Still doing laundry. Saybrook’s obsession with laundry seems be a streak that runs deep, all the way down to their undergarments. Boxers have already been ordered by the Saybrook College Council and are waiting to be claimed in the Saybrook Master’s Office. Orders are currently being taken for “girl’s underwear or sports bras” which carry logos of “Say Bra” and “Underbrook.” With that, the college has secured its reputation as the Victoria’s Secret of residential colleges.

On top, as always. In the Daily Beast’s recent ranking of the Top 20 Schools in America according to “sexiness,” Yale brought home seventh place. Yale men received a 9.06 out of 10 score and girls an 8.87 out of 10 score. The University’s “Trojan Sexual Health rank” came in at a 6. The Daily Beast featured a photograph of students in their sexy commencement gowns in their photo gallery, which mostly included photographs of state university students at football games otherwise. The only other Ivy League to make the list was Brown University at 19.

Bored of the everyday? Spice up your life with origami. The undergraduate group Inspire Yale which organizes various creative projects to drive happiness and social change on campus has turned to the Japanese art of paper folding. Piles of pretty paper boxes filled with inspirational quotes and candy can now be found in various libraries, common rooms and butteries.

A Halloween Tale. The spirit of Halloween is kinder than you might expect. The young patients at the pediatric wing of the Yale New Haven hospital celebrated their Halloween this past week when Spirit Halloween Superstores threw a day of celebration for the children. Patients were able to don the costumes of princesses, pirates, superheroes, angels and witches with donations from the chain store.

Liv is back. Various student groups affiliated with the Afro-American Cultural Center been coming together to host Scandal watch parties. The regular meetings seem to be just like West Wing Weekly, only with more intrigue, corruption, sex and of course, scandal.

Huzzah! Turkey legs, swords, excessive costumes and probably a petting zoo will be play a part in the upcoming weekend of a handful of students. Ezra Stiles College will be taking students to the Connecticut Renaissance Fair this weekend, an “old world theme park” that celebrates “a romantic age forever lost to time.”

This day in Yale history 1969 The Great Construction Fence Painting Contest is held to beautiful a fence on Cross Campus.

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