Aaron Z. Lewis
ArcLight protein illuminates new path toward understanding the brain

Yale School of Medicine neurobiology professor Vincent A. Pieribone has uncovered a new method for mapping brain activity that skeptics once deemed impossible.

Robot essay graders a growing possibility

Students concerned about grading policies may have something bigger to worry about: artificial intelligence software that could be used to evaluate their essays.

Study calls colors of fossilized animals into question

A group of Yale geology and geophysics researchers found that the common method of reconstructing the feather color of fossilized birds is flawed.

Tea time with NYT science writer

In a Master’s Tea hosted by Branford College on Monday afternoon, Carey highlighted the challenge of picking stories that are both academically sound and sensational enough to garner public interest.

Harvard professor talks money and happiness

Money can indeed buy happiness, according to Harvard Business School professor Michael Norton.

Get bitcoins or die tryin

  Does it ever make you nervous to realize that our currency system is backed by a government that’s over $16 trillion in debt? Or […]

New Haven tech entrepreneurs react to Apple’s new iPhone

Though consumers will not be able to get their hands on the iPhone 5 until late next week, the new product’s updated software has long […]

Maelstrom of self-destruction in ‘Psychic’

  The “Psychic Life of Savages” is lyrical, powerful, darkly humorous and not easy to sit through. The play was written in 1995 by Amy […]