Aaron Z. Lewis
Keepin’ it Reel: The Yale Student Film Festival

“What both the audience and the filmmakers are going to get out of this is the realization that the filmmaking community is diverse, and it’s present, and it’s something that’s very easy to be a part of,” Yale Film Alliance President Dara Eliacin ’15 said.

The Ten Commandments: Gym-Going Edition

What’s more, the Ten Commandments of gym-going — invented by me, and listed below for your delectation — are being consistently flouted. You’d think that the masses were unaware of their authority. As an aide-memoire, these commandments are:

Restaurant Week may be over, but you can still dine well at Commons

Dinner in Commons is always special. Sure the food was good, but mostly I went for the ambiance. Whether it’s the menu, or the service, there’s something incredibly “throwback” about the whole experience.

What would you do with $51 million?

Let’s get hot tubs! Right? 51 million dollars is definitely enough for at least one Jacuzzi per college, one in Commons, one on Old Campus, […]

Lux et Cannabis: The High Life at Yale

Bongs and joints are passed around a circle. The marijuana conversations are hidden, confined to small rooms while others pre-game for Woads, walking through the streets tipsy, unabashed.

My iPhone, My Precious

I fantasize about chucking my iPhone off a cliff. Sharp rocks split its screen as it tumbles into oblivion. I’m certain that I would feel […]

For Rent

With over 1,000 apartments across the city, Pike has emerged as New Haven’s most influential landlord. While the company’s hold over area real estate properties continues to grow, little is known about its operations. Heating issues, as it turns out, are just the tip of the iceberg.

The "Right" Tenant?

When Claudia Merson drove down Chapel Street in 1995, the city seemed asleep. By the time Merson had finished dinner and was driving back to […]

Relaxing with Dr. Rajita Sinha

The Yale Stress Center: just sounds like a description of Bass Library during finals, right? In fact, the Stress Center is a recently established research group looking at how everyday pressures affect our bodies and minds. Located on the second floor of an ominous-looking building near the Medical School, the Center combines clinical practice with empirical analysis in an integrated approach to treating and studying stress. WEEKEND sat down with Dr. Rajita Sinha, the Center’s Founding Director, to find out about the work she does and maybe pick up some tips for surviving Yale with our sanity relatively intact.

Dating Advice Even I’ll Take

I’ve done some recon for us, and I’ve come up with an adaptable gameplan. I’ve talked to some of my friends and two baristas at Blue State. A lot of them have been in more relationships than I have. Here’s what they said.

Buzzwords with backing

From simply providing the physical space and amenities necessary for startups to grow – office space, in other words — General Assembly has expanded to offer a host of courses for aspiring entrepreneurs at locations across the globe, winning over $4 million in seed funding, and a spot among Forbes’ "Top 30 Under 30" in the process.