Josephine Massey
Possible time capsule discovered on Green

Last Halloween, skeletal remains were found in the unearthed roots of the New Haven Green’s Lincoln Oak tree that was knocked over by the rage […]

Clemente exhibit sheds light on Brazilian culture

On Monday, the School of Art’s Edgewood Gallery opened its doors to the public to showcase the work of Italian artist Francesco Clemente.

Panel explores artist Katz’s work

On Saturday, visitors to a School of Art panel of artists, critics, poets and writers gained new insight into “Katz x Katz."

Art school panels highlight issues in contemporary art

On Saturday, the School of Art hosted its first series of panels featuring students, curators and professional artists discussing issues in contemporary art.

Graduate artists showcase thesis work

On Friday, the School of Art’s Green Hall was abuzz with activity as painting and printmaking majors celebrated the debut of their thesis work.

Forum mulls photography

On Tuesday, four photography department heads from the nation’s leading art schools debated the state of academic photography programs through a Museum of Modern Art Forum on Contemporary Photography.

Art school celebrates Alex Katz

The latest exhibition at the School of Art’s Edgewood Gallery celebrates American figurative artist Alex Katz in the largest display ever of his personally owned […]

Art admins unhappy with art history offerings

To School of Art administrators, students are unable to gain the art history background necessary for their field.

Art Trade expands visual arts scene

Undergraduates bored by the blank walls of their dorm rooms will soon have a new decorating option from Art Trade, Yale’s newest undergraduate art group.

Art history major develops new requirements

In December, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences will vote on changes to the History of Art major that may make it easier for students to plan cross-cultural schedules.

Tickets in high demand hours before YSO show

Forget Sandy, tickets for the Yale Symphony Orchestra’s Fall Show have become the hottest topic in town. After tickets for the YSO show sold out […]