Ghosts of Silliman’s Past. The Silliman Haunted House tradition is “back and with a vengeance” this year according to Silliman member Nicole de Santis ’15. This year’s affair takes place at the “Silliman Private Care Center” for troubled celebrities. “Deranged stars may seem like they’re always in your face, but you might also want to watch your back,” de Santis warned. Cameos will include Britney Spears, Kanye West and Miley Cyrus. Sounds like the makings of a VH1 music video…

Casting spells and spelling words. The New Haven Reads spelling bee took place on Friday and the ‘bee’ theme was taken very seriously. Participants competed in ‘swarms.’ The AARP Misfits took home the first place prize from a competition pool of 108 attendees. While a number of participants dressed up as bumblebees, others came as witches, monsters and senior citizens. The word of the final round was ‘Piblokto.’

Greenbooking. You have your vegetarians, then you have your vegans, then you have your freegans. The last session of the New Haven Free Skool has been announced and on the curriculum is a class called Freeganism scheduled for next Wednesday. This will not be the Free Skool’s first venture into vegan territory however. In fact other classes have included an offering called ‘The Soccer Vegan.’

Death by sushi. Not a bad way to die and here’s your chance: Sushi Mizu is hosting its second annual Sushi Showdown, challenging students to eat 100 pieces of sushi as quickly as they can. The winner of the contest receives more sushi, three months of free sushi in fact, as well as T-shirts. Last year, three Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers took home the prize.

Overachievers overachieving. Eleven of your peers have received awards from the 2013 Norman Mailer College Writing Awards in creative non-fiction and poetry. Yale students on the awards list include: Molly Hensley-Clancy ’13, Amelia Urry ’13, Zoe Greenberg ’14, Harrison Monsky ’13, Lucy Fleming ’16, Nikita Lalwani ’13, Andrew Bezek ’13, Ava Kofman ’14, Tao Tao Holmes ’14, Felicity Sheehy ’14 and the News’ Magazine Editor Sarah Maslin ’14. Given this strong showing, Yale’s future chances at a Pulitzer are all but guaranteed.

This day in Yale history 1992 Yale College Council members debate more efficient post office policies for half an hour during which sharp words fly and voices are raised. The very close vote on their draft of recommendations is originally miscounted, causing members to demand a new vote. The more neutral topic of the dining plan is also discussed.

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