Don’t Stop Believing. Believe in People is continuing his journey around the globe. His work was recently sited in Asia, once again. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipai, Taiwan solicited the artist to create a permanent, four-story mural according to the New Haven Register. Believe in People delivered on the request, producing a portrait of a man in braces with a black eye and bloody nose. The Elm City Banksy was previously seen in Hong Kong and other parts of Taiwan.

Say what? In the past Saybrook College has employed “seals, lions, grapes, et cetera” as their unofficial college mascot because their constitution does not designate an official mascot, according to Saybrook College Council member Tammer Abiyu. The College Council sent out a survey Monday asking for mascot suggestions from residents. Here’s hoping “poopetrator” does not make the list…

Most definitely incorrect. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, including Business Insider. The publication has released yet another set of rankings for top institutions, this time turning its attention to law schools. The list put Harvard Law School in the top spot and Yale Law School in second in terms of how much each institution benefits a student’s career. Among its reasons was the more limited alumni network of Yale Law School because the school admits significantly fewer students each year and a smaller percentage of YLS alums go on to work in law firms.

The playwright as a young man. As is well known, Yale is an intersection for famous works of art and literature. In fact, Tennessee William’s A Street Car Named Desire which recently played at the Yale Repertory Theatre was originally inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s The Night Cafe which is currently held by the Yale University Art Gallery. Art enthusiasts had the option of seeing both the production and its muse on the same day, within a block of each other, as Street Car finished its run this weekend.

10 Hours of Energy. The Yale Bookstore offered a promotion on Monday timed both for Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October and the height of midterm season on campus. The shop offered a flash sale of buy one get one free for the “Living Beyond Breast Cancer Raspberry 5 Hours Energy.” The event was advertised over Facebook, and sure to have reached many of the lost souls languishing underground in Bass Library.

This day in Yale history 1970 Students form Central Casting Aggregation, renting themselves out to parties where they act out characters including classical statues and cartoon characters.

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