Take caution. Today is Friday the 13th. Be careful not to break any mirrors, open any umbrellas indoors or stare at any black cats.

But you can still dine out. Students who donated their meal swipes as part of the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project Fast will have to eat at one of New Haven’s restaurants or use a guest meal swipe. The Fast’s business partners include Alpha Delta Pizza, Box 63, Claire’s Corner Copia, FroyoWorld, Moe’s and Yorkside.

Superheroes at Yale. Senior society initiation rituals dominated campus Thursday night as juniors donned superhero costumes and Guy Fawkes masks as part of the University’s annual Tap Night. One junior in a makeshift diaper recruited passing students to help him find his mother as another walked down York Street in a Barbie costume. Tap Night is one of the University’s oldest traditions and marks the induction of juniors into Yale’s senior societies.

Shop until you drop. From 5 to 9 p.m. tonight, students can enjoy shopping discounts, free food, live music and prizes as part of College Night on Broadway. The event is sponsored by Yale University Properties and the Broadway Merchants Association and includes rewards such as an Apple iPad and $500 in cash.

“Spying on Students.” The Yale Muslim Students Association held a “Spying on Students” panel Thursday afternoon that discussed the legal, practical and ethical implications of the New York Police Department’s decision to monitor various Muslim students associations across the country. The panel was moderated by Hope Metcalf, a lecturer at Yale Law School, and included Yale Law School professor Jack Balkin and New Haven Police Department Chief Dean Esserman.

Bringing the bedsheets. The New Haven Police Department sent 24 staffers Thursday afternoon to deliver sheets, pillows and blankets to kids in the Hill neighborhood, the New Haven Independent reported Thursday. Staffers met at 200 Orange St. and filled five to six boxes with bedding materials, according to the Independent.

But the fun isn’t over. Sophomores expecting invitations to Yale’s junior societies will participate in their own “Tap Night” this Sunday.


1910 American studies professor Charles Henry Smith 1865 announces his retirement after 20 years at the University. Smith, who was the Larned Professor of American History, said he would leave Yale at the close of the academic year.