Last Halloween, skeletal remains were found in the unearthed roots of the New Haven Green’s Lincoln Oak tree that was knocked over by the rage of Superstorm Sandy. Now, it appears authorities have found another item of interest preserved within the soil.

Along with the remains, a barrel-shaped lump of concrete was discovered attached to the engraved stone that sat at the bottom of the tree, the New Haven Independent reported. On Wednesday, the city jack-hammered it open to discover two copper tubes that they believe may be time capsules, due to X-rays showing items possibly stored inside. New Haven historian Robert Greenberg believes they may have been placed in the ground along with the tree, which was planted in 1909 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

We’ll have to wait for the state archeologist Nicholas Bellantoni to investigate, but in the meantime, the New Haven Green is starting to look like a scene from Indiana Jones.