NCAA Tournament banner will be raised in a special ceremony. For God, for country, for Yale and FOUR GOALS.

Old is the new new. Why buy new clothing when you can buy old clothing? The many avid buyers of vintage goods on campus are in luck. The Vintanthromobile, a moving shop for vintage goods, has opened up a permanent location at 1175 State St. in New Haven. The new store, which will offer clothing dating from the 1920s through to the 1990s, is holding its grand opening on Friday.

Avant-garde cuisine. The Yale Epicurean is throwing a social and in lieu of a tame potluck dinner, the group has opted to host a “miracle berry party” on Saturday. The event’s description reads “Come get (flavor) trippy with us this Saturday night at our miracle berry party.”

The food train is leaving the station. Following a weekend of candy consumption, students can continue their binge eating during New Haven Restaurant Week Nov. 3-8. Union League Café, Heirloom and Briq are among the many typically pricey restaurants offering slightly less pricey weeklong specials. To give you taste of coming attractions, the Union League dinner menu includes seared Maine hake with a piperade of roasted peppers and onions.

This day in Yale history 1990 Yale raises $130 million in gifts and grants for 1989-1990.

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