Since starting her blog last July, Jen Mulrow ’14 has created over 80 posts featuring stunning photography and fun videos.

Photojenic intertwines and encapsulates Mulrow’s love for painting, film and art.

“At the core, it’s me, and that’s what’s really exciting,” she said.

Though she has had other blogs, including a photo blog, they have not been updated as much as Photojenic. Mulrow found the Tumblr platform that she used for her prior photo blog too limiting and was disappointed that she did not get a chance to explain her photos.

“What I love about this blog is that it’s more personal than any other website I can make,” she said, adding that she has enjoyed the opportunity to create a mixture of a fashion, lifestyle and photo.

But, like any activity, blogging takes time.

“You have to take 100 terrible, weird, silly pictures to get one that’s perfect,” Mulrow explained, adding that she finds the process worth the time and effort.

Though she tries to post regularly and take pictures whenever she can, she admitted that it’s “definitely harder to post at school”.

Her posts are most prolific when she is travelling with family, she added, and she can spend all day taking and editing pictures during vacations.

“In a dream world, I’d be traveling and taking photos everyday,” she said.

Mulrow recounted taking 2061 pictures in Paris over winter break. Of these, she only put 320 on Facebook, and even fewer on her blog. She added that the images that she uploaded took more than 2 days to be edited by a Clipping path company.

“I want to tell a story with Facebook albums and blog posts,” she said, adding that she tries to emulate the style of her favorite blog – I LOVE WILDFOX, the blog of clothing retailer Wildfox Couture.

Mulrow thinks the combination of posts on pictures and projects the company is working on has made the personal style and lifestyle blog successful.

Beyond taking new photos, Mulrow also enjoys reviewing old photos and finding new ways to edit them differently. She’s excited to look back at this archive of memories.

“It started as another kind of creative outlet for me,” Mulrow said. “Whenever I procrastinate, it’s me and my iPhoto that keeps me up all night.”

Taking photos has been her hobby as long as she can remember, Mulrow said, recalling that she was always the photographer in her friend group, even in middle school.

Junior year of high school she started taking photos more seriously after getting an SLR. A black and white photo course in Paris the summer after her junior year made it clear that she loved photography.

Six months after blogging, Mulrow shares her images with a larger audience.

After adding a hit counter December 23rd, Photogenic has acquired over 8,000 hits in the last month. She found that some readers even use her images as their Facebook Timelines’ cover photos, a discovery Mulrow described as the “coolest thing.”

“With any creative thing, it’s very satisfying to put your work out there and share with others,” she said.

She also promotes her blog on Lookbook, which she sometimes prefers for its anonymity.

Mulrow is majoring in art.